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  1. I know even less about vortex I'm afraid. Never used it. I'm an MO guy. I have MO installed in the steamapps sub folder. Right beside Skyrim. I'd imagine anywhere is fine except the Skyrim folder itself or system folders/subfolders like Program files / windows etc.
  2. Sorry but I'm not that familiar with NMM. It's been years since I've used it. Perhaps someone else here can help ? Are you still getting warnings?
  3. I can see down sides to all this 'keep your gold i the city' mechanic. 1. It's rare you need money outside a city. DF not withstanding. 2. Get robbed of your licences, make your way back to town and buy more licences with what you've built up. 3. Get evicted, immediately pay off fines with built up gold.
  4. Those are shortcuts. Not actually files. See the arrows + 0Kb file sizes.
  5. Sounds like you're installing it to the wrong place. StorageUtil.dll should be in folder: \Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\ What mod manager are you using?
  6. Hmm yea... there was.... something. But I can't remember. Might have just been issues around the old sleep deprivation implementation which has changed since.
  7. Mmm maybe. I'll think about it. Yup. Me too. Funny I must have tested that 100 times. Then I release it and CTDs! Anyway. Think I've fixed it in 0.595. I was wondering what you were talking about. Why are you running Fnis for modders? Fixed now in 0.595. Checked it out and seems to be working fine for me (RND1 though). I did make one change to the script in 0.595 but it's mostly to fix log spam on new games. But try it anyway.
  8. Sorry folks. Switching to the new licence system has been a bit... messier than I would have liked. Despite the scripts no longer being attached to the aliases they seem to continue running. Even after the quest is stopped and started again. So I had to duplicate the quest and redirect all the references. This should make skyrim dump the old scripts completely. Have tested it on my game and seems to work just fine now. But as a result your current licences will stop working. Cheat yourself some gold and buy replacements. I've updated the old post with v0.595.
  9. did you get 1.6? - Aroused Nips Tweaked v1.6 - Removed debug notification.
  10. Sexlab bodysearch? It's not sls if that's what you're thinking.
  11. Looks like it's the longhouse door. 177FD You might have to leave the area and return for it to start working. Should have used invisible markers in retrospect.
  12. Thanks But they should be safe to use. General rule of thumb is if you toggle something on then check back at the wheel to see if there's a toggle off (the option changes). Off the top of my head: Tease myself -> stop teasing Crawl -> stop crawling Some things I didn't do this for as they're unfinished. If so just jump to get out of it.
  13. No I haven't done much with the anims yet except add them to the wheel. Modding is slow work.
  14. Teasing has a stop button. Ah not intentional. Just unfinished. I need to go through the timings and play another idle when it's finished. Or set it as not looping in the fnis file. Most of the dances are from zaz pack. So you need that installed. The cicero ones are from skyrim though. They should work.
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