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  1. Did you ever find an answer to this question? I tried to get a BHUNP ERF patch for Diamond Skin and couldn't get it right.
  2. Latest update I got the punishment to blow brutus. After the scene ended Father won't stop following my character and repeatedly enters and exits the house. Possible bug. Otherwise sick update.
  3. After arriving at my destination the spell doesn't remove the devices. Bridle also doesn't remove when the cart driver says he is. Any fixes? I'm hardlocked b/c I can't get them off now.
  4. So for Wartimes Nomkaz has one, but I didn't think that included your tweaks so I converted your tweaks version myself. I am not an expert so I could have messed up, just resaved it in the CK and optimized any textures/meshes that needed it. SLS I have the 0.662 Beta converted by Corsayr and I did grab the LocationOps script from your page. Tried it on a new game and cannot click the box in MCM. Sorry if I am wasting your time with SSE questions.
  5. Did you find a solution to this problem? I also can't activate cum slut, bestiality, etc. in the mcm. I am an SE user and all the other features seem to work fine and I have all the requirements.
  6. Does this include Monoman's tweaks to the mod like the cum slut job and other added content?
  7. I have the same question. The BD replacer only modifies the armoraddon/appearance so you can't apply keywords through that mod since it has no armor records. You would have to edit the base game armor keywords and I don't know how to do that. TesEdit won't let me modify skyrim.esm... which is probably a good thing since I am an amateur.
  8. I am having an issue with straitjackets appearing invisible. I ran bodyslide and all other devices work just fine. I have the straitjacket meshes built I'm wondering if the file path is wrong somehow? Would that matter? They were built to meshes/devious/devices I tried moving them to meshes/devious/expansion. Also some of the straitjackets disappear when dropped while others appear just fine with a ground model. Nothing is overwriting the meshes either... I have no idea what's wrong anyone have ideas?
  9. I think this is one of the most underrated mods on loverslab. I wish more of the talented modders here looked into implementing it in interesting ways. S.L.U.T.S is a pretty popular mod and I could see the horse mounting work well there, implementing it into slavery and punishment mods like having to be ridden from one location to the next etc. Something like a secret horse racing location where the horses all have women strapped to them like here could be cool. I'll keep my fingerscrossed
  10. This is brilliant. Now to patiently wait for someone to port it to SE.
  11. I ran FNIS for modders on the mod and seemed to fix the issue. I'm no expert though.
  12. The Sanguine's Debauchery files don't agree with FNIS. They come back as "Warning: Inconsistent mod sanguinesDebauchery. Number of animations differs between FNIS List (86) and corresponding behavior file (94)<<" and "NOTE: sanguinesDebauchery uses outdated behavior file"
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