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  1. It works well from my experience. It is not as complete as Sexlab, but I have been using it exclusively for a couple of years in my play through s.
  2. These all look good. Additional quests to check, MiaAndFindAle, MiaAndrewFindSkooma, MiaAndFindPonyTail, MiaAndFindButtPlug. MiaAndFindChastityBelt, MiaAndFindShield, and Andrew's CurrentFollowerFaction is >= 0. All the quests should not be running. I am assuming here that you are playing as a female.
  3. These are slave voices for unusual NPCs. Not normally needed unless you enslave NPCs you don't normally run into. If you enslave someone who has no voice, install it.
  4. Maybe try the Sexlab version. Make sure you are NOT running the Nexus version.
  5. It works fine, I've done it dozens of times. Keep asking Volkar to check your slave and look in your load order for possible issues. Make sure to turn down the time to the minimum in the MCM.
  6. You only need the textures and the bsa. The masturbation idles are just fun. You need the BodySlide file only if have a majorly custom body, but don't install it unless you know how to use body slide and you are having clipping issues with the labia exciter.
  7. Good read by a gamer and developer that about sums up my feelings exactly. A Love Letter to Cyberpunk
  8. Thanks for the feedback, hopefully, it helps other people out.
  9. There is nothing to fix on my end. This all works for thousands of people. You have some other issue.
  10. If Volkar does not have the option, it's probably because you are playing as a female.
  11. If you are having script overload, this will happen. I already answered this question a while back. Try searching the forum for setstage MiaFindTabitha. I think its setstage MiaFindTabitha 100 and enableplayercontrols. None of the above will cause you problems.
  12. Not sure what you are talking about "harem", but there is no way to have additional NPCs hang out in the palace without another mod.
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