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Devious Followers - Continued SE

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Devious Followers - Continued SE

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Devious Followers - Continued SE


I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted Lupine00's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the permission they game to me.  If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to  the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.




Devious Followers - Continued

Devious Followers turns any follower into a tricky hireling that want to lure you into slavery. The follower charges you for their services, and if you cannot pay, you can instead take "deals" that involve bondage and humiliation for the follower's amusement.


Over time, the deals tend to erode your willpower, so it becomes harder to resist the follower's influence.

If you can't clear your debts quickly enough, the follower may take payment in kind and enslave you.


If you are able to pay the follower, they can provide some help escaping from devious devices, play gambling games that might allow you access to extra cash or device keys, and at times they may also initiate bondage games based simply on you wearing certain devices. They can also help you pay for your SexLab Survival licenses.



About the Latest Version


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The latest version (2.13.5) adds support for your Devious Follower to manage your SexLab Survival adventuring licenses.

It makes substantial changes to the number and variety of "slut" dialogs for the slut deal.

It also has several other small bug fixes for previous 2.13.X releases, along with some bug fixes for quite old and long-standing issues.


You can now select how you want to limit follower dismissal in the MCM.

Also, if you limit dismissal by location, it allows a lot of obvious and sensible places, such as most of the vanilla inns, player homes, etc.


The version available for download supports the current release version of SexLab Survival (0.635).


It can also support the SLS beta, but in that case you need to use the console after your game is up and running if you want to enable the new functionality.

Unfortunately, I couldn't see how to determine the SLS version via the API so the switching isn't automatic - and it's not really worth adding to the MCM as it will (presumably) be unnecessary by the next release, or failing that, the one after.


See the installation guide for more information on this.



Guide to DFC for new players

You can find a guide on getting started with DFC that should give you an idea of where it can fit in your game, how to configure it, and what sorts of things will happen here:

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Gameplay Mechanics Summary

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  • Your follower charges for their services, on a daily basis. You can configure how much they charge and how often they update their bill.
  • You must regularly pay them - some debt is allowed - and interest can accrue.
  • If you you are in too much debt, you must resolve the problem by taking deals, otherwise the follower may force you into deals, or take items from you to reduce the debt, or ultimately force you into slavery.
  • Each deal relieves a certain amount of debt and provides a discount to further expenses (you can limit the discount).
  • You can pay off deals if you have enough money, thus getting rid of the deal.
  • Deals have a minimum period. Deals cost more to pay off before their minimum period.
  • Most deals involve bondage or humiliation. Some involve both.
  • Deals have three (or four) levels, the higher levels are significantly more severe than the low levels. Try to avoid higher levels if you can.
  • There are two basic kinds of deal: regular deals, added in the 1.X series of the mod, and modular deals added in the 2.X series.
  • The regular deals are hand crafted, with specific progression. The modular deals are semi-random. You can configure what deals are available.
  • While deals can be intrusive, they are designed not to totally stop you playing normal Skyrim.
  • Things that happen to the PC can reduce a new stat called Willpower.
  • If the PC's willpower gets too low, it becomes harder to avoid bad deals or resist arbitrary demands from the follower.
  • High willpower characters can pick and choose their deals (for a price), lower willpower characters must take what they get.
  • If you end up in devious devices, sometimes the follower will accept payment to help you out.
  • The follower can play a (somewhat unfair) gambling game where you can win (or lose) money.
  • The follower can play a (somewhat unfair) gambling game where they offer restraint keys in exchange for debt.
  • Sometimes, the follower will take advantage of your mishaps with devices and add more, settings tasks you must complete before release.
  • Wearing the wrong device in the wrong place can be hazardous, and the follower is more likely to begin a "game" in those cases.
  • The follower has a number of "lives" that are lost when they enter bleedout, or perform certain tasks for you.
  • Followers become very grumpy and unhelpful when their lives reach zero.
  • Restore follower lives by sleeping for at least six hours.
  • If the player opts into it, or the PC gets into too much debt, the follower may take control of the PC's gold.
  • This is both a mechanism to mitigate theft from the player, and to make it worse.
  • Any time you can pay off all your debts, the follower doesn't control your gold, and have enough willpower, you can get rid of the follower.
  • If you have deals, or owe money, or have very low willpower, you cannot get rid of the follower.
  • Characters with very low willpower may automatically gain a follower.
  • There is an optional minimum contract period. 
  • The follower is essential and cannot simply be killed to get rid of them.
  • Multiple followers are supported, though only one will be devious at a time, you can configure how much extra you are charged.
  • There is an MCM lockout for the truly hardcore that is vicious. Use at your peril. It's OFF by default (once turned on, there is no OFF switch).
  • Each day there aren't enough deals to amuse the follower, the follower becomes more Bored.
  • Bored followers charge extra for their services. Thus daily expenses tend to increase over time.
  • You can get spanked to reduce the follower's boredom.
  • Each time you pay your debts, you lose a little bit of your ability to resist the follower's attacks on your willpower.
  • Pay off deals or make cash donations to priests to improve your resistance again.
  • If you get into too much debt, you can be enslaved (optional). The enslavement should still let you play Skyrim, up to a point, but there's a lot of bondage, sex and humiliation.
  • DFC slavery does not have whipping (yet), but there are other punishments.
  • The follower may eventually dispose of you, via Simple Slavery, or a built-in DFC mechanism (optional configuration).
  • If you don't enable slavery the worst outcome is some harsh bondage.
  • There is a "weird potion" quest that can clear all your deals and debt, but introduces new problems and limitations.



