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Devious Followers Complete Change List



This is the complete list of changes for Devious Followers, going back to the first DFC version. It doesn't have the change lists for the old Lozeak versions. I had to move this off the DF main page because LL reduced the limit for page size, and I was already at the limit before that. I'll update this post shortly after each new release, so you'll always be able to find up to date information here.


Changes in 2.14.4 (2021-06-01):

  • Fixed recognition of compatible versions of Submissive Lola the Resubmission.
  • Fixed version numbering (incorrect in 2.14.3).


Changes for 2.14.3 (2021-05-27):

  • Fixed modular deals not decrementing deal count on buyout
  • Fixed deal buyouts reducing accumulated boredom fee penalty
  • Fixed a buggy slut deal dialog that showed "22222"
  • Improved checking for compatible version of Submissive Lola (if version is too old, Lola should not be shown as present)
  • Added check for pre-existing Submissive Lola slavery before attempting Lola enslavement.
  • Improved checking for licenses that only work in newer versions of SLS than actual release version (only work in latest betas) - these are supposed to be always off by default.


Changes for 2.14.2 "Fixed" (2021-05-08):

  • now has the correct ESP, not old 2.14.1 ESP!
  • removed several merge-annoyances
    • no longer has faction edits to NPC's - priest dialog uses a form list instead - no longer requires merge resolution against Bijin etc.
    • removed multiple ITMs, some of which caused difficulties depending on whether you use USLEEP or not


Changes for 2.14.2 (2021-05-04):

  • Fix license status dialog giving slave variant when it should not
  • Fix version number reporting
  • Change: removed some ITM records in the ESP
  • Add: optional download - awesome voice files from @finalfrog


Changes for 2.14.1 (2021-04-30):

  • Fix: MCM option to enable/disable SLS license management is now less time-sensitive and should work reliably.
  • Change: Forced start by guard arrest has slightly more generous worn-device conditions to trigger.
  • Change: More quests have per-quest conditional logging system; you need to enable the log spam from the console. (Should reduce log spam for those that don't want it).
  • Add: Can now tell the follower that you don't ever want licenses from them, but the dialog will come back if you hire a new one.


Changes for 2.14.0 (2021-04-26):



  • Add: deal distribution slider - prefer classic deals of modular rules.
  • Add: can set weights for enslavement destinations in other mods menu.
  • Add: can be enslaved into Submissive Lola the Resubmission instead of DFC - uses follower personality to influence Lola duration and goals.
  • Add: can set weights for endless mode sold/enslaved outcomes.
  • Fix: deals are selected in a way that is safe for SE. The SE port should work reasonably well now.
  • Fix: can now buy out of slavery again.
  • Fix: license revokes now revoking licenses as intended.
  • Fix: greed personality value now set correctly.
  • Fix: sleep events prevented from occurring improperly during pause.
  • Fix: handling of external events during pause now all pause aware.
  • Fix: removed some unused (and effectively empty) script fragments that look like they were from Captured Dreams.
  • Fix: improved tooltips for gold theft.
  • Change: punishment now in two weight sets - regular (based on debt) and alternate (based on deals and with a time-delay).
  • Change "sold" mechanic now a part of the alternate/additional punishment set.
  • Change: event to add devious follower while paused will do nothing if paused.
  • Change: being forced into gold control doesn't dump an unlimited amount of debt, it can only dump up to half of debt-per-day. PC may still have more things to "work" out as a result.
  • Add: New MCM sub-menu - Punishments - for enslavements and related woes.
  • Change: reworked MCM to organize new features better. Renamed up improved tooltips on most related items.
  • Change: endless mode no longer exists, but you can still disable enslavement (same thing, new name).
  • Fix: license provision now pauses with the pause function
  • Change: slaves now pay half-price for their licenses.
  • Fix: SS options cannot be set if SS not installed (mostly).
  • Change: if normal enslavement disabled (or not), you can still get the full range of punishments via the alternate method that used to drive being sold.
  • Add: you can set debt and deals to be removed by punishments (always lose at least enough debt not to be enslaved).
  • Add: Configured debt and deals are removed on leaving various slavery scenarios.
  • Fix: stopped some licensing dialogs showing up for slaves, and added some slave specific dialogs to fill their places.



