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  1. 1. Psychologists and therapists. Their arguments and methods are fucking useless and they're a joke. You can literally JUST GOOGLE IT LOL or ask a random guy on the internet and get a better advice. 2. Steam Workshop blueprints/user made vehicles, ships etc. 99% of them are either bare bones junk that you can make in 5 minutes or overly complicated nonsense. I tried many of them in Space Engineers and I'm constantly struggling to keep this fucking junk functional. It barely moves, it brakes all the time, it sucks at everything, it's a massive pain in the ass to refuel. It looks cool and t
  2. To be honest I haven't heard of that shit until I saw it on the internet. Apparently being a manly man is bad and toxic. Ok lol Oh fudge, it's almost time for my LE LATTE with fried sunflower seeds. Gosh. Eh, I can't fit into my sister's jeans any more. I guess I'll join the navy...
  3. Space Engineers but I'm just digging holes in the ground and building trucks with guns. Ground Engineers. I also made a gargantuan spinning dildo using rotors and strapped a shitload of rotating lights to it. Now I have to install a bunch of mods (oh god I hope it will work and won't turn into endless tard wrangling) that add ground combat. Building stuff is cool, but there's no point if there are no test subjects. Maybe I'll try multiplayer. People might get upset if I'll accidentally blow up half of our base, but oh well. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
  4. I use some default bullshit ringtone, I tried to use mp3 files but my phone was like "OMG YOU CAN'T USE THIS AS A RINGTONE, MP3 FORMAT IS NOT SUPPORTED DOOD". BUT if it would work then it would be Bolt Thrower - Tank. I just can't be arsed with converting.
  5. Lack of permanent blood option in video games. Not only it looks like shit in most games but it also disappears almost instantly. Just let me have an option, holy fuck I know that it can lower my fps. LOTS OF SHIT ON SCREEN = SAD COMPUTER, yes, I fucking know that. Disappearing blood/guts/gore/limbs in video games. Stop. Put it somewhere in the options and let me choose between "permanent" and "PUSSY MODE".
  6. New TES and Fallout games were fucked anyway, I had absolutely no interest in buying this complete and utter garbage. I just want to see some decent train wreck, some good old dumpster fire. Microsoft + TES = mountains of wet, hot, steaming trash. I think. I hope so. At least there will be something new to laugh at.
  7. I never had a job that doesn't include a shitload of manual labour, I don't know much about working outside every day vs doing exercise in your free time vs sitting on your ass all day. BUT. But I know for a fact that diet is absolutely fucking crucial. Long story short, eat a lot of protein and you will be good at lifting heavy shit. Eat something like toasts and jam for breakfast and thou shall wither. More physical activity makes you harder to kill.
  8. I prefer higher difficulties but only when it makes sense. For example some high level dude who's a professional ass kicker should be hard to kill if I'm poorly prepared and I suck at the game, but hitting some butt naked forest hobo 50 times in the head is just fucking boring. Dark Souls was fun, difficulty depends on my build and skill, even editing saves to start as Giantdad won't help if I suck and I don't know what I'm doing. Skyrim on "legendary" sucked ass, I'll just get bored and create an iron dagger that can end the entire universe if I'll accidentally drop it on the grou
  9. Banks, I have to pay them monthly just because I have a bank account. I swear if my boss will pay me directly then I'll remove my bank account. They're the only people that I could kill with the blunt side of an axe, Fuck 'em.
  10. I finally have a decent job. I don't have to drive there for 75 billion hours, my boss is a cool guy, I know what to do from day one, payment is decent and, most importantly, it's not a gulag for beginners. More like user friendly gulag, which is nice. This is too positive. I was stung by a wasp recently, it was mildly unpleasant. There, some negativity to balance things out.
  11. It's not blue, but it WILL keep you awake for days. If it wears off then cure it with a few beers, which are dirt cheap. Tested. Multiple times. Plus first time is free.
  12. That's true, but most of us like Americans so no one should bother you. Also we have dirt cheap booze and our methamphetamine is the best in all of Europe. If that doesn't convince you then I give up.
  13. I never replaced vanilla elves in Skyrim, turning them into Nords with elf ears looks awful. It completely kills them for me, they're no longer Dunmer, they're just a yet another race of mystic manga anime tree huggers. I avoid mods for Morrowind that try to make it more "balanced". One of the reasons why I like this game so much is because it doesn't give a shit about balance. I decide whether I want to wipe the floor with everything that moves or play as a shit farmer. Trying to make everything perfectly balanced just makes it really