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  1. All I can tell you is that I don't seem to have this issue and I use Slaverun and MME. And I don't use SWL or sexist guards. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/118840-spank-that-ass/?do=findComment&comment=3156432
  2. Yea. If I remember correctly INPC is one of those mods with it's own follower system. Basically, if you activate a follower and the EFF wheel menu doesn't come up then it's not going to be compatible. Sorry, but some mods seem to go out of their way to be incompatible.
  3. Papyrus bug. Update BiS tweak. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/158818-modder-psa-re-registerforkey/ These two quotes make me less convinced it's STA. There's no milking dialogue in STA that I can remember. And I can't remember if the dummy applies only to the player or to Npcs and the player but I don't see why it would: A) Apply outside of sex and B) Apply specifically to slaverun slaves. I'd be willing to bet it's a highly custom follower that isn't using the vanilla follower system or EFF. Maybe some day.
  4. Hmm. Never thought of that. Dunno how I'd fix it though. Don't think I actually wrote the interfacing with KNM. Someone submitted it. Never used KNM myself.
  5. Probably STA. Someone else reported similar. It's probably the invisible dummy squawking vanilla combat shite. Unfortunately it's very difficult to make an npc friendly to all factions it seems. What faction is attacking your character? Try turning always use dummy off but I can't remember if that actually disables the dummy. There may be reasons it's always spawned. Can't remember.
  6. Copy global RoomCost into SLS as an override and unflag it as a constant. Must have spent at least one night in the kennel.
  7. The SK scenario was never expanded upon. There are many things that could be expanded further. It's a matter of time/interest. Hmm. You know, the kennel is free. It's the cell inside the cell that's not free. Because there you won't be raped. Seems like a good deal for 20 septims. Some would find that rude. Perhaps they're embarrassed. No offense. But it sounds like you don't like DDs much. Which begs the question. Why do you even have it installed? Generally SLS isn't hardcore DDs. Any devices equipped willy-nilly would either be cosmetic or low impact like cu
  8. Freedom licence doesn't do anything. Currently. It's a placeholder. Thanks. I'll take a look.... sometime. Currently too busy. Probably to do with the shittyness of OnContainerChanged. Thank you bethesda. Could have fixed that in your 'super' version. Too busy sucking up that sweet cash though. It's something MWA struggled with too. All I can say is that it usually works. Defeat included. A periodic check may be the way to go. But there is no GetContainer function in skyrim. Fallout added it. So you've to rely on GetItemCount(ObjectRef) which seems to work but it
  9. Nope. Something else is messed up in your game. Toggling begging simply sets a global variable. Which is about as simple as it gets scripting wise. It's not even stopping/starting a quest which would generally cause freezing.
  10. Think you need another download: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-10.1-download-archive-base
  11. Has anyone found that adjusting the letter length usually causes the generation to fail - 'Something went wrong'? Then you've got to change a letter etc to get it back working?
  12. True. Loads of possibilities. It's still tons of work though. I think you're right. But you know, having worked fairly extensively on voice mods, I see (potentially) fairly major issues ahead. One is this from 'Say()' in the ck wiki: If used on an actor and that actor attempts to initiate normal dialogue (for example a random greeting) while saying something through Say(), the game will crash to desktop. So I think maybe what the modding community could do with now is a dialogue framework. Something that would accept topics and prioritize/play them b
  13. Yep. Just figured that out too. Pretty good program I have to say. I'm impressed. Though there are some bugs and the UI could be a little better. You know what mod could really use this? SLSF.
  14. I didn't realize this but you can sort of manipulate the inflection by grabbing the blue bars and raise/lower them. The effect is pretty extreme so small adjustments are best but it's useful. I'm also having better luck breaking sentences up rather than using longer ones. Long sentences can become weirdly garbled (sometimes). Yes! That's it. Pound my ass!.wav Just look at that lovely fat cock. I'd love to suck it dry. But I'd better not.wav Hold it there pumpkin.wav Thats it baybee! Shake that ass!.wav
  15. Haha. That's brilliant. But how the hell did they come up with that In fairness, LL mods have always had that problem. Skyrim itself has it as well. It'd be nice if say the companions were all snotty in the beginning to a new whelp and later eased back but achieving that sort of granularity is difficult and time consuming. And just probably not really worth the effort.
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