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  1. What mod are these optics from? Most likely the actors aren't glowing because of some faction or relationship condition not being met. Of course I can't tell what unless I know what mod they are from. If you fast travel to the settlement and go into workshop mode, does it show the expected number of "People" in the top left? The missing settlers thing happens with vanilla settlers too. Unassigned settlers can be hard to find. Build a bell and use that to see if you can gather them.
  2. Get Dirty detects when you switch companions and cleans the old one automatically. But there are bug reports about Ivy never getting clean on her mod support thread, even without being dismissed. So I don't know if Get Dirty is good to use with her. In any case, you can use console commands to remove the dirt. First we need to find the plugin ID for Get Dirty. To do that, use: help getdirty 4 qust that will reply with something like: QUST: CS7_GetDirty (22000F99) The plugin ID is the first 2 digits of the form ID, so 22 in
  3. Please go ahead. I don't have the original any more.
  4. If somehow the actors missed the end of the AAF animation, you can simply start and stop another animation (a solo dance or whatever) and that will reset the spectator system. If the NPCs still stuck after that, it probably means they have no AI package to return to. In that case you can just interact with them normally and they should stop. But, you say "in fact one of the participants is now cheering as well" which makes me wonder what is going on there. There is no actual cheering in this mod, just clapping and whistling.
  5. What I was really asking was whether the texture mods had been installed later in time than Commonwealth Captives. The brown-face bug happens due to mismatched texture types (DXT3 when they should be DXT1) or wrong sizes (using NPCs with 1K textures when your base textures in Data\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\ are the vanilla 512K size). As I said, the actors in this mod do not include face textures, and are set as "is chargen preset" so they should not need them. There is nothing more I can do to prevent this problem, you will have to figure out why the combinatio
  6. This is caused by HD face textures. What face texture pack are you using and did you install it before or after installing Commonwealth Captives? For what it's worth: the NPCs in this mod have the "is chargen preset" flag enabled, which means the game dynamically generates their face textures. The mod therefore does not include face textures for them.
  7. New Version 0.93 Uploaded Freed captives who are following the player are now commandable and will ignore friendly fire This mod's captive faction is now friends with Start Me Up's Raider factions if Start Me Up is installed. No longer needs an external patch. Cleaned up some unused hair headparts in a few NPCs - had no effect, but generated CK warnings Removed AAF_ActorBusy keyword from freed captives that are following the player, so other mods like Violate, Harassment, Spectators, etc, can affect them Increased the size of the tracking array for furniture co
  8. If someone wants to make such a patch, I have no objection. But I'm not going to do it myself.
  9. Yeah that's not intentional, that change was only meant to guarantee that unreleased captives couldn't get pulled into Violate scenarios. For some reason I can't recall any more, when I first built the mod I put the AAF_ActorLocked keyword on the freed captives, which now prevents Violate from involving them. I'm going to make a minor update to the mod later this weekend and I'll take that out.
  10. He seems to have pulled down all his Fallout 4 mods - Sex Madness, Boston Devious Helper, and his older two. I was really hoping he'd keep going with BDH, it was a great idea and I never experienced any major issues with it.
  11. Violation aborted can also happen if Violate tries to play an animation that you don't have installed, for example 3 female Raiders gangbanging your character but you don't have suitable animations. If that happens you'll first see something like "AAF OnSceneInit status [4]" then you'll see "Violation scene aborted". From your description it sounds like the mapping is working fine and the problem is missing animations.
  12. I tried doing that before - one of Violate's scripts would check for each mod, and set a global variable accordingly. Then I configured the MCM config so that it would only show the options if the corresponding global variable was set. That worked most of the time, but sometimes MCM wouldn't show the option even though the mod was enabled, or vice versa. It's just kind of a buggy MCM feature, and I think it's more confusing than not so I got rid of it. Also, the help text all of those MCM options say something like "if the mod is installed".
  13. I don't use a controller myself so I never thought about it. Let me see if there is a way to make it work with the mod as I'd. Otherwise I'll add the option to surrender by lowering weapon.
  14. this version of FPE doesn't have wearable / carryable babies. You must be using AAF FPE Redux or Wasteland Dairy Framework. You should ask about this on whichever mod you are using
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