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  1. Tricky one. 1. Spells dont stack. Skyrim engine limitation. So option would be "2 spells" Currently(in this mod) there is no "hasSpell" check But: - spell, magic effect can have condition. In CK, Magic Effect, "Target condition". For example, RestoreHealthConcActor(Healing) has condition for: can not be machine, deadra or undead - so you can make a spell that works under special condition. Like: - spell (magic effect)1 would have 0 conditions - spell 2 would have condition: HasMagicEffect, Magic effect:<my effect 1>, ==, 1. It would only work is <spell 1> is still active - spell 3 ... like you did it with spell 2 In .json command: - just cast all 3(or more spells) - spell 2, 3 will work only if condition is true, that is: that one before is active 2. You want "buff". It could be spell, but it could also be "potion". Maybe? Idea: - add and use a potion: ["item_adduse", "$self", "pot1 id", "2", "1"] - you now got 2 potions(the give you buff). You used one, so your left with 1 potion (and a buff from that pot) - what if I check how many of those potions I have? so: - check if I have potion - if I dont, add 2 pots and jump to end - if I have, jump to "check for next" potion
  2. In your script you have defined "$partner". That means: - it will play animations on partner, the other one, not "self", "you" - set rules so that race is "Player". That way, your characters(dovahkin, you, PC) "partner" will play anims. Simple: you jump on Lydia -> she plays animation. Lydia=$partner,, you=$self - if rule would be "Not Player", then in the same situation(you jump on pure Lydia), you get hit by animations Note: skyrim engine can decide to override this animations. Example: character decides to listen to bards crap song or fight or whatever.
  3. 1. ["util_waitforend", "$ partner"], is not good. Its the blank between $ and partner ["util_waitforend", "$partner"], is better. 2. animation event "DefeatEstrusExhaustedBack" does not exists. Go into console, type sae DefeatEstrusExhaustedBack ... does it work?
  4. Ah, you want to skip SL engine and just use animations for your own projects. Lots of work. If it helps: 1. - FNIS adds animations - FNIS does not add "idles" - to get Idle you have to do it yourself. CK\Gameplay\Animations\, find Actors\Character\Behaviors\0_Master.hkx, LOOSE, add, pick Anim Event. This is for ActorTypeNPC, humanoids - FNIS basicaly does that "Anim Event" but not "Idle" 2. you can start animation without Idle object with console: select an actor, type: SendAnimationEvent "Anim Event name" or in script: Debug.SendAnimationEvent(actor, "Anim Event Name") 3. Script: Actor.SetRestrained(true) Actor.SetDontMove(true) will lock NPCs in place. Dont move, ignore collisions, ... Does NOT work on Player 4. Some say that Actor.SetVehicle(Marker) is also usefull. Its supose to be used for "put actor on a cart, inside another object with collisons, where it doesn't move", tho it does have other uses. 5. (old way). ObjectReference.TranslateTo(...) ignores collision while object is on the move(translating). Trick is that you translate(rotate) object so slow it cant be seen by you and object never really gets to destination 6. its good if you put actors under DoNothing behavior, so that Skyrim engine doesnt decide they should, lets say start cooking or choping wood.
  5. You use Sexlab(SL) framework function(s) to start SL animations. Even if you'd play idles it would not be good. Collisions, position, Schlong management, actors just going away to listen to bards, ...
  6. In Steam, click "Verify integrity of game files...". It helped me. Its rare, but sometimes Skyrims .ini files get broken. How to identify that offending mod? You disabled everything, then start enabling one by one. It boring, annoying, but thats how you do it.
  7. Hmm, now it started to work. I hit that "Verify integrity of game files ...". Still odd, that before Skyrim had trouble with cbp.dll but would work if cbp.dll was removed.
  8. Getting CTD after Beth logo is displayed and just about at the time Skyrim is to show menus (Continue, Load, New, ...). If I remove cbp.dll, Skyrim works. I installed old cpb.dll(not compatible with current version) and cbp.dll doesn't load. OK. Wrong version. I install new/correct version ... CTD. 99.99% of times. One weird thing is that in like 100 tries(load), it actualy worked once. I even removed everything, re-added stuff one by one ... CTD. Just once it worked, but in that try, I changed nothing. Have no clue what else to try
  9. From time to time I make mods. For this I need Creation Kit. LE and SE versions of CK are stupidly slow. Very annoying. But then I found a patch for SE Creation Kit that makes it like 100 times faster. So I stayed. OK, there was also random "foot-IK", crash this, crash that ... mem fix for this and that. Damn, I'd like to play the game not nonstop search for bug fixes With SE you have a bit less problems. Not zero. But definitly less. And having less mods? Don't care. I mean, its not that I use *all* of them. Just some, the good ones. And if something is missing I can make my own.
  10. Its in, just not in doc. Its like: actor_setrelation: set relationship rank between 2 actors - parameter 1: actor ID 1 - parameter 2: actor ID 2 - parameter 3: rank Example: ["actor_setrelation", "$self", "$partner", "0"],
  11. New version, 7. v07: Misc: - you can now set up to 80 triggers Functions: - actor_wornhaskeyword: check if anything actor is wearing has specified keyword - actor_lochaskeyword: check if location where actor is has a specific keyword Warning: - you can setup up to 80 triggers - but maybe you shouldn't - the more you setup the slower it will be - try not to leave holes. Don't setup up, for example trigger No.3 and then nothing and then No.60 - when code runs, it remembers the last(highest number) triggers that has "chance" higher the 0 and stops there. A small optimization. If you poke into MCM it gets reset to max(80)
  12. Can do "worn has keyword". No idea about "item in inventory has keyword". Wait functions. Did some tests and it worked OK. If you have a way to replicate it, I can fix it. Currently there are 20 slots. Plus each slot can activate 3 commands at the same time. The more slots I add, the slower it runs. Maybe one day I'll do something about it(more slots), but not today. Its not that I don't want, its "speed". Spells: no idea how. Paradise Hall: Not quilty! Atleast I don't thing so. Maybe PH has some scripts that auto-use items if you give them to NPCs? Or maybe its Skyrim engine? Like: - I sneak like a ninja - I "reverse" pickpocket some poison apples - stupid NPC then automaticaly eats those apples
  13. 1. This: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20061 makes CK load mods 100 times faster. And has a couple of other bug fixes. 2. This has links to info on how to port from LE to SE: 3. The rest you know. Your Oldrim skills are 100% usuable for SkyrimSE.
  14. No. That API describes quest functions that are part of DD. You have to call those function directly. I don't see any "mod events" like there was for Sanguine Debauchery. SD has builtin "soft linking". You can make a mod that does not depend on SD, yet can use it if installed. DD does not. Calling DD functions would require "hard link". I avoid adding hard links to this mod as much as possible. P.S.: I don't even have DD installed.
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