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  1. If you're both using fertile breeder...the problem you're having is fertile breeder's "immersive pregnancy". Considering the lore of the mod, it makes logical sense that pregnancy speed and fertility goes through the roof. Simply uncheck the option.
  2. @Make-Use-Of-ME @Infamous If you're both using fertile breeder...the setting is "immersive pregnancy". Considering the lore of the mod, it makes logical sense that pregnancy speed and fertility goes through the roof. I know, bit of a necro, but it's the fix - and I wasted sooo many saves trying to find the problem.
  3. @ikarn15 Perhaps the location is the problem? In Lakeview Manor's main hall I've successfully had the prompt to use furniture (the chairs) trigger. Without the mod that at least used to do the same.
  4. The animations include the furniture as part of them. Make sure that you're selecting the "animobjects" when installing. BTW you're only asked to use nearby beds - not furniture (at least as far as I've seen). Also make sure that the files are in the AnimObjects folder: Perhaps try this to get furniture working? I can't test right now as I need to re-do my Skyrim install (only oral animations are working). Also did you enable "extra and patch"?
  5. Is this what you're currently using? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53938/
  6. Finally got around to installing fix 4, and it working fine. Might have solved my "CTD on second scene" issue as well.
  7. I've only had the schlongs working correctly once: Alvor in the starting cave (LAL). I can't even repeat that either on new saves. The only other races that work are BD's other ones. In my case though it may be because of my wryebash edits a week or 2 ago. Removing wryebash and re-installing the mods+clearing overwrites still left the edits intact.
  8. So...I may have been overthinking things, and wasted several hours working on changing the masters. Unless I'm mistaking, I just managed to change the masters over to the esp with wrye bash.
  9. If anyone has problems downloading the latest version try copying it to your Google Drive, and download it from there. Google is having another fit.
  10. No stress - I've taken to having multiple profiles with mods of varying ages, and your mods all still seem to work just fine (except HDT tails - I have to choose which mod has them enabled or Havok spazes out)
  11. I take it we have to change the bird schlong master from the esm to the esp while you working on updates? NVM, found out that apparently doesn't work. I take it we just keep on using the older version until the bird and yiffyage schlongs get updated?
  12. ^As a mod user same - there is a 50/50 chance of the horse completely changing at the start of or mid animation.
  13. Well, I fucked up the patch - it didn't work. I think I know where I went wrong - I had the new esp selected but not active. Edit: It's generating directly into the patch folder now, so I'll put my OBIS and AFS 0.3 bis patches in a post with their decompressed sizes if they work...just another 3 1/2 hours wait due to 2121 records (the 7zip files are only 7% of their original sizes btw).
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