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  1. It's not blue, but it WILL keep you awake for days. If it wears off then cure it with a few beers, which are dirt cheap. Tested. Multiple times. Plus first time is free.
  2. That's true, but most of us like Americans so no one should bother you. Also we have dirt cheap booze and our methamphetamine is the best in all of Europe. If that doesn't convince you then I give up.
  3. I never replaced vanilla elves in Skyrim, turning them into Nords with elf ears looks awful. It completely kills them for me, they're no longer Dunmer, they're just a yet another race of mystic manga anime tree huggers. I avoid mods for Morrowind that try to make it more "balanced". One of the reasons why I like this game so much is because it doesn't give a shit about balance. I decide whether I want to wipe the floor with everything that moves or play as a shit farmer. Trying to make everything perfectly balanced just makes it really boring. Retextures. I completely ignore them. Vanilla Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim look good enough for me. They make a big difference in Daggerfall Unity, but in Skyrim it's a waste of space. Oh wow, a wooden bowl with 8k textures. It changes everything, I just can't stop looking at it. It's perfect for my Wooden Bowl Killer build. Mods that change the Khajiit race in Oblivion. They either make no significant difference or they make them look even WORSE, and holy shit they look fucking awful in Oblivion. I KINDA prefer vanilla in this case. I mean I can choose between "fucking awful" or "kill it with fire", so I'll stick to a camel with fetal alcohol syndrome.
  4. Doesn't look bad tbh. Can't wait to imprison my neighbours.
  5. I don't think it's real, I haven't seen any of them coronas.
  6. I just wanted to complain about dumb people staring at their fucking phones while crossing a street, but people are talking about my country and getting it all wrong. From "Russia and Poland are based and patriotic, therefore I'm willing to ABANDON MY OWN COUNTRY and move to Eastern Europe" to "AAAAAAAAACTUALLY, I'm 10% Polish, 10% Russian, 10% This, 5% That, 3.5% That AND..." That's it. Exterminatus. Purge this fucking heresy with fire.
  7. My NVIDIA graphic card on my old HP laptop got rekt a few years ago while playing Skyrim. I started a new game and everything just froze before I could finish creating my el goblino. After restarting it the screen resolution was set to minimum, I couldn't install any drivers and tl;dr shit got fucked. I don't remember what model it was, I dumped it in my cupboard and I don't want to use this junk ever again. Let it RIP in peas. To be honest it lasted for quite a while and I'm surprised it didn't break earlier. Keyboards and fans are WAY more problematic with laptops. I have a fairly new one and the A key is already wonky.
  8. I sometimes play older TES games because they're still fun. I gave up on Skyrim because it's boring. It's too dumbed down to save it, I had to put it down. I turned this game into a fucked up monstrosity with mods, but it still wouldn't work. It was a mercy uninstall.
  9. That guy who whines about a Dunmer necromancer in his family tomb. I turned his dead aunt into a zombie right in front of him. He did absolutely nothing, zero reaction. He ended up as a zombie too. Turning people into walking corpses and making them kill their own relatives is kinda bad I think. Plus a kinda unrelated mini rant about doing bad things:
  10. My colonists somehow survived eating without a table, nothing can break them now.
  11. Rimworld, my favourite war crimes simulator.
  12. You can always make your own settlement. I simply enjoy crippling people and putting them in cages. There's not much else to do. You level up, get fat loot, get cash, explore. You can also destroy factions that you don't like, some of their cities will be taken by their enemies, and the Holy Nation dudes will be hungry if you destroy their farms. It doesn't really matter, they can't starve to death. Hungry bandits and Dust Bandits will fuck off and leave you alone if you give them money. For me it's a murder hobo simulator and stealing random shit for the lolz, later on it becomes a colony management game with endless base defense. I'm pretty sure that bandits took your stuff or at least money once they knocked out all of your dudes, or maybe it was added by a mod.
  13. It's probably going to suck. My guess is that it will look beautiful but it'll be a dumbed down boring mess. Beth won't get a rusty septim from me.
  14. Daggerfall. High speed high agility Khajiit karate man still annihilates ass on a massive scale. I haven't played this game in years and I accidentally made the ultimate pussy slayer, the casul crusher, simp smasher.
  15. Attributes like in Morrowind for me and all NPCs and creatures, spellmaking, more skills, Morrowind enchanting, Dark Souls combat, more dialogue options where my speechcraft matters so I don't have to be like "DURRRR DOOD I HIT THINGS HARD, DRAGON BAD". There are some mods that kinda do that, but it's Skyrim so shit gets broken all the time.
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