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  1. DoctaSax

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Can we stop with the CAPS and colors please? AAF is clearly a highly advanced mod, so any deviations from recommended install methods and contents are at your own risk. It also doesn't benefit anyone to get up in the author's face, motivation being key to anything getting done.
  2. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Update: 1.01.08 - fixed error being reported due to a script trying to access an array element that doesn't exist yet, and this script has no business trying to access anyway - minor adjustments
  3. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Yeah, apparently the SpurtMove script, which moves semen in the cum tracking system to different locations, adjusts all "count" keys of the new/merged spurt, despite "CountOr" not existing yet, because it's only created in the sperm system. I thought I fixed this a while back, but it seems I only did so in the SpermMove script, which moves sperm from the semen to the sperm system. This certainly accounts for the error occurring during sex, because there's a chance of an 'upsuck' effect from vagina to the cervix during female orgasm, which I see happen in your log. The same probably also can happen after sex, if eg semen leaks from a female condom, or trickles from cervix to vagina if some ended up way up there.
  4. DoctaSax


    Keep on topic, please.
  5. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Well, I can't promise you something like it; it's not a content mod, but a framework that should help people make more interesting content mods.
  6. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    That's just the ones open at any given time. I think will realistically end up with 600 total, with 400 done so far. Only 250 are really needed for the mod to function, the rest is really to let players have a go at the system too, not just modders - similar to what spunk has in the mcm. Taxes: nah. Too many exceptions and what not.
  7. DoctaSax

    Say hi!

    Well, you said 'hi' so how bad can it be? welcome
  8. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    I'll try and summon the will to have a look at that soon. Thanks for trying to troubleshoot it yourself first. I'm neck deep in my next mod, with about a hundred open files in NP++ at any given time, really having a blast with it, so you'll understand being pulled back in the sperm stuff is a little vexing
  9. DoctaSax

    NVSE Extender (aka NX)

    Update: v 18 fix by jaam that should resolve recent issues with TTW however, other nvse plugins will probably need similar updates
  10. DoctaSax

    Open World- How Big can we make it?

    Not sure about assets, but open story/gameplay could be approximated by coding dedicated to that ideal, rather than settling for predetermined quests by predetermined quest givers with only vaguely alternate routes and almost no impact on your game experience later on. A lot of that has to do with how quest intel is stored: a limited number of pre-declared vars and/or quest stages. I think systems from strategy games like CK2 could be very useful in overhauling the RPG genre to make the 'world', ie the interactions and content, more flexible and vibrant, because they tend to generate content that builds on intel stored as a result of previous content, and that between thousands of characters. It's intricate, extensive, and dynamic.
  11. DoctaSax

    Open World- How Big can we make it?

    'Open world' is essentially just space. The concept promises player freedom and endless replayability, but that really mostly falls under 'open gameplay' and 'open story', which is usually lacking, so people get fed up with it. People complain about always ending up as a sneaky archer in Skyrim, or doing nothing but shooting in FO4. Closed gameplay. Or they go on about the main quest that gets old real quick, while its objective is soooooo important that it feels odd the player character should want to embark on all the side quests . Closed story. The perfect blend of full openness on all fronts is ofc difficult to pull off, technically and creatively. Still, 'open world'... we want it to be more than it means.
  12. The dead links are due to Nexus changing its addresses for the various sub-sites at some point in the past. They should be fixed now.
  13. DoctaSax

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Somehow it seems every time I have a quick look in here, my first impression is "Oh great, more vids, thx for the homework" So here's a little sumpin-sumpin to put in your book bags: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanDumb https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HateDumb It helped me make sense of threads like these a long time ago. Expect a pop quiz at some point.