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  1. I have half finished those. I want to make deliveries to DC and GN. Maybe some farms.
  2. If you use Sim Settlements I recommend Buffout 4 Baka Scraphead Script Limit Expander Well I don't use Sim Settlements and I still use them. 😁
  3. You will probably need to add an on-unequip script to reset the alias. Or .. just delete that dialogue, it's so silly. 😁
  4. Welp... It was almost the same problem as the actor "Kimy", but a bit tricky. The actor speaking to you did not have a VoiceType. So I created a new VoiceType called "_DD_Line" and in Alias you must * force * this VoiceType to the actor -because it is not an unique actor like Kimy, it is a set of possible actors-. I've personally never tried it but it's nice to know how it works. I also unchecked the "Has Lip Files" boxes in the player dialogs. That way, when you say "Mmmmm!" you will not move your lips and it will look more natural. What does seem impossible to me is to eliminate the "ya, ok, uhm" that sounds when you skip the dialogs. When you say those things your lip moves. daf.mp4 Here is the .esm file + the fuz files for the actor to talk to you while you are with a gag. DD Gags Lip Files.zip The fuz files are new, they should be mixed with the other fuz files that are already included in the latest versions.
  5. Hmmm ... if the player says "Ya, ok, uhm" it is because there is a dialogue and if there is dialogue the "skip dialogue" could be fixed. I'm going to take a better look and if I find a solution I'll let you guys know.
  6. Thank you very much for the resources @Carreau I will include them in my mod with the corresponding credits. Just a little detail. You named the folder "Sounds", but it must be "Sound". 😁
  7. Don't worry, GGS has gotten a little bigger. This space will not be used in this update yet (maybe a suitable place for a super mutant actor). But in any case it would be to work on it next year.
  8. Thanks for the idea, guys. It was really inspiring and I was able to finish the mission. I was really stuck for many days due to lack of ideas here. I need to polish it a little more; dialogues and scene in general, but the main thing is over. Then I will think hard about how to proceed with Lucy. The music (and eight more selections) will be in the mod too. FDAFS.mp4
  9. Although they are not skippable, when they have a lip file the dialogue ends sooner than if it does not have lip files, so it would be best to leave them because it saves you a few seconds. On the other hand, if you take out the lip files, the npcs won't move the lips, so I guess it looks more natural that way because they have gags.
  10. Fuck. This is awesome and the script is very brilliant! Now I want to do a mission to open a radio station and transmit songs - free to use and with attributions - along with your publicity XD
  11. I think these have no way of making them skipable because they are known as "Greetings", you can only skip when a dialogue between you and a person starts. Like when you walk through Diamond City and the NPCs tell you something. You can't skip those. The best thing you can do is make them shorter so they don't spend much time on the screen or delete them and make notifications instead of greetings.
  12. I know that at some point I should use "if they wanted to kill you they would have done it and they would have kidnapped Lucy, but no, they sent me to talk to you". But I think for a farmer you need to gain trust with actions, not words, so we will most likely have to do something. I really haven't decided yet.
  13. In fact, after the mission of the posters, the Studio is a little better known and they receive a letter from a girl who wants to be an actress. The problem is that her family will not let her go to NW and you must travel to convince her parents. The girl is Lucy Abernathy. I brought this up to Tentacus, I haven't written the lines yet, but I definitely need help because how the hell do you convince Blake Abernathy to let his only daughter alive go to raider paradise. Once this is done, you and Lucy will do lesbian scenes. But ... I haven't gotten to that yet. First I want to finish the mission of the posters. This is the place where the lesbian scenes will be done. I have already improved the walls a bit more since I took this photo.
  14. Okay, in VoiceType I created a new type called "_DD_Vendor_Kimy_VoiceType" and, within actor Kimy, I linked it. Once this was done, I proceeded to generate a txt file again as I explained on the previous page. RC4.7z
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