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  1. I don't know what happened there.
  2. I fear that a separate thread/private club where people are forewarned about the tone will only really repeat, and exacerbate, the echo chamber dynamics we've witnessed so far. It'd be a repeat of the separate politics section we used to have in order to quarantine such threads away from the general topics which they were taking over. That just ended up with nothing but flame wars, liberal helpings of bait, grudges being nursed and carried over from one thread to the next, and of course people criticizing staff for doing both nothing and anything about it. Too much hassle and negativity for us to have to deal with on a daily basis in a place that was meant to revolve around spending time on a hobby. Any discussion about it would have to be free of political bias, scapegoating, the blame game. Discussing how it affects you personally only might work. Eg: "my brother's a professional musician and hasn't been able to play gigs for most of the year. He's having a hard time making ends meet, what with a mortgage, two kids and a third on the way, a car that's decided to give up on him at the worst possible time, and only his teaching to fall back on. This means I've chosen to support him as needed, which isn't easy, considering I'm not made of money either. But he's my kid brother, so what the hell else am I gonna do. I just hope this thing ends before I'm bled dry or lose somebody I know. My uncle was diagnosed due to contact tracing, he's asymptomatic but has spots on his lungs now."
  3. No. We can all get our facts about COVID-19, and the measures against them, and what to think about those, from other places than LL.
  4. OK, this is the final time I'm giving a general warning not to bring politics to this thread, or the other ones. The only way to make certain that the site is equally welcoming to all, open, is if no one can just post blanket statements disparaging the people they don't like. Including, yes, people on the left, people who are ok with multiple genders & orientations, or people who believe covid's a serious enough problem to warrant wearing masks - to name just the targets in recent pages. That's probably half our userbase being regularly insulted and alienated in here this year, and it needs to end. The only way to end it without staff getting an earful about how biased we are when we judge these things on a case-by-case basis is to completely disallow politics altogether, no exceptions. Apolitical is as politically neutral as it gets. 'Politics' includes posting opinions about politicians, parties, current affairs proven to be divisive, and whatever else is clearly meant to express or confirm a political bias. It includes linking to outside sources that do the same.
  5. Had the same happen, but it just fixed itself after a while, without me doing anything. Patience is a virtue, laziness is not, same result tho.
  6. No politics please. Too many bad vibes, clearly.
  7. I was wondering about how feasible it is to use the major flag and major_trigger block to pretend to play an event as one character while really playing another. If anyone's experimented with that: Can I assume a major event is triggered for the ROOT first and the others after, or is it simultaneous? Does the immediate block execute each time, or only once?
  8. There's been quite enough politics in these threads these past months. Time to shut that down.
  9. Seeing Angus putting on the moves in 2020.
  10. Yeah, go ahead and blow the gaff. How are we supposed to trick new blood next time?
  11. Yeah! What a drag! So not cool! It's been months of this crap! But... but...
  12. The site rules are that we respect the original author's wishes. SexoutNG is free open source, under a BSD license, so there shouldn't be a problem.
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