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  1. I had the same issue, it started when I updated my nvidia drivers from 431.60 to 446.14. The game would crash when loading the game in some locations but not others. For example, my game would CTD when loading saves in Diamond City but not in Home Plate. This happened with saves made months ago, before I started working on Commonwealth Captives. Rolling back to 442.59 fixed it, as did switching from fullscreen to borderless widescreen. In any case, the problem has nothing to do with Commonwealth Captives. It is possible that the additional objects placed by the mod make the bu
  2. If your Spirit is less than 0.01, or you are Desperate for Sex, or your Sub/Dom Orientation is less than -30, you will be treated as "perverted". You can use SexAttributes' MCM to see the numerical values.
  3. That message means your settings.ini or aaf_violate.ini has an invalid setting in a section called [Main]. Which is strange because Violate doesn't use such a section. You should deactivate the mod in NMM, then delete it from NMM, make sure there are no leftover files in Data, then reinstall the mod.
  4. The only way to know for sure is to submit the crash log found in Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE to the Buffout4 discussion thread.
  5. You can use the ProtectedEquipmentData feature. You list keywords in a protectKeyword XML node, and AAF will never unequip anything with that keyword, regardless of slot. I use this in my Commonwealth Captives mod: <protectedEquipmentData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="common.xsd"> <defaults /> <condition> <protectKeyword form="005C6B" source="Commonwealth Captives.esp"/> </condition> </protectedEquipmentData> By convention you would name the file yourmodname_ProtectedEquipmentData.xml.
  6. That will not work because Violate's MCM handler will reduce it if it exceeds the maximum. You can directly edit the global variable in console: set AFV_Global_Pacification_Time to 240.0 However, that will get reset to the MCM value if you go into the mod's MCM or when you load your save.
  7. Good to hear. Thanks for following up. That means it was a game engine bug, or simply running out of memory due to too many objects loaded in game.
  8. Nothing in that script log shows anything interesting. I suggest you install Buffout 4 and submit the crash log to that mod's thread. They may be able to narrow down the problem. It would also help if you provided some details about your saves and the problem you are having. Does this happen with every save? Does it happen every time you try to load particular saves? Are the saves in particular locations? Have you done a lot with Commonwealth Captives or does this happen before you have met any captives?
  9. New Version 1.47 uploaded Fixed bug that sometimes prevented furniture from being used despite MCM settings allowing it Changed MCM probability options to use 5% increments instead of 10% As always, the mod will self-update when you install the new version, no need for a clean save.
  10. I found a bug with the furniture use logic. I'll update the mod here shortly once I test the fix.
  11. Raider Pet puts you in the Captive faction, which is not listed in your post. Open console and do: player.removefromfaction 0003E0C8
  12. Usually when this happens with DD, the fix is to trade with the NPC, put the same restraints back on the NPC, get out of their inventory, then trade with them again and take them off.
  13. Not while player is still fighting, but you can get defeated and bound and watch your followers get violated. Set "Player can be violated" to Off but leave "Followers can be violated" On. With the latest version of the mod (1.46) if the player can't be violated they will get tied up at the start regardless of whether restraints are configured to be applied at start or end of violation.
  14. With most multiple-follower mods, the first companion you ask to join you is managed by the vanilla follower system. So if Curie, Piper, and Nick are your companions, and SEU is always choosing Curie, you probably asked her to join you first. If you want SEU to use Piper instead, dismiss all three of them, then ask Piper to join you, and then the other two.
  15. Looks like missing meshes, not textures. Missing textures would give you purple objects, not completely missing objects.
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