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Optional Integrations

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  • Spank that Ass - for the full spanking experience. You need at least Spank that Ass 3.9+ (latest 4.5 is highly recommended) - see installation notes for more details on version.
  • Skooma Whore - for the skooma deal.
  • MME 09-02-2021 or newer - for the lactacid and milking deals - see installation notes for more details on version.
  • Simple Slavery Plus (or ++) - so the PC can be bought and sold by Devious Followers at auction.
  • Slave Tats + Rape Tattoos - so you can get tattoos for punishment and on enslavement
  • SexLab Survival (0.635+) - various willpower interactions and new ways to get forced devious followers
  • Frostfall - follower can give you something to help you keep warm.



Other Recommended Mods

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  • Devious Lore - more ways to get into devious devices.
  • Laura's Bondage Shop - more ways to get into devious devices.
  • Deviously Enchanted Chests or Deviously Cursed Loot - even more ways to get into devious devices
  • Sexlab Disparity - modify your stats and skills statically or dynamically, create your own personalized addiction and training for Devious Devices.
  • Burdens of Skyrim - limit use of heavy equipment without training.
  • SD+ - alternative slavery, with a story, devious items, and trips to a Daedric dreamworld.
  • Submissive Lola the Resubmission - alternative slavery that is somewhat compatible with DFC. Serve two masters, or one; the submission is yours to make.
  • Deviously Cursed Loot - the classic swiss army knife of devious mods - quests, extra devices, combat defeat, rapes, extra misogyny, bondage games, prison alternative, and more.




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  • Use a mod-manager if possible.
  • Download the newest DFC version from the mod main page.
  • Make sure that DFC is after USLEEP and your follower framework (if you have one) in Load Order and, if using MO, in MO left-pane.


If you want spanking:

  • Get the DF Spank SLAL mini-pack from this page thanks to Anub, Sir Nibbles and Rydin for permission to use their animations which are in this pack!
  • If you want spanking, you must install the DF Spank SLAL mini-pack. Enable and register all the animations in it in the SLAL MCM. Don't forget to FNIS first.
  • You cannot use (or register SLAL animations) without having first installed SLAL first (SexLab Animation Loader v1.5+).
  • When you start your game, make sure to enable and register the spank pack in SLAL, otherwise DFC will say it is not installed.


Optionally for better spanking, also install Spank that Ass:

  • If you want to use STA, you need at least 3.9 now. Newer versions are preferred, such as 4.5.
  • Ordering shouldn't matter any longer. DFC versions from 2.13.1 onwards don't patch STA because the required functionality has been built into STA for so long now.


