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About This File

AAF Bad End Animation Pack v01.05 (1.03 also available for download)



Shadeanimator, for the indispensible FO4 animation tutorials.
Dagoba King, for all his amazing work on AAF.
EgoBallistic, for a lot of beta testing, troubleshooting, and work on the AAF XML files.
SAC, for the gallows meshes and textures
Zaz, whose fluid nifs and textures I have included.




1.05 - fixed broken AAF files


1.04 - added still poses for modders to use


1.03 - stable release (still available for download)


1.02 - added textures for Zaz fluids



This is a pack of furniture based 'bad end' animations. Each of the following furnitures has an animation series that goes with it:
Impaling Pole
Strangling (Garrote) Pole
Reclamation Chair (electrocution)
Machine themed Chair (electrocution)
The animations should work with either male or female actors, though there may be some oddities with male actors (clipping, things may not be in the right places, etc).
For each furniture, the AAF files have individual animation stages, or a sequential animation that plays a series of stages in a particular order. Note that, by itself, this mod doesn't do much (since you can only trigger the animations when you're near the furnitures). You'll need to find other mods that incorporate the content in an immersive way (or you could go to aaBadEndTestCell, which is a room that I used for development testing).



This pack requires AAF and Fallout 4 (surprise!). If you want sound, it requires my NSFW pack.





You are free to use any of the animations and files in this pack, with the following conditions:
- Do not post them to sites outside of LL without asking me. Basically, don't be that person who puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net...
- You cannot charge for mods that contain these animations. If you have an optional payment, that's fine, as long as users who don't pay get the same functionality

Install directions:

Copy the files into your /data/ folder. To uninstall, delete the files you copied. At present, the animation pack contains no scripts or anything else that should cause problems when added to or removed from an existing game. The pack includes some of Zaz' fluids, so if you are asked to overwrite those files, don't (it shouldn't cause any problems if you do - the files should be identical, but if at some point in the future Zaz release's an even better version, you shouldn't replace it with what's in this pack)


Future Plans, Notes:

None really. I may add more ends if I get ideas. If bugs come up, I'll try to get around to fixing them. If someone wants to mod this so you can build the furnitures in the workshop, go for it - you can either release that as a separate esp that depends on this one, or send me back an edited copy and I'll credit you. Just please don't release a fork of this mod without asking.

I've left 'armor' versions of the meshes in the esp. There were some bugs associated with using them, and I'm expecting other modders to use the meshes that have been set up as furniture.

There shouldn't be any dirty or off-topic edits in the esp, but I did change the sound output model for Mono1500 to include vibration. If that bothers you, it's easy to load the esp up in FO4edit and delete that change. If that bothers a lot of people, I can release a fork without it. 

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