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  1. DoctaSax

    Sex in the front of the children?

    I don't think it's a good idea. What you should definitely not give up on though, is showing physical affection to each other. And for instance, not panic or be embarrassed when your kid happens to walk in on you having sex. That's already fostering an attitude that treats sex(uality) as healthy.
  2. DoctaSax

    [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

    The new NPC-NPC functions look pretty cool
  3. DoctaSax

    What you think about site and staff

    Some people just want to have all the opinions. That's just greedy
  4. DoctaSax


    "child" and "handjob anim"... eh, you may not mean it *that* way but it's better if I close this.
  5. DoctaSax

    What you think about site and staff

    There's a couple of people I think would be good for it, but 'willingness' is the deciding factor. You don't want people who're eager for it, so the people you want tend not to want it: definitely the smart play. But it's not just a matter of increasing the number of moderators. The responsibility for a community lies with everyone. What's needed more than anything is something of a broad change in attitude, and that goes for a variety of issues site-wide, and even in the community at large. People expect far too much from everyone else and not enough from themselves. You can see that in the way modders are often treated as well: "fix this shit", "you should do what I want", "why hasn't anyone done x yet - what's the holdup?", "there's a new game out so when is modder x going to start on the mods he usually makes for games like this? We're all waiting here." It's unsustainable. For certain problems like copy, it'd be good to look into a system where we can rely on some technical experts too. Some of that's pretty specialized.
  6. DoctaSax

    What you think about site and staff

    True, I made it about me having to do things instead of pretending I speak for the other guys. I can only ask people to be a bit more realistic in their expectations of us, as volunteers who only do this in the context of trying to pursue a hobby, by briefly sketching what it is you ask of me, then, hoping it's easier to put yourself in my place than in that of 'the staff'. When I count up everything that people complain that we don't do enough of on a routine basis, it amounts to at least two, maybe three full-time jobs per current moderator. If stuff falls through the cracks, ask yourself why that is. A couple million members, 4 guys keeping it together with duct tape, held responsible for everyone else's nonsense. When we take down something for copy infringement, it's never the fault of the guy who did it. It's our fault for not cleaning up all the other crap first. Well, not my crap, my conscience is clear. I can list examples of that for any given issue: responsibility for it all only goes upstream. I'm not sure what happened, so I can't explain it, and I'm not going to go over hundreds of reports that were made when people accidentally clicked the wrong button (50ish a day, learn how to internet people) to find out. No doubt we occasionally drop the ball, or things don't turn out to be quite as clear-cut as a reporter thinks they are, either. Sometimes we lose sight of one thing because a dozen other things have presented themselves while we're waiting to hear back from someone too. I know some are gonna think it's all excuses, but combined with everything else, that's how things like that can happen. Such an announcement could never have been "the current rule is suspended" without having another one ready to replace it with.
  7. DoctaSax

    What you think about site and staff

    Just a few points from my own perspective. I know you don't like snipping but I'll do it anyway. Don't consider it picking your arguments apart. Also since you're frank - I'll be the same. Keep in mind I haven't slept right in two weeks. Mostly, yes. We're just a bunch of amateurs and there is no handbook on how to do it. We had to feel our way, and continue to feel our way, through any kind of situation that presented itself over the years. Membership changed, outside influences drastically changed our parameters, and ofc we try to combine the day-to-day of making ad-hoc decisions, trying to mod and help others mod, keeping an eye on the main objective, and maintaining a semblance of a life outside of this thing. There is obviously no 5-year plan, nor could there be. Change was inevitable from the start, and surely it hasn't been all bad. Less shitposting, less fighting in the streets. Things like that. Every step away from that came with a lot of complaining about moderators too. We're quite used to it. It's always been about the modders, and we keep saying so. At some point I wish people would just take our word for it. There seems to be a certain drive to attack, insult, and otherwise ostracize a few modders that use patreon. None of that's getting the skyrim scene free anims from them. The sims guys get plenty of free anims. Simple math really, for people interested in free stuff. Rule 12 (it's 13 now, some line got accidentally shifted there) was practical during a time when we were entirely based on modding Bethesda games and Beth had only ever been utterly consistent about having a negative view on monetization. Both of those circumstances have changed. We want something a bit more flexible that still manages to work for us. We're looking into all that. Nobody's trying to ruin a good thing. Well, we're not. Meanwhile, just cut us some slack and don't post crap like: I don't remember seeing a report about that. Apparently you have some information. And it sounds I'm supposed to have done something about that information. And that not having done so makes me complicit to child porn. It would be easier if that information were passed along using a convenient button that the site has for that. Meanwhile that link is probably still there. Not my fault, is it. I'm definitely not gonna take up yet another responsibility, of patrolling the rest of the entire internet on a routine basis. Somehow you suggest that is only expected of me. The potential is there. What can I say - sometimes it's simply more convenient. We could work on that. Still: hidden posts are often hidden for a good reason. Things could be in there that aren't allowed at all, sometimes what's in there is also... embarrassing, really. If I hide a post containing all kinds of blatant racist dribble, I pretty much do it to protect our image a little too, for instance, as well as prevent follow-up comments dragging the whole thing out. Even LL has standards. But I get why you think things like that could be done better. And I think people could treat each other a little better too. I'm off to bed.
  8. DoctaSax

