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  1. I think this is just a coincidental result of us not really staying logged in as much as we used to and a few wiseguys taking advantage of the fact nobody reported them to the moderators. The reality of it is that I can barely spend a couple of minutes on discord a day, and that includes having a quick look around the other servers than LL I'm a part of. If I don't see a notificaton that I'm needed on the LL one, I assume everything's fine. It's been that way since the beginning. People have shown themselves to be able to report things to us on the discord in the past 3-4 years, and now that the method is explicitly stated, there really is no point in further arguing that reporting shouldn't be necessary because it's the moderators' jobs to just have eyes on everything - that's just not how we see it.
  2. @moderator is how you report to us. This is now also in the announcements - I thought it was understood because people used it before. The LL discord literally is, as you say, "a placation for those who wanted a discord", which is fine by us. So don't expect anything more. I can't help but notice that you insist on rules for the discord but haven't read the forum's, think active moderation of the kind we can't possibly deliver should save you the trouble of just reporting people, and think we need to reorganize the different channels. All this sounds like our time isn't important.
  3. I check in daily but have no time to read anything. Same goes for cpu & myu. If nobody draws our attention to things going sour, then they go sour. Just had a look-see based n the complaint and banned a couple of people. Nobody reported them with an @ during the days they were active. I guess we're supposed to read absolutely everything anybody writes on the discord now to spare people the bother of reporting. Same as on the site then
  4. Enough whining about paid mods. You can't get them here, because we don't host mods for pay on LL. Redistributing paid mods without permission is disallowed because you're uploading mods without permission - which has always been disallowed, paid or not. LL is a modding community, not a mod fence. Since not of it is allowed, don't go off on a rant saying we do allow it if it happens either. Just report it to us if it happens, we can't see everything.
  5. DoctaSax


    You guys wanna cool it a bit?
  6. LL's gitlab hasn't worked for a long time. If you're looking for sexout's api, it's on the download page.
  7. It's bizarre that it should say that, because Nympho/Horndog require you to NOT have frigid, and the other way around. They're mutually exclusive, which only makes sense. My guess is that the condition on the perk that stipulates the you can't have frigid is incorrectly interpreted by the game for the purpose of the "Req" readout, but correctly otherwise.
  8. Don't know why you'd think nympho requires frigid.
  9. DoctaSax


    Youtube's algorithm's being wicked, suggested me this:
  10. Funny thing is, the news is full of admonishments that people should stop hoarding/panic-buying, while showing empty shelves. Guess what that tells you: "start hoarding".
  11. Over here, people are advised to work from home as much as possible (obviously only a possibility for few people), and all schools, clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas and what not are closed for a couple of weeks. I'd imagine laptop and pc sales would increase under those circumstances. Alleviating boredom is just as essential as wiping your butt. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a Steam sale coming out of all that.
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