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  1. Yes, still planning to expand the flirt options. Just been working on a lot of other things lately.
  2. Whatever that actor is, it's not from this mod. Why don't you try figuring it out for yourself? Open the console, and type help nate 4 npc_ You'll get output that looks something like this: In your case there should be at least one more 'Nate` entry. The first 2 digits of the numeric ID in parentheses are the plugin index of the mod it came from. Better yet, open FO4Edit and put that numeric ID in the Form ID box, then press enter and it will take you right to it: Note: the above is just an example. 00056BB and 00246BF0 are in everyone's game. "Your" Nate will have a different form ID. Also, please, for the sake of politeness, shrink your damn images when you post them. Drag the pic in, double click on it, and change the resolution to something smaller so they don't take up the entire screen. Thanks.
  3. New version 1.04 uploaded Added MCM option to set whether Position Tree animations are controlled by NPCs. It is On by default, which means Position Tree animations proceed automatically. Setting it to Off allows the user to control the animation progress using the AAF interface. This will mainly be of interest to users of (UAP) Ulfberth's AAF Patch which makes heavy use of Position Trees. It is recommended to leave the setting On for UAP users. As always, the mod will self-update when you install the new version; there is no need for a clean save.
  4. Plugins.txt is controlled by your mod manager and tools like LOOT. I can't help you with that. There's nothing special about SEU that would make it act differently than any other mod when installing or uninstalling.
  5. Open the console and run the command: sqv RaiderPetDialogueQuest You should see a whole lot of lines, but the important ones are right at the end below "Quest state". It should say "Enabled? yes" and "State: Running". If those are not true, you can manually start it with the command: startquest RaiderPetDialogueQuest After that, if you remove all weapons from your inventory and go meet some raiders, they should not be hostile, and they will enslave you.
  6. Like Invictusblade said. The morphs are applied each month. Your character currently has the CBBE morphs, but on the next month update she will get the FG ones.
  7. This is seriously amazing work. Thank you for making this. I don't use FG but the prebuilt meshes included in the mod work fine if you have CBBE installed. I guess I just wouldn't be able to edit the sliders in BodySlide, but that's fine, it looks amazing as is. One problem I ran into: the no-WDF plugin doesn't work; it is missing most of the records and still requires WDF. I made a working version by editing the regular version and removing the WDF keywords and scripts, and cleaning the dependency on WDF from the header. Feel free to upload. Milking And Devious Costumes NO WDF.esp
  8. I added a Whistle Sound Replacer to the download section. It replaces the annoying high-pitched whistling sound with a normal human whistle at low volume.
  9. I tested this for myself and, to my great surprise, I also got a SceneInit error 4. It turns out there's nothing wrong with Bosco or any of his goons. The issue is that the latest version of Themes commented out the tags for AJ's Various XML. This led to AAF being unable to find an aggressive mixed-gender gangbang animation. This is frustrating. Anyway here is a modified version of Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml which re-enables those tags. Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml
  10. There is no new version. I updated some links on the download page.
  11. Q: I can surrender to enemies, they surround me, but then no animations play and everyone stands in place forever. A: This means AAF did not respond to an animation request. Violation scenes depend on AAF sending event messages back to Violate. If AAF is not running or experiences a fatal error, it won't send any events and Violate will be stuck waiting forever. There are two possibilities: AAF is not working at all. You should verify that AAF works in your game by using the Home key to select actors and play animations. If that doesn't work, your AAF installation has a problem. Playing animations in Violate will therefore not work. AAF tried to play an animation that caused it to crash. Some animation packs or XML patches with incorrectly formatted XML can cause this. You should make sure that your animation packs are correctly installed and that any patches (The One Patch, Patch for Animations, AJ's Various XML, etc) and their required mods are installed in the right order. You can force a stuck violation to end by holding down the surrender hotkey for 5 seconds and releasing it. This will allow you to continue playing, but AAF will probably remain stuck.
  12. Raider Pet doesn't have an MCM. You need to travel to another settlement, or to Diamond City or Goodneighbor, to activate the mod.
  13. None of the script errors in your log are related to this. The SEU / FPE scene you played looks like it all worked fine. It sounds like your outfits are not built with the MPreg slider. So the pregnancy morph shows in animations because the actor is nude, but when the actor re-dresses the morph goes away because the outfit mesh doesn't support it. The FPE Male Mesh Support download page has conversions for outfits from the DLC but I am not sure about vanilla ones.
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