Changes for 2.13.5 (2021-03-30)




  • Added support for management of your essential adventuring SLS licenses by your ever-helpful Devious Follower...
  • Added many, many new slut deal lines and rewrote almost all of them to not be hesitant speech full of ellipses.
  • Added ability to select restrictions on follower dismissal in the MCM.
  • Added various StorageUtil values on the DF or for followers generally - see modder documentation for more info.
  • Added extra mod-events for external mods to pause or resume DFC in a way that lets multiple mods  do this safely.
  • Added willpower and collar requirements to forced version of weird potion.
  • Taking weird potion now also clears (almost all) debt as well as deals.
  • Dialog additions and improvements for weird potion requests.
  • Individual followers remember their personal boredom level.
  • Increases expected deal count when dismissing a follower. It now also persists across hires, so it's not tied to an individual follower.
  • Changed mechanism for random determination of whether you get a hand on shoulder or offered as slave to fuck. Might work in SE, who knows? It seemed to fail in some LE games too, but not all - hopefully better now.
  • The way slut deal texts are determined is now more complex, and can mean you could go a long time without seeing anything like all of them.
  • Added a list of extra locations where you can dismiss the follower if you have location checks on.
  • Improved handling of chastity when picking sex scenes.
  • Fixed bra purchase providing a belt instead.
  • Fixed missing simple slavery odds in _DFlow causing SSO to not get triggered.
  • Fixed missing tats count in _DFlow causing tats to not get applied on enslavement.
  • Fixed missing tooltips/hover-items for weird potion menu items.
  • Fixed apparent zero defaults for weird potion min-max days settings.
  • Fixed broken mechanic for punishing non-payment for weird potion drinks.
  • Fixed oral sex scenes potentially selecting the wrong kind of sex with females.
  • Fixed scenario where appropriate oral sex scenes don't exist in your setup during the weird potion quest.
  • Fixed a missing delay from one path in Slut deal hand on shoulder.
  • Fixed a missing deal condition on "follower offers her slave to fuck dialog"



Changes in 2.13.4: (2021-03-11)




  • Fixes an issue where you couldn't buy out of enslavement because the dialog for it wouldn't appear.
  • Improved delays after slut-deal conversation interruptions. In some cases fixed delays that were completely missing.
  • Fixed an issue where some sex events from slut-deal didn't update the interferences counter, potentially resulting in sex on any attempt to talk to an NPC.
  • Enslavement now slightly less likely if you have over 6 willpower.
  • Added new help items for gold control, deal configuration, and leaving enslavement.
  • Probably fixed a theoretical issue where maybe you could get a negative punishment debt applied that would reset all your debt to zero. (Could never reproduce an actual occurrence of this).
  • Some internal improvements to debt updates that shouldn't have any obvious consequence.
  • Some internal improvements to enslavement that shouldn't have any obvious consequence.
  • Tiny dialog and existing help text changes.
  • Fixed some wild edits to race records in the ESP. Probably inconsequential, but one less bit of noise in merges.
  • You can (now) only dismiss a devious follower in a city; dismissible dialog won't show up otherwise.



Changes in 2.13.3: (2021-03-08)




  • replaced all the sex partner scanners (this has a big impact on stability and was the biggest single remaining "bug" that could cause a lot of problems in games)
    • new general-purpose sex partner scanner - slavery sex should be reliable now.
    • new horse scanner for pony game
    • new guard scanner for Jarl game
  • can select sex preference for scanners.
  • overhauled the Jarl game (bug fixes, better timing, new dialogs, new dialog choices, new guard scanner, handles missing NPCs, supports dialogs for male PC).
  • fixed a bunch of buggy punishment conditions.
  • fixed issue with a blocking dialog for hirelings improperly detecting non-zero followers when follower frameworks present.
  • no strip keywords on the deal amulet, circlet and ring.
  • minor overhaul to rape system - now supports five-ways and better time management for events, with less delays and better bounded events.
  • fixed some script files that were missing from distribution.
  • better mod events for sex scenes - should interoperate well with other mods more consistently.



