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  1. I'll give it a try but doesn't that option remove the need to do any work yourself?
  2. Doesn't make sense to me that other npcs would impose father's twisted requirements on the PC (except maybe belethor). Besides, it would only really apply to outfits as lipstick etc takes too long to fade in general. In my mind father's goal is to portray to the outside world that you are a wild, rebellious and eventually sex crazed, depraved slut that he has no control over. Nah I think jperrins nailed it. Well food would also be more expensive. Vanilla food is kind of dirt cheap though. So 200% increase in a 4 gold loaf of bread probably isn't going to do much. There was a tesedit script I wrote for SLS that might help with that. Decent foodstuff in my game is around the 30 gold mark. Doubling that = 60 which would start to make me think twice about buying it. I'll have to look at this later. I've never been much for doing the side tasks. Hadn't really considered if you'd already had your ears pierced. WT is a start scenario after all and you're not really meant to have the gold to spare on such frivolities. Why does he keep teleporting? Surely that in itself is unimmersive. Yea. I get this too. Especially with a 120 fps game. I just collected anything that's glitchy and dump it in a container somewhere. It won't break anything. 1. That popup is not an error. It's simply a reminder. 2. I don't think that yps quest completes until.... something later on. Possibly when your ears heal enough to wear other piercings. Despite having made yps tweak I'm not all that familiar with the quest side of things. Mostly just focused on the scripts. Edit: Yea that quest is not complete in my game either and my PC is fully pierced at this stage (ears, nose, nipples, clit etc). TLDR: It sounds like everything is working as normal... Try not to dig too deep into things. You seem to be looking for problems where none exist.
  3. Mmm. I'm not sure about that. I think disabling orgams conditions should circumvent that particular issue. I've no doubt that tags are an issue though. This seems like something different. I'll keep an eye on the tags though.
  4. Yep. It's annoying for me but at least I know how to counter the outcome (reset favour + punishment). Must be almost mod breaking for you guys. It's funny. I've never seen much discussion on it over in the SLSO thread. Is it just some combination of mods or does base SLSO have the issue. It's hard to know.
  5. So I've been back playing a little skyrim lately (haven't been for months). Some problems I'm coming up against: 1. SLSO failing to orgasm for some reason. Bar fills but he doesn't 'pop'. Used to happen the odd time. Now it seems like >=50% of scenes. Annoying. Orgasm conditions on/off doesn't seem to matter. Any ideas? Haven't updated SLSO lately. Should probably do that. 2. Something new seems to be interfering with brutus. I've borrowed him but when I mount him he jumps back on his legs and tosses me off. "Your horse is frustrated". What mod is this? Appears to break SLS creature fondling too. As for an update, I've just been doing some minor tweaking. QOL/consistency improvements. Nothing major. Motivation to mod + free time is low lately. But before I finish up here I would like to see: 1. Expansion of the supply run. Right now I'm thinking Belethor will eventually extort a blowjob from you. If you refuse he'll destroy your reputation and you'll instantly jump to 'slut reputation' around Whiterun making buying/selling basically worthless. Eventually after that Father will make you do the run without your mask thus destroying your reputation anyway. At which point Father will offer to sell things for you minus a little slice for him. Making him pretty much your sole merchant in Whiterun. Perhaps the supply run task should just end at this point. 2. Some kind of forge set up. Maybe in the basement. New job to make horse shoes to sell or something maybe. 3. Clean up the endings. Difficult one this since I've not actually made it as far as the end. 4. Minor feature to gain bonus favour while watching Mother getting fucked. More stages watched = more favour.
  6. SLS doesnt do mount arousal AFAIR. I don't see how it fits SLS tbh. Maybe as some sort of angle on daydreaming... I don't know. Besides, I'd have to do something transformative with it. I can't just go around taking peoples work and merging it in without trying to do something unique or useful with it. It's not respectful of other modders work. 3.452% Smartassing aside, I don't know how you expect anyone to answer this question... There is no option AFAIR other than to cover yourself up and stop parading around like a slut (I know you can't do that) Would like it and have looked into it before but don't believe it's possible without scripting it. Running scripts on all Npcs is not an acceptable solution for me. Therefore I have no solution.
  7. The outcome of the introduction is determined by your dialogue choices in the beginning and your general attitude. To get to 'indentured servitude' (the meat of the mod) just play the part of a naive/innocent/respectful girl.
  8. Hmm. Changing the voice type is a problem alright but I think that unless the voice mod author is prepared to continuously update their mods (which I can't see happening tbh) then it simply shouldn't be done. ESP edits should be avoided at all costs. If for some reason a line requires an esp edit then it should simply remain silent. We've 'suffered' silent dialogue for 10 years. I'm sure a silent line here and there isn't going to bother most people. What will bother people is a broken or buggy mod.
  9. 5 I think. Can't remember why the limit or whether it'd be trivial or not to expand.
  10. Why does a voice mod contain esp overrides? I thought it'd just be a bunch of .fuz files? Perhaps it's changes to make enunciation better? In that case it should probably be handled by an override esp patch which would only be used by the voice mod developer and then only include the .fuz files for users to download...
  11. Probably task suspend Wheel > debug > tasks suspend/resume Display it first to see if there's something you should be doing.
  12. There's a heel height configuration in the menu im nearly sure.... Yps doesn't provide heels so you've got to get them from some other mods.
  13. If you can pour cum then you MUST have items in your inventory. Thats how pour cum works. Give cum by: "Father" "I've filled that container with cum as requested"
  14. Cheater 😛 He should take it off when you report back. Being female or fertility mode. During a blow job or you can collect cum from your body using the sls wheel. You ask for it basically. Needs amp framework though. Or earn enough gold. No. You've been handed off to SD. Wartime ends more or less. Woah . You got me very wrong there. It was a shitty joke that users will always want more content . If only it was as easy as typing a couple of lines on a forum though... ah. Should have added: In other news: jaded modder is jaded. Serious lack of interest in skyrim lately im afraid. You can just set favour via the console. Failure is meant to be a big part of mod though. All this circumventing it with console commands and bad SLSO/SL settings is missing the point IMO. :shrug: moving works for me. And I don't use display model. There's two versions of additem - spell or power. Use power therefore no mana needed. Or you can try the debug option in the sls wheel. Or just set up the outfits as wartime outfits and he'll give them to you. Also additemmenu = more cheating 😛 Ahem. Discernable reason is that favour hit -10. And yes. Either find a key, pick it or get a magic licence and ask for it to be removed. Father can also provide licences if you're good. Come back tomorrow = come back tomorrow... its a natural part of sls denial. You can turn it off in the menu if you're really impatient. Also any collar from zaz or DD should satisfy father just fine. Bad slso settings probably
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