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  1. I can confirm that a) the bug exists, and b) your suggested fix fixes it. I fixed the elbowbinders too while I was at it. They had the same issue! Thanks! Good find!
  2. For those of you supporting me on Patreon and haven't seen it yet: News about the new DD and DCL versions are posted there, including estimated release dates!
  3. This error is often caused by having the BSA version of SLAR installed. You need the -loose- version.
  4. I had no idea the SJs weren't working properly. oO I just tried very hard to recall me ever testing them on NPCs, but I am not sure I did! Haha! Still strange nobody noticed that before. DCL drops SJs and has been for a while, so I am sure a few users had them equipped on NPCs? Aaaaanyway, I will test it and apply the fix as needed.
  5. Not sure what "SJW" has do with it. You can be a progressive and still like sex, you know? But yes, Microsoft is probably going to play it even more "safe" than Beth, so the question of what will happen with our kind of mods, is really a good one.
  6. The specific question of Elder Scroll's / Fallout's modding support future aside, but less competition in the market is NEVER a good thing. I wonder why we still allow a handful of mega-corporations to buy everything else...
  7. I will not make changes to the escape sequence. What you wrote there, will still work.
  8. I tried to find the issue and started a new game with a not of DD interactions and played for about 2 hours. I checked the entire log after that, but this error did not occur once in there. Do you know how to reproduce the error?
  9. This was once planned, but the modder who wanted to have it changed their plans, so I dropped the idea. Doing this would be a LOT of work, and I cannot see me having time for that anytime soon, if ever. DD has around 700 devices in its library that ALL needed to be touched to add these keywords.
  10. No, DEC is an (unsanctioned) fork of DCL 1.x. It's actually using a portion of my code, so DCL was definitely there first. For people who really want JUST the traps, I can see why it exists, so it's all good.
  11. A MCM toggle is not really a great way to implement this, because it's not a generic solution. Mods other than DD might have the same problem. The way to go would be adding the ability to declare tags as explicit in an animation's record. sslBaseAnimation would need a new function other than AddTag() for that. Like AddExplicitTag(), to declare a tag that has to be explicitly passed to StartSex() to make this animation eligible to get picked. Right now, StartSex() with tag=Vaginal might pick any DD bound animation with the vaginal tag, but this shouldn't happen unless the bound animations are -explicitly- wanted. If I could tag DD animations with AddExplicitTag("DeviousDevice"), the animations would no longer get picked, unless you pass tag=Vaginal,DeviousDevice to StartSex(). Makes sense? I would have suggested this to Ashal, but he made it super clear that he does not plan to release another LE version of SexLab, and there is no way I will support different code-bases for LE and SE versions of my mods, so I am stuck with what's there. To be honest, that's not really solving YOUR problem, anyway. The lack of AddExplicitTag() made me write a lot of lines of code I otherwise wouldn't have needed to write to implement a DD-specific animation registry. But alas, that new function would not magically increase the scarce supply of bound animations. Only animators can do that, and at this point I would be surprised to ever be able to add a new bound animation to DD, sad as is. There simply seems to be no interest out there, and I lack the skill to make them.
  12. Not sure how to respond to the notion that my mod is bad, other than DD -has- to pick its own animations, because SexLab is really not written with bound characters in mind. See below. Errr....no. SexLab's tag systems falls a few miles short in that situation, because if you don't -explicitly- rule out certain tags, the animation might and will get picked by any mod asking for random animations. Thing is that NO non-DD mod will -ever- pass "bound" as suppress tag. Among things because they might not know or care about DD. Which can and will result in bound animations being played in situations when absolutely no scene participant is bound. The actors would assume the bound position, but there would be no visible restraint on the actor. Which looks beyond stupid, and is THE reason why I do not register DD's animations to the general SexLab registry. There is no such way, unless somebody convinces Ashal to add an "explicit-only" parameter to StartSex() that makes sure that an animation is never called unless the tag is -explicitly- passed to the SexLab API by the mod. What I did was essentially a workaround to achieve just that. Keep in mind that somebody making an animation featuring a bound pose doesn't necessarily mean that this animation is usable for DD. For that, the pose must -exactly- match the position of the DD restraint. Otherwise you'd get e.g. an armbinder pose with the hands half a foot outside the armbinder etc. Well. No. See above. As you know, so do I. But the options need to make sense. And telling a mod not to use bound animations for bound characters is very much nonsensical in my book.
  13. You misunderstand the filter. The filter is there to replace a non-bound animation with a proper bound one, in situations when e.g. a non-DD mod calls a sex animation, but the character is bound. It will then check for non-fitting animations and replace them on the fly. It is NOT the purpose of the filter to interfere with valid animations. As a DD mod, DCL is picking proper animations in the first place, so the filter doesn't need to intervene. Which obviously means that the filter isn't doing anything, no matter if you enabled or disabled it. DD isn't 'disrespecting' the filter, it's just making sure that the filter is never needed. Btw: The filter toggle has been in DD forever. Personally, I wouldn't have added such a feature, ever. To me, it goes without saying to use fitting animations, if any are available. There are exactly ZERO bound animations on LL that aren't already in DD, other than the ones that never had DD in mind when they were created. I cannot use these animations because they don't fit the DD devices. And the ones made for creatures, which didn't get merged for obvious reasons. Trust me, I'd LOVE to get my hands on some more DD bound animations to bring a bit more variety to the selection. I do understand that there aren't exactly many, and I have probably been looking at them more often than most of you. But alas, the DD team lost its animator a long while ago. The only other animator who ever supplied some bound animations is Billyy, but he hasn't made any new ones in ages as well. But solving the problem by playing animations not fitting the scene isn't the solution, at least not to me.
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