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  1. Soonish, dog BJ is done and needs to get the proper allignment done like usual and the lesbian femdom still needs it's 5th stage done but the whole animation still looks....weird? Can't really explain why but the whole animation set looks weird to me. Might get back to changing those again.
  2. There is a mod that has a soft requirement for my spanking animations (mainly to get more spanking animations in the pool) forgot the name though, by a user called monoman1 I believe. As for the tentacle ones, not one for as far as I know.
  3. I have lost the preview gifs for that specific horse doggystyle and never really bothered to remake them because it's a crappy animation anyways, and the horse missionary is still in the files but I categorized it under creature+object. If you previously installed my package before and haven't installed the creature+object file from the newer all-in-one package then this can happen because SLAL MCM still thinks it exists, but can't find the files because it can't find them. This can be fixed by either re-installing the package and including the creature+object part, or by re-register the .json files in SLAL's MCM.
  4. Sorry but prefer to keep it private for own use.
  5. If it's just the spanking animations that you want to include in a "spanking animation pack" then it's fine with me as long as due credits are given. Keeping track of all the mods and installing dozens of requirements is already annoying enough as it is, making this easier would be pretty convenient I'd say.
  6. I could remake it, but I'd rather create a new similiar animation, and just move "older" animations to the obsolete folder. This is also one of those animations which I wanted to move to that folder but kept it in because I didn't have an alternative ready for it. I don't know what other people think, but personally I prefer an all new animation with better movement now that I'm a bit more experienced then before then editing old stuff.
  7. I believe casting an "puppet master target (self)" or a "matchmaker target (self)" would prompt it. I kinda hoped maybe some people would incorporate it into a mod somehow, but for as far as I know nobody did that up till this day.
  8. Best "clean method" would be to alter the .esp file and deleting the animobjects that's included in my package. Simplest method would be to simply "delete" the corresponding furniture in the meshes/Animobjects folders from my packages, this way whenever my animations ask for a specific furniture to spawn; but can't find it, it will simply spawn nothing.
  9. Not this version unfortunately. LE is still superior in many ways to me so I have no intention of switching to SE nor giving support for it. You can find the SE version of my package on this page: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97964-sir-nibbles-anim-pack-se/ Be aware however that this version is a little bit outdated and won't get support from me because it isn't managed by me (nor can I actually give support for it, because well...SE). I do believe porting packages over to SE should be very easy but I can't help you with this either because I have no knowledge for this.
  10. Entirely depends on the mod you use to call upon animations. Every mod uses different tags to call upon animations, that mod with that "spell" you're talking about has probably some very weird tag it tries to call upon or a very strict set it wants to have. Try using a different mod like matchmaker or puppet master, with that you can easily cast a spell on any actor and easily engage in sex animations.
  11. Hmm I did hear of that problem before but don't know what causes that. Maybe some others here know a fix for that. Only thing I can advice right now is to do a complete reinstall of my animation package and reload/re-apply the json settings in SLAL's MCM. If that doesn't fix it I don't know what will. (Maybe even reset the animation registry in Sexlab's MCM and then re-registering my animations via SLAL's MCM).
  12. Okay, so what are the exact symptons? Do the actors stand in each other when it should play? Do my animations not appear in the list rotation with whatever mod you use? Do other animations actually play? Besides appearing SLAL did you actually register them in SLAL?
  13. Oh my bad, confused you with the other green profiled guy. Then the question is what exactly happens? Do my animations appear in the animation list? Do they appear in the SLAL MCM list? Are you at Sexlab's animation limit? Did you actually run FNIS? Can't really pinpoint the problem with just that bit of information.
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