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  1. Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting, or download an unmodded save if you don't have one handy, there are plenty on Nexus. You could also try loading an old save from before this problem arose. Either way, you need to test to figure out if your current save is breaking AAF.
  2. Script problems can sometimes block/delay events and are often cumulative, have you tested with a fresh start of the game or from a previously unmodded save?
  3. Did you update any mods or install any new ones or change settings around the time you noticed the home key stop working? It's possible something is conflicting with and grabbing the keypress outside combat mode. The AAF_settings.ini also lets you change all the keybindings, so you might try switching toggle_key_1 to something else unused, as a test.
  4. Yep, I think that's a known issue. It hasn't been a problem for me because I tend to use an outfit replacer for her anyway (usually either GrafPanzer's or Lazman's, though Ghaan may also have one, and it's possible TheKite's has been converted to work with FG as well?). You can also supposedly fix it by importing the vanilla gloves mesh in Outfit Studio, I think, I don't recall the precise details.
  5. Yes, per the big bold notice at the top of the guide, ask in the help channels on the AAF Discord and ye shall receive (but be patient, people may not be around at the exact same times you are, and they will absolutely need to ask you a lot of troubleshooting questions).
  6. Nice to meet you too, you're certainly going to win friends with that first ever post to Lover's Lab. Maybe accept that the mod author disenfranchisement perpetrated by Nexus has resulted in lots of unfortunate growing pains, and that people are working to attempt to resolve these new problems? Being impatient and throwing tantrums won't fix anything, other than to maybe convince everyone else here to ignore anything else you have to say after that.
  7. Use slm 14 to bring up the LooksMenu interface and then you should be able to remove them from the overlay manager in the body view.
  8. Did you turn on (both kinds of) subtitles in the general Fallout 4 game settings?
  9. To be precise, if you skim DialogueQuestScr.psc you'll see that it hooks the OnLocationChange event to perform updates, and that's where the CheckForWeapons() function call happens. @izzyknowsis correct that not all interior to exterior movement results in an OnLocationChange event (for example, exiting Vault111 doesn't trigger one until you walk a bit away from the vault silo entrance). Generally, if you leave your weapons in a settlement and then walk to a major raider camp, that should be plenty for the script to notice you're no longer armed. If that's still not working, consider trying the things listed in the troubleshooting spoiler on the mod's description, for example logging verbosity, the script logs may help pinpoint what's going wrong.
  10. I doubt you're going to find a Discord server dedicated to this mod, since it's not been under development for going on a couple of years now. The way the incorporated surrender works is that you need to first have equipped a weapon at some point after the mod was installed, then removed all weapons from your inventory (discard or place them in a container) and then move between different outdoor cells or between an indoor cell and an outdoor one while carrying no weapons. This will place you in the captive faction, so Raiders (and just about everyone else, except deathclaws and some scripted enemies) will no longer be hostile to you. The canonical location for testing this is the Corvega Assembly Plant in Lexington. There is a bombed out house next to the road North of the facility with a dumpster behind it, and that is far enough away that if you place all your weapons in that dumpster and walk due South from there to the building entrance, you should be approached by a Raider and begin some forced dialogue. As for mods which tend to conflict, some martial arts implementations which equip the player with hidden hand weapons can cause you to not register as unarmed, as can some clothing mods which have their items flagged as weapons.
  11. If, while turning tricks as a prostitute, a john refuses to pay and tries to rape you, then you can return to that same NPC later and offer your services again. They will of course play along and then rape you a second time. If you go back to that same NPC and offer your services a third time, they will realize you're actually into it, and will give you the option of entering into a more permanent relationship.
  12. Yes, definitely try to see if downgrading to LM 1.6.18 solves your erectile dysfunction, but just be aware that you may need to start a new playthrough if downgrading an existing save results in other issues (it's really hard to predict whether or not that will cause new problems).
  13. That's along the same lines as the follower component of Boston Devious Helper. If you ask one of your followers to help you out of devices, then you can choose to submit to them as a sex slave, and they will periodically have a variety of degrading tasks for you (this is also how you end up in the "bimbo collar" eventually, once you've become sufficiently depraved).