Changes in 2.13.2: (2021-02-21)



  • Time for follower to become devious now bounded to around 20 seconds max.
  • Fix for the follower framework integration dismissal issues in EFF and NFF.
  • Handles case where you -legitimately- dismiss follower via the EFF command wheel not removing follower from DF.
  • Regulates punishment debt intervals - can't be punished immediately after making a deal - and can't be punished very few seconds.
  • If follower is bound, punishment is deferred indefinitely but all follower lives are lost.
  • Rewrite of follower ignore/exclude system, better exclusion selection, with easy re-include, and an option to auto-exclude all the followers in the game, so you can enable only the ones you like for DF.
  • Punishment tracking for slaves that external mods can inspect if they want, so they can apply extreme punishments. Like extreme snowboarding, but less painful.
  • Fix for the Submissive Lola Resubmission forcegreet clash. Enslavement still overrides SLS enforcers forcegreeting. If this is an issue for you, please report.
  • Improvements to pause/unpause - various bugs fixed, in particular gold control mode should properly adjust cash on pause and unpause.
  • Fixed some issues with enslavement initiated by SS possibly not cleaning all old state before starting.
  • Magic slave-mitt/glove swapping performance and responsiveness improved.
  • Stopped repeatedly spamming "PlayerRefIsFree" ModEvent.
  • Stops filling log with spam if MCM needs an update but you haven't opened it yet.
  • Substantially reduces update load while paused. May avoid some issues with DF updates that shouldn't happen when paused anyway.
  • Doesn't add full punishment debt for devices that request from the follower and it's not treated as a punishment. Only adds half debt per item.
  • Fixed the 'skip to end' functionality and updated its text items so you can now see it's about making enslavement much easier to trigger.
  • Not punished for ring/amulet/circlet while in heavy bondage.
  • Fixed some flaky dialog conditions.
  • If you use the latest MME release, you won't need the milking patch (this isn't my change, it's MME's change).
  • Enslavement crawl boots now punish you with gradual health loss for standing (weapon drawn stance) outside of combat.
  • Fixed payout of small debts below 100 gold when you're also holding less than 100 gold, but still enough to pay the debt.



Changes in 2.13.1 (2021-02-09)

  • Fixes follower recruitment and dismissal. Look for the new "Can I rely on you?" dialog to speed up follower recognition.
  • Specifically fixes vanilla mercenary handling. If rehiring a merc you may need to ask "Can I rely on you?" to trigger their deviousness.
  • The follower now SAYS what modular deal you're being offered before you agree to it.
  • Fixed the special quest cuffs left in inventory after forced start ends.
  • Added a slider to set the limit of Resistance Fatigue.
  • Added information about whether SLS is installed to MCM.
  • Tracks resistance losses after you hit 0 will and 0 resistance (does nothing with it, but other mods could).
  • Added an entire MCM page of help topics, with an explanation of all the mod fundamentals.
  • Some changes to sleep handling, including instant recognition of lives restored so you can pay to remove BlockGeneric devices in inns/homes.
  • You can now disable the forced start (where the guard cuffs you) in General. If you disable it while it's running, it will be cleanly terminated and restraints removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the mod event handler for adding a follower with gold control. Needs a new game to work properly.
  • Complete rewrite of deal making system so that modular and classic deals are fairly allocated. Should also prevent all seriously clashing deals. Post if you get one.
  • Should be able to pay off willpower fatigue with priests properly.
  • Boredom should be easier to gain and lose.
  • Pausing shouldn't trash all your modular deals.
  • Pausing should stop force starts from happening while the mod is paused.
  • A number of dialog revisions and condition fixes.
  • Fixed missing cuffs on adding Ownership deal.
  • Follower should no longer offer to remove most devices that are required by deals - heavy bondage is a deliberate exception to this.
  • You can now get the follower to remove devious gloves again.
  • Improved dialog ordering in some cases - but some deal dialogs may be messed up unless you start a new game or clean-save.
  • Modular deal configuration menu lets you disable as many rules as you like. You can disable any rule as long as it is not in use.
  • Modular deal configuration menu lets you reduce the number of modular deals in play, even if you have modular deals, as long as you don't have an active rule in a deal that would be removed as a result. Deals are always added or removed in strict order (as shown in the status page of the MCM).
  • Removed some rules/help popups and replaced them with follower dialog.
  • Fixed some misleading or poorly written tooltips.
  • Adds new deals:
    • Amulet Deal - wear an unhelpful amulet
    • Ring Deal - wear a hindering ring
    • Circlet Deal - wear a bothersome circlet
    • Sex Deal - must offer sex to the follower.
    • Skooma Deal - must ask follower for skooma to drink. Needs Skooma Whore.
    • Lactacid Deal - must ask follower for lactacid to drink. Needs MME.
    • Milking Deal - follower wants to drink your milk. Must pump it fresh. Needs MME.
    • Key Deal - follower wants all your keys. Don't hold onto keys or you'll get in trouble.



