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  1. You can disable that under the tools button then go in the "Plugins" tab
  2. Am I the only one that actually bought the full version of AE? While still protecting my 1.5.97 game folder, of course... lol
  3. I don't understand why so many people are having so many problems with the AE update. All I did was change my game folder name, changed the file paths in MO2, and let the AE update go which installed a whole new game folder, leaving my current game just fine. No need to edit anything else, no need to rollback etc. I even installed a separate MO2 so I can update mods as they go. Now when everything gets updated for AE, I'm ready to go.
  4. I use ALL of Mihail's mods and XPMSSE, you need to load XPMSSE LOW in your load order so that nothing but MNC and/or patches overwrites it. Some mods need manual sorting because LOOT doesn't sort them properly.
  5. FNIS is a tool, you have to run it. https://nsfwmods.com/forums/topic/118-mod-organizer-fnis-installation-and-configuration/
  6. This is a sexlab mod, it REQUIERS the Sexlab Framework SE, and Aroused Redux SE. FNIS will not help you unless you have the actual animations installed. In the description I listed those as necessary and even linked to them. The original mod also lists them as requierments, so I don't know where you're getting that it only needs FNIS
  7. I'm going to add this .gif to the photos at the top of the mod page, I gave you credit for the .gif. Thank you!
  8. The update for .net 2019 is yes, but the actual Anniversary Edition you will have to buy. But take everyone else' ad ise, don't update until the SKSE64 and all your mods will .dlls are updated for it. in the meantime: Use Skyrim .EXE Backup so if you accidently get updated you can revert the .exe easily.
  9. This mod is outdated and no longer needed as it merged into the official release of Devious Devices for both LE and SE.
  10. Steam seemed to automatically update the registry when it was told where the game files were in Windows 7, but I had to get out of the Windows 11 beta program because the nightly builds were too damn unstable so I had to reinstall Windows 10, and then Steam wanted to "reinstall" all my games even thought they were already there, but it didn't really effect my game folder anymore than "verify Local Files" does. Oh how soon I forget newer information. ;p
  11. I use Mod Organizer 2 in portable mode, have it set to use local save files (saved in the MO2 folder instead of Documents folder), and have Steam, and MO2 installed on a second SSD. if you can do that, even a fresh install of Windows won't bork your current game. With a new install of Steam it will update your game automatically, but if you keep the exe, and your cleaned skyrim se/data files backed up, you can just replace the updated ones with the backups after it does that.
  12. Skyrim Utility Mod needs to be an SE version, or updated. It's not a Sexlab issue.
  13. I'm getting a fatal CTD Sexlab error from Windows 11 Assentation Failed sexlabutil.dll libs/boost171/boost/array.hpp line 71 exclusion out of bounds etc... select "retry" to log debug I did select "retry" but have no clue where to find the logs. When I tried to get a screenshot the game crashed and the error window closes so I couldn't post one. Everything was working fine, I had 50 saves on the game and then suddenly, I went to log back in and got this error. I'm going to try starting a new game and see if it resolves the issue, but it would be nice to know what caused it so I don't do it again. [edit] I used Netimmerse Override Cleaner on my last save file, and it seems to have fixed the issue, whatever it was.
  14. That's a script issue, and I have no control over that since it's not my mod. I'd check on the original upload's support thread
  15. If you have any NPC replacer mods, load them at the bottom, so they overwrite this mod instead of this mod overwriting them.
  16. It's not a conversion issue that I can see. The author retired from modding so they certainly won't be fixing it. I have no idea if there's missing textures or meshes or what-not causing that problem. If anyone can figure out the issue they are welcome to shoot me a fix so I can add it to the mod (I ALWAYS give credit where it's due!).
  17. Ignore Vortex. It's only talking about the plugin file. Special Edition can use both from 43 and form 44 plugins. Converting the plugin will screw up the scripts, so it's not wise to do so.
  18. That looks neat, though I don't know if it's compatible with this mod.
  19. This is the most stable version. As far as I know, the author recommends this version still.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if that's why I've been having weird crashes when sex anim start loading?
  21. I'm a Windows 11 Beta tester and the new Edge Browser shipped with that is pretty great. I still use Firefox, and Brave browsers alongside of it. The free upgrade for Win 10 users should be rolling out in about 2 months. So far my Modded Skyrim works just the same so no worries there either. ;p
  22. I didn't make the mod, so keep an eye on the original author's page, and or make suggestions there. If they update, I will reconvert and post the update here.
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