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  1. Well, that took some searching, but it's in the "Activate Parents" tab on the door reference. There's a text input there called the Interaction Text Override. Looks pretty handy, that, shame they hide it so far out of the way.
  2. The appearance of those buttons is controlled by conditions in the message form itself, not the script. You notice that those buttons each have a question mark next to them, indicating that their position on the message box isn't guaranteed. Click on each of those buttons in the message form and you'll see they have GetInCell conditions on them.
  3. The problem there is we don't know what it is that changed about arrays that should mess with Spunk and to an extent NG, so much. There are supposed to be no differences between the previous and current syntax, or how they're meant to work.
  4. The curse of releasing strikes again. Every single time I released a mod for the first time, I messed up something stupid like that.
  5. Once again, LL isn't the place to discuss hot-button political topics. Leaving this locked for a day to make sure this post isn't skipped over.
  6. I can't think of an alternative to the MCM mass functions; they're specifically designed to alter an xml property for all MCM options visible in a submenu, so I use them to reset everything when submenus are opened, or options toggled on and off, to prevent such values from sticking around if they're not overwritten by new ones. The only alternative is to figure out the full path for each property & then reset that manually in a loop of 36. It's really not worth it replacing them, if those MCM options are specifically made to do that. The page on the geck wiki about the buggine
  7. It's quite possible my syntax when I use those functions relied on them being 'broken', ie working as before. This sounds more like a typical case of programmers calling something broken that scripters have been able to put to good use for ages. Much like the arrays that way.
  8. There's been enough snark in here for a while. This is why there's a no politics rule, so just stop. Temp locking to make sure this is read.
  9. It probably keeps you regular. 👨‍⚕️
  10. Does anyone happen to know if old localisation commands like GetSheHe can be overridden with a custom loc of the same name?
  11. It's more likely that NG's own sorting mechanism to translate the sex 'type' var into a fitting anim combo got borked by whatever. The old calling methods are always translated into the new one when used - they're only kept for backwards compatibility. Regarding the role array containing role keys that aren't in the perk system to begin with: the data is read from enjoyment NX data on the player, which may contain roles I couldn't think up a perk description for, but are still useful for eg arousal and cum allocation. It was either that, or loop through all possible roles in the pe
  12. Thread cleaned up. No reason to lose ourselves in assumptions or tantrums.
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