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  1. Install DD 5 for SSE, it has DD-Contraptions included in the installer.
  2. It is a very rare bug that DAMN box doesn't open. It's a script error and if it does bug there is likely nothing you can do to fix that box. Getting rid of all DD you equip and then getting new box might already work fine. I'm not sure why you would mention LOOT, it comes from Load Order Organizing Tool. You can start loot and then run it, and then go through what issues it might list for you. But usually this is a pointless tip.
  3. Didn't you say before that the correct answer is rerolled after each try? This is why you can't try once and save game, then find a combination that works every time... because it's still different every time.
  4. Since you put it that way, it would be same as rolling 5 regular 6-sided dices and if none of them were 6 then you lose.
  5. I already said it's still working the same way it always did. But just in case you won't believe me i recorded a video of it all the way to equipping restraints in the cell: I'm only "milking" information slowly because you refuse to give any basic details. It doesn't help stubbornly call mod broken when it's your own Skyrim that's broken. Besides it wouldn't be newbie mistake to toggle "Use vanilla prisons" from DCL's MCM. Even more accustomed people could make that mistake, assuming it means "Not DCL prison", when it's actually: (DCL or POP) / (Vanilla p
  6. Then your load order might matter too when it comes to arrest, and i think in this case we'll want DCL to override the others. Arrest for indecency might also be different than arrest for crime.
  7. Slider isn't the only thing that causes DCL to choose POP. You also need to disable the "Use vanilla prisons".
  8. Any reference to this? I tried PoP once with 9.0 and it worked fine. Although it never was very stable even during 8.5, but neither is Dagonar which even introduced new issues in 9.0. Edit: Gameplay test video in post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/46551-prison-overhaul-patched/page/277/?tab=comments#comment-3370425 Used DD 5.1, DCL 9.0 From Inte's side: SUM 161 (with UIE patch), DDE 461 and POP 461 (Legendary edition versions all)
  9. Do the puzzle with less wrong guesses, so you need a savefile before you start puzzle of the 3 switches by oil pool.
  10. If you install ENBoost you can configure a higher allowed amount of VRAM that Skyrim can use, as long as your GPU can support it. Its other optimizations might also do something helpful. Also i don't remember now if it was DD's or DCL installer but you can choose quality of textures. Using 2k textures would naturally demand more VRAM.
  11. Yeah they disable. Quests like Chloe, Cursed Collar etc. will set that "true". You can still find keys, dareboxes and non-trap DD's in loot and NPC behavior remains. However Bound in Skyrim does not disable it as it's just something on the background.
  12. That in general is a known bug, not just limited to corsets. My guess is it relates to device hider, so if you have the hider enabled when you encountered bug that is 1 clue. Disabling hider now is not likely fix the issue for your current corset but it might help with other devices later. Let know how it goes. Second potential problem area is optional DD mods Devices For Him or Beast Race Refits. Did you have those too or were play playing as argonian or other uncommon race?
  13. Then you didn't find it, and it should have almost nothing to do with other mods. I for example nearly always play with DBA and it is very very stable. Your Skyrim is unstable when memory is concerned. https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/540740500921363665/ Most important part: defaultHeapInitialAllocMB=1024 Other thing about crashing when DD is concerned is that your HDT physics and body might not be installed right. It requires XPMSE skeleton, regular XP32 won't work. Regarding uninstalling and installing mods, whenever you disable a mo
  14. Make sure to read some earlier comments, this is asked on almost every page so you won't miss them.
  15. I'm not sure if the "universal keys" actually drop from regular loot at all. You need to try special means like doing things in the DCL inn, open lootboxes, dareboxes free bound girls and maybe volunteer to get bound with greatest reward when NPC's ask you.
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