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  1. 1) Heterosexuals tend to be the ones who get abortions as a result of their own consensual actions. 2) The issue is also settled elsewhere in the rest of the world where it will draw a harsher sentence than it would in the West. It also does not come up very frequently since the people who try for them are no longer capable of telling anyone about it if they are caught.
  2. I notice that you either entirely ignored the bit about tubal ligation. There are medical preventative measures that can be taken that prevents this whole 'Abortion' issue from even being an issue in the first place (if heterosexuals can not just abstain from casual vaginal sex for whatever reason). If no life is conceived, then there are no members of one's larger society that express concerns over having anyone casually snuff out the life of their offspring which in turn creates concerns about their value for life of other members of their society who do not share their DNA.
  3. FauxFurry


    Megalo Box got me curious about Ashita No Joe and now I see that the show starts off in a similar manner, with a drifter in a seedy town looking to use his skills to get somewhere in life rather than what would become a formulaic tale of some starry eyed kid looking to become the very best simply for the sake of gaining fame and fortune. I suppose that could be because of the time period in which it was written, making those tropes as of yet un-codified. Much of the anime from that time period is as intriguing as it is due to a lack of any pressure to conform to genre norms which did not
  4. For intents and purposes, I might as well be playing Bug Catcher since I restarted Cyberpunk 2077 to see what effects the patches had on everything. I am losing that game horribly but that is actually a massive positive. Now that many if not most of the rough spots have been smoothed over, maybe CDPR can fill in the gaps?
  5. Women are not so much being forced to be incubators as not being permitted to choose to terminate the pregnancies which resulted from actions which they have voluntarily taken universally in every state (it is not illegal on a national scale if that is what you were under the impression of). It is akin to saying that one is forced to be fat for over-eating because no one else is required to pay for one's liposuction. The baby can be put up for adoption afterward if the 'mother' still wants to return to playing around with their less efficient organic dildoes and the stretch marks
  6. A line of argumentation in the "Wat Pisses You Off?" Thread bought my mind back to the idea of technologies which are likely being suppressed for one reason or another, be it financial (the electric car for decades), man-animal hybrids (for moral reasons back in the early 21st Century) and human portable nuclear warhead launchers (Davy Crocketts) for safety and sanity reasons. I wonder if the different methods for creating Artificial Wombs (mechanical or ones made from cloned tissues without a body) are being blocked due to potential harm caused by groups who could sustain their numbers w
  7. The day where human fetuses can easily be extracted and implanted in a mechanical womb is the day that all reverence for women as mothers and givers of life vanish. All human life will have equal value in the eyes of corporations who will likely produce them from extracted sperms and eggs. the loss of revenue from Mother's Day and family films can be off-set by that extra control, though.
  8. What, you mean like JH People? https://m.blog.naver.com/sidearmf93/90191005821
  9. Said trespasser is disabled and entirely unable to leave under their own power, incapable of even walking or breathing. Perhaps it somehow could be likened to a space alien dropping in through one's roof and into one's freezer unit where they can breathe the Freon?
  10. FauxFurry


    Now that I've actually seen episode 1, I can see the appeal beyond the typical sports show. It is a dystopic sci-fi tale that just so happens to star a hardluck boxer mixed with a Rockem Sockem Robot.
  11. FauxFurry


    I've never heard about this one at all. I'll be curious to see if it is like Hajime No Ippo but with less diversions taken for homo-eroticism and more focus on the sport itself, for better or worse.
  12. I would dedicate this song to him but he did that already.
  13. The recurring fantasy/sci-fi species which they picked for the example was not only one of the worst that they could have picked for the topic (literal animated fungus men created as tools for war in at least one case) but that is not even the worst of it. The connection of fantasy species to real human 'races' is itself a lazy trope resorted to by those incapable of proper speculation about other sapient species. Worse still is the fact that they first thought of more heavily melanated races as the real world equivalent of Orcs. That says far more about them than it does any author arou
  14. Once again I am reminded that it is not easy being green. That is why everyone needs pink dye. Cringer would have been stunning and brave if he could have gotten his paws on some of that.
  15. In the event that you have not seen this yet, here is HIMBO: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46311
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