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  1. Having an issue with the DD blindfold Dark Fog power/slider function. I created a new character and moving the bar does not effect the strength of the dark fog, however reloading an older character it works just fine.
  2. Started a new character and for some reason when I move the power selection bar in the DD mcm for dark fog it doesn't change. Reloaded old character and it does. Any ideas?
  3. You get sperm by having sex with males and making the orgasm. Males get milk if you are a female and orgasm and vice versa. Your "status" which is hp, mp, and sp are drained on a percentage basis when you use your seduction spells unless you cap the passive that reduces the consumption down from 90% to 0% You can also check your status on the mcm menu and that will show how much you're missing. You get it back from absorption(sex).
  4. Yeah I have so many quests rn it's honestly not helpful even though I've found most all of them that way. I don't think it's labeled under SLV or I just have too many quests? Honestly my approach right now would just be finishing quests if I don't get a questID from here. A few of them are actually just flat out broken quests so I'll probably have to finish the legit ones first then console command the broken ones once everything gets more clean.
  5. Can someone give me the questID for gladiator slave training? I'm stuck on building the corn wheel and honestly Idgas.
  6. So I was recently going to go convert a armor mod to 3BBBa and realized that when I tried to open something from bodyslide into outfit studio It just flat out didn't pop up. And when I physically went there myself to find it, which I did it wasn't visible. This isn't a problem with a specific outfit either nothing I try to load into outfit studio from bodyslide shows up and I know the directory is correct unless I'm uninformed. This was extremely weird to me as I had done what I was trying to do before and it worked fine. So then I just opened up outfit studio outright and reali
  7. I can't enable delivery jobs in the mcm menu. Any ideas why?
  8. No. I couldn't find it for SE. Do you have a link? Thanks. Side note: I was just looking at another thread and noticed they were mentioning that though not related to my issue. Edit: Found them, if this works (which it probably will because stuff like this only happens if the game tries to reference something that doesn't exist) Thanks.
  9. Currently stuck building the Colosseum. I'm on the quest to finish the interior area and every time I try to make something I ctd. Presumably because there are already a fair amount of npc' already inside. Anyone having the same issue or have a fix? This is the only time I've done something in this mod and had a consistent CTD.
  10. You've saved so much of my time. Thank you for going out of your way to put this up. I despise people who say they've found a solution and don't post about it. I already had a problem with the chaurus and had to go fix my load order and deal with a whole bunch of shit and then finding out the saber cat had the same issue was just disheartening. Edit: If the dialogue options pop up but you can't select them(click, e, enter, etc) then simply save and reload and you'll be able to select them.
  11. SSE Pike can't be disabled in console and the cheat commands have stopped working on him specifically. There was a problem before that which was I couldn't enslave riverwood because the inn keeper didn't have the correct dialogue option I assume because of delphine missing. Thanks.
  12. Sorry if I missed this somewhere but my soul pet section of the mod just has a bunch of functional blank spaces for dismissing, summoning, etc. How do I even get a soul pet? Thanks.
  13. So I've been stuck with andrew at level 4 and 100% for quite awhile. Even after some 5 radiant quests. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  14. I got BV and Sacrosanct working together perfectly after a little experimenting and realizing that I needed to re-install race comparability. Hell I even got 3bbb working with it after reading that whole override folder situation. I do have one question though, is there any easy way to get rid of the long nails? They're just not for me. Thanks.
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