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  1. No problem. Basically if you want to give captives clothes and weapons, free them first before you go out looking for stuff. Once you've freed them, they won't get automatically cleaned up by the mod.
  2. The devices are already limited by faction: Super Mutants can use the strangling pole, gallows, and impaling pole Raiders can use the electric chair, strangling pole, gallows, and impaling pole Institute and Synths can use the Institute Chair and electric chair Everyone else (gunners, triggermen, etc) can use the electric chair, strangling pole, and gallows
  3. If a captive unloads the mod will delete her or him. So if you go into an interior, kill all the bad guys, then go back outside, any captives that spawned near the bad guys will be deleted. There is no difference at all in the way the mod treats kneeling captives and captives on devices. Kneeling captives are more likely to spawn in interiors because there is usually less room for crosses and other devices.
  4. Sorry - haven't been keeping up with this thread - is this something I should address in TD?
  5. Any of the animation packs that feature human-on-human sex animations will work, including Atomic Lust. Sounds like your AAF setup isn't working, though.
  6. It is hosted on Moddingham because dagobaking doesn't want it to be limited to strictly adults-only use. Hosting it on LL would imply that it exists only for that purpose. Until recently, AAF was hosted on Nexus to make it more accessible to the entire community. After Nexus changed their hosting terms, dagobaking decided to move it to his own site.
  7. Yes that was fixed a couple of versions ago. CRX devices don't clean up after themselves when they get deleted, so I had to add code to CC to clean up the add-on meshes. It is, I have a test build with that feature mostly working. I want it to be realistic, so it checks to make sure there are no enemies around etc, so I am still tweaking it. Yes. Earlier versions of Commonwealth Captives made freed captives into non-commandable followers. But a large number of mods also set and unset follower status. When they restore follower behavior, they typically use the default settings, which makes them commandable. This is one of the reasons I went ahead and made them commandable by default, so the behavior is consistent.
  8. They will be humans. Someone would need to make a patch to make the settlers into Vulpines. It is, and it can. This mod uses its own settlers, so it can be used alongside any settler mod and will neither interfere nor be affected by it.
  9. I have tried that before. In FO4, combat between NPCs is really slow, the actors barely do any damage to one another and are really inaccurate. So when I was knocked down, I sat there for minutes at a time while my companions and their enemies took potshots at each other from behind cover. It was really not fun. I am planning to implement sort of the reverse, where it is possible for your companions to get defeated independently of the player. When I start working on that I may revisit the idea of the NPCs defending the player.
  10. I don't think tattoos would interfere. The marks are applied by the cane or crop's weapon impact set. The new textures are in AFVPurgatory - Textures.BA2. They are AFVWpnCaneMarkDecal_01.dds and AFVWpnCropMarkDecal_01.dds. Note that the marks are pretty hard to see in Purgatory itself due to the lighting. You should be able to see them better when you are in Sanctuary.
  11. That is how this mod works. I will look into adding "wearable" babies, like when your spouse carries Shaun in the intro sequence. But I am working on other things at the moment. I guess I could, I would need to look at the other sliders and see what is appropriate. If someone wanted to do that and save me the time I could get it added quicker (hint hint).
  12. Not sure, I haven't looked at those add-on mods in a long time. There is also a Real Commonwealth Condoms mod that requires you build the body in BodySlide. That could cause the issue you are seeing if the body doesn't match the NPC's normal one.
  13. No idea. The items in your screenshot are not from this mod. The condoms from AAF FPE are simply named "Condom".
  14. Only the latest version - 2.1b. You don't want the other Leito files. Same with the other packs, just grab the latest version. Yup - just install them with Vortex like any other mod.
  15. Nope. You have Themes installed, which is a requirement, but you need actual animation packs from Loverslab as well. These will get you off to a good start: Animations by Leito SavageCabbage Animations 50 Shades of Fallout 4 Vadermania Mutated Lust
  16. This is from Deviously Cursed Wasteland, specifically the combat surrender feature. My suggestion is to download Devliously Cursed Menu, and use its MCM menu to turn off Combat Surrender.
  17. Assuming the "EquipDevice" and "EquipRandomDevice" calls in DD_Library have not changed, Rogg's DD Items Manager should still work fine. I don't think there is a need to integrate it into DD or have DD use its settings. You just call Rogg's "PickRandomItemsRemote" function, it returns an array, and you loop through the array calling "Libs.EquipDevice" on each.
  18. The morphs for CBBE are the same as they always were. It affects the breasts, butt, and belly. The "advanced" morphs only affect Fusion Girl and Jane Bod.
  19. I've seen vanilla settlers change their outfits if I don't visit that settlement for a long time. I don't actually know what the mechanism is for that, though. However, that shouldn't be @jpee1965's issue since he is seeing it happen to freed captives that are following him. They are technically not settlers so leveling shouldn't affect them.
  20. New Version 1.2 Uploaded Fixed rare bug where the punisher might never finish punishing you, leaving you stuck in restraints Updated the cane and crop marks so they are more vivid and last longer Updated the punishment script so the camera always goes into third person at the correct distance when you are put into restraints Corrected the name on the Purgatory cell It is safe to update the mod in a running save
  21. That used to happen in old versions, prior to 0.95. With the current version, that should never happen. Izzyknows and Spicydoritos' patches don't do anything that would cause it either. One thing I can think of: there is a game engine bug where if something is added to a NPC's inventory by a script (i.e. not by you trading with them) their outfit will get reset. That could cause it, but I couldn't begin to guess what mod might be doing that.
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