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  1. What else has Kittenvox done? Any mods? I need something to hold me over until Ivy is done.
  2. If you are happy with what you are doing - keep doing it. Be aware that help is available if you get the urge to try Vortex again. Note: Loot is built in to Vortex. The order is set by Loot, with rules you optionally specify added on top.
  3. Vortex does not double your disk usage. Read up on Windows Hard Links. Windows will report your game storage as if the mods were actually there - but it is just pointers to the actual mods. Under Vortex - mods do not use any space in your game directory.
  4. Since we are talking about the development version of Sexlab, does this include PapyrusUtil 3.9? Sexlab 1.63 had a badly broken version (killed PAHE and MME), and I have been overriding it with PapyrusUtil 3.9. It would be nice to drop that mod.
  5. Be really careful with DD 5.0. I understand some of the APIs have changed, and with a missing author - we will need someone to do a compatibility patch.
  6. Well. Well. I tried the download zip with Vortex. It did a really nice job of stripping out the extra directories. No idea about MO 2, but I am happy with this result. No need to repackage.
  7. I would worry more about the extraneous directory levels in the zip. I would at least strip those out.
  8. The Github site is - interesting. There are no defined packages or releases, and the Readme identifies the source as Version 1.61b, released 2015/01/07. Anyone using this will have to package it as their own mod. There is also no way to tell what the differences are between this and Sexlab 1.63 Beta 8.
  9. Identify the file you are trying to convert - and I will give it a shot.
  10. I am sort of assuming we need nothing related to FPE other than what is in this download. If that is correct - there are no loose files to delete. If we do need parts of AAF_FPE - I need to know that...
  11. Fun getting back into FNV - but mods have not aged well. Sexout invalid actor with Tryout is the worst. Seems to break scripted scenes also.
  12. Most - unique - Christmas Card I have seen this year... Merry Christmas one and all!
  13. GOTY here. Really hate seeing all the negative press. It is a great game. And should never have been released on the PS 4 and XBox. Developers did great. Management - not so much.
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