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About This File

This mod applies dirt effects from Get Dirty to you and your companion when you have sex outdoors or with certain types of NPCs.  Sex in the Wasteland, with creatures, with Raiders, etc, will leave you covered in dirt and grime.


Mod Features

This mod integrates AAF animation events with 7StarC's Get Dirty (Take a Bath) mod.  It will work with any AAF animation, whether launched by a mod or directly through AAF. 


Get Dirty causes the player to get dirty as they explore the wasteland.  The dirt level increases over time.  AAF Dirty Sex listens for AAF animations and increases your dirt level if appropriate.  The dirt is actually applied by Get Dirty and follows all of that mod's rules for cleaning yourself, increasing over time, etc.


Whether you will get dirty during sex is based on the following factors, all manageable from the AAF Dirty Sex MCM:

  • Dirty Factions: NPCs from certain factions, like Raiders, Children of Atom, Super Mutants, Creatures, etc, are dirty.  Having sex with them can make you dirty.
  • Dirty Mods: Non-consensual sex from mods like AAF Violate, AAF Sex 'Em Up, and MCG can leave you covered in filth. 
  • Dirty Animations: Animations tagged as aggressive, bondage, etc, can make you dirty.
  • Dirty Locations: Having sex out in the Wasteland or outdoors in settlements and cities can get you dirty.  If you want to stay clean, have sex on furniture in settlements, or in a clean indoor location.  Clean locations include places like the Institute, the Prydwen, Home Plate, Piper's house, etc.

The more dirty sex you have, the dirtier you will get.  You can use the MCM menu to control how many times you can have sex before your dirt level increases.  Having sex with multiple partners can also get you dirty quicker.




Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.  Ensure that this mod loads after Get Dirty.



  • This mod does not work well if CWSS is installed.  The cleanliness buffs from CWSS interfere with the way this mod communicates with Get Dirty.  That's fine with me, though, because I don't like CWSS or use it in my game.  BYOP (Build Your Own Pool) works fine with this and doesn't cause any issues.  Get Dirty also provides an elegant and hassle-free way to turn any shower or sink into a cleaning station.
  • Only one companion at a time will be affected by this mod.  This is due to the way Get Dirty tracks companion actors.


The mod basically does three things:

  • First, AAF Dirty Sex listens for AAF animation events, compares the animation conditions with the MCM settings, and increases your dirt level if appropriate.  It ignores animations with tags that indicate they are not sex animations, such as poses, dancing, etc.
  • Second, AAF Dirty Sex applies the Get Dirty dirt effects to the player body double during AAF animations.  If you already use Get Dirty, you may have noticed that the dirt effects disappear from your character when you start an animation and reappear when it stops.  AAF Dirty Sex fixes that.
  • Third, if you have NaiRae's The Cozy Scavver workshop item collection installed, AAF Dirty Sex will add that mod's shower and bathtub to the list of furniture you can use to get clean.  This is a minor feature, but since I use The Cozy Scavver items in my settlements I threw it in for my own convenience.  Note that this is completely optional and The Cozy Scavver is not required to use this mod.

AAF Dirty Sex does not modify any scripts or forms from Get Dirty or change its functionality in any way.  The only way this mod interacts with Get Dirty is by forcing the player or follower's dirtiness level to increase.  This is done by detecting the mod and remotely calling its functions at run time.


The plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP so it will not count toward your 255-plugin limit.


For Mod Authors

The "Dirty Mods" feature uses the optional Meta strings that scripted mods can send through AAF.  AAF Violate, AAF Sex 'Em Up, and MCG use a standardized set of Meta strings, described here, to indicate consensual and non-consensual sex animations.  AAF Dirty Sex listens for these strings in animation events and will act on them if the "Dirty Mods" feature is enabled.  If you want your mod to work with this feature, simply add the appropriate strings to the SceneSettings.Meta when you call AAF to start animations.


What's New in Version 1.0


  • Corrected a couple of typos in the MCM option descriptions
  • Fixed an incorrect error check that caused a warning message in the log even though there was no error

The mod will self-update when you install the new version, no need for a clean save.

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