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  1. It's not recommended to use both DCL and Deviously Enchanted Chests. DEC is a fork of an early version of DCL that does literally the same thing (trapped chests). It's an alternative to DCL for people who don't want DCL's newer/advanced features, but they would probably get in each other's way if you install both.
  2. I will need to fix this, then. The bunny hop is NOT meant to be the default hobbled walk.
  3. I thought the bunny hop was an alternate set, not the default. oO
  4. I will check out those bug reports! Not sure if I can put stricter bondage on repeat offenders. That suit is probably the most restrictive device in DD already, and I can use gags only sparingly so, as the prisoner needs to be able to talk to the guards. As for an emergency option to remove broken items, both DD and DCL have such a function in the respective Debug MCM sections. It should be able to remove most problematic items. If it can't, follow instructions in the DD Readme. Using unequipall will result in broken items and is NOT recommended to remove DD devices.
  5. That something doesn't work in YOUR game doesn't make it a bug. Particularly not when it works just fine in other people's game. If you install 9.0 over 8.x (and it sounds as if that's what you did?), DCL is actually guaranteed to break.
  6. Looking good! I am going to merge this in the upcoming version, so we can test it more broadly!
  7. @UnEvenSteven: The next DD version will feature optimized textures, so that should help. I will also add a few lines to the FAQ explaining the necessity to properly configure memory when using this mod. I honestly had assumed that people would follow STEP recommendations when setting up modded Skyrim, but that's apparently not always the case...
  8. As a rule of thumb, DD mods are generally compatible with each other, except where stated. Mods that do the same thing just different, are generally not (e.g. other combat surrender mods, other prison mods etc), but often enough can be made work by disabling clashing features in one of the mods.
  9. I am working on this as we speak!
  10. I can't remember me seeing this feature before, so no clue what mod it's from. It's certainly not vanilla. There are SO many DD mods around. I haven't tried them all, or even most.
  11. Will check into that. 9.0 added a lot of bondage related vendors with the new Inn.
  12. I see. Well, if I had permission to add the newer ones, I would of course do so. DD isn't exactly suffering from too many bound sex animations...
  13. I would need to see a Papyrus log of this.
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