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  1. If the music's legit, copyright-wise, there's no issue of course. I just wanted to point out that LL can't really host the it's-so-old-it-must-be-public-domain type of music.
  2. Part of the reason for that, other than our 'specialty' in sex mods, is that LL is US-based, and the US has no automatic expiration of copyright for music recordings, unlike the UK.
  3. Let's keep the thread moving, then, to avoid unnecessary debate on that issue.
  4. Banned for ageism, you know damned well that was centuries ago.
  5. Los Lobos covering Buddy Holly... ends up sounding like Tom Waits fronting the house band from From Dusk Til Dawn.
  6. Saw the cat toy with and nibble on a freshly caught mouse in the yard this morning. Somehow that briefly gave me a profound sense of everything being as it should be. Cats be cattin', all's right with the world. I suppose the mouse felt differently, but I don't owe him.
  7. You do know that Beth once scored four touchdowns in a single game?
  8. No, but I bet some delete requests came in late, and staff are perhaps a tad slow in honoring them.
  9. The issue with a lot of financial services, especially the one-off kind, is that they don't like to be associated with porn, so they disallow themselves to be used for that. This is why we can't do Paypal for instance. Other factors also need taking into account, such as the cost of processing and transaction fees. Then again, it's probably true that we haven't seriously looked into other methods recently, so feel free to suggest any.
  10. I thought this was the general support topic for the AAF mod. Let's keep it about that.
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