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  1. The good news is that the SLA will receive an update! Thanks for that and the question is when?
  2. When can we try the official v4?
  3. @Guffel Yesterday I managed to check the version for SE. 1. MCM freezes when you change something there (for example, when you choose your type of communication) and you need to re-enter MCM. 2. NPCs for some reason think that I have a partner and say so.
  4. Thank you for your work and thank you for continuing to develop the framework with your efforts. But is there any beta 9 changelog possible? Searching for a list of changes in a git is very difficult.
  5. Thanks for the update! When can we expect the official version for SE?
  6. I would like more SL sexual fame comments with this mod, but this question is not for the author of this mod
  7. I wish someone would adopt this mod.
  8. It is framework. For original Sexual Fame Mod there was a mod with comments based on reputation.
  9. Since mod rework is planned, can cloak be replaced with SPID?
  10. Thanks. I wish other modders were using your mod
  11. Perhaps. Sometimes in the book, in addition to the names of holdes, there are variables from other mods, which is very strange. So I think the problem is in my save - in the new game there is no such problem and the book does not even visually open in the background (in the old save, the interface and the book remain in the background). There are no other ways to view the reputation and will not be?
  12. I tested it on another PC with a slightly different mod assembly and here the book and rumors work fine.
  13. Thanks for the long awaited release. It is a sad news that you have no desire to develop the mod further, I think more romantic interactions such as hugs and kisses would be just the way. We will wait for bug fixes and SE version, of course!
  14. Thanks, but the script didn't help. But I have new inputs: I can only watch rumors in Dawnstar, elsewhere - the book is empty
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