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  1. It probably keeps you regular. 👨‍⚕️
  2. Does anyone happen to know if old localisation commands like GetSheHe can be overridden with a custom loc of the same name?
  3. It's more likely that NG's own sorting mechanism to translate the sex 'type' var into a fitting anim combo got borked by whatever. The old calling methods are always translated into the new one when used - they're only kept for backwards compatibility. Regarding the role array containing role keys that aren't in the perk system to begin with: the data is read from enjoyment NX data on the player, which may contain roles I couldn't think up a perk description for, but are still useful for eg arousal and cum allocation. It was either that, or loop through all possible roles in the pe
  4. Thread cleaned up. No reason to lose ourselves in assumptions or tantrums.
  5. In that functionality, what's really failing is the check with Ar_HasKey making sure that the role key in question actually exists in that array/stringmap. There are more roles parked on the player in NX vars than there are roles in the perk system, so the ar_haskey function makes certain that no attempt is made to retrieve perks that aren't there, leading to the type of error on display there. There are no errors occurring there for roles that actually are keys, and do have perks. But for some reason 'rubber', which is one of those without a perk, passes the ar_haskey check anyway
  6. For the moment, SexoutNG and several dependent mods such as Spunk are experiencing difficulty when xNVSE 6+ is installed. With the anticipated Frontier mod now out, which requires xNVSE 6.0.2+, more people here update & end up wondering why sexout is bugging out. This thread should group everything related to that, so redirect people here if they mention issues. Here's what we know: - failure to start a second act after a first one completes: this should be resolved in xNVSE 6.0.3 - other issues related to arrays, loops & other NSVE4 functionality: several resolved
  7. I think the bug there led to Odessa adding the GetInGrid failsafe check at the time, which is now stopping the act from starting via the later SexoutActRunFull UDF. Her guess at the root cause of that - an actor becoming null due to changing cell causing the SexoutNGEffectBaseScriptF spell script to either hang or abort early - is still bizarre to begin with given the timing of the sequences. And for such a rare bug to suddenly pop up consistently after switching to xNVSE 6 even more so. Might be worth a try for a few others to test the dispel solution before starting a second act,
  8. I'm not really following the sequence of events, but really, all these scripts happen so fast it's unlikely an actor would fail the GetInGrid check at the point an act is started, which is when it's called, even if it was an NPC. I doubt everything that sexout does at the start of a scene costs even a second. Since it was the player that was checked, it doesn't even enter into it: the player should always be within the player's grid. GetInGrid does function correctly when used in a separate test mod, and the same goes for Ar_HasKey which produces the Spunk error that tries to find
  9. Hm. Odd, never seen that in all these years. It shouldn't have anything to do with your actual race though. It just tries to loop through a stringmap that's populated when you first install Spunk.
  10. Thanks. Something still seems off about erasing elements from arrays - in that last debug log there seems to be an act going on between a quarry worker and your character. The act is identified as #12, again a far too high number for normal use. When Spunk clears up some stuff at the end of the act, it finds your PC in act #10, with 'NCR recruit' instead of quarry worker as the pc's current partner. So it attempts to clear that act from the ar_trackedacts array instead of the one that just finished. This throws a variety of things that Spunk does out of whack. Was this made on a save where pre
  11. ok, I'm still trying to narrow the scope when it comes to sexout not doing more than a single act as well so I'd appreciate it if any further logs also have sexout's own debugmode enabled The error code 1 returned by fnSexoutActRunFull, along with a post in the NG thread mentioning a console print about ugrids, makes me think this causes the act to abort: if 0 == (GetInGrid actor, -1) PrintD "SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, "+$actor+" is not the the uGrid!" let Abort := 1 break which would really only happen if either the actor is no
  12. Was this call done in a dialog result script too? Because declaring vars in a result script is generally not encouraged.
  13. xNVSE 6.0.2 is out based on yesterday's feedback
  14. For the moment they say body replacers can conflict with their armors - it remains to be seen how much of an issue that really will be. xNVSE 6 currently has some issues too, especially causing trouble to mods relying on arrays like Sexout.
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