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  1. It sounds like you have an old version of AAF. This mod uses the new XML format used by recent versions of AAF. Install the attached and allow it to overwrite the file from Commonwealth Captives. This is the same file but in the old format. EBCC ProtectedEquipmentData Old AAF.7z
  2. Sure. I also am using Gray User's replacement stuff in my game, but let me see what you have to be sure we're talking about the same things.
  3. Are you just replacing the hkx files in the TD folders, or are you adding them as proper MT animations in DD? I can add the new animations to TD, with new keywords, if you want.
  4. The short answer is no, even if the race uses the same skeleton as another race already supported by AAF, it won't automatically work with animations. You will need to create a RaceData file for those new races to tell AAF what skeleton they use. The long answer: AAF does use a notion of a skeleton, but it's not the real skeleton from the race, it's just a tag internal to AAF. Animation XML have a skeleton name, e.g.: <animation id="vad_Ghoul02" time="120"> <actor gender="M" skeleton="FeralGhoul"> <idle form="0100173B" id="vad_Ghoul02_Ghoul01"/> </actor> </animation> AAF will only let actors with that skeleton name play that animation. To determine an actor's skeleton name, AAF has a mapping between races and skeletons. It allows for many-to-one relationships, e.g. multiple races having the same skeleton. These mappings are defined in a RaceData XML file. E.g., in AAF_raceData_Fallout4.xml, you have lines like these: <race id="FeralGhoulGlowing" form="A96BF" skeleton="FeralGhoul"/> <race id="FeralGhoul" form="6B4EC" skeleton="FeralGhoul"/> These lines indicate that Feral Ghouls and Glowing Feral Ghouls have the same skeleton. When AAF processes an actor, it gets the actor's race (akActor.GetLeveledActorBase().GetRace()) then uses the above data to map the race to a skeleton name. So when AAF looks for an animation to match a Glowing Feral Ghoul, it finds that it has a Skeleton type "FeralGhoul", then looks for Animations with that same skeleton type. To add support for a new race, you would need to make a RaceData file that maps the race to a Skeleton tag. Then AAF will know what to do with those types of NPCs.
  5. The morphs are normally in the same place, they are in the same folder as the body meshes. But, are you using Unique Player or some similar mod that makes the player have a different body than NPCs? If so, you will need to copy the FemaleBody.tri file from Data\meshes\actors\character\characterassets to whatever folder your unique body mesh is in.
  6. What do you mean by this? Are you running an old version of FO4? The current version of AAF requires the current version of FO4.
  7. Well, this mod doesn't modify any of those things, it just calls the functions from the vanilla scripts to give those options to the freed Captives. One thing I have noticed is that which options you can use to talk to your companions depends on the distance you are from them. If you are close, you automatically Talk to them ; if you are standing farther away you get the Talk / Trade / Stay menu. This happens whether or not you have Captives or followers from any other mod with you.
  8. The LL_FourPlay library is not loaded, so the crosshairs scan does not work. The LL_FourPlay library comes with AAF. As it says on the download page, you need to have F4SE and AAF working in order to use SEU.
  9. KFIncomingMonitoringEffectScript is from Knockout Framework. The second one is from Player Comments and Headtracking. I suspect PCHT is the issue here. The NPC may be stuck in a dialogue from that mod. There may be a way to temporarily disable the mod so that the CC dialogue can happen.
  10. That is odd. It sounds like she is running the Freed Captive AI package, but some other quest is overriding the dialogue from the Captive Manager quest. Try highlighting her in console and running the "sv" command. The output shows each script affecting the actor. Each one has a header like "--- Papyrus ---" with alias and quest information, followed by the name of the script. Normally you would only see two scripts on a freed captive: the vanilla WorkshopNPCScript, and EBCC:EBCC_FreedCaptivesScript. Like this: If the NPC is in another alias, this will indicate what it is and what quest it is from.
  11. Possibly yeah. There is a function in EBCC_CaptiveManager called SetupFactions() that I used to make Deathclaws and the special Raider factions from Start Me Up friendly with the mod's captive faction. It just does this with each of them: EBCC_FriendFaction.SetAlly(DeathclawFaction, true, true) So you'd need to do the same with whatever additional factions are needed.
  12. Like it says on the download page: If using CBBE, be sure to install the F4EE morphs when installing. If using Fusion Girl or Jane Bod, build your body in Bodyslide with the "Build Morphs" option enabled after installing. For all body types, always use the "Build Morphs" option whenever you build a body or outfit in BodySlide. "F4EE Morphs" is an option in the CBBE installer. This will install the morph data files for the body and outfits so that they can be applied in-game via LooksMenu.
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