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  1. This isn't even that old yet and it already feels nostalgic lol.
  2. There's a difference between saying "men have no issues" and "the issues that men and masculinity are solely getting blamed for aren't actually gender specific". The latter is the point and it is indeed overblown since masculinity is being used as a scapegoat and a punching bag. The people arguing for former are a non-factor here, don't conflate them to the rest of us.
  3. Are you referring to the LoversLab part of my comment? If so then yes i understand that, i just used it as an example of how despite other non-gaming chatter going on in the site, it's still primarily used and known for adult mod hosting and the community around that which means referring to it as something else is not a good point, even if it is done in the form of shitty jokes.
  4. I'm not the one who kept arguing about their joke after it clearly didn't work for anybody, so you're the derailing factor here. You could've avoided this by simply making it clear from the start instead of repeatedly arguing deadpan how you don't know anybody who uses PornHub for porn. Don't project your party failures on me now that you're too salty to think of a proper comeback.
  5. You're mistaking incorrect statements for jokes. I'm not a prominent figure here, but i'm not known for being a joke hating stringent person. As far as anyone could tell from your comments, you were being dead serious with your claims and gave no direct openings suggesting hyperbole or sarcasm which lead two users to throw corrections at you.
  6. But you did the moment you asked "Since when was PornHub an actual porn site?". This conversation has mainly been you suggesting that leaked trailers and game clips were the only primary ways people used PornHub and that you don't know anyone who uses the site any differently when you said "Nobody I know goes to pornhub to watch "porn"." You can't make two contradicting statements at the same time and call it figure of speech.
  7. It's a figure of speech referring to your "Nobody I know goes to pornhub to watch "porn" statement. I'm only "fixating" on what you wrote. And that makes PornHub not a porn site? Fact of the matter is that most people go to PORNHub for PORN. It just so happens that people also posted leaked trailers there, doesn't mean it wasn't always a porn hosting site. I don't see how it's so difficult to understand.
  8. Youtube is a general video hosting site, other than extreme gore and porn pretty much everything is allowed on it (minus their misuse of power and preferential treatment but that's a separate matter). Just because people have used PornHub to post deleted/blacklisted content doesn't mean Pornhub was never a primarily porn site. Things like that also exist on Xhamster, Redtube and so on. Vimeo and Dailymotion also have leaked content as well as many hydra video hosting archives. If you and your friends have been using PornHub for non-porn content than that's just you and your friends
  9. Surely you must realize that you and your friends are in the extreme minority if that's the case? Most people go to PornHub for porn. It's in the name. People posting leaked movie/game clips on PornHub doesn't make PornHub not a porn site. That's like saying LoversLab is a social discussion forum just because people use it for more than game mods and topics related to game mods. Most people have always used PornHub for porn since the beginning, there was never a doubt on this matter and it's not up for debate. Most of the content they've deleted as of late is completely pornogra
  10. From what i understand about this situation, they're trying to make the service more linear and essentially cover any potential risks. But the problem is in how they're implementing it. How does one become a verified user if non verified amateurs that are just starting out can't even post and advertise their content properly? I noticed that my account also got reset and many of my favorited videos are gone simply because they were from unverified uploaders. This includes the videos i've uploaded that were completely within the TOS. There's a difference between some random user uplo
  11. We can't solve a problem that doesn't exist the way intellectual midgets say it does. So what's left to do is to look at it and call it the overblown horseshit it is, though i think it's been done enough times by now. At least here, in this thread anyway.
  12. I find it extra funny that your situation is the exact opposite of mine lol.
  13. Alright thank you. But i'm not seeing the pubic symbol that appears on your screenshot on any of these.
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