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  1. What I'm doing there is an incredibly long story I guess to this but making this mod started letting me express my self and create things. I was bad a drawing, talking and writing. Basically, I started writing via RPs and forums and stuff (under different pen name cause well I like keeping that stuff self-contained!) maybe one day I'll write a story that I want to share and of course, I'll share it here too, yes it'll be evil and full of trickery. There are also things from this that has changed the way I want to live my life. Basically, making this mod started a chain reaction of events that has changed my life, I'm a lot happier for it too. That said, I'm still getting used to it all though. There are other things like work, friends, and games ect... The line of code fixed should help A LOT! it doesn't fix I guess the issue of the quest not being terminated when it should but it should help it stop the code running when it should. Thank you!! Ahh, I have a lot of plans for the mod it's just I've done nothing and well since people post all the time and support the mod while I'm not here I felt it was my responsibility to keep expectations in check and say HI!!!! As for the mod... yes I love what I have done with it, it uses the player's imagination and Skyrim game to create something very dynamic and fun. In fact, I'm blown away by my own work like I did things I thought weren't possible and created my favorite mod (I mean since I got to choose what was added and how that was a given!) I also put in a lot of effort to make it customizable and lots of different options and ways of play.
  2. Figured I'd write an update even though there is nothing REALLY to update. Basically, I've done nothing on improving the mod, I did find the bug in gold-mode so I posted that at least. Plans: None right now. I want to work on this mod and complete it at some point but I have too many things I want to do at this present time. As for when ... I'm not exactly the most consistent person like with this mod it was created in such a short amount of time because I became obsessed with getting it done! The biggest issue is this mod opened up a new world for me of writing and creating things ... it's overwhelming with the things I want to do and am doing so yea I'm a little lost in other things right now, I'm sure I'll get bored and move back to this mod one day but for now, don't expect updates for a little. Lastly, the people that give support on my work THANK YOU!!!!! I know I made the mod but by supporting it you are 100% a part of it too. I do read most posts and check back from time to time so I'm still here ^^ and applicate the kind word and support always!
  3. So as a small side thing Oreos a writer that's stories are always so amazing wrote a story based inspired by my mod! Check it out and her other stories too! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29262826/
  4. As far as I know, no but I have some free time coming up so maybe and I have been playing skyrim a bit (thx DCL 7.0) but really more bug free content won't be released for while so the version atm seems pretty stable (i'm sure there are bugs but it's not broken) so use that!
  5. Congrats on 7.0!!! Thank you for all the effort. Enjoyed the Chloe quest was really fun Skyrim really needs more quests like that!! I'd say her reaction was a little weird at the end but still enjoyed it all anyway. XDFF - I might look into using this to make something DF can use when/if I have more time if it lets me make some quick content for my mod I will use it for sure. Either way, thank you for your dedication to DD and Skyrim modding!
  6. Lozeak

    Why do you play as a MALE/FEMALE ?

    This issue got to me a lot and confused me like epically. I wrote a blog post about it as I went down that road. Like if you start writing/RP/Creating things you can get yourself lost so deeply in the characters you create you really feel you are them. When I play Skyrim I see myself as the character so even though I'm a guy I perceive myself as a woman in Skyrim. Basically, for me expressing and sharing myself in real life is not possible for a lot of reasons. I only really feel I'm living my life when I'm expressing myself via playing games, making things and RPing and since that is a female character a lot of the time I basically just feel I am genderless. I don't think this is the ideal way to see things though it's just well ... I am kinda broken in real life cause of certain traumas so dreaming became my life /shrug. It makes me happy though and I don't hurt anyone, in fact, it makes me want to create dreams for others to be happy in!
  7. Lozeak

    Taboo I know, but paid mods?