Changes in 2.12.2 (2020-07-14)

  • Differs from the beta version 2.12.2 uploaded in the forum, it has an extra fix, so spanking cooldown slider now works correctly.
  • Changed level-one daily rate slider to use increments of 10.
  • Added a slider to configure spanking cooldown.
  • Added a cooldown to slut deal hand-on-shoulder (you can still get three together, but no more than three).
  • Fixed some issues with debt early-payoff calculation.
  • Fixed the cost value shown in the dialogue when the follower offers to remove a device.
  • If you load saved settings from 2.11, the upgrade process will re-run to repair them.
  • If you are punished for something, the spanking cooldown is immediately expired.
  • MCM shows the version.
  • Chaos mode deal multiplier does not multiply standard multiplier but replaces it, like lives.


Changes in 2.12 (2020-06-23)

  • Major overhaul of MCM layouts so less scrolling is required and General page less crowded.
  • Reworked willpower regain, especially in MCM - now a min and max regain slider, and no toggle boxes. Min regain is always regained, max regain possible if no devices or deals, get an amount in between based on how many deals and devices you have.
  • Total rework of all costs and the level scaling system for costs:
  • Daily follower cost is now determined by fixed "cost at level 1" and "cost at level 100" values, along with a difficulty curve (or line).
  • You can choose from preset curves, or put in your own exponent value.
  • See the main post above for details on the curves.
  • Most other costs now scale off the cost per day, so you can set up "fair" scalings and tweak the overall mod difficulty by adjusting only the cost per day values.
  • No more need to constantly tweak Enslavement Threshold or Maximum Debt (which now has a new, clearer name).
  • Punishment Debt and Deal values are all based off the per-day cost.
  • Total rework of Chaos system:
  • Fixed Chaos updates to they don't only occur if you sleep 6+ hours, but instead occur on all debt updates sleeps.
  • Chaos prices are now all scale values too, so your Chaos setup should work with almost any debt configuration.
  • Chaos doesn't change or overwrite any of the main settings but is completely separate.
  • If you disable Chaos, your regular settings should take over without having been altered or corrupted.
  • Chaos settings that are multiplier ARE evenly distributed across the scale range you choose.
  • The proportional weighted update of chaos values works properly, even for lives.
  • Chaos does not restore follower lives every time you adjust a setting.
  • Disable the re-enable Chaos will cause a complete (100%) re-randomization of chaos values.
  • Updated old Chaos tooltips which were mainly useless placeholders.
  • The hide values now only impacts the special chaos values display on the chaos page, and doesn't change or hide any settings in the main configuration - all those values will continue to work as normal; chaos is just a scale applied on top of them (lives and deal duration are an exception to this, in that either the chaos or the normal value is used, but the two do not interfere with each other).
  • Added spanking mechanics:
  • Added spanking mechanic, get spanked by your follower, if you are an STA masochist or the follower is bored.
  • Added spanking mechanic, get spanked by a guard if you are an STA masochist or female.
  • Added mod event to trigger spanking mechanic.
  • Added spanking config display in 'other mods' to provide details on animations and patch status.
  • Added DF Spank SLAL mini-pack - this is required for spanking animations to work.
  • Rewrote code for the follower discarding/abandoning the PC:
  • Now adds a belt and plugs in most cases.
  • Adds bounties to all holds except one, the one with no bounty is chosen randomly.
  • Bounties are additional, instead of forced to a set amount, so if you already have bounties, they may become high.
  • When all your items are taken due to SS abandonment-in-lieu-of-enslavement, they aren't simply destroyed, but are put in the chest of the NPC used when the follower takes your items.
  • If you refuse the SS slavery pact, you are abandoned with the additional bounties and belt+plugs that have been added for regular abandonment.
  • When you are given deals due to SS enslavement, all the enabled classic deals should now be correctly set, and you only gain a limited number of modular deals on top of that. The deals you get from SS enslavement are still a crippling load. You might need to use weird potion to get out of them, but that's something you can only do once.
  • The item-recovery container no longer respawns and erases your items, they should now be safe in there indefinitely.
  • The default % of items taken has been raised to 50%, but the configured value isn't changed in existing games.
  • Item theft code (follower takes your items) rewritten:
  • No longer steals SLS licenses or map+compass.
  • When you have a stack of items, it will steal a percentage of them, instead of just one.
  • High value to weight ratio items are always taken, regardless of percentage.
