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  1. You can publish your own fork of my work I don't mind. I don't plan on working on the mod anytime soon, I mean I might it really depends on mood more than anything. As for using your work on top of mine, depends I prolly couldn't use esp edit but code edits sure. In my permission, if I ever really disappeared (Last seen on profile 1 month + I'm happy for someone to take over cause it's most likely I'm dead or something since I do check this site regularly) Eventually, I want to its basically mood and interest at the moment, so the things I got into are winding down and are getting a little boring so that helps. Once DCL/DD/Suited of Skyrim comes out I'll likely be firing Skyrim back up, which would likely mean I'll work on my mod. I have a few new ideas/kink I want to work into the mod.
  2. The key thing was in reference to messing with keys like resistant and chastity keys that the player picks up. It is maybe possible that the follower steals a key for the over debt punishment could sell the stuff to the merchant, I thought I put a no vendor keyword filter to stop that kind of thing but maybe keys don't have that keyword. Maybe I'll look into it when I get back to modding. This break I'm on has lasted FOREVER but I do see the release of a new DCL and Suited for Skyrim pulling me back to Skyrim and maybe get me back into modding. I have read suggestions and thinks and as always I love reading them. Follower Quirk/Mood and Player slave level and stuff: I like to keep the mod simple cause more complexity will just confuse some people and if you want more complexity I'd rather come from another mod. Either way, the workload it would add to all the content would be too much. When adding content I react on Debt, No. deals, Willpower, and Lives... which is more than enough for a player to keep track of. More enslavement content : Want to, other things I want to finish first.
  3. I'm not sure there are missing source scripts. I would need a way to know what is missing but I think there are pex in there that aren't used and have no source file. I left them in because well maybe they are used and I don't know. Give me a list and I can check. The tape thing I think I fixed. If not let me know!
  4. *Makes a random Noise!!* Basically, no I'm not working on the mod at the moment. I'm doing other things (for fun). So yea it's unlikely I'll work on DF for a while until I've had my fill lol. Bugs? I'm sure there are some but I'm not aware of any outside of the trader bug, which I discovered today.
  5. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    So, I'm guessing DEC detects the stage of SS and when you have an unremovable device SS goes into a suspended state and waits for it to be removed (which is something I added) so DEC probably thinks SS is still running while it's in that state. To reset Simple slavery and fix this resetquest simpleslavery should work.
  6. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Maybe you should wait until you remove the quest DD item.
  7. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Is a devious followers issue. Would be an idea to post it on that topic and say what item it was
  8. To a certain point, it is good to express your self in a clear logical manner because people can misinterpret it. As far as I'm concerned unless someone is insulting me directly they are just trying to express themselves and being someone that has struggled to do that for like 80% of my life I'm totally ok with it even if it's in an angry tone. When someone writes something negative about the mod or wants something fixed ASAP, I think in 99% of cases it's because they enjoy the mod and want it to better not because they hate it. That's just the way I see it. The easiest way to put it, unless someone is trying to hurt my feelings or someone else they can say what they want, I will always try to see the best in people. Edit: As far as the issue goes I'm gonna look at it YES when I get round to reworking the deal which is on the to-do list!
  9. So got a small update out no new content but some tweaks/bug fixes ect. Kinda sucks, I haven't been in the mood to make more content >< that said I think when I get back to the mod the things that are distracting me will make me better at mod making! Thank you for the continuous comments and support
  10. Yes, eventually I'll start my own page but that could be months off. So feel free to do it ^^
  11. Lozeak


    People need to be free to follow their dreams! but bob dreams of destroying the world! Well, bob can't be free! I feel the world is an amazing place and honestly, life is about finding out what is important to you and doing it! If that's changing the world for the better, you will make the world worse for others.
  12. lol ^^, we all should do a lot of things! When I get in the mood I'll fix don't worry. I actually don't know what causes this bug so yea it might take time. I do have plans on working on the mod over the next 2 days.
  13. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    @nanashi50 Yea, only that version needs the patch.
  14. Lozeak

    Have we, or are we loosing our freedom of choice?

    This is something I have thought about a lot. Logically, we a free within our limitations. So, for example, you can do a lot of things in your life but you're going to die, so you are not free to live forever. In that way no person is truly 100% free to do anything they want, you can't turn lead into gold or breed a million monkeys to type Shakespeare (well maybe you could but good luck :P) Either way, life is about the choices we make with the freedom we have. That said, you may be losing your old self to computer games or w/e cause all experiences to have the ability to change who we are, the thing is, is it such a bad thing? That's for you to decide not your friend they are basically being selfish unless they're saying it because it detrimentally affects your health or something. I have wasted a lot of my life on gaming/creating thing to nearly a point I don't care about getting a good job or proving myself to anyone but I am happier and healthier than I have ever been, so to other's, I'm wasting my life to me I'm living and enjoying my life. (I have a decent degree in sciences and I work a low hour job in retail, I have been a manager and other thing but hated it so I decided I'll live on very little an enjoy my free time)
  15. No idea, can you give me a little more detail, I'll look into it either way. ============================================= The only reason I've modded over the last few days is out of gratitude to all the feedback people have been giving me and trying to fix things. The hope of getting an update(more content wise this week) is likely low. I will likely spend another day bug fixing/tweaking and release a more stable version though by Tuesday by the latest. The reason, mainly it's a hobby and I need to be in the mood for it. The more detailed reason, I'm just distracted have fun with other stuff and discovering more about my self, which is really good for me anyway and yes SELFISH!!!! but /shrug I think the commitment/expectation can tilt some mod makers into giving up or something for me I mod when I feel like it and I want to continue this at some point, just at the moment /distracted.