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  1. Oh, i did have it checked while installing, maybe that's why it works for me? Also, i couldn't get scaling to work for BAC, EC+ (without a patch) and hormones, do these mods work for you?
  2. can you link me where you got that list.json? it might be the cause, though i am not sure
  3. Hi, for FHU you do need to enable body morphs, as or the survival, scaling only kicks in if you were fed the inflation potion, and this option only appears if it detects that you have FHU installed, about SLIF i am not sure as i use 3bb lists from the 3ba forum page.
  4. For those who have issue with ebonite boots (stretch between legs when moving), i've fixed the bone weights on vertexes in this region. ebRestrictiveBoots 3BA.nif ebRestrictiveBoots 3BA.osd
  5. you need to enable bodymorph scaling in SLIF (not sure about bhunp, but 3bbb has a preset for slif), MME has an inbuilt BM scaling method and inbuilt integration with slif, fhu needs a patch but there's baka's version of this mod that is suprerior and it has an inbuilt integration as well ( you just have to tick use slif in settings, and as for the survival, there should be an option in settings as well
  6. Yes, but old SLIF patches doesn't have these new bones that 3bbb adds, that's why when this scaling kick in you get a flat belly or barely any breast scaling.
  7. no, i was talking about patches like this one, and many other mods that are active right now have an inbuilt support for bodymorph scaling so i don't deal with inflate potions.
  8. You need patches for some of the mods since they utilize the NIO scaling with slif, which doesn't work as intended with 3ba bodies
  9. You need patches for both of them, for AP none work, but for EC+ there's one, but it's only one morph (pregnant belly) which also works on breasts slightly, no butt though but overall this patch does it's job.
  10. Hi, can someone hint me which file controls expressions? I have an issue where an open mouth is replaced by expression "combat shout (80)" Edit: NVM, frequent head check by YPS was the culprit.
  11. For those who want to use SOS Public (especially with Monoman's tweaks), I have created the bodyslides for CBBE 3BBB version, though you might have to run the original mod thru CAO (link to the post).
  12. I have created the bodyslide for SE cbbe 3BBB body (that doesn't explode), install like you'd do with any other mod. (P.S. i've run the base mod thru Cathedral Assets Optimizer, you might have to do that as well) SOS Public Bodyslide 3BBB.rar
  13. @Corsayr Hi, it's me again. This time it's not the crash (apparently it was the botched bodyslide) but that YPS don't equip anything while SOS works fine, tried to reset it in YPS settings but it didn't help. EDIT: Solved. Note to people who has the same issue with LE version and YPS, use AIO addon, as for the bodyslide, i will try to create it myself and post the results on sos addon's support page (with the link here). EDIT2: I have created bodyslides for SE cbbe 3bbb, here's the link.
  14. Here's a mod on nexus that finally fixes the black face bug for SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42441?tab=description Played on SE with the mod above and had no black faces, wonder if it may help to find the cause.
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