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  1. From my experience you only need to talk to the driver to get on the carriage. No need to run back and "activate", normally that wouldn't even be possible with standard DD behavior.
  2. He could use timed devices but sadly it still needs DD script patch to work with 4.3a. Next DD will have it included though so mods don't need to. Driver: "Don't worry your binds will unlock after a while. But i knew they would fit you well!"
  3. I had first hair change event somewhere around 80+ today. But it may have a small bug. What i have set for it is "random color", and it was changed to new color while i was playing earlier. But then i loaded game and i only see a flash of the new color and then it swaps back to my original one. The hair event is still ongoing as i can ask follower to stop it.
  4. That's a different issue, i don't have any animation. You should see DF_Spank or something in FNIS log? Edit: I meant whippings not spanking... and now they are working again for some reason. I saw both kneeling whipping and standing one.
  5. Does anyone else have issues with the standing animated spanking not starting? It worked first 2 times but then not again, after "threatning" with motivation in dialog she'll just start following me as usual. I've done script cleaning and changed mods etc so it's not a clean save, but i'm not starting a new one until i see how far i can get with it.
  6. It is already trying to prevent it by reducing player carryweight. That's a Skyrim behavior to prevent jumping when you are overloaded, but ofc many of us add mods and change player AV's to counter the slowdowns etc... Animation wouldn't hurt to have, but who's the animator?
  7. The "Time to relax" quest is not ending for me. I have 56/372 carryweight and i've asked to get hands freed now in Markath and Whiterun inns. She says it doesn't look like a nice place to relax. Edit: I got it to end when i asked at the gate of Whiterun, outside the city.
  8. Bugs with debt only and not removed if i recall. (The [Task] dialog is still showing and i can repeat it. If quest item was removed i should only see failing option but i saw success one repeatedly.)
  9. Cursed Loot started a rape right in the middle of a whipping... It worked though but the guy "soaked" a few slashes 😄 Oh and using a wagon ride failed the daily tasks so that was unfortunate -25 points. I suppose that's working as intended but i'll tune the increase 150% and decrease to 50% to see if i can get something higher than 60 anytime soon... And another thing just now i had a cooking task in Dragon Bridge. There was neither cooking pot nor ingredients on display or vendor so it failed. If some few small towns could be blacklisted? Not that i really mind that there's a chance to get a hopeless task but still...
  10. The item is not placed on counter when it fails. It was placed on the other 2 times when quest was finished. And i did have the quest item in inventory at the time of delivery.
  11. I still can't reduce debt with the materials retrieval quest, Elvira doesn't take the item from player to place on counter and so quest never finishes. This was with completely new game with latest version of the mod and its hotfix. I did 2 successful deliveries before having any debt. Then i loaded back to before i returned the second delivery and dropped it on ground instead, so failing it. Record was 1 success, 1 fail. Then the 3rd delivery didn't finish. The last lines are: (...while having 1500 debt...) [Task] I've returned from the store - Good, now give me the materials Also before i purposefully dropped the quest item and had debt, i had some issues with the shopkeepers. 1 time it tried to equip armbinder but it didn't, and other time i went back to shop only to be greeted with line that i don't have the item yet. The quest pointed to shop at that point. All in all this is difficult mod to have in load order right now because those debt gears are stuck on you. Can't remove them with any means that i know, other than making some kind of custom script which i'm not good at... And i can't reproduce any bugs with maid duty, it worked just fine.
  12. To forcefully get free from Sasha (and any DCL system's follower; Leon or Leah)... The basic idea is you need to get rid of your collar but you can't do it with console. Talk to your follower and try to steal the key, but to make it easier:
  13. Could it be you have iEquip mod installed? It's not compatible.
  14. It is easy to install this with MO at least. I would imagine harder with Vortex or NMM... Well, NMM is a bit like no mod launcher at all so that's whatever. If you want to have it in NMM as a mod as well then you need to repack it with folder structure anyway... You could have added filetree ready so all mod launchers would understand the archive. But it can be done manually, example from MO2: It's hard to tell the difference between this and original though, unless BodySlide preview isn't showing it? And this mod is not actually overwriting anything, is that correct (this is a completely new file)? Edit: Oh the path is wrong, should be: Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData\Unified UNP\
  15. Have you tried this version? DD needs the DLL to work... https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99700-devious-devices-se-43/page/67/?tab=comments#comment-2817312 And LE version DLL obviously won't work either. And you also need latest version of SKSE for SE if not installed yet.
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