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  1. I could probably send a mod event on satiation level change if that would help. I'll have a look at the code later. Thanks. I'll take a gander when I can. Oh right. That actually makes sense now. Don't understand why it worked for me when I checked though. I'll look again. Look in the wheel debug menu for setting the IsNpc variable.
  2. Does look better alright. File? It does. It looks like it's the same as the 'cuts' slavetat I was looking at. I'm not looking for huge gashes and cuts though. I find that kind of thing too overpowering. More scrapes and bruises.
  3. No. That seems like it should work just fine. Assuming CollarRef is not none of course.
  4. Nope. Too conflicty. + general traders can sell lots of things that aren't illegal and things that are so.... Instead if an illegal trade happens the barter menu is closed and the transaction is reversed. And also any speech skill gain is reversed. Because nothing is ever simple. (my motto)
  5. Mmmm, doesn't really look like something that would happen unless it was one of those vampire dogs maybe. Still looks too much like a tattoo IMO. I'm not sure paws/hooves 'stamps' are the way to go. Unless it was a sort of an outline of a bruise in the shape of a hoof/paw maybe. I know. I'm really picky Might have a look at those scratch marks I saw though. The texture is kind of all in one so I'd have to try to divide it up. Unfortunately it's also got a sort of 'dirt' to it
  6. Ah no I don't have time for that. Besides isn't that mod actively being worked on? Would be a bit shit of me to do so. I did have the idea to make SCO more progressive. As in: install sets in order of messiness. Start off with a few drops of cum. When the number of layers is = 2 (vanilla sexlab max) and another layer is added then move up to the next, more messy, texture set. Might get around to it someday but don't hold your breath.
  7. Mercenaries aren't generally recognised by SLS because they're on a totally different follower system. Most custom followers are followers and not mercenaries. You can set followers needed to leave to zero in the mcm tolls page. Or get a follower that's not a mercenary.
  8. Sounds like it probably is SLS. Are you sure these Npcs are actually wearing clothes? I think I added that check. What naked npc would give you clothes instead of clothing themselves first.
  9. Oh no sir! You shall not take GetItemCount(ObjectReference) away from me. It's the one god damned thing that actually seems to work with ObjRefs. Seriously though. I've never noticed any issue with it. And using GetItemCount(ObjRef.GetBaseObject()) will return false positives if there's simply another of the same collar. Can't say I've noticed any issues around the collars but I'll keep an eye on it now. Edit: The notes on GetItemCount don't seem to apply akItem is not a keyword ObjRef is not a leveled list ObjRef will never be in an unloaded cell (Player). Now followers might be different but I think since they're held in an alias they should also be fine.
  10. I use both. I suppose milk addicts addiction effects are actually superior. As well as straight up debuffs it has random stripping/tripping/mounting. That could actually be annoying for some though. SLS is just straight debuffs. Though they're probably more severe.
  11. Yea. my guess would be outdated papyrus util. Read the last paragraph of the main post.
  12. Last call for bug reports for beta versions before I post it up....
  13. Thanks. What category are these under? Can't seem to find them. There are some cuts in other categories that might work. There's a kind of complication in that battle wounds was a single pack and all the bruises have specific locations. Other packs might overlap. Permissions though ugh.... Trying to find out who made these would be.... difficult.
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