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  1. Lozeak

    [WIP] Suited for Skyrim: A Rubber Adventure

    looks really cool ^^ Thank you for sharing
  2. Basically, adding reasons to have a follower really falls outside of this mod. I am aware that it's something that would help the mod. Initially, I wanted to add debuff for low willpower or a buff for followers but considering nearly every player has there own version of skyrim or custom followers doing this will basically not be a solution so I decided against it. Things happening at low willpower so I might add something to this but I have injected the Variable into Update.esm so any mod can react to it if they wish this is basically for future mods when I get to them (most of my mod will use the willpower system in some form because it's a good tool) Either way, discussed this before and balancing the game is out of Devious Followers scope and unless I add a lot of things it's just not gonna do the job. When i get to other mods, yes it will react to you not having a follower. Their is one idea I do have of a stalker that will basically force them self on to you as a follower unless you have a follower and well they will be worse than having deals but this is post 2.0. I just use pause and set SLUT not to take the players items. ======================================= Some mentioned device reissuing. It's something planned at some point it will hopefully be a system you can access the a range of devices too so you can pick and choose what devices you wear. It's not in near future though but I want to add this before 2.0.
  3. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    I think making Enslavement outcomes in this mod doesn't really fit this mods intended use. If people make the outcomes other want it's better for SS to send them to that mod. Basically, if I was to make more enslavement outcomes it should be it's own mod and SS will send players to it.
  4. Someone else reported this i will look into when I get more time or tonight. again thank you your feedback is top notch There is a timer but yes it can happen again .... i mean why would your follower have such a fun device and only use it once :P. I do try hard to find a balance in all thing ^^. So, I'm open to suggestions always I think the only thing that hold me back doing everything is time. Also without the support I get making this mod would not be nearly as fun . also love to hear people enjoy the things I make. 6 + deals and collar that's it (heavy bondage can block it)
  5. I should of wrote installer but the version that is up is the installer version.
  6. Was talking to someone awesome about how I've been playing my mod how I made it work with other mods, figured I'd share here too :).
  7. Found it, fixed and uploaded .... agian . I need to go to bed now... work tomorrow.
  8. I read it. I will eventually. I been working on something that will do this .... but it needs more work. It's a little more complex than a simple check, I need more time working on this. Basically, a detection system is being devloped for other slavery mod that use ZAZ zbfslavefaction on the player. It's complexe though and will need SSplus (since I'm gonna use that as a bridge) Yes, if I don't answer spam me. Depending on mood I could read but not reply then forget ... it's just the way I am, I don't mean it that way. When I'm in a better state of mind I'll be good to reply ^^. You might need to update DD for animation but I will look into it, I think it's cool though. 1 = You need to talk to your follower and that explain you have to walk outside. This is intentional for your little walk of shame at the end (basically, to make you walk more in the pet suit hehe) In general the follower should tell you what to do if your stuck. I'll look into making sure that's not a one time thing, incase people missed it. Lol initially the idea was to make you walk from a merchants to the jarls place or something but since that would take forever I made it start in the palace ^^. 2 = Gag in that game, is no fun ^^. I like the idea people think you can speak but you can't 3 = MCM for games is on the to do list :). Really good feedback. thanks Tape gag.... shouldn't add debt when it's removed. I checked and couldn't see anything. I'll test it at some point ^^ and find out. Idea is the event for that deal is triggered when you need to talk with someone so being punished for that wouldn't make sense and is not intential. Deal chasity- been fixed it should of been an Open belt. (I will double check cause maybe I haven't put a keyword on it still >>) I'll check now and fix if i did. Seeing roll- Hmmmm, maybe I'll look into it. I think I'll make a Message system to shown roll which is enabled/disable via the MCM. I do get it see you rolled 1 away from being free is delicious.
  9. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    You can and it's less buggy without anyway
  10. Tested with new game FNIS sexy move doesn't seem to either so. Likly if it's happening for no reason it's because someone didn't run FNIS.
  11. AAset means (i think) alternate animation set so yes the Alternate animation do replace the vanilla animations like run, walk, sneak & idle when it's called via a script. Also you missed the top line which is the prefix you use to call the animation set. Thinking about it there is a chance FNIS sexy move might call it .... adjust it's MCM setting?
  12. It's a crawling animation. 34 animation of 9k limit used. People scraping that limit are people that want every mod under the sun installed. I have 350+ Sexlab animation DD + ZAZ + ZEP and have 7k animation so I still have 2k-3k animation slots left and I feel if I got bored of those sexlab animation instead on just adding more and more maybe I'll remove the few I don't like.
  13. Yes they look hotter but you'll find it really hard to play skyrim if you aren't allowed to take them off :). Deals, need to let the player.... play the game. ================== Update/bugfix ============= Pause function fixed ^^ Device removal system now can work around block generic/quest devices (not while enslaved ^^ you'll still get bumped up to next slavery level until you remove those devices)