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  1. Nothing last forever and seeing it that way makes you make the most of every moment. To thing I'm riding off into the sunset now would be dumb and stupid and just leave me open to getting my world shattered considering I'd say it's early days. I'm not saying this is how people should see things, it's more just how I am, that said I feel that they love that I can be passionate about the most unimportant and dumb things because I try to appericate every moment knowing it won't be there forever. For as much as I gave, I have been given. The feeling people like the things I made or the feelings I try to express is amazing (even if it's porn!) The feeling that I guess people listen to me is ❤️ I suppose though it's the fact when I am me and people enjoy and like it, really helps and gave me the inspiration to just be me more ... honestly, making this mod and the community has been amazing. I also couldn't wright a list of people here that meant a lot to me because I WOULD MISS PEOPLE OUT!!!! and that's not fair but basically anyone that posted here or talked with me cause they wanted to express them self or thank me. That said, I don't want to say goodbye or promise I'll be back but kinda just say thanks ... I have to go do some stuff maybe I'll bbl. THANK YOU ALL!!!!
  2. Posted on Devious followers but for now I'm not going to be modding for a while (unless bad stuff happens) I may add a update for chain beasts tie in when I get a chance! or a way to make the mod usable w/out an author before I 100% quit modding but can't promise anything!
  3. So yea loooonnnngg time... things been happening and well yea currently there is no way for me to continue w/ the mod at this present moment in time. Not because of anything bad but cause well I'm in a relationship and for now, you know my focus on these kind of things are diverted and all. This could change ONE DAY but for now I'm out! As always feel free to steal and use my mod however you wish, just keep it open source/free please x. I'll attach a file w/ some of the stuff I was working on but erg... it's incomplete and parts of the mod are disable to test, it has the beginning of the humiliation system that was meant to balance the willpower stuff. IT 100% NOT USABLE IN A NORMAL GAME Devious Followers WIP.7z
  4. Load order shouldn't help because DCL will always be after the Vanilla quest which SLUTS hooks into and even then I think it's a quest priority thing that makes DCL forcegreet to trigger first. If you type StopQuest dcur_prison_guardArrestDlg (I think this only needs to be done once pergame) into console it should fix it but ofc you won't be able to be arrested into DCL.
  5. Wish I had better news but still a long way until I release anything. Don't want to list a ton of excuses but life is complicated and for me to make more content I'd need to force my self to do it and it would likely be unhealthy for me so... I'm just waiting until I'm in a better place. Unfortunately I don't see that for a while cause work is busy too.
  6. w/DCL and SLUTS You get bounty DCL Quest will forcegreet first (I believe because of priority of quest) and that will result in bounty being reset. 0 bounty means you will not be able to choose SLUTS as a way to pay off your bounty. When I checked this there was no way or I missed it to turn this Quest off, you can disable DCL prison yes but DCL will use it's quest to send you to vanilla jail BYPASSING vanilla quest which SLUTS uses. Maybe I misunderstood what you said and if I'm wrong please correct me but if I use DCL + SLUTS no matter my MCM settings it is impossible for me to get guard dialogue.
  7. Finally got to testing this and can't reproduce it (yet). Check the DF debug menu and see if Event triggers say All good! (let me know if it does) If says it's paused then send a resume event and see if it works. If not check again and see if the pause is from DF (says on event triggers) If it does make sure your using a latest version there was a deal that spammed pause breaking DF that I only fixed recently.
  8. Something I feel is worth noting with DCL and SLUTS. w/ the lastest version of DCL the arrest ---> Sluts does not work because it's quest overtakes SLUTS To get it work again type StopQuest dcur_prison_guardArrestDlg into console. OR if you know how to you CK alter the esp and go to quest and condition it so it's never enabled.
  9. No need because it exists in DCL and Sexlab adventures which are relatively stable mods. I hope after I get the next version of DF out to release my own kind of defeat mod.
  10. Not working: Try the none Devious Framework version. Black Faces delete the facegen data (if you have used installer I need to get CGi to redo the Bsa for me)
  11. Uploaded FOMOD version w/ German translation (Thx @CGi) ======= Radiant Quest stuff/bets ect. : Not yet maybe in the future. I do like the ideas and all but like I said before I feel it will be a lot of work and an area of modding I haven't touched. Willpower Debuff/Buffs for meeting certain conditions: Sure I'll look into this. As for realism/sexlab aroused It'll have MCM toggles if you don't what it or want to adjust it. The bug for overdebt in endless mode : I'll look into this ASAP, if I can work it out quickly I'll post a fix on Monday. Update: Not done much work on mod cause of some RL stuff but got some time coming up and I do plan on working on the mod so there should be some kind of an update in July!
