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  1. Thanks, I am using 4k textures so I didn't think it was that. One thing I might try is an option with the skin texture to disable surface scattering- whatever that is, lol. And the hands just needed to be rebuilt in BS and weren't really a concern.
  2. And how do I fix it, please? Are the textures missing a property or something? Only happens in certain lights.
  3. Inspiration here- this girl was bullied online and otherwise with assholes telling her to kill herself. What did she do instead? BECAME A FUCKING MODEL!!!!! Sorry Eva as I know she's not your taste.
  4. Nothing wrong with voluptuous and maybe big boned in my book. Few girlfriends like that in my past like that. Just not anywhere near petite.
  5. But I'd sure like to find out just how "unnatural" the other one is, lol.
  6. Right... do what you do and not give a fuck what anybody thinks about it.
  7. Beautiful legs and gorgeous butts have been my weakness, lol. More women have them than a nice set of tits as well.
  8. Thanks for reminding me! Need to put it on wish-list. I don't ever pay for early access or even full price for that matter, but I'm considering it for this game.
  9. Starting to feel the pain from Nexit. Can't find a few of my faves.
  10. Just don't like the idea of 'games as a service'. Like he was saying at one point, it seems like they are manipulating things to where they maintain more control over a product they sell us where it shouldn't legally be acceptable and that the EULA that ppl agree to with them shouldn't be legally binding (and in fact wouldn't be in most courts worldwide). Doesn't bode well for modding or our rights as consumers when the service providers can pull the plug on things literally whenever they want for any reason whatsoever (like it's no longer profitable). Don't know about you, but when I pay for a game I expect it to stay in my possession and work for as long as I want it. Anyway, not really a good summary on my part and should really watch the vid to understand what's being said and why.
  11. Added HDT-SMP physics to this KS hair wig for a friend and it turned out well. Only thing is that it doesn't have enough movement to really notice like you would with longer hair. So I might go back and add more/re-paint the bone weights later.
  12. And once you edit one npc, you will want to edit them all. Fun though.... Only thing I would recommend is saving your changes into a separate .esp so if something happens and you have to reinstall, your changes aren't lost (telling myself as much as anyone).
  13. This thread OP smacks of willful ignorance and entitlement, Sunshine. Not going to get far around here with either one.
  14. Fucking Bugthesda, lol. Was looking to fix some problems with a mod and found a bunch of unresolved errors. So checked the game .esm and found that the masters for the mod were fucking missing (unresolved errors again). Have no idea how to fix this shit to make the mod(s) work as intended. Sharlikran suggests loading the .esp in the CK to fix (update) things in a thread, but that was assuming the correct records would be in the game's master files- which they aren't. So I don't know if this just more sloppy code from them or what, but that's what it looks like.
  15. A delicious home cooked meal today for a change.
  16. Interesting... https://mymodernmet.com/royalty-now-historical-figures-modern-portraits/
  17. Might have played these before. Meh.... keep pounding I always say.
  18. Nothing stopping anybody from making/sharing something else. Well, within excepted boundaries of course. Just sayin....
  19. Talk recently with a friend and they were telling me that they are an avid diver that has been to numerous locations around the world. Described the underwater world in such a way as to make it much less scary to me (don't like deep water or the creatures in it) and really made it seem much more wonderous and beautiful/fun to explore. Seen a lot of games do so much with lands and cities and such (kind of over and over now), but never much with underwater stuff. Hell in some games the water is mainly there as a backdrop for scenery only and you can't interact with it at all! I just wondered if this was because it's harder somehow to make underwater environments or if they just don't because ppl aren't asking/looking for it in their games?
  20. Yeah. I finished that game also. Had my mage leveled where basically she was an unstoppable wrecking machine as long as I kept attacking with her.
  21. I thought Skyrim was public domain now? Feels like it should be.
  22. I looked at converting that mod one time. Got lost with all the different body types/clothing and shit. Great mod though.
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