  • You can, on low willpower, pay your debts by asking the follower to take your items. You can still recover them from the khajiit for cheap, assuming you can be bothered to go and find her! The follower only credits you 1/10th of the item value though, so it's probably not a huge exploit. It also costs resistance. If you voluntarily offer your items, at least 50% will be taken, even if you configured the % to be lower than that in the MCM.
  • The follower will no longer attempt to steal your items at all if you have set the theft % to zero (you may still offer them to reduce debt as noted above).
  • Fixed quest objectives for the stolen item quest: can now reliably see the quest in the journal and find the khajiit trader on the map via quest journal (look in Misc quests).
  • Added expensive modular "Deep Debt" deal - this is a seemingly harmless deal with a high buyout cost. It can be obtained multiple times, and as a level 1, 2 or 3 stage in any modular deal. The deep debt buyout cost is not impacted by early buyout scaling and depends on how many stages of deep debt you have in a deal, not what stage they appear at. Added slider to adjust scaling of the expensive "deep debt" deal in the modular deals page.
  • Fixed poor/confusing wording in debug add follower dialogs.
  • Debug add follower dialogs now only show up on PotentialFollower and PotentialHireling faction members.
  • Fixed bug where MCM updates would lead to some MCM entries behaving as OTHER entries until you'd re-visisted every page.
  • Fixed willpower-resistance fatigue removal by religious donation - priest dialogs should now show up on all priests.
  • Fixed bogus log spam about none items, relating to worn item removal.
  • Fixed forced follower start so it doesn't occur while mod is paused.
  • Fixed the inappropriate enforcement of deals while enslaved.
  • Added variant "debt added" follower announcements, depending on gold-control mode and willpower.
  • Reworked device application system for enslavement events.
  • Fixed various info/tooltip items that were not displaying, or had bad information, including labels and tooltips on main deals menu page.
  • Improved data about debt/gold-control on stats page.
  • Raised quest priorities, which should hopefully make more followers reliably devious without causing problems in other mods.
  • Fixed broken slider for daily debt increase due to boredom.
  • Fixed issue with main debt/deals dialog vanishing at certain willpower levels if you had no deals.
  • Fixed issue with boredom, and debt penalties not being reset on enslavement via the "Enslave Me" MCM button.
  • If you have no default SS "slaver", your first DF will be assigned to that role. If you set one yourself it always takes precedence.
  • Added Simple Slavery enslavement button in Debug menu that works even if SS not present (sort of). Uses as much of the SS enslavement path as it can.
  • Fixed display of boredom on main stats page not showing decimal place.
  • Rewrote and extended male/female variants for innkeeper modular deal and vendor modular deal scenes.
  • Fixed generic bug with foreplay and anal sex not selecting foreplay or anal.
  • Improved sex animation selection with respect to devices, for almost all occasions sex is played by DF.
  • Fixed merchant + innkeeper deals so that oral isn't used if gagged, vaginal isn't used if belted. (May need new game).
  • Fixed equipment weights of whore armor.
  • Weird potion now debuffs magic, increases stagger taken, reduces intimidate and has higher weight scaling for armor.
  • Can toggle and configure custom whore armor in hardcore mode.
  • "Other mods" settings no longer hidden in hardcore mode, so you can still configure/diagnose external feature linkages.
  • Fixed walk away from deal dialog so you always get a deal at low willpower. (May need new game).
  • Fixed looping dialogs on low will for modular deals.
  • Fixed buggy walk away dialogs for modular deals, where the follower would say odd things if you walked away.
  • Re-FNIS of animation behavior with latest FNIS-for-modders.
  • Added some boredom relief from the denial scenes triggered by the Ownership Deal.
  • Added longer delays when giving out multiple devices for a deal.
  • Changed the details of penalties to max resistance from devices, if enabled. Removed heavy-bondage from the items that reduce max resistance. Added corset/harness to causes. Doubled the max resistance reduction from collars.
  • The boredom interval can now be turned down to 0.25 of a day, and is adjustable in 0.25 increments.
  • If you change the boredom interval to make it shorter, it can make the next boredom event occur sooner, instead of waiting for the original timer to elapse before changing the duration (which was causing confusion). Extending the duration will still wait for the current timer to elapse.
  • Boredom can now increase even if you have very low willpower. Boredom increases are larger if you have a bigger deficit between actual and expected deals.
  • Some notifications are shown about boredom and expected deal changes.
  • If you walk away from the follower payment dialog, in most cases, you will pay some amount of cash, usually just 100.