  12. Sure when I add it I'll give it a MCM slider/s I get what you mean (I think) I'll look into a way to make the LDC use sets first. I'll likly have it off by default.
  13. Punishment system for dealing with rules, I'll put on a to do list. I'm guessing a delay between zone changes of like 10 second could be good and a delay between getting a the same punishment spammed would help inter mod stuff. There aren't too many level 3 devices but a lot of them are because the content is written around them. Whore Deal plug is optional via MCM Owner Deal V2 belt has to equipped for quest to function Gag Deal V2 gag needs to be equipped for quest to function Piercing Deal doesn't force equip it's version of piercing until something happens. Outside of those examples if there is a mistake I made let me know. Immersion... i don't understand how that the follower equipping devices on relative to the deal is immersion breaking stage 3 deals are always different from stage 1-2 deals in some way. Not liking them, I do get that. Hence why you notice I didn't do this till later (V2s of deals and Peircing and Whore deal being the 4th and 5th deal I added) meaning you can turn the content off and no use it. I also know that having fixed tier 3 behind devices people like can be an issue, hence the modular deals. =========================== So stopped work on the other mod but have the foundations done. I am working on Devious followers, on a decent next version. There will be the willpower decay system with a kind of notification system tied in that will have certain mechanics to it. I will hope to add some more stage 3 deals to modular deals. Then I'll likely release.
  14. Small idea I had (I'd use it myself but it doesn't fit the stuff I'm making at them moment but it does fit DCL) When using a smiting/enchanting/alchemy table ect while aroused you have a chance to lose control and build restraints and lock them on you. It could take some of your inventory, like if you have some leather/steel you lose them and have some leather cuff/collar ect on you. Or it could convert some existing item into a device for example you get a message when you go to enchant something "You go to enchant your boots but with your mind full of thought of arousal and bondage something goes wrong and when you test the enchantment you find the boots have morphed into some pony boots"
  15. Making DF work after SS only. Maybe : Pause mod then when SS fires and unpause mod. This may work. A lot of stuff on the way the mod is designed/difficulty/content length: So the basic anwser is it's that way cause I made the mod for myself and I like it that way!!! DF was made cause I wanted some player enslavement content that didn't overtake the game. Scenes are short cause even when they become repetitive I rarely feel .... ffs I'll just reload cause I don't want to spend 10 mins doing that and because the dialog can vary and you can end up in different locations, I'm pretty happy with the result. Maybe one day in the future I'll have longer scenes/content but I think that would suit other mods better. Difficulty, it's just one of those things because DF runs with a players environment it's impossible for me to balance the game for it to just work. It's the reason I added chaos mode though cause I felt I couldn't get the setting in a sweet spot but in chaos mod I can set some Impossible-Easy settings then let the dice to the work, eventually I get caught out and struggle to escape. The nice thing is sometimes I get unlucky and get in a hole so deep I quit the game but most of the time I escape for it to happen again. Other people will find other solutions and share them here. Immersion... in some ways it's a weaker part of the mod but it's probably because I don't really feel the loss of immersion myself so trying adjust it so it's a little more immersive is not something I'm as inspired to do, I do try based of peoples feedback and have a list of something I need to do. Some of the problems are things outside of what I feel this mod should be about so I just leave it and if I get a chance to do it in another mod I will, like changing the game so you need a follower as an example. Radiant quests or go to X location, I do like the idea of the follower going, let's go to X and do this like a dominant follower mod did in New Vegas Radiant dungeons kind of thing, it's a good idea but I don't like them a huge amount mainly cause some dungeons are a joke and other impossible and I'd have to avoid quest ones and I'd have to think about distance. Basically, it's not something (At this moment in time) because for me to like it I'd have to spend A LOT of time getting it to work right. Either way, I usally add content as it inspires me. Currently, I'm trying to create a system were willpower falls over time based of deals and maybe things that have happened to you and trying to tie in some notifications/comments to make have a feel to it. But basically once you have a stage 3 deal your willpower will decay over time and by it's self you may maintain it but add another deal + you get defeated a few times you'll easily be caught out with less willpower. I don't mind complaints even if they do sound negative. I do know the reason you make them is because you enjoyed my mod enough to encourage you to give feedback and give out ideas. Which I do appreciate. I think Lupine00's post if read the wrong way can be seem like he's saying "Oh your mod is broken and should work like this and all you had to do was this" when really he's just giving detailed feedback explaining a problem and suggesting a solution. Honestly, good feedback sucks to read cause people tell you where you suck but at least you know. Of course it's nice to hear "I love you mod, I use it all the time now" but it doesn't help fix problems.
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