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  1. it can make it interesting. i did most of the Thieves Guild questline (had completed dampened spirits) as a Lola in combination with Sexlab Confabulations (and yes as cumdump). it was interesting but did not make the TG quests themselves harder to do, but did make it harder to get to the quests and spent a fair amount of time in the towns having to do Lola stuff so i could make it to the next part of the TG quest. as far as actually doing the quests i have had no problems with the TG quests. i have run into a slight problem with the extra Maven quests from Confabulations. (1 did not want to start) and i am not sure what caused that issue. plan to do DB questline soonish. will post if i hit any problems along the way when i start that one.
  2. i do really like this idea as it makes the Freedom License worth getting/having even if you don't have Slaverun. alternate idea could be to send someone without the Freedom License to a Simple Slavery auction..... or possibly if caught multiple times without the Freedom License to send to auction (if that is not a ton of work) or maybe just a chance of auction instead of devices added?? just as idea.
  3. does take a little time, usually by 9am game time next day it should be cleared. make sure to go into and out of another building (load screen) after you get the notification that the eviction was lifted. a quick way to check if it is the heels requirement (as Corsayr said) is to turn the heels requirement off for a couple of minutes. if it is not the heels you will need to double check that you have the right keyword(s) on the armor. as for the armor license causing you to lose bikini exp i can confirm it does not matter. i still can gain bikini exp with the armor license and do not lose bikini exp unless i switch armor worn to non bikini armors.
  4. iirc you need to be far enough in the TG questline to get extra options. once you have the Goldenglow job (or further) activated you should have extra dialog options with Vex and Delvin about learning to seduce your marks. use both to get the most out of it.then after completing Dampened Spirits (Honningbrew job) Vex should have another option (cumdump). then you should be able to turn on TG forcegreets if desired.
  5. iirc what you need to do is maneuver your follower close enough to the Jarl, and the Jarl cannot be in a scene when you do this, then your follower will have to have a conversation with the Jarl (i think it triggers off random comments).
  6. ok proof that you are just human and not quite a god. love the work and updates you have done ... having a blast working through TG questline while mistress keeps making me do other stuff .
  7. there are a few things the game will process if the player is not present (not a lot) but the preconditions must be met for them to happen. most likely what happened is you entered the cell of a bandit camp (possibly without even seeing or realizing it) and there was a fight where she got caught in the crossfire. something hostile to bandits, kind of like seeing a stormcloak and imperial patrols fighting. i forget which mod i have that adds goblins to the game, and i have to pay attention when some of them show up because they are hostile to everything that is not part of their individual goblin tribe (even any other goblin tribe).
  8. confirmation that it was not this mod. 1 = no khajjit, argonian, or orc captives by thismod 2 = this mod esp is named sexybanditcaptives.esp that name is familiar though...it was a mod i tried and then removed, but i do not remember which one it was offhand. iirc it is a mod called Captives (or something like that)..... just a guess by your description of location, and race,,,,could be wrong.
  9. entirely possible as i have several mods that add dialogue to various factions. the cases i remember where hitting at about meal times. not sure if i have something that changes her or not, but at least in my case she came back every time. the one time i used free camera to find out where she was going she walked to the kitchen and back. shrug.
  10. @HexBolt8 like the idea of "While You Were Sleeping". like that idea a LOT. Mia's Lair (Sexlab Sex Slaves) and Lola do not like each other. if i have Jenny WInglow (or another Mia's Lair sex slave follower) following Lola does not run right. if she is not following Lola runs fine. as they are on opposite ends of the spectrum (Lola has pc as slave, Mia's Lair has follower as a slave mostly) i did try it with 4 different followers from that mod and got the same results. the one i did not try was Andrew (regular or dominant). i am not sure if Mia's Lair uses a different follower system or if it is a variant of vanilla, but AFT does not pick them up, but Lola does tries to run on them. this is not a big deal (to me), but figured i would mention it in case someone else runs into it. of course it could just be my load order too....not 100% sure. the whole reason i tried it was i thought it would be interesting to have a sex slave follower (who is addicted to your body) who is also your Mistress. that would have been interesting to see a follower with that split personality. oh well did not work out, but still having a lot of fun with Elariel (regular follower) as my Lola Mistress.
  11. Jade will wonder around the area depending on time of day, but the scene plays out in just 1 room. i have run into this a time or 2 also, where Jade wonders off to go talk to someone else in a different part of the area, then have to wait for her to walk there, then walk back, then the scene ran fine. when that happens, i think its just Skyrim being Skyrim.
  12. finally played through the mod again on new game Ghost's of the Past is nicely done and fits well with the storyline. i had no troubles caused by this mod at all. i did get stumped for a bit during the quest, mostly due to a weird mod interaction. no actions needed by this mod very nice work.😃 minor compatibality issue if you have the old (and removed) mod Novel (by Delzaron)
  13. update on house buying 6.20 beta version bought child's bedroom in Solitude - no problems at all Markarth - no problems switching from Alchemy to Child's Bedroom, and switched back also with no problems Riften - bought Child's Bedroom and switched to Enchanting Room with no problems at all. as i had forgotten to check that previously i figured i would post the results now that i have. edit upgraded to 6.21 beta unable to disable Trauma in MCM reverted to 6.20 for now
  14. ooohhhhhhhhh idea for those who do not use Slaverun would it be possible to have a setting where if you do not have a Freedom License there is a chance (slider or a 5-10%) of being sent to Simple Slavery (i use the ++ version). iirc it works with just a modevent.
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