Optionally use a follower framework:

  • You do not require a follower framework, but if you want multiple followers, you will need one regardless of DF.
  • NFF, EFF or AFT are supported. UFO is not supported, and never will be.
  • EFF and AFT haven't been updated in years, so simply use the latest.
  • NFF was last tested with version 2.7.6, but worked with older versions. NFF's core doesn't seem to change much.
  • If using NFF, do not install replacements for vanilla dialogues.
  • Ensure that DFC overwrites script files from your follower framework (lower in MO left pane).
  • Ensure that DFC is later in the LO than your follower framework (lower in the MO right pane or NMM plugins pane).
  • If using NMM, ensure that DFC is allowed to overwrite follower-framework scripts. DFC needs to overwrite and load after follower-frameworks. Other than that, its ordering is not so important. It may conflict with some mods that modify followers or hirelings. It changes the default room rental price, so if that isn't 100, your DFC is getting overwritten by another mod. SLS changes these prices anyway, and it should be compatible with DF.
  • Do not install any old follower-framework "patches" made for the original Lozeak DF. The old AFT/EFF patches will only break newer DFC installs - they are no longer distributed for a reason - you don't need them.
  • Do not install old patches on new versions. If any patch, from any source, doesn't say it supports a particular version, it likely doesn't support it.


Lactacid and Milking support:

  • If you want the lactacid and milking deals, you will need to install MME 09-02-2021 or newer. 16-12-2020 needs the patch available on this page.
  • Load order shouldn't be critical as DFC and MME don't have any ESP or script conflicts.
  • If you have the old MME patch from this page, you can remove it once your MME is updated to MME 09-02-2021 or newer.
  • Thanks to @Ed86 for updating MME with my request to support DFC's cow-centric milking container approach.


Skooma support:

  • If you want the skooma deals, you should install Skooma Whore. SW is very old, so it should be obvious to use the current popular version and patch with its various bug-fixes.
  • The latest patches for SW can probably be found in Monoman's tweaks, and he also has a mod for skooma addiction that you can use to make it nastier. DFC will be ok with that mod but neither explicitly supports nor conflicts with it.


Custom Whore Armor:

  • You can install custom whore armor in a special folder (see below).
  • The default whore armor is UUNP and needs to be built in Bodyslide.


License Mechanics for SexLab Survival:

  • Obviously, you won't need these unless SLS is installed.
  • If you have 0.635 simply enable the license handling in the MCM. You can also set whether license management is forced onto you in gold-control mode, and how the licenses are priced.
  • If you have 0.644+ (beta) it's possible to get better performance and a little extra fun with the whore license. To make this work, once your game has started open the console and type:
    setpqv _DFLicenses FixedSLS 1
    Do not do this if you have the older SLS, as it will likely result in corrupted licenses. The older version of SLS cannot allocate licenses in quick succession without problems, and by default DFC adds some big delays to try and keep this safe. The delays can be much less if you have the beta. Also, you need the beta to get follower management of the whore license, because it can't be allocated via the API in 0.635.




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  • When updating, it is necessary to ensure that DFC is not paused when you do the update.
  • You can upgrade to 2.13.5 from any version from 2.02 upwards, without a new game or clean save, just drop it in - however there may be problems with some dialogs if you update from old version, so a new game is probably safest. Problems aren't confirmed. TBH I'm not sure ... it might be fine. It's at least worth a try.
  • Remove any old patches when upgrading. In particular, make sure any AFT/EFF patching is removed.
  • If upgrading from 2.11, enter the MCM and adjust the spanking cooldown timer to your liking - this will fix an issue where the spanking cooldown gets set to several weeks in the future.
  • If you want new features to work, see the installation section above for other downloads you may need to enable the latest features and integrations.