Changes in 2.11 (2020-04-24)

  • added a display in the MCM to show your "classic" deals, similar to the modular deals feature.
  • added a button to restore player controls in the Debug menu.
  • added additional dialog if you don't have enough money to impress a priest.
  • added a way to get unbound without paying, if your follower bound you in town due to the slut deal.
  • added a mechanism to stop classic deals conflicting with modular deals in problematic ways.
  • fixed basic follower recruiting for players with no follower framework - DF should activate automatically again.
  • fixed problems with excluding ex-followers - should now be able to exclude ex-followers from becoming devious.
  • now able to pay priests as intended.
  • fixed tape-gag and regular-gag conflict - you shouldn't get these deals together now.
  • weird potion scenes made more robust - weird potion weakness should not kick in mid-scene, or while on a horse, or in other silly places.
  • corruption of modular deal state - several fixes.
  • modular deals - should not give modular crawl and bound in towns deal together.
  • fixed processing for the add-follower mod-event - tested for vanilla scenario.
  • taking deals now costs some resistance, proportional to deal stage.
  • getting a "freebie" deal costs more resistance, to compensate for the freebie a little.
  • gold mode now requires > 0 willpower to ask for more gold and > 1 willpower to ask to leave gold control.
  • optimize deals tick-box is removed, as it is no longer relevant.
  • some dialogue words were changed.
  • how the follower speaks to you now depends more on willpower and less on deal count.
  • modular deal configuration now allows you to make limited changes to configuration while you have deals.

Changes in 2.10 (2020-01-27)

  • fixed some mod events that nobody is using yet
  • fixed missing message box texts for load and save
  • subtle change to what version of vanilla DialogueFollower quest that the mod is built against
  • cleaned some ESP errors and wild-edits
  • this version may fix problems for a small number of people who were having problems with no follower framework installed
  • if you don't have problems recruiting or dismissing followers, no need to upgrade
  • if you have a follower framework, no need to upgrade
  • you might want to upgrade to this if SexLab Survival releases a version that says it needs 2.10+ for some feature


Changes in 2.09 (2020-01-19)

