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Anyone else not pre-ordering elder scrolls 6


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I'm gonna be honest here, i've never pre-ordered any game in my life. I don't know, the thought of buying a game that isn't even out yet for evaluation always rubbed me the wrong way. TES6 is way too far into the future for me to care about at the moment, but yeah i'm not buying another Bethesda game either, unless they go back to the drawing boards and reflect on what really made them great once. Since the moment i saw the announcement for Fallout 76 i had a strong feeling it'll be bad news, i had enough reasons to not like the idea of a full online Fallout game already, but something about it bugged me quite a lot, and with the launch and the trainwreck since my fears have been confirmed and reinforced.


Right now they're looking at Starfield, this better be fucking good, like really good if they want money from people like me. I'm at a point where i'd rather Bethesda crash and burn than create more broken streamlined cash grabs. And if they fuck with TES i'll drop them so hard. I won't even acknowledge it's existence from that point on, they'd be straight up dead to me.


Also sorry about your wife man, RIP.

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I plan to wait a few months after release at least. Get a good idea whether or not it ends up being a total shitshow. And if it isn't give time for some sexy costume replacements to come out. Vanilla Elder Scrolls attire is always painfully bland, and not just in the lack of sex appeal department.

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The only time that I pre-order anything at all is if there is a decent sale that knocks at least 33% off of the price and I pre-order it at the last moment and I intended to buy it on day one anyway. Even then, I'd pass on doing so for huge, complex games like TES 6 is bound to be (even if only from a technical perspective). Even if TES 6 would go on to be great, I would prefer to allow them to get the game where it needs to be before bothering with it. Skyrim could have been much better had they not rushed it out for a 11-11-11 release date, pushing it back to a 12-12-12 release date at the soonest.

Relatively technically simple indie games are about all that I'd pre-order these days (or crowd fund, at that).

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nope, the crapclub will be in full force from day one and the game will also only be available on there worthless website/servers.

i bet it will even be using some retarded game streaming/cloud gameing service that you have to buy a pass for.

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2 hours ago, Darkpig said:

Pre order? This game needs to be better than New Vegas in just about every way to even have a chance of me buying.


I'm talkin about story and gameplay. Graphics are a given.

Not really a given with how bad Fallout 76 looks...even in 2015 it'd have looked dated (much like FO4 did).

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51 minutes ago, worik said:

I can't remember to ever have pre-ordered a game :classic_huh:

And I don't intend to ever do that. Why should I? Pay money to be a beta-version victim?

also never pre-ordered, sometimes for release but mostly much later.
because there is a German saying, Wood eye, be vigilant! :classic_wink:


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It's a non-issue.  It's never coming out. 

It won't come out until Elder Scrolls Online stops being profitable, because they won't want ES6 to cut into ESO profits by drawing gamers away.  And with the road Bethesda is on, the company will shut it's doors shortly after ESO becomes unprofitable.

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I never pre-order anyway, so no. I don't even get a game if it's not on a serious sale. For me, it all depends on how they handle Starfield, if that game is as buggy and glitchy as their past games were, and if they shove Creation Club BS in it with reckless abandon, then I have no hope for TES 6.


If Starfield turns out to be good and handled with genuine care, then I'll consider getting TES 6 within a year of release (mostly just to make mods), if it doesn't have proper modding support, then I'll get it when it's under $15 with DLCs, or if they really f*ck up, never.


Honestly, somehow I still find enjoyment in Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim even after all these years, I'm okay with ending the 'Elder Scrolls' unofficially with Skyrim in my own mind and moving on to other games. Maybe Cyberpunk will be the next bastion of modding and longevity for the next 10 years, maybe another game. But Bethesda won't get any favours, no matter what game they release, and they'll never get a pre-order out of me.

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Not a chance.  Given all the aforementioned problems, add the fact that the mods that will make it the game I want instead of the game they think I want will take at least a year of community work after the developer stabilizes the bug infested pile of dung they undoubtedly rushed out the door.  So that's, what, two years after release, minimum?

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