    [WIP] Sexout Intimacy

    It's a bit like the sims then, isn't it. They only gobbledygook but you get the point anyway. Yeah, bloat is an issue no matter how you go about it. I use arrays for it, so have to share the NVSE .cosave with other mods that use all that. My main focus is really on storing the intel in a way that can be easily retrieved in various ways and without lag (like "give me all chars with this opinion towards X", "random char who's the subject of opinion X by Y", etc), so you end up crossreferencing a few things, leading to duplication. It means that modders should coordinate a little too, minimizing the different strings, eg if mod A has "my sister" and B has "sister", they should work that out and try to use only one, preferably the shortest. And if mod A has "ModA:Kissed me", then why does mod B, checking "ModB:Kissed me", pretend it didn't happen, doing its own first kiss scene? Bit awkard. It's a bit of a social experiment that way too, I suppose: here's a cool toy, let's see if you can share. Also: just because you can do anything, doesn't mean you can do everything. With my luck, a bunch of scripters are gonna cry bloody murder over even the potential of array bloat happening, saying I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the stuff.
  9. DoctaSax

    [WIP] Sexout Intimacy

    It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that in some small way I had anything at all to do with such a great project, even though somehow I never managed to actually get involved with it. Paths not taken and all that. Good to see you got to play a bit Rather unwittingly I recently grabbed a method from Crusader Kings 2 (opinion modifiers) and started on a free open community framework for NV that should facilitate the 'tagging' of relationships, 'remembering' of inter-character history etc, pretty much anything social that could exist between characters (or pretty much any given form, characters seem like the logical focus of relationships, but you could just as easily store 'my favorite shirt' to an outfit, which... is clothing eval again, I'm modding in circles!). In some aspects, then, very much like Intimacy, now that I think about it, except it won't bother with any content of its own, just the handling. This of course to facilitate a flexible approach to creating content, and maximize inter-mod interaction in that regard. Could be done in a couple of weeks unless drama keeps me from it. I talked about it a little someplace else but... it didn't seem to 'click': Aren't they just So I will definitely be pointing at Intimacy as an example. BYOB ftw
  10. DoctaSax

    Small time programmer looking to work with animators

    Several animators here are interested/specialized in specific content, so could you tell them what type of anims you're looking for?
  11. DoctaSax

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Not to derail the dev thread, but @astymma: is there anything in SL that comes close to Open-Source Bounties or Street Performer Protocol? I've been thinking methods like that could work quite well for our scene, eg when new tools need developing for a new game.
  12. DoctaSax

    [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

    You can actually load up (and save) certain presets by pressing one of the buttons to the top left of the screen in chargen. I'm not sure what is or isn't available in terms of 'petite', but I'm sure it should be possible to create such a character. There are indeed many sliders and it can be confusing to some. It's a common comment for people to have, and not everybody's very visually oriented, so the only useful thing I can suggest is that people good with sliders make presets as mods. Presets also don't have to be an entire character: some could focus on faces, others on variations of a body type, others on stats. All the player then has to do is load up such presets, merging them as they do so. There is a little more information about it in the revised Docs/Modding folder on the Git, under 'FullGuides'.
  13. DoctaSax

    For review: Intro to scripting

    thanks for the input 3. As Roy says there, especially deleting stuff from formlists is better done as a geck edit indeed. I do think there are advantages to doing certain things by script rather than geck edits, but will reshape that part to be a bit less absolute. 4.2.1. Yes. 'independent' is just a way of saying they're actual, separate forms - compared to being embedded in another, like result scripts are Feel free to revisit the rest at any time. It's obviously a bit much to go through in one sitting. I should add a note on that in the introduction.
  14. DoctaSax

    Mods and Money!?

    I know some modders who were pretty hard up too. Here's a thought: if some users are poor, they could learn how to mod! From what I hear you can get fabulously $rich$ with it now. If keeping LL financially secure is to depend on either having the sims scene significantly driving up ad traffic, or Ashal shipping T-shirts and keychains that people may or may not want to order, it's really not a tough choice at all. Sims downloads are also tiny compared to Beth mods, so their 'cost' to the site is much lower. Sims users are, by and large, quite respectful to modders as well. I see people groan sometimes at the number of "last exception" errors Sims users tend to post, but hey, at least they're posting logs at all. Look at my Spunk thread, second post, and imagine why I thought it needed that particular attention-grabbing style... All in all, the sims scene here is alright by me, and we need it. Anyway, I keep reading how not having to pay for anything is the heart and soul of a modding community. You'd think everything primarily depends on mods getting made in the first place though? Which requires people doing it. LL's founded on the belief that you can't sustain people making mods, while others get away with telling them what to do or not do. Rule 1 still stands, saying that if you don't like what a modder's doing with their work, to make your own stuff instead. It's their stuff. So if the availability of free stuff is so important, people should just make more, instead of calling modders, of any kind, greedy and entitled. That qualifies as being a jerk to modders. No one denies there are practical, legal and social issues though, and those need addressed.
  15. DoctaSax

    For review: Intro to scripting

    Well, some complexity is bound to set in, ofc. A guide like Odessa's is practical, and good for people dipping their toe in the water, but in the end, if you want to go forward, you need to understand a little better how things work exactly. Mine has more 'theory', although I do hope most of it's true ^^