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  1. Mr. Otaku

    Porn Addiction

    I'm a year late to this but i gotta say, you were extremely easy on him. I know if i were in your shoes i would've told him that i'll break his face in half he ever talks to me like that again. People like that only know how to respond to fear and strength, sometimes you gotta take them down a notch. Also nice post, definitely agree with with it. It's only a problem if it's getting in the way of you getting the important bits in life done. Conforming to arbitrary social nonsense has never been my style either, runs in the family i suppose.
  2. Dude Sexlab Light ain't gonna cut it, you gotta go full Sexlab Heavy. It's time to ascend bro.
  3. Because every now and then i just wanna hack n slash without having to worry about damage taken. There is no point. Ay you do you mang. At least someone gets it lol.
  4. Sounds like a skeleton issue. Deactivate all mods and see if you can switch to female in the vanilla game and then enable the body mods one by one to see if you can narrow it down to the mod creating that issue.
  5. All the more reason why the host/carrier should have a bigger and final say in the matter. No consciousness/brain function = No right to stay. Consciousness/brain function = Right to stay with some exceptions. About to be born = Can't be aborted. Simplicity is often the best way.
  6. You don't need to go that far, use LOOT to sort the load order. You said it doesn't work so just disable all the mods after that and see if the game is working, if it is then start enabling the essential ones maybe 2 or three at a time and check if the game is running so narrow down what mod is causing the issue. once you do you can look up that specific mod and how to fix the issues that the mod is creating. If this doesn't work then reinstall MO2 either by reinstalling the whole thing or just deleting the Skyrim's MO2 instance and reselecting it in MO2 afterwards and start over a
  7. Understandable. Having the dialogues and the general plot ready beforehand is like having a working flashlight in the dark, it gives you a sense of direction.
  8. That logic only works if you're assuming that every unwanted pregnancy is the result of mere recklessness, that position can only come from a place of privilege. It's like the whole drug thing. "Can't you just, not do it? There, problem solved" but if it were that easy it wouldn't have been such a big problem to begin with. Banning doesn't work, providing no safety net doesn't work and only those who are privileged enough to not ever need the safety net can afford to question it's importance.
  9. I agree with your post and believe that you have a very sound position on this matter. But don't you think everybody is pushing a little bit? Like, should we not draw the line at some point? Can there not be crimes that are too heinous to deserve second chances?
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