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  1. DD doesn't interact with SlaveTats. I don't know what slots it uses to display its stuff.
  2. DD doesn't use THAT many animations from TD. If I remember right, they all start with a "DD_" prefix. I didn't touch the code in a long time, but I think it was less than a dozen bound animations overall, probably less. If these could be replaced by new ones and directly merged in DD, these would be fantastic!
  3. If you guys find somebody willing to donate some bound animations to DD, I would definitely NOT mind getting rid of the dependency on Torture Devices. I wanted to do that for years now.
  4. I can confirm that. I cannot think of any reason why 5.2 should need a new game. It should be safe to start a new game now and update to 5.2 when it's out.
  5. Just as a reminder, but keep in mind that everything that's slated to go into DD needs to come with full usage permissions and the contributor needs to assure that the assets are free of 3rd party rights. When this patch is ready to get merged, I probably won't be able to verify this myself anymore. So if you guys use anything you didn't make, please make sure that the creator is cool with the DD contribution rules.
  6. Looking great so far! Thanks for your contribution to this!
  7. Ideas cannot be copyrighted and anyone feeling like it could implement a remake of that mod without asking anyone (as long as they don't use code/assets from that mod). I have incorporated my own take on existing ideas in the past if I thought I could improve on it and/or wanted something fitting my personal taste better. The best example of that is the prostitution feature on DCL, which is DD-aware (unlike the alternatives), and features much more light-hearted/less vulgar dialogue. In that case? I have no plans using that idea. As you said, it's a working mod that still seems to get the updates it needs, so there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. And I am not into pet play anyway, so I have no personal stake in it, either.
  8. Intended. As I have said many times, overriding this dialogue is needed for many of DCL's core functions. Not intended. Will check into this. Define "still". If you have stared Leon/Leah and agreed to submit to them...yeah, that's intended. Otherwise, it might not be. More information is needed/ Generally: It's safe to install mods midway though a playthrough and test them to see if you like them. It is however NOT safe to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough. If you tested DCL and deemed it not to be to your liking - I regret that you didn't like my mod, but in that case, the only safe way to get of it is uninstalling the mod and then reverting to the last savegame BEFORE installing DCL. That's not a DCL-specific thing. That's the standard advice for all mods people are trying out.
  9. In theory, DCL supports that already via the furniture traps. There is always the chance of hiccups with putting the player into the same area together with NPCs otherwise set to attack the player, though. I can experiment with it, though! Sure! Why not!
  10. In theory - doable. In practice, in took me several months to design and implement the one prison I created, so it would be a LOT of work.
  11. Falmer should never send you to prison if they defeated you in combat. Have me a log of that situation?
  12. Is your character a custom race, or otherwise morphed? Just curious as to why the default settings aren't working for you...
  13. I don't see a reason why Contraptions and DD Equip wouldn't work together? They don't even try to do the same thing. I have admittedly never tried it (I don't use DD Equip), but I would assume these mods can co-exist well together.
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