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  1. You just open uc in xEdit and expand the "Packages" tab. If they override UseWeapon, it will be there. I expect they have other packages, probably lots of them.
  2. I will be putting out a new install soon that has the animations loose to help those people using nemesis which can't seem to find animations in bsa files.
  3. The other issue is that there are NO female aggressive animations.
  4. Depends on what the issue is. I have listed the requirements above. Let me know which one does compute. Also try sqv MiaFindCaptives and make sure it is completed.
  5. Changing it back real soon. I just didn't like here before but so many people complained that I put her back in the Sexlab edition. Will do the same for the Flowergirls version soonish.
  6. I would be interested in knowing if UC modifies the UseWeapon package. If you ever load it up again, can you have a look with xEdit? Should only take a minute.
  7. That won't have any effect on whether or not the dialog option shows up. The conditions required to train a follower are: 1. You must be playing as a male. 2. You must not be in the middle of Dark Possession (SexslDarkPhase global variable != 1) 3. Main quest (MiaFindCaptives) must be complete. 4. You don't have Niri or Vess with you. 5. You have at least 1 non-sexslave female with you. You can find out what these all are by getglobalvalue SexSlDarkPhase sqv SexSlTrainCompanions Do these while you are down near Volkar The male == 1 requirement was arbitrary on my part because I could not imagine a female wanting to beat another female. If there are any girls that want this enabled, I will make the change when I get the time.
  8. Take the vanilla npc down to Volkar for training. You might also ask Vernor after turning on cell scans although that may be broken. I just tried it with the flowergirls version and it was definately broken there. I won't have a chance to test it on the sexlab version till around christmas.
  9. If you want to replace her nif and dds's, use the 7.0 version. Otherwise, you will get a black face bug.
  10. I would sure like to know what mod is causing problems for you. These are all scenes where the dremora are all being controlled with a "Use Weapon" package. Once the scene starts, there is no script running except at the end of a few where a small script advances the scene. So, I am guessing that some mod is messing with the UseWeapon vanilla package. If you load up your load order in xEdit and look for conflicts with the Skyrim.esm vanilla package section, that might shed a clue or two.
  11. We do put an asset in the bannered mare (the stranger), but it has never caused a CTD for anyone else. I am guessing that you have some other issue there. Can you load up your load order in xEdit and see if you have anything reported there. Apply the filter to check for errors and conflict losers.
  12. She looks completely weird in your screen shot, nothing at all like what she does in my games. Can you try putting MiasLair at the bottom of your load order and make sure nothing is overwriting her nif and dds files (0003254B). Also, her skin color looks a bit dark and certainly does not have the bronze color in your image.
  13. I would sure like to know what mod is causing this. Ultimate Combat sure sounded like it might cause problems.
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