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  1. Wow, that's a similar experience to mine. Sure, I enjoyed talking with her, and it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, but it turned into an awful lot of wasted time. And then you get the ones who don't even bother to tell you they're not interested, and you just... don't know. Me, I'd rather know. How do I know? By not being involved. At. All. As you said: Be invisible to them. Not that difficult for me to do, as I already was for the most part. Now I get to focus on myself, my dreams, my goals, instead of my life being solely for the benefit of someone else. I'm su
  2. My last girlfriend was actually one of these self made types. An immignent, came over with pretty much nothing, and in the span of seven years or so had started multiple businesses, built her own house (by herself; that took two years, except the roof which she rightly got assistance with) and made herself a multi-millionaire. The problem was that while she had someone, they ended up shutting down due to trauma not of their own making, and that put her in the position you speak of. Many times, she talked about all the gold diggers who had no interest in her for her - just her money. Like m
  3. Three types; "Lies, damned lies, and statistics". Unfortunately, I can't remember where that statement comes from. What I can say for a fact is that it got to the point very quickly for me where the idea of "dating" a pretty much stranger didn't sit well. You may or may not have read the earlier part where I speak of courtship rather than dating. Basically, my mentality is that of generations ago where you grew up together, and then just stayed growing up together and raised a family together. You KNEW who you were dealing with, because you'd literally known them for as long as you co
  4. Sure, but then one of the girls I was interested in years and years ago didn't understand that I actually was interested in her. 'Oh, I thought you were just being nice." The difference is that you use that statement today as a defense mechanism against her dragging you through the court system for perceived slights, while the girl I was interested in just didn't get it - primarily because I didn't know how to flirt.
  5. You're absolutely right, I don't agree. Why? Because if women really were in general NOT against men, then they would work to NOT take advantage of the system that's been set up in their favour. But a vast number of them are perfectly fine getting all that they can get from a flawed system. Observant men see this, and smart men don't stick their other hand in the lion's mouth once the first one's been bitten off - if they weren't smart enough not to stick their hand in said mouth in the first place. But then hormones are a really powerful drug, so a huge number of men WILL stick their han
  6. If she wants it, it's flirting. If she doesn't, it's harassment. She can change her mind at any time, either way. Even years, decades, after the fact.
  7. That's fantastic. I'd love to see the results of telling some female to woman up. Might be something on the infamous Youtube. A fair chunk of men don't have time to complain to anyone but themselves. Too busy keeping the world running. Literally. As for letting the police drown in paperwork, the police are the enforcers of the laws, they can't actually change them. It's the damn lawmakers we need to drown in paperwork... except that they don't even read the laws they sign! Additionally, there are very few situations where individuals will willingly throw away their lives (or just t
  8. For the MMORPG players out there:
  9. I've seen another fascinating take which is: Women are the gatekeepers to sex, this is known. So why is it that so many women give sex so freely? Is it because, in this age of the empowered woman, that they literally feel that sex is all they have to offer? If not, and he walks, so what, he wasn't worth your time anyway, and a better option will present himself sooner or later. But so many women get wrapped up in the 'I need to keep THIS man!' mentality, even to the point of baby trapping the guy. Counting on the fact that most men don't have the fortitude to withhold on their sexual urge
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