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  • DFC's spanking support integrates closely with Spank that Ass to provide redness on bum and boobs, maintain your masochism/pain levels and provide new ways to get spanked. Spank that Ass is not required, but does make the experience much better.
  • Devious Followers Continued (DFC) works with most regular followers and follower frameworks. It does not work with special custom followers that have standalone AI.
  • DFC has built in support for AFT, EFF, and NFF. It's not perfect, and never can be, but your game shouldn't explode. DO NOT use the old Lozeak-era EFF or AFT patches with the current releases.
  • While DFC can work with the vanilla housecarls and mercenaries, it is best played using follower mods that add new followers to the game, as it feels more immersive that way.
  • It's possible to exempt followers from being handled by DF, and you can do this with your housecarls or spouse  if you want.
  • DFC dialog seems a bit strange on a spouse follower, but it still works.
  • DFC sort-of works with Pet Project, with or without the spouse as a devious follower. If the spouse is in DF, it's a bit odd, but shouldn't fail too much. Some chastity belt content in DFC may break.
  • DFC works with a PC enslaved via Slaverun, but it will seem like nonsense. It will work fine for a slaver character, though there may be some oddities with the follower in some places, requiring you to manually pause the mod.
  • DFC slavery is supported as an outcome in Simple Slavery 6+ versions.
  • SD+ crawl-stance animation keys break DFC crawling. (To be fixed). DFC slavery interacts a bit strangely with SD+ slavery. It's probably best not to use both at once, but I've tried it and the world didn't end.
  • Gold control works well with SexLab Survival tolls and licenses, if you set it up appropriately.
  • DFC works well with Deviously Cursed Loot, or some other source of bondage mishaps, such as Deviously Enslaved Continued, Naked Dungeons or Deviously Enchanted Chests.
  • DFC works with the latest MME, but you will probably need the patch.
  • DFC works with Skooma Whore.
  • DFC works with SexLab Survival to help manage its licenses for you, adding follower debt instead of paying directly.
  • DFC works with Devious Devices 5.1 LE as well as older versions (4.1+).
  • UFO is not supported by DF. If you use UFO with DF, you will likely have several problems when dismissing followers.
  • NFF, EFF and AFT are the only supported follower frameworks. No patch is required to use them, support is built-in to DF.


Known Bugs and Workarounds

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  • Chastity belts may combine with the DD animation filter to ruin spanking animations. The DD animation filter will filter the Anub's Rape spanking animation if you are wearing a belt, turning it into a non-spanking animation. My current experience of that filter is that it mostly fails and breaks many mods, so personally I have given up on enabling it. I plan to remove the sex tags from the animation in an update, which may fix this. 
  • Bogus 'Use bed' prompts may appear in some scenes. You can turn the bed prompt off entirely in SexLab to mask this issue.
  • Rarely, you don't be given one of the items you need to wear for a two-item deal like arm and leg cuffs. Use the Debug menu in the MCM to add the item directly.
  • If you're stuck in a situation where your existing bondage is blocking fitting a device you need for a deal, you can fit the item from the MCM Debug menu and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.
  • If you recently reported an issue and it isn't fixed in the latest release, it might be coming in the next one. Check on the forum if in doubt.



About Special Edition Support

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Helpful people keep converting this to SE. The version here is for Legendary Edition, and does not work on Skyrim SE; you need a conversion.


If you are using the SE version, I didn't make the conversion, and I can't really support it or debug it because I do not run SE. If you're reporting issues, at the very least explain you are in SE in your report. Not doing this will likely waste your time and mine.


When reporting a bug, please only report for latest versions, specify your mod-manager and whether it's a new game or an updated game. Provide instructions to reproduce the problem, and details of what the problem is and why you think it's a bug. It's disappointingly common for people to make reports that are so vague I can't even tell what they think is wrong. If it involves dialog lines, reproduce the exact line text as completely as you can. If it's remotely relevant, please list your current debt, enslavement threshold, willpower, and all the deals you have.



About the Whore Armor

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The whore armor meshes distributed with DFC is taken directly from the UUNP version of The Amazing World of Bikini Armor. Though the weights are different for the items, the meshes are identical, including texture paths. This means these files will overwrite or be overwritten by TAWoBA. That is not an issue unless your TAWoBA is a CBBE version, in which case you should ensure that TAWoBA overwrites DF. If you use CBBE, make sure you get CBBE versions of the files, or use custom whore armor (see below).


There is a small file pack of the whore armor files in CBBE format available in the download section of this page, that you can use if your game is built around CBBE but you don't have CBBE TAWoBA installed.


Also, whether you use UUNP or CBBE you should build bodyslide for DFC. It has its own bodyslide group, ensure you build it, even if you do not intend to use the included whore armors, as DFC may add new items from release to release. If you have full TAWoBA installed, let TAWoBA overwrite all the Bodyslide and group data and build the full TAWoBA groups.



