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  1. oO Skyrim will never cease to amaze me... I have NO idea why the CW quest would do that. But I have edited the prison location to no longer have Whiterun as parent, so that should fix it.
  2. More detailed information about upcoming patches and features I tend to discuss on my Patreon (and there only), as a small thank-you to the people who support me. Mind you that even there I don't commit to deadlines. Generally the ETA is "when it's done!"
  3. I don't think so, no. It's still a new framework, and it will take a while for it to get picked up by mods. I can however, confirm that DCL 9 will make -extensive- use of it.
  4. That's not intended behavior. I will look into this!
  5. Just to let you know, but DCL's Bondage Lover feature does NOT prevent the destruction of devices by script (e.g. by passing destroydevice = true) to RemoveDevice(). It prevents the player from dropping them manually ONLY.
  6. If you have to reload the game THAT often just to make the hatch appear, you probably have some issues with your installation. Might want to check your Papyrus log for problems.
  7. The scene with the two bandits is a fallback that gets used with the surrender/sex attack feature can't find any valid mobs to use for the scene. It shouldn't get used all that often.
  8. Yes, there is a toggle in MCM that allows creatures to bypass the DCL filter that would otherwise exclude them. With the toggle enabled, the DCL surrender feature should behave ALMOST like Defeat would anyway. Insofar I am not even sure what the poster was complaining about. I am obviously not going to design quests involving creatures, if that's what they meant. There is plenty of THAT content on LL already, so fans of horses riding your character instead of the other way around should have plenty of choices.
  9. I guess I will have to look at my code. I wrote most of the sex related code at a time when there were barely any threesomes available. So it mostly calls couple animations. There still aren't any for scenes involving bound characters. But making sure that more threesomes are getting played...I guess I could change a few things to make that happen. Creature stuff is not going to happen in any of my mods. Yes, it's really because I don't want to. I know how popular the stuff is (it was one of the things that astonished me when I joined LL), but it's not popular with -me-. I don't need or want to integrate with Defeat either, because DCL has a replacement for Defeat built-in that does everything -I- want it to do. I really wrote it to replace Defeat, because I found Defeat to be lacking in some areas, "stability" being one of them (half of the time it seemed to get stuck in the silly bleedout phase that its author absolutely insisted was needed, when it's not). And of course I don't work on stuff when I don't want to. I am not sure why I would? Implementing things one doesn't really want to do is called "work". And "work" is the thing nobody does unless getting paid. And last time I checked I didn't get paid a living wage for building my mods, so that frees me from any obligation to implement stuff I don't want to implement.
  10. Question: Did you have the cursed traps disabled when you encountered that bug?
  11. Would scaling the ACTOR instead of the furniture be acceptable? Because I don't really think I can scale the furniture (which isn't an actual furniture device, but an AnimObject that if I am not mistaken, cannot be scaled)
  12. It's in, but I haven't released the new version yet.
  13. I have seen the post and will look into it. I am not sure if it would be possible, and if it is, I'd need to make sure that this feature could not be abused for a...certain kind of characters people might roll.
  14. 5. is intended behavior. If I'd just display the device dialogue, I'd block modders from setting up dialogue with a locked up NPC, which I believe is a common use-case. Like "So, do you want to cooperate with me now, or want to spend another day in that pillory?" 4. Interesting bug. Will fix it! 2. Position correcting for unlocking is in my development version! 1. Probably not a bug, but in the default devices I might have set it to temporarily hide all DD devices. I will have a look and correct these lists.
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