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  1. Don't mention it, I've seen you around the forums enough to understand that you approach these things from your particular background etc. I'm also quite pleased you like it overall - when I started on it in late 2013, I was a mediocre scripter at best, just good enough to add some flavor to my story mod SOFO but little else. For a while Spunk really gave me the opportunity to learn new tricks as NVSE got updated to include arrays and string vars and what not, and trying my hand at a little HUD modding or devising ways of making MCM menus in NV a lot more dynamic. Which has given me confidence in other projects too. I will admit to a certain disconnect between how my systems are set up, how other mods go about things, and what many people will or will not expect. When I still played I was more interested in meaningful sexual encounters than numerous one-offs, nevermind gang rape. I did leave most things toggleable, but I expect the documentation isn't always up to scratch - several things got tweaked along the way, or added to as part of a bugfix update, and who knows what else went on over the years. The flavor perks were really just a one-off attempt to add a little levity, but then, yeah, you get questions from people being confused, and I go, eh... where to start. I also think that by the time Spunk got updated to allow users to override things with data of their own, interest in the sexout scene was already quite waning. A lot of my attention in between had to go to things like cum & sperm tracking too, where some peculiar bugs survived for a long time and reports were often sketchy, so hopping from one aspect to another bummed me out. It's often the case with me now that when I've designed the systems and implemented most of them, enough to know it can all work, the project in my mind is actually finished, and I start thinking of other projects I could be doing instead of, you know, testing and fixing and documenting. When it comes to seeding the data, I didn't consider to ever completely randomize things, because there should be different data for different classes (eg prostitutes), factions, ages, and even some individuals. I also don't think there's gonna be anything like skyproc coming to nv anytime soon. Perhaps though, some of my MCM's functionality can help with part of that. You could add stats for one NPC and export that as a template to see what the various data keys are, and use the lists filters to export lists of NPC IDs according to eg class, faction and what not. Then go to town copy-pasting, and import all that back in. It's the best advice I can offer, NV doesn't read anything like json and what not. As to your current predicament, perhaps it's best to toggle off xp too, so that all the current data is cleared. If you're thinking of doing shifts as a prostitute, xp will always mess up orgasms for a prostitute PC until the NPCs have seeded XP data of their own. With xp off, you may get way with turning enjoyment back on, though, especially if you have sufficiant act duration and potentially use the relaxing key or whatever it's called (defaults to the 'run' key) during the act. Masochist, in any case, shouldn't punish you for not being in pain. Although, now that I look at the arousal script, there's a chance that it might punish you for something boosting your health over what it'd normally be. Hm, should've thought of that.
  2. Perks like Rear-Ended do nothing and only provide flavor. They really only reflect characters' enjoyment/preference of their role in the act, which is data held in nx vars. The issue is that with a very active PC and virginal NPCs, the difference in mutual xp makes it increasingly harder for the PC to orgasm, and failure to orgasm does indeed decrease enjoyment for that act. Add rape trauma on top of that, and yeah... I once thought about randomizing/seeding xp/enjoy stats for NPCs at the start of an act but decided against it because it'd always feel off to somebody. I think I did leave a way for people to add such data to NPCs themselves via the MCM menu, and hoped they'd take me up on exporting and uploading such profiles for others to import. I don't think anyone ever did. 'Masochist' could've been implemented better, sure, but it was only in a later iteration where I assigned 'roles' for every anim pairing, and I probably forgot to double back and fully integrate that bit. Either way, both enjoyment tracking in general, and the addition of flavor perks separately, is as toggleable as anything else, so I felt fairly justified in washing my hands off the whole thing. Year in, year out, always something, rewrote everything at least twice, while other projects were winking lasciviously at me. It's under a GPL so if you wanna go change those perk names to something more descriptive, go right ahead.
  3. ... this fucking heat and someone left the back door open all day, letting it all in, ffs. How hard is it to keep the doors closed during the day when there's a heat wave? It's the only thing to do, it's not difficult to understand, why, oh fucking why, did you do that? We've got excellent insulation downstairs, it could've been cool there.
  4. 230 protects owners and admins from liability when they want to block or remove some content, as well as from liability for what users of their platform have published on it - considering some of the things I've seen over the years, I don't think that's a bad thing.
  5. Wit wuth all this fuck nose around, who can even mook sins of anything anymoo? Luckily at least somebiddy is still driven by dirty.
  6. Gotta love how people who work in hospitals are heroes one second, and frauds the next.
  7. Funnily enough, the 'reign of terror' killed off a lot of officers of the French army and navy. The army made out pretty well out of that, giving innovative commanders like Bonaparte and the guys who ended up as his marshals a chance to shine, but the navy didn't. The resulting difference in experience gave Britain the chance to fully dominate the seas, unlike the war of the American Revolution. 25 years of the British blockading the continent while they had free reign over the world's trade routes is how they won that war - Waterloo's an afterthought in comparison. Moral of the story is that the mob is irrational and tends to shoot itself in the foot without leadership. Those type of banks that you speak of existed at that time too, and made a tidy profit bankrolling the war on both sides of course.
  8. Removed a few posts. Don't upload things to LL that you're not allowed to, people.
  9. Since no one claimed that for BLM, I think it's perfectly sensible to see that one more as a tit-for-that thing.
  10. Most European nations gave up mandatory military service as being too costly for very little benefit. Wars aren't wars anymore - they're never declared but there's always one on - and armies require quite specialized training nowadays too. What good is it to the country to spend on training, housing, feeding and kitting out people only to see them leave as soon as their time is up. Meanwhile, for most of them, it's one or two years of their lives that are utterly wasted, and could've been spent on education or joining the workforce, which harms the economy. Since none of them will ever be required to suit up when war breaks out, it'd just be an expensive social experiment now. My dad and uncles had to do it, back in the day, because they didn't luck out on getting an exemption (ofc, systems like these, there are always exemptions, depends on who you know and how rich your folks are). From what they told me they spent a lot of time drinking, and doing pointless crap. Like driving some trucks around for a couple of days so that the army could report sufficient mileage to government in order to get those trucks replaced the next year. Scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush, because that's an important life skill for anyone. Either way, none of them have picked up a rifle since, so the waste goes both ways.
  11. Realizing that, back in the day, it was the same ol' shit, but you could laugh about it.
  12. Just a reminder that uploading mods to LL without their authors' permisison is not allowed.
  13. Pineapple, pizza, need I say more. Yum. 😘
  14. I was a teacher. Quitting was one of the best decisions I ever made. I don't blame my training, I just went through the motions to have that extra degree - I knew how do it. The practical reality of teaching is that it's made impossible for us to actually get some teaching done. You either go along with that and let it eat at you, or you stop.
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