  • fixed pause mod now stops the guard arrest forced start scenario
  • fixed any deal clears all debt
  • fixed follower refuses to help remove gags or boots for made-up reasons
  • fixed Ownership deal not giving you both sets of cuffs
  • fixed enslavement gives you the correct boots and collar, even on old games
  • fixed garbled explanation of deals reduce willpower
  • added punishment for standing when crawling (if you use SD+)
  • added quest device doesn't block all removal (done)
  • added debt query dialog no longer has Goodbye flag
  • added debug button to try and fix stuck scenes
  • added debug button to immediately enslave PC
  • added debug buttons to add devices
  • added debug buttons to remove devices
  • added debug button to repair follower
  • added debug button to add 100 debt
  • added debug button to reduce resistance
  • did a first pass rebalance of resistance losses - you tend to lose a lot more now, but make SLS losses more proportionate
  • added rape resistance loss now considers lots more devices
  • added new mod event to consider "severity" when losing resistance (done)


Changes in 2.08 (2020-01-14)

  • you can set the expected deal limit setting in the MCM
  • modders can detect the DF version with no dependency on DF required (for Monoman)
  • a couple of little tweaks to games (Jarl game now has two endings, and some similar stuff)
  • you can now get devices removed when you have a BlockGeneric device on, in exchange for deals
  • collar removal mechanics completely redone
  • fixed NFF mod detection info in MCM
  • fixed not counting NFF followers
  • fixed _df_global script missing from release zip that blocked follower dismissal
  • fixed follower collar rage happening outside of towns
  • sources for follower mod integration global shims also have developer dummies with _DEV on the end
  • some games trigger on slightly higher willpower values than before (so games easier to get)
  • very low willpower stops boredom accumulation
  • playing games resets boredom and reduces expected deals


Changes in 2.07 (2020-01-05)

  • built-in support for EFF, AFT and NFF, there are no patches to install any more, FOMOD no longer needed
  • added willpower fatigue system
  • added follower boredom system
  • BlockGeneric items now block all paid-for follower-based item removal (fixes mysterious device removal failures)
  • fixed some missing scripts (source was missing from original DF)
  • piercings should vibrate again
  • should be possible to force forced follower start "pretend to be my master" to initiate
  • attempted to fix some issues with forced follower start scenes - should be possible to rescue quest if scene fails
  • shouldn't be challenged to show piercings while wearing warmer suit
  • first pass on cleaning up the MCM layouts
  • new mod event to add a follower and set various deal parameters
  • new mod event to restore resistance
  • should pick better oral animations


Changes in 2.06 (2019-11-19)

  • added minimum contract feature - lock in your follower for up to 120 days, defaults to 0.
  • added various mod events that can be called to interact with DF.
  • fixed weird potion in various ways - forced potion givers must now be members of PotentialFollower, so you can recruit them.
  • fixed more issues with forced start where guard makes you pick a master - only triggers on low willpower and bondage combined
  • fixed various missing scripts or scripts that were failing compilation
  • fixed various enslavement related devices
  • fixed various dialog conditions
  • cleaned up some faulty dialogs that shouldn't exist any longer
  • Thanks to @KLongad Sirtup who made a FOMOD installer. It will put AFT or EFF patch in for you. I'm not actually sure those patches work now. (They will not be needed in 2.07, which will have built-in soft-dep support for AFT, EFF and NFF).


Changes in 2.05 (2019-10-13)

  • added new "retro" willpower regain mode, where willpower regained per sleep is limited, and based on deals and devices worn, rather than all regained at once.
  • added mechanism to control how resistance is modified as you lose willpower (whether you get more, or less resistance each time you lose a point, and whether it just stays the same (the default)).
  • made the feature where you get forced to have a follower by a guard a bit more likely to activate and work correctly (I haven't tested it at all though) but I made a lot of changes there.
  • sleeping past six hours gives you willpower, even if you were woken up - what matters is how long you slept.
  • if you're caught in the sleep-gag game, you don't regain any willpower.
  • more tweaks to dialog and conditions, quite numerous.
  • weird potion should be a little bit better.
  • fixed (quite) a few device handling operations that trigger from dialog.
  • some things that are supposed to help performance - you will never be able to tell, really - it should gradually add up to a slightly more responsive feel as I keep doing it.


First release 2.04 (2019-09-27)


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