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  1. This update is 4 months old with no diffrent way of being made and no postions or sos angles writen in slal. Whatever it is, its not packs fault.
  2. Should be in creature pack, flamer + chaurus anim. I made only one after it turned out that Tweaks are not compatible with midget anims.
  3. Its from old anim gay pack i made as a comission, i think i posted it somwhere in the thread, was called "Anub IX", tried to find it on my harddrive but it seems i deleted it. So if you really want you probably need to ask the guy i made it for "IXUM". Its old anims that are so bad i decided to remove em from the pack to save space, but ppl asked for em anyway so thats why "anub old" was made.
  4. All animations are made exactly for sexlab adjust hight option on (base scale 1.0 for male and female) Unless its animation called "big guy" those need male with basescale 1.15 Body in previews is UNPB, i dont use it ingame, its just only one that worked in 3ds max. Personally i just use UUNP with heavy racemenu edits.
  5. cuz there are no free roaming vampire lords apart of Harkon, and Player vampire lord breaks the camera when animation starts, making it anim only usefull for ppl making screenshots for twitter.
  6. Is there a way to tell Cumshot wich aniamtions it should trigger on via SLAL? Maybe a tag its looking for? I know it auto trigger if anim is not specified as anal/vaginal/oral but thats exclude alot of anims it should trigger on.
  7. ye, nothing new here. Just added the chanellog again
  8. channellog i keep updatinng "whats new" every update, but now i see its gone. Dont know if its LL bugging out or mods keep removing my gifs.
  9. yes, one of its function is allowing 3 races in anims. Dont give any quarantees for rest of its function, Last time i checked it wasnt compatible with midgets, so i droped it.
  10. Scan only/ spawnonly, doesnt matter, only spawns bandits/stromcloaks soldiers for me. Always in pairs and second one does nothing.
  11. Donno what asset menager is and i dont udnerstand any of this so....maybe?
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