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  1. Looking at this review of Vampire- The Masquerade: Bloodlines can give on a reminder that there was no chance that a modern corporate game developer could ever recapture what made that game work so well. That having been said, it would be better to risk social media 'Cancellation' (ugh, what a pretentious term for making a person or group into a pariah as well as a waste of time since the term Unperson already exists.) than actual cancellation due to not having any developers to make the game.
  2. How can one restore something to a state which it was never in? All marriageable characters have no gender preference. MSSA can only ever truly be MSS. Yes, I know that it is ultimately pedantic (if not ultimate pedantry itself) to critique something's title in this way. I only play male characters about 1/3 of my playtime (by which I mean an entirely male character rather than a herm/futa character)but it might be novel for me to try it as anything even approximating a heterosexual so that is reason enough to give this a go.
  3. SSE Engine Fixes updated to the most recent version should prevent that from occurring any longer.
  4. HIMBO does not exist for LE and Kreiste does not even have LE to make the backport so unless you want to wait for a proper Male SOS Bodyslide (and do not want to go with SMMB and the headaches that go along with that), SE is the best way to go.
  5. Is that not rather like Spider-Man dismissing a massive tingle of his Spider-Sense by thinking "Ah, it's probably just the wind. Note to self: never eat chili before going out on the town."?
  6. Penn and Teller actually made a game designed to be the most inoffensive thing possible. That practically guarantees that someone out there found it mortally offensive.
  7. The swimmer/captive just uses whatever standard body mesh one has installed.
  8. This time, I am dropping a purely informational post. Kreiste has finally released his BodySlide compatible SOS Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul on the Nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46311 As you can see from this image, conversions from SOS are seamless (even though trying out SOS from the testing room in New Games creates a weird penile curvature) regardless of whether the outfit is skimpy or not.
  9. I choose to look at this as a positive considering the way that the team was behaving. That monster may have needed a stake to the heart.
  10. Noir and Dark has plenty of it and quite a bit of it can be found on Sexy Sims. https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/?zx=99df45bab8e6ef3 http://sexysims.info/browse.php?f=38&page=10&showType=2&gameOrig=1&gameSP2=1&gs=4 There are also Pup Play Masks, latex clothes and leather harnesses on this site. You can find some in these collections: https://sims4studio.com/thread/2622/untraditionalnerd?page=2&scrollTo=40236 As for the dungeon, there is this and the stuff on Noir and Dark Adult World:
  11. It was probably a combination of similar individuals to those whom you mentioned (the surface details such as attire, diet or even 'culture' are irrelevant to the way that many people react to given things, as much as that may surprise or even infuriate them, especially when it means that they are 'no better' than another group of people whom they see themselves as being more enlightened than), people annoyed that it came across as poorly written and people who are afraid of being associated with people who endorse things that could harm their reputations or even just tolerate intolerable thin
  12. Yes, but most of the converted armors are for Special Edition (and are on Vector Plexus' site). https://www.nexusmods.com/users/42119740?tab=user+files For LE, there is LedyBeardChan's outfit (good luck finding it now)which is Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw's outfit for men and Anano's Sun Dress was converted for male use as well as much of RefurbMadness and Slof's output. https://dreamburrow.tumblr.com/post/63193785623/heres-a-dress-for-you-male-followers-its-only-a https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/62287?tab=user+files https://www.nexusmods
  13. Assign the UNP add-on to your character then when she transforms, she will have a schlong fit to a werewolf.
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