  14. I've done a first pass at upgrading the FG+HHS conversion to work with Fusion Girl 1.75 and later. It still needs some polish, but should be generally usable:
  15. I've made an attempt at upgrading the existing FG+HHS conversion of Devious Devices to work with 1.75 and later since its author hasn't been around for quite a while (it was previously converted for 1.45):
  16. [Apparently with latest Firefox, uploads seem to break for me in the neighborhood of 30MB. I could upload things smaller than that consistently, and things larger than that would eventually return the same "error -200" while things around 30MB would sometimes upload and sometimes error. Switching to Chrome allowed me to upload just fine though? Very strange...] Here's my initial draft for an update of this conversion which should work fairly well with Fusion Girl 1.75 and later. There are a few things to note: 1. A few of the outfit projects included fully zapped reference bodies or hand meshes, I deleted these as they don't get rendered anyway. 2. I left out all the plugs, as it's not clear to me they need to be converted to FG to begin with, and when I built the old ones included in 1.2 they had a tendency to end up a body's length away or disincorporated (cowbell far detached from its chain, and so on). 3. I used the nude reference for all of these, though some of the dresses look like they might benefit from being reshaped to the uniboob reference instead. 4. Body zaps in most cases need more work, so there's likely to be a lot of clipping with the dresses/skirts with extreme body shapes in particular; I did a more thorough job on the restrictive boots, the boots+corset combos, and the black versions of the straitjackets initially, but plan to go back and clean up the rest in a future update. Give it a try and let me know if you spot any other problems. This is intended to fully replace v1.2, but when you remove the old version you likely also want to clear out any built meshes in Data\Meshes\DeviousDevices before installing this one, and then of course batch build the Devious Devices - Fusion Girl group with morphs as usual. 418511872_Devious_Devices_Fusion_Girl_BodySlide_Conversion_(HHS)_1.3.0.7z
  17. I assume you're asking about LooksMenu? You probably can as I don't think its Papyrus scripts changed between those versions and I don't expect things like preset file format are likely to have been altered, but I wouldn't recommend downgrading mid-save if you can avoid it.
  18. Also later implemented in his Advanced Needs 2 Menses extension. I've been using it for, well for as long as it's existed, but always contended it would be great if the menstruation could be scheduled opposite fertility, reduce conception chances, and be blocked by an active pregnancy.
  19. Okay, so the good news is that after a late night and plenty of rum, I managed to go through and upgrade all the outfits which needed it to work correctly with FG 1.75+ (63 outfits updated, the rest were effectively forward-compatible). The bad news is that it seems like this mod is maybe too large to attach to a comment... my best guess anyway, it's hard to tell since I'm just getting an opaque "error -200" during upload. Does anyone happen to know the limit? I could make it a patch to the previous version and maybe shave off something like 25-50% on the archive size. Edit: So I tried to just make a patch on top of v1.2 of this mod, and just the modified files still clocked in at 101.2MB (really only a 7% reduction in size compared to a full replacement of the original) and I'm still getting an error attaching it to a comment. Suggestions? Should I just make a new file topic for the upgraded conversion and upload it as a full mod? Moar edit: Yeah, I guess the forum's busted, even trying to create a new file the upload process bails with the same opaque error message, and this is well below the stated 250MB size limit. Maybe I'll just try to attach it again tomorrow and see how it goes. 😕
  20. All part of upcoming releases for NR as far as I know, once JB is back in action.
  21. He's been helping JB with it, so his work on NR will appear in whatever the next major update to that is, but JB has had some other things come up which has delayed that a bit. Hardship is still (and will presumably remain) entirely separate, but works well alongside it.
  22. Perhaps of interest to some who follow this topic, the latest release of Sexual Harassment added features to equip shock collars under certain conditions, as well as new harasser approaches when you're wearing one (and they will supposedly even trigger the shock function on you, going to try it out myself shortly):
  23. Yep, that's precisely what I meant when I said: Thanks for providing a more detailed walkthrough, I expect that may help some folks who are generally unfamiliar with how to configure and use BodySlide.
  24. Yes, I suspect a bug crept in with that particular addition. Actually two, which confused my original assessment. First, the MCM option for setting game hours before the new baby smell wears off doesn't take, no matter what I set it to, if I exit and reenter the MCM it's back to 1 game hour. However I discovered that I can set the real world seconds slider and that will stay. Problem seems to be that the new baby smell wears off even if you're still holding the baby, so with the real world seconds slider cranked up to 300 (5 minutes) I have to unequip and reequip the worn baby at least that frequently or the faction goes hostile, even though I'm wearing their baby at the time.
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