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  1. SUM is Skyrim Utility Mod and DDE is Devious Devices Equip both by @Inte so you should ask in those mod's support threads. BTW you posted this in the Fallout forum's not Skyrim's so unlikely to be seen by Skyrim players. I've asked for it to be moved to the correct section.
  2. Yeah, there are quite a lot of Stimpaks which aren't reliant on the levelled lists, you'll see the main effect in the med containers though it will take a cell reset if you apply the mod outside of the Vault (30 days gametime from memory) I'm tied up with rl stuff for the next couple of weeks but once I'm free do do something similar for Radaway and RadX
  3. You need to set which race/creature you can surrender to in the MCM option Aggressor Options
  4. I think it's a safe assumption. The author's not logged in here since 2017 according to their profile and there have been no further updates on Nexus
  5. It can be made to partially work: 1/ Both subtitle options need to be off 2/ User needs to remove the silent files in data/sound/voice so that only the F4z Ro Doh folder is left The big downside is that the pc's comments do not show only the NPC's, however rather oddly, for AAF Violate they do show correctly for some reason. It's been reported a number of times but I think the author has given up on it, which is a great shame as if it worked correctly it would be extremely useful for everyone
  6. It's going back awhile, but from memory it happens if you go with the dog rather than just doing the movie
  7. Queen Isabella in the Dugout Inn in Diamond City (my favourite). Have fun
  8. Yep that's it exactly, you've put it a lot better than I did
  9. I was wondering if it would be possible to add another option possibly to the Bad End ending. At the moment it's either Never, HL Enemies or Always. Would it be possible to add a "Random" option chance to that (say 50%) so that there's a chance any hostile could sent the pc to Purgatory?
  10. @Tentacus There's a new Leito pack just released (v2.1a), not sure if any changes are necessary for this mod
  11. Four sounds about right, that's what I have in my seed game. As I don't apply most mods until I'm outside the Vault I don't see the full effect straight away, later on it gets really tight (I'm down to around 5 pins and 8 stimpaks). I'm not quite sure when the cell levelled lists are generated initially so if this mod is applied before a brand new game start (the pre war part) the effect might happen immediately. I'm in two minds about that though as to game balance, as using the Raider increased damage mod the pc definitely needs some healing early on at the Museum.
  12. Bug Report I thought I'd noticed this before but have definite proof as I got lucky. Lost all my stuff in BADTFL and on recovery ended up with 3 Tinker Tom Specials rather than just the one I started with. At a guess I think I looted a couple of Hunting Rifles (which TTS is a derivative) and it's lost track of what I had exactly. Inventory screenie below EDIT: @EgoBallistic I'll add this here rather than a separate message. I had a very bad run in with the Forged who nicked all my stuff. It will be a long long time until I'm at a level to take them on (with all the fire damage - I hate those things) and as the Robbery will only fire once until it's cleared means that when I acquire new gear I can no longer be robbed. Is there a way to abandon the gear that was stolen via console? Might be a useful additional switch in the Debug menu for events like these (or add a toggleable timer). It's not for everyone as some players get really attached to their gear for some reason, so best left as an option I would have thought
  13. The pipboy will disappear during an animation, it is a setting in AAF_settings.ini (remove_pipboy = true) however it is then replaced at the end of the animation so I doubt it is the cause of your problem. You could try setting it to false to see if it helps though probably clutching at straws. AAF Violate Purgatory also removes it but only while in Purgatory and always replaces once you're transported back to Sanctuary.
  14. Unfortunately the FO4 version of DD is very basic, in Skyrim you can set the key to break in the MCM in the DD framework. Not sure if the same type of break mechanism exists in the FO4 version but would be a simpler way to handle it (i.e. key use automatically breaks key). This would just need a condition on the key rather than it interacting with specific devices. The problem with this approach is that it would also need a mechanism for the pc to find (or make) keys or make them a lot cheaper from the Kimy NPC, otherwise the pc will be permanently bound unless they use a mod like SA or one of the follower mods.
  15. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but easily reproducible (thinking about it as I write this I can see why it's there so not a bug). I noticed that if fitted with DD restraints any keys the pc has is removed by the Raider, but when you kill the Raider it also has keys (1 Chastity and 1 Restraint) so the pc's count of the keys keeps growing. Why does this matter, well there is not a mechanism for key destruct on use like in Skyrim, so in effect the pc just accumulates more and more keys. They also cannot be stored unlike Handcuff keys which are Misc items. I use SA myself so at present I use the console to manually destroy a key if I ever need to use one, but I can see why they may be necessary for a player dependent on them as I'm not sure they spawn in game any other way. But as they do not destruct the same applies after getting a set as they have infinite usage. I was wondering, if it's possible for a toggle to stop the keys spawning (sorry, I've rambled a bit with this one).
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