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  1. The OP didn't ask for people's views on gender politics, so let's quit the derailment.
  2. Girls of LoversLab

    We have a bunch of cliques on LL. Hell, we've got a "beast fucker" club, clubs for the futa interest, diaper lovers, bdsm, furries, even something about 'little ladies'. However, none of them seem to have ever been questioned quite as much as this particular thread, which is for women. Can somebody tell me why, on this site, out of all things, it's the only one that keeps revolving around questioning why it even exists? Seems rather obvious to me, I don't see anything wrong with it, and I think it's probably time for a shift in the conversation.
  3. All the parameters you could use in old MCM can be added too. Things like "altFont", "RGB" etc can just be added to your option stringmap.
  4. Sexout Spunk

    Update: 1.01.04 Mostly an anti-annoyance update when it comes to having to dig through logs - eliminated 'deep dumping' of the shader system to console, and restricted the shader system to 5 shaders tracked per character.
  5. Sexout Spunk

    Update: 1.01.03 - replaced max cell scan range detection by GetGridsToLoad from looking it up in the game .inis - fixed bugs in MCMViewSpermLocal & MCMViewCumLocal - removed the 'fix' to FNV's sorry tracking of time - JIP's got a much better alternative for doing that - added name filter in lists sub - added safety in enjoyment perk handling so it doesn't lead to errors for particular roles that don't have mathing perks (kisser, rubber) JIP version is recommended to be 52+, but this version isn't enforced yet I didn't quite see one of the bugs that happened in Lilalu's screenshot actually happen in the log so have no idea what happened there (it was in the orgasm script). Also, still no clue about sperm tracking being bugged or not. I just fix 'em as I see 'em Judging by how many lines shader tracking's taking up, that's gonna need a bit of an overhaul too. Eh.
  6. Sexout Spunk

    Thanks for the intel. I'll see what I can dig up there - you'll understand it might take a bit of time to go over 70k lines of debug code
  7. Sexout Spunk

    There probably is a way, in that somebody can make a Spunk-like mod without JIP, cutting out a few functionalities. But I'm not doing it - I have several other projects going on that make it difficult as is to keep an eye on the Spunk I did make, and to do that in order to accommodate a four-year-old mod's supposed incompatibility with JIP is a big ask.
  8. "Your Skyrim mods are Sexist"

    Eh, it's all about some dumb article that moans about too much 'adult' stuff on Nexus. And that's really just some female pixellated chars in skimpy pixellated outfits, which is somehow misogynistic, although it's kinda ok, if there was only not so much of it, behind Nexus's perfectly functional adult content filter. And for some reason someone has to make a half-hour vid explaining the perfectly obvious. This is all so lame. I'm offended by this level of lameness.
  9. Sexout Spunk

    afaik, sperm tracking is not more nerfed than it used to be Glad somebody uses the list fancy stuff - it only took half a year to properly design and implement.
  10. At CPU's going rate, that's a serious bill you can expect in the mail.
  11. Sexout Spunk

    That error's actually displayed by Pregnancy. But it probably does that due to Spunk itself not being ready yet, and so the variable that it uses to tell Preg it's ready hasn't been set yet. Normally, this should only be an issue for a fresh install, because the init cycle takes longer.
  12. I don't know about you, but I've always had a thing for those moments where a bunch of musicians who otherwise never play together, actually do, and some kind of magic ends up happening. It'll often happen in the context of a benefit or tribute show, and despite some of that not going entirely right sometimes, there are many times when the sheer weight of the moment and the odd combination of talent on the stage make for a performance that gives you goose bumps. A few examples 1. Tom Petty, Prince, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne etc. - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison induction in HOF) Petty had insisted that Prince stretch out with the soloing, but during rehearsals Prince didn't bother doing any solos, so everyone was worried if it'd work or not. It did. Fun was had. Check the very end: that guitar never lands, and that's only right. 2. Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen & U2 - Because The Night I just like how Bono builds that up: it's a Springsteen song, so let's have him on stage.... it's also a Patti Smith song so... <crowd goes nuts> Anywho, two of the most anthemic acts in the history of rock doing one of the most anthemic songs ever. And then there's Patti, as always happy to be there, smiling broadly, essentially being the rock groupie she always was, and stealing the show by doing just that. 3. The Band & the Staple Singers - The Weight (The Last Waltz) The Last Waltz codifies what we can expect from moments like these. It's the original and it's full of brilliant moments that just might make you well up a little if you're the sentimental sort. The mere sight of Robertson's weird guitar, the weariness in Helm's voice, the crazy organ playing in the background, Pops Staples sly and lazy voice gliding in there, Mavis hollerin' op top of it, Danko jerking around on stage like a marionet... everything's just perfect. Not sure what the song's even about - that's the trouble with Band songs - but it did strike a chord with soul singers especially, considering how both the Staples and Aretha did it at one point in their careers. So it's only right it's brought back home that one last time. Feel free to add some more, eh? :)
  13. OMG the Hypocrisy

    (I'll just preface this by saying I'm no copyright lawyer, and am not speaking for LL in this post, just as me.) If you donate to somebody for doing what they do, then they're not charging for something. This is why we can't have paywalling of mods. They do, however, accept contributions, and having a link to a patreon account can be seen as soliciting contributions, and if they're making mods, then it's hard to argue the contributions are not for continuing to make mods. Which, for some reason, people agree not to do by once accepting a eula that seems to change occasionally, of a creation kit that may or may not be used to make "a Game Mods" (which isn't English). Nevertheless, 'this' eula is to be respected for all Beth modding by all modders, except when it's in violation of "applicable law", whichever that's supposed to be. So, eh... I dunno. Let's not stress too much over something this ill-conceived. Both Nexus and LL have allowed voluntary donations if there's no paywalling for a while now, and there doesn't seem to be much of a problem being made of it by Beth. It's well known they have lawyers that need to earn their paycheck, so if it was that big of a deal what we allow here, we would've heard something. I'll also point out that apparently non-monetary contributions to a mod are also not ok, so for some reason people aren't allowed to donate assets to a mod project anymore either. ;) Glad I'm still modding FNV though, and never accept a penny for it. That keeps things simple.
  14. The Vegetable Orchestra (self-explanatory) Not so much without instruments but definitely worth checking into for weird, newly-invented instruments is the album Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones compiled by Bart Hopkin.
  15. Your Favorite guitarist?

    Prince could get pretty damned Hendrixian if he wanted to. So... fav guitarists. Jimi. Prince. Neil Young (for the sound). Ofc, when you get down to the blues side of things, you can't go wrong with the 3 Kings, ever. I'll also drop the name Popa Chubby. He's a great all-rounder: guitarist, songwriter, producer, not a bad singer either.