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    solo role playing games , Science-Fiction
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    I love good food, lots of meat. LoL

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  1. winny257

    What you think about site and staff

    not again, although I agree, freedom of thought isn't forbidden. but make a profit from it, especially if not everything is your personal property! without Skyrim and CK, your thoughts would not be realizable! first when you develop a game and then make mods to it, can you make money with it.
  2. winny257

    What you think about site and staff

    I have also, but certainly not on virtual, not even on silicone.
  3. winny257

    What you think about site and staff

    my friend, not nice, this abbreviation is English or American. In any case, I understand only train station, I searched the internet for 30 minutes, which means it. but this abbreviation does not exist in German, now I am standing there, like the last *Vollpfosten, Hörni, Vollidiot, Dummbatz*! the German words can you not translate.
  4. author of the pictures ask.
  5. definitely not skyrim, much more Black Desert Online! here the same house roof https://imgur.com/gallery/xjY9v https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/567805465503712998/ that's Skyrim
  6. yes, I also had these high heels for CBBE, but now not anymore. TRANSPARENT LINGERIE
  7. winny257

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    think once yourself! Bethesda Softworks has always developed single player games and who has ESO developed? I do not think I have to answer that question! Bethesda has always been successful with the way they left, why in the devil names, destroy they their success? very simple, Zenimax is the parent company and if they decide that way, then Beth is powerless!
  8. winny257


    yes, I realize that this is done through heredity, but Tutankhamun was even a god-king and that already as a child. also in the Chinese Empire and among the Mongols, there were children's guides and some were already cruel as a child!
  9. winny257


    the story proves the opposite! here to name a few who were already kings as children. Tutanchamun M de Médicis
  10. winny257

    What you think about site and staff

    Ha, yes, then I will not get warnings any more.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=294758569&insideModal=1 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/images/258612/
  12. winny257

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Fallout 76 - Free Addons and Micro Transactions for Cosmetic Items Bethesda reveals its plans for the period following the launch of Fallout 76. Cosmetic microtransactions are definitely part of it. https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/fallout-76-gratis-addons-und-mikrotransaktionen-fuer-kosmetische-items,3331021.html https://www.playnation.de/spiele-news/fallout-76/keine-dlc-dafuer-mikrotransaktionen-id74690.html Fallout 76 DLC Will Be Free Because of Microtransactions https://screenrant.com/fallout-76-dlc-free-microtransactions/