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  1. How does this affect SexSlaves? Don't see the correlation.
  2. Make a log and post it. Go to to find out how to make a log (first drop down). There are lots and lots of posts from really experienced players. I won't be able to spend a lot of time looking at your log, so read it and try to understand what is going on. Try turning on logging, then going down and interact with whoever you are trying to train, then cut out all the crap prior to that scene and post the results.
  3. Did you open the creation kit or something like that? Somehow, her nif file got changed.
  4. This all works as described unless you are having script overload. Turn on logging and check the log to see if you are having issues. Otherwise, restore to a point before you started beating whoever you are beating, burn down the training time as described and try again.
  5. Well, I figured this out. I know that skyrim is pretty dead, just in case there are still folks actively writing quest type mods, I wanted to add some knowledge. So, in an effort to reduce the amount of chatter for these two followers, I added some conditions to the quest a while back which seemed pretty benign to me, but they screwed things up. Here is the main quest page One biggy is S GetIsAlerted = 0. GetIsAlerted is returning 1 every time I check. The other issue was PL IsInScene. This becomes true once a scene with the player in it and from that point on, any scene scene with the player in it can no longer run. IsInDialogWithPlayer is OK because that is only true if the dialog UI is displayed.
  6. Thanks for the response @CPU. I thought of that too and ran the latest xEdit on the mod to create a new SEQ file, but that did not help. Still looking for other answers.
  7. After a couple of years, I started playing Skyrim SE again using my mod Miaslair. I noticed several issues with it and went in to CK to fix them, but so far I have not been able to. 1. Any scene where I have a playerref alias, the scene will never start. Here is the Alias, I used this hundreds of times in Oldrim and I find lots of examples exactly like this in vanilla quests. I tried it with Unique Actor (Player) and got the same results Here is the scene. If I remove the "Player" section at the bottom, the scene runs to a forced greet at the end, but the forced greet does not trigger properly. Here's the forced greet: And heres the SSLJSGreet21 Dialog topic What happens with all this is that if I remove the "Player" from the scene, the dialog interactions with the other two Alias's runs fine up till the forced greet at the end. Nothing is said in the forced greet, but the normal dialog options are brought up. If I leave the "Player" section in the scene, the scene fails to run at all. Well, not entirely. I have some debug.trace messages that tells me the scene started, but there is no dialog from the two Jenny and Sasha Alias's in Phases 1 - 4. On another less important topic, the DialogViews tab now fails to save the layout I set. I can manage, but that used to be pretty nice to use in Oldrim, but if you have any idea how to solve it, I would be thankful. I have read and watched tons of tutorials on this stuff and can't find any helpful info on SSE. I have tried deleting all the xml files in data\DialogViews directory, but that did not work. I tried running as administrator and registering flowchartx64.dll, all to no avail. BTW, I am running CK with the CK Fixes from nexus. Thanks so much in advance.
  8. Dark possession is finished, but buggy in SSE. Avoid. Maybe if your rig is better than mine. I ran it about 10 times and had issues a couple of them.
  9. These are pretty script heavy scenes. Turn on logging and check the papyrus log for errors.
  10. Get MiasLairSSE_63a_Loose.7z as well as the voice pack if you might want voices for generic skyrim npcs. Also get one of the labia packs for the body you are using.
  11. You will get a letter from a courier to start the quest. Go to any major city.
  12. You can reduce the training time to about 2 physical hours by setting the MCM value to its lowest.
  13. If you follow ALL the quest markers, all your problems would have been resolved.
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