How to Install Custom Whore Armor


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Lupine's New Credits

  • Thanks to @Lozeak   for making this mod in the first place.
  • Thanks to @KLongad Sirtup for making a FOMOD, even though I don't use it now.
  • Thanks to @fishburger67 for inspiring so much stuff and making some seminal mods.
  • Thanks to @Monoman1 for making Willpower interesting in SexLab Survival, and expanding the SLS API to support external mods.
  • Thanks to @AnubiSs2167, @SirNibbles and @rydin for allowing use of their excellent animations in the DF Spank SLAL mini-pack.
  • Thanks to @HexBolt8, @xboronx, @Darkwing241, @Zaflis and @Xiaron for bug reports.
  • Thanks to @candibelle for providing awesome screenshots of a character's journey in DF.
  • Thanks to @Ed86 for updating MME to support the cow-centric milk container system I selfishly wanted for DF.
  • Thanks to @Kimy and the DD team, past and present for Devious Devices, without which followers would be much less devious.



Lozeak's Original Credits

  • CGi - For all his assistance !
  • Lupine00 - For rewriting a lot of dialogue/text in this mod (like epic thanx by me !).
  • eulexia - Also for correcting a lot of dialogue
  • The whole DD/Sexlab/All mod teams in the requirements.
  • Ichabod for - Player Slave Encounters V0.694. this mod was one of the first player slave mods I ever played honestly loved it.
  • Kimy for Cursed Loot - that mod has so many ideas and I've literally spent days playing Skyrim because of it. Not only that her code is really easy to read and learn from I'm sure this mod wouldn't be here if I didn't have that Resource.
  • JimmyJimJim for sexist guards that it's unhelpfulfollower dialogue planted the seed for this idea
  • xj47 for adding sendmodevent and Rape tattoos
  • El_Duderino for the pony mittens ^^
  • Feedback/Guinea pigs - Corsayr, steelmagpie, atreyatan, El_Duderino, Sarge Misfit, valcon767. Hexbolt8



Information for Old Devious Followers Users

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@Lozeak has announced an indefinite hiatus on development of Devious Followers


Devious Follower Continued works as an enhanced and bug-fixed drop-in replacement for Devious Followers 2.02a, 2.03a or 2.04.



WARNING for old users of non-English DF

In DFC, the SKSE translation files for anything except English are now all exact copies of the ENGLISH file.

As yet, nobody has provided me with anything better.



Notes for Modders

The documentation for mod-events and storage-util interfaces is here:



Roadmap for future development

Future plans and information about what's being worked on now are here:



Full Changelist

The full change list is here:





If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz

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  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Sexlab SE, Devious Devices SE, Sexlab Aroused Redux SE, PapyrusUtils SE,
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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@nomkaz You missed the change of SkyUI plugin filename in effcore.psc.

The SkyUI plugin for SSE has been renamed to "SkyUI_SE.esp".
The altered effcore.psc script is based on the Oldrim version, and is refering to SkyUI plugin via the old filename.
This breaks some functionality of EFF, because it fails to find SkyUI.

You need to change the SkyUI plugin filename in effcore.psc and recompile the script.
(its probably obvious to you, but just to be clear: you cannot use original script from EFF for SSE, because Devious Followers need the altered version they come with).

...i already did it, so i attach the fixed script to this message:

fixed effcore for Devious Followers Continued SE.zip

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4 hours ago, Roggvir said:

@nomkaz You missed the change of SkyUI plugin filename in effcore.psc.

The SkyUI plugin for SSE has been renamed to "SkyUI_SE.esp".
The altered effcore.psc script is based on the Oldrim version, and is refering to SkyUI plugin via the old filename.
This breaks some functionality of EFF, because it fails to find SkyUI.

You need to change the SkyUI plugin filename in effcore.psc and recompile the script.
(its probably obvious to you, but just to be clear: you cannot use original script from EFF for SSE, because Devious Followers need the altered version they come with).

