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  1. Atomic Lust does not have any aggressive animations, so this mod will not work well if Atomic Lust is the only animation pack you have installed. There is a list of recommended animation packs in the Frequently Asked Questions on this mod's front page.
  2. There is nothing wrong with this mod. SEU is doing everything it is supposed to, but AAF is returning an error when SEU tells it to play an animation. The full text of the error means that AAF was unable to find an animation for a female human and male human that has the "Aggressive" tag and does not have the "Pose" or "Utility" tag. So, you need to have one or more animation packs that include such animations, and a tags file that adds the Aggressive tag to them. This means you must have animation packs installed, and AAF Themes installed.
  3. Please note that this patch breaks the AAF wizard when used with newer versions of AAF (Beta 131 and up). The ActorTypeData file included in this mod does not include a RaceList, so the ActorTypeHuman keyword no longer works in AAF. This means human and vulpine actors can't be found in the Wizard actor scan. To fix, edit the actorType line in AAF_actorTypeData_Vulpine.xml so it looks like this: <actorType form="2CB72" id="ActorTypeHuman" raceList="Human,Vulpine"/>
  4. AAF Error [3] is "there were no animations that run on the locations nearby for that combination of actors." What that means is that the only animations you have that fits the actors are furniture animations, but there is no such furniture within the furniture scan range. So, the solution is to install human-on-human animations that take place on the ground.
  5. It's the other way around. Older AAF can't load the new format XML, but current AAF can load older XML just fine. The 30% issue is because an XML is referring to something that should be in another XML but is not found -- a Position XML referring to an Animation that isn't in any AnimationData, etc. AAF handles most of this by logging an error, but there are still a few combinations that can cause it to hang up.
  6. AAF FPE will react to any animation played through AAF. If you are not seeing a conception chance notification, it generally means something prevented conception, such as the animation having a tag indicating it was not the appropriate type (dancing, spanking, etc), or one of the actors is an unsupported race. The only things that affect the chance of self-impregnation are fertility and contraceptive pills. If you have pregnancy chance set to 100%, the only way to get a 0% pregnancy chance from self impregnation is if you have set the Contraception Reduction Effect to 100% and have taken a pill.
  7. You can easily read the position name and the tags associated with an animation by listening for AAF's OnAnimationStart and OnAnimationChange events, and listen for OnAnimationStop events to know when the scene stops. Any script can register for those events and get notified when any AAF animation starts/changes/stops. That's how AAF SEU detects those events and logs them, as you were seeing in your log file. From there you can use the vanilla game ShakeController function to trigger vibrations. If you want to get really detailed with it, you could define AAF stats and reactions, and listen for stat changes. This is more complicated, but would allow you to do things like vary the shake intensity based on an arousal or orgasm stat that increases as the animations progress.
  8. That error is caused by Gray User's "50 Shades" animation pack. Three of that pack's animations specify stopOverlaySet="Vaginal", but that overlay set only exists if you have Indarello's patch installed.
  9. Reinstall AAF and make sure Debug Mode is NOT enabled:
  10. Can you make sure Debug Logging is enabled under Misc options, then try surrendering to something and post your script log?
  11. No. The settings take effect right away, or at worst they take effect the next time a violation happen. None of them require a game restart. When you update the mod, the MCM settings get reset. The mod comes with a default configuration file that overwrites your current settings. It has to include this file or the MCM won't work for MO2 users.
  12. Are you running the latest version of the mod? There was a bug that could cause that kind of behavior with certain enemies that are managed by quests. You couldn't surrender to them, but they could join in a violation if you surrendered to something else. This is fixed in the latest version of the mod.
  13. Make sure you are running the latest version of the mod, and that you don't have any old patches overwriting any of the mod's files.
  14. Mongrels work fine with Dogs enabled under Aggressor Races. If you are unable to surrender to one, it's most likely a different race than the standard mongrels.
  15. Mod update: I re-uploaded AAF Violate 1.44 with a corrected Russian MCM translation by @fedim. Nothing else in the mod changed.
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