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  1. DoctaSax

    How to show a previously hidden mod?

    I don't know. I didn't even realize members could hide files nowadays - probably part of the last update
  2. DoctaSax

    How to show a previously hidden mod?

    If you're talking about Abduction SSE Lite, I just found & unhid it for you: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5898-abduction-sse-lite/
  3. Enough with the links, pls.
  4. The limit should be applied in the command block: option = { name = rsl_further random_host_courtier = { limit = { is_female = yes age = 14 NOT = { trait = incapable } prisoner = no } narrative_event = { id = RSLRandom.603 } } }
  5. Thread cleaned of whining, attacks and lunacy. Anyone involved: it's suffered enough, keep on topic or leave it alone.
  6. Random_courtier scopes from a character, while location scopes to a province. You probably want to get rid of location and go with something like random_host_courtier. In addition, if you have major = yes in your narrative event, you should use a major_trigger block to determine who it shows up for, in addition to the person actually having the event.
  7. So... apparently all variable-changing commands can also take the value to change by from another scope. The wiki says this is possible: (set|change|subtract|multiply|divide)_variable = { which = <variable_name> which = <scope> } if scope is FROM, ROOT, PREV, etc. However, event targets are supposed to work as right-side arguments too (eg the "who" argument in an opinion clause), so would the following work? (set/change/subtract/multiply/divide)_variable = { which = <variable_name> which = event_target:my_target } EDIT: yes you can, apparantly
  8. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk and JIP problem

    True, I enforced a JIP update to deal with a change that happened there, but forgot to adjust the message, which is why it reads kinda wrong.
  9. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Update: 1.01.06 The init error's been tracked down to a change in JIP's ReadArrayFromFile function. It used to require a leading slash in the filepath, and now it no longer does so I just removed the slashes in scripts that require it. This version now requires JIP 53+ - I recommend downloading the very latest - b/c there's no telling when this change really happened so older jip versions may not work with my fix.
  10. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Okay, that looks like that function doesn't work as before. I'll double-check and report to JIP.
  11. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Here's a version which should provide me with a bit more intel on what's going wrong in the init cycle for some. Because it's the init cycle, you may not have the time to go to the MCM (which is still being constructed) to toggle debugmode and start a log, so you'll have to do it manually in the console while still in the main menu: SetDebugMode 1 xx scof "spunklog.txt" (xx being spunk's decimal place in your LO) The possibliites as I see them are that - you don't have RaceCats.txt and SmellFactions.txt in the folder Data/Config/Spunk/private, so double-check that - something changed about JIP's ReadArrayFromFile function - ar_size isn't subarray-aware; I could've sworn it was, this file contains a workaround for that - something else? SexoutSpunk 1.0105.7z
  12. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Hm... well, if you have all of TTTW, that's one theory out the window. But maybe it's as simple as ar_size not being subarray-aware, which is kinda weird. We'll see when I can upload.
  13. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    I'm on slow internet until tomorrow so can't seem to upload a version I've made that should either fix the issue with the arrays during the init cycle, or give me better insight into what's going on. In the mean time it'd be interesting to know which DLCs the people experiencing this have installed.
  14. DoctaSax

    Sexout Spunk

    Spunk's essentially a data handling mod - infinite loading and mouse cursors not working, even CTDs, are unlikely to be caused by Spunk. It does spit out the occasional error to console but those almost never affect anything other than its own functioning, if anything. I'll sift through those logs and try to fix whatever they turn up, but my guess is your problems are elsewhere in your LO.
  15. The OP didn't ask for people's views on gender politics, so let's quit the derailment.