...i already did it, so i attach the fixed script to this message:

fixed effcore for Devious Followers Continued SE.zip 20.01 kB · 7 downloads

I know nothing about scripts, so thank you for this. Every time I've tried to edit any myself, I've just made things worse. Lupino00 just messaged me to let me know an update is coming, so I'll be sure to add this script to the new version when he releases it. 

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Hi. I have a problem with DD. I added devious followers and the corsets and chastity belts are comically huge. I used BodySlide, FNIS, etc after installing. I have Dd followers and the other dd requirements and all works well except those. I believe the problem is of my own making. I had fillerup installed several months ago and it can enlarge the belly. I deleted it because I got bored. I did not have any devious device mods installed at that time. I believe dd believes I am 9 months pregnant. No other armors or clothes behave like this, just corsets and chastity belts. I have deleted and reinstalled several times, but No luck. Thanks for any help. 

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Has anyone ever gotten any of these messages?



$DFDEAL_B1_HUM    Your jaw aches and you're reminded your mouth is just a sex toy for your follower.
$DFDEAL_B2_HUM    Watching your follower sweat. You shudder knowing you'll be the one to clean them.
$DFDEAL_O1_HUM    The belt holds you tightly and you wonder when your master will use you.

I noticed they were in the translations, but I have yet to see any of them in game...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Whenever I load a save my follower looses this mod's text option. Eff also seems to have stopped letting me dismiss so idk if there is some error between the two. I can debug re-add them to the mod but if I save and load or even move between loading zones they loose it. Its strange because the mod was working in an earlier state of the game, but I paused the mod for a while so idk if that broke it somehow...

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  • 2 weeks later...
3 hours ago, lurar said:

So is the weird potion supposed to reduce my stats, or something like that? Because it's not doing it.

I think it lowers damage and health once it activates after a few days. Maybe increases spell costs as well. I can't quite remember the effects, just that surviveability decreased severely until I dispelled the effect.

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On 4/5/2020 at 2:23 PM, Arhon said:

I am gonna have to ask the most dumb question ever... How do i start it ? I use NFF and a custom follower, should i use a normal follower?


This is the follower i use https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16374 


EDIT: Also a question cause i am majorly confused, do i need to install 

 first then 

You just need to install the port, not the original. The mod should start by itself once you've had your follower for a while, but if it doesn't you can activate the debug dialogue in the debug menu.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for updating it Nomz and doing what you do :)

As far as the armor problems being unp... I had fixed it before but cant seem to remember what I did now. I've updated it from the old one to the continued one and of course that unfixed what I fixed before. I really thought this would have been fixed by now tho...


Anyway, I've found the files again thats being used in the game but when I replace them with the custom files we're supposed to be using the armor just becomes transparent along with my wrists and ankles. Its late for me right now so Im about to turn in, but if someone else wants to try, the files you have to change for the light armor are in Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\armor\shitty\Blade and the names are 9no1_0.nif and 9no1_1.nif

I've no idea why the armor would just turn invisible tho, so I must have screwed up somewhere. This is what I get for messing with things when Im tired tho. I saved some things in outfit studio and bodyslide that should have provided me some breadcrumbs tho, which is what makes this issue particularly annoying again a second time around.

If anyone figures it out be sure to let us know please~ I should have made a backup or something probably but my changes were from a year ago so Im not really sure how much it would have helped.

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So I asked in the LE forum and this is what Lupine said.




Here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/130527-devious-followers-continued/



There are instructions in the section under the friendly green heading "How to Install Custom Whore Armor"

... in that section ... in a spoiler box it says:



These are the locations you need to put your custom whore armors in:


For females:








For males:








But I've tried that and it doesnt seem to change anything, so maybe that part is broken and maybe thats why I cant get it to work. Only thing that changed anything was finding the base file I listed before and potentially saved as the wrong name~

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On 5/22/2020 at 1:05 AM, unmog said:

So I asked in the LE forum and this is what Lupine said.


But I've tried that and it doesnt seem to change anything, so maybe that part is broken and maybe thats why I cant get it to work. Only thing that changed anything was finding the base file I listed before and potentially saved as the wrong name~

Did you turn on the setting in the MCM? It's called something like "use custom whore armour", and is on the Deals page I believe.

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