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  1. New version (soz, I've been playing Cyberpunk so not been checking regularly) 0.80.7 Hotfix New features Added Enderal Special Edition support. Bugfixes [Hotfix 0.80.7] Fixed a few issues with the Enderal SE game mode. Fixed mod addition seemingly getting stuck when downloading mods containing a lot of .txt files (eg. CBBE 3BA). [Hotfix 0.80.6] Fixed an occurrence of NMM crashing when opening the Settings menu (this time it should work on any OS/culture setup). Changed enable/dis
  2. Yes that's right. If you try to re-equip it will just unequip them again until the timer expires
  3. Each stripped item has its own stack which is on a timer, so the item isn't re-equipped until the timer expires (180 secs for each stack iirc but can be adjusted in the MCM). You can assign a hotkey which will tell you how many stacks are active and for how long the current one has to run.
  4. Maybe use a percentage chance slider rather than on/off if not too much extra work, that keeps everyone happy as they can set it to their own preference
  5. The issue is caused by the strip routine using AAF which redresses the pc. There was some discussion about this in this thread last November and @Malphias very kindly provided a script fix which undresses the player before AAF kicks in and leaves them naked at the end (which makes more sense as why would your attackers put your clothes back on). This is the link to the script just copy it to the location of the original and overwrite it https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105378-aaf-violate/?do=findComment&comment=3200278
  6. Brilliant update I love the destroy armour chance, just tested it and it works a treat. It's something the game needs as it introduces a wear and tear aspect, I just need to figure out the best % chance (currently set it to 5% but I think 10% might be better as this pc is higher level so pretty strong) EDIT: After some experimenting (up to 20%) I found that 16% seems to work well for me with FO4's (like Skyrim) somewhat flaky RNG
  7. There's no way to avoid it but you can clear it using console command: setstage FPFP_Daddy 150 This will end the quest without having to run around trying to find the father
  8. At a guess they possibly may relate to server side stuff or that remote play thing they've started so may not be classed as client. I've had both of those updates as well
  9. I've had a quick dig around and I don't believe you can, I would imagine Steam would reinstall it anyway. I did see something you can add to the startup command to stop it updating but it was very old and I have no idea it would work now. This is from an 2018 post and refers to the old UI "Use the launch parameters -nochatui & -nofriendsui in the target line of Steam's shortcut" One thing worth checking, if you use the Steam overlay, try turning it off and see if that helps, as these crappy overlays can cause problems
  10. New version 0.80.2 New features Added SSEQuickAutoClean to the supported tools list. Bugfixes Fixed a null reference crash when adding mods. Fixed mod info retrival from info.xml files when manually adding mods. Fixed automatic path retrieval for Fallout 3 GOTY. Added new debug info to the profile switching progress bar. Replaced old icons still sticking around in the download and mod activation monitors. Removed outdated Nexus references.
  11. I've just tested it both in online and offline and it's working fine here. Also, there has not been a FO4 update either so I'm really not sure what is causing your problem, but crashing after the intro screen usually indicates a missing master/dependency in your modlist, so check there in case something has accidentality been deactivated or corrupted.
  12. I've no idea as I never use followers (hate them, they just get in the way). I'm back on FO4 atm so don't have it loaded to check, but hopefully someone else can check it for you
  13. Another thing. Is it actual underwear or a purplish looking type of underwear which are missing textures. If you click on the "Build" button (under Preview) that will rebuild the body and apply the textures.
  14. I prefer to have the option available myself as if Bad End kicks in from Violate it can be useful for getting past groups of Raiders if you've been robbed of all your armour and weapons (I don't use fast travel).
  15. My condolences at this very difficult and heartbreaking time
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