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  1. I had actually planned to add both variants. The suit can block any slots it requires. The SJ does the same, really. Love the boxbinder jacket btw!
  2. Yes, as soon as this update is converted!
  3. Delta Patches for those of you who do not want to download the full archive: Devious Devices 5.0 to 5.1.7z Users who have installed For Him and/or Beast Races also need to install the following ESPs, if applicable: Devious Devices - BRRF.esp Devious Devices For Him.esp
  4. Devious Devices 5.1 - Added: New MCM Toggle "Use Animation Filter for Creatures" that if disabled, will make DD bypass the animation filter completely when creatures are present in any animation. Otherwise, the filter will at least try to hide restraints etc. This toggle is meant as a debug/fallback solution if users are experiencing filter-related issues with creature animations. - Fixed: The animation filter is now using a workaround preventing it from occasionally replacing animations when SexLab's internal state isn't ready for it. Stuck/Stacked/T-boned etc. animations should no lo
  5. Awesome! And yes, a standalone boxbinder version would be awesome! About the slot, I guess the standalone version should probably use the same slot as the regular armbinder? Did you or anyone else testing the device in game experience massive clipping with suits or other DD devices?
  6. Small change of plans. I am going to release DD 5.1 today, as I got made aware of a critical bug that needs immediate fixing (it has the potential to destroy items in your inventory). Development for version 5.2 will seamlessly continue though. I will merge all new devices currently worked on in 5.2. Talking about the new devices - do testers deem them ready to go into the framework or do they need tweaking and/or more testing? I have the following new/updated devices on my list: - New Boxbinder - New Boxbinder Suit - Updated Armbinders - Upda
  7. Then stop whining about it all over the place and have a look at the DD5 change log. Because I rewrote the entire core API in DD5.
  8. I can't remember either putting a werarable device into Contraptions or ever creating a device requiring 200 keys to unlock. oO
  9. Seconded. I mean, like many websites, LL never used the entire width of the screen, but now with the (IMHO totally useless) sidepanel showing you how often people have posted in the thread and what the "most popular" postings were, the actual postings barely use a 3rd of the screen. And the font size is so small that on my UHD monitor I can barely read it anymore without using the browser zoom function.
  10. Deviously Cursed Loot 9.0 Beta 2 Change Log from Beta 1: - Added: The bouncer at the Whip and Chain Inn now carries complimentary attire to wear in the establishment, in case the player does not have any. - Added: The bouncer at the Whip and Chain Inn can now be asked to take the player's generic keys, if desired. - Changed: Made the Ultra-tight straitjacket a bit easier to escape. - Changed: Added SE compatibility changes to several boots scripts. - Changed: Lowered the drop rate of the Frigid Wash potion when wearing a belt. - Changed: Added an enchantment to th
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