    I don't know what you're asking them to make or what your offering. Basically, if an author is not interested in making the content this would probably be low ball figures for what someone would maybe consider making something for you. For very small tweaks and changes, you're looking at 10hr working at min wage = $100 For major additions (Code/esp additions) or total reworks of the mod you could be looking up to 50-100hrs = $500-$1000 Making of an entire mod 500hr + = $5000 These are low ball cause well you're looking at min wage and most modders have better than min wage jobs so basically you need to offer a lot to make them consider making something they are not interested in over them just taking some overtime at work or spending time with there families. I personally would never enter an agreement over making a mod for money because well it gives me an obligation to make content that I don't want to make and it's not the kind of agreement I'd walk into. So what's left... talking to a modder and suggesting an idea and if they like it and make it donate to there work. This is just my view on it I have seen a lot of people thinking $50 is A LOT of money and modders are loopy not to make something for that but the reality is making even the smallest additions to a mod take A LOT of time and what they are essentially asking the modder to do is work for less than minimum wage.
  8. Lozeak

    Taboo I know, but paid mods?

    As far as know asking for an author to do a mod for money or donation or commission is totally fine. It's using this site to make money via paywalling (permanently) content that is not allowed. Commissions don't really happen though because well it takes a lot of hours (so the offered money is basically peanuts) to do things and money isn't the reason modders mod. If you want something added to a mod maybe private message a modder and ask if it's possible and offer w/e you will offer there as a thank you if they do.
  9. I'm pretty sure I looked into that follower and it doesn't use the normal follower stuff and uses blocking dialogue so it's near impossible to have her as a Devious follower.
  10. You can publish your own fork of my work I don't mind. I don't plan on working on the mod anytime soon, I mean I might it really depends on mood more than anything. As for using your work on top of mine, depends I prolly couldn't use esp edit but code edits sure. In my permission, if I ever really disappeared (Last seen on profile 1 month + I'm happy for someone to take over cause it's most likely I'm dead or something since I do check this site regularly) Eventually, I want to its basically mood and interest at the moment, so the things I got into are winding down and are getting a little boring so that helps. Once DCL/DD/Suited of Skyrim comes out I'll likely be firing Skyrim back up, which would likely mean I'll work on my mod. I have a few new ideas/kink I want to work into the mod.
  11. The key thing was in reference to messing with keys like resistant and chastity keys that the player picks up. It is maybe possible that the follower steals a key for the over debt punishment could sell the stuff to the merchant, I thought I put a no vendor keyword filter to stop that kind of thing but maybe keys don't have that keyword. Maybe I'll look into it when I get back to modding. This break I'm on has lasted FOREVER but I do see the release of a new DCL and Suited for Skyrim pulling me back to Skyrim and maybe get me back into modding. I have read suggestions and thinks and as always I love reading them. Follower Quirk/Mood and Player slave level and stuff: I like to keep the mod simple cause more complexity will just confuse some people and if you want more complexity I'd rather come from another mod. Either way, the workload it would add to all the content would be too much. When adding content I react on Debt, No. deals, Willpower, and Lives... which is more than enough for a player to keep track of. More enslavement content : Want to, other things I want to finish first.
  12. I'm not sure there are missing source scripts. I would need a way to know what is missing but I think there are pex in there that aren't used and have no source file. I left them in because well maybe they are used and I don't know. Give me a list and I can check. The tape thing I think I fixed. If not let me know!
  13. *Makes a random Noise!!* Basically, no I'm not working on the mod at the moment. I'm doing other things (for fun). So yea it's unlikely I'll work on DF for a while until I've had my fill lol. Bugs? I'm sure there are some but I'm not aware of any outside of the trader bug, which I discovered today.
  14. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    So, I'm guessing DEC detects the stage of SS and when you have an unremovable device SS goes into a suspended state and waits for it to be removed (which is something I added) so DEC probably thinks SS is still running while it's in that state. To reset Simple slavery and fix this resetquest simpleslavery should work.
  15. Lozeak

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Maybe you should wait until you remove the quest DD item.