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  1. It's a little uncharitable to assume intentional obfuscation. I think most people just assume it's not a problem. As far as I can tell the nomkaz conversion is just a straight conversion without any extra sauce, and scripts are one of the things that carry over fine without conversion between LE and SE anyway.
  2. I play on SE as well, but it makes more sense to develop in LE then port to SE than to do the opposite.
  3. Was playing with Exchange Currency, they have a less intrusive way to give you the ability to add an exchanger dialogue to any NPC. At one of the designated exchanger NPCs you can ask "can you give me a list of exchangers?" and you get a scroll that gives you the one-off ability to 'tag' NPCs as merchant note vendors. It works pretty well. I tag stewards usually so I can exchange merchant notes for gold then buy a house with that gold on the spot. The current freedom fund system works fine and is super flexible in its simplicity but this might be a way to implement agent NPCs if yo
  4. For what it's worth, I appreciate your approach to DFC. One thing that undercut the experience quite a bit in earlier versions of DF was having to go into the MCM all the time to tweak settings, which really undermined the illusion of the follower's creeping dominance over you. Swapping over to the new scaling system last year probably wasn't very exciting for many people, but never having to touch the debt sliders after the start of a game has improved the core Devious Followers experience for me immensely. In an alternate world where priority was given to shiny new fe
  5. "You have failed me for the last time." Appropriately, he goes on to choke a bitch. 😆 Is this Super Deep Throat?
  6. It's the "change agent" button, do you not have that in your MCM? To change the fund amount it's the "add to freedom fund" option. (Also, a bit off-topic but what mods can be used to edit SexLab sex stats directly?)
  7. Is there a way to "pack up" the contraptions from the DD Contraptions (the gallows, cross, restraint post etc)? Or are they intended to be permanent fixtures that you put down in a home? (Also are there plans to consolidate all the gallows (for example) into one item that can cycle through the different kinds of bondage?)
  8. If I'm understanding the mechanic correctly, it's just a bit of flavor (at the moment?? nudge nudge Hexbolt). You pay into the fund within the MCM, and you can edit the name of your agent, but that agent doesn't actually exist in-game as an NPC.
  9. I recently put that mod in my load order too! Haven't come across vampires in-game, nice to see it in action.
  10. Ooh. I like the sound of this a lot. Might be a good way to punish dismissing DFs out of walled cities while not hard-locking the possibility.
  11. Oh! Gotta try out that mod, thanks. Downloaded it but never put it into active rotation for some reason.
  12. I like the way SubLola does it more than NFF's method. The follower skims all incoming gold automatically. Might work as an tier addition/alternative to gold control? Follower says "from now I'll hold on to half of your gold" and takes five out ten coins you loot. It feels better than a scarcity mod, because you still get that "ooh, shiny" endorphin rush when you open a container, but then your follower skims off the top. It's a constant reminder of his domination over you. With scarcity mods dungeons are just less exciting because you find less stuff, period.
  13. Finally we have a name to the 'friend' who started it all. (Or maybe he's been named in the story before and I just missed it. 😅)
  14. Converting from form 43 to 44 is done through opening the ESP in the Creation Kit and resaving it as form 44. It's good practice but honestly if you're feeling lazy form 43 is fine most of the time.
  15. I tend to play Devious Followers rather "monogamously", that is I try to stick with one follower for the long haul - I don't use the minimum contract option (just in case I need to terminate the follower for meta reasons) but I play as if it's on, because that's where DFC truly shines - the sensation of slowly sinking in quicksand over the course of many, many hours. When I think about which follower to run with for a particular playthrough I think about the arc I'd like to experience. Is it a lovestruck girl falling under the spell of a handsome bard? An orphan latching on to a fa
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