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  1. That is one of the easiest kinds of mod to make, one well within the engine's limitations. Just delete all NPCs.
  2. It seems to work for most animations, including the ones made for M/M couples where no bounce was added to chests or rumps. Only animations where the movement is very subtle does it not appear to trigger.
  3. Have you tried Amorous Adventures, Sexlab Solutions, Spouses Enhanced or Song of the Green with the Sexlab patch? Those integrate the Sexlab interactions into little story scenarios rather than leaving the sex to be context free.
  4. Was the overlay that you found from Tigersan or was it this one? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105143-better-abs-and-muscles-overall-skin-overlay-for-females/
  5. How could they not see that coming? That thing allowed them to see things going on in other solar systems!
  6. I have to wonder how many people think that doctors are not ever in anyone's pocket anymore or why they believe such a thing. They will believe that laws that have long ago been repealed are still in effect but they think that human nature or the laws of reality itself have been re-written in the span of 5 decades or so.
  7. Considering the fact that scanners and that technology's gamified application in the form of Amiibos and QR code games exist, I could see a compromise between analogue and digital dice rolls being rolling a physical die or a pair of dice on top of a scanning device (or just recording the things on a web camera) so that one could still make use of the genuine article when playing either computer RPGs or 'alongside' other people at a significant distance.
  8. Obsolete is all a matter of perspective, is it not? After all, a genre of game could be defined by a mechanic which is considered obsolete to some as 2-D fighting game makers learned much to their consternation back in the 1990s from harsh professional reviews denouncing them for not making the move to polygonal graphics and movement in a 3-D plane. After a brief period of attempting behind-the-back/over-the-shoulder third person perspective fighting games such as Ehrgeiz- God Bless the Ring, fighting games developers settled on a compromise of movement along a 2-D plane for general maneuvering with an option for dodging along the Z-Axis or a full return to 2-D movement regardless of whether they use sprites or polygonal character models. In my case, I will say, 6-player co-op, something used only in a small smattering of old arcade games and a few indie games here and there.
  9. Derailing a train isn't very good for business unless one is trying to recover losses from a floundering transit service by receiving insurance payments from the crash or one is part of the Funeral Home business or a clean up crew. If the people in the train were organ donors, that would be an even bigger net gain for someone out there.
  10. Noir and Dark has one on her personal blog: https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2017/12/ts4-christmas-gift-2017-sexy-santa.html
  11. Here is one: https://newen092.tumblr.com/post/188381745470/newen-sims4-hoodie-with-cardigan-dress-hat
  12. If you've ever heard of Rise of the Dragon, that is an example of an RPG/Point-and-Click Adventure Game with exactly one action sequence, a game which was one of my favorite Cyberpunk styled games of the 1990s. I can handle having only combat with context.
  13. I've been trying to mod that into Morrowind for almost as long. This will save some time and effort since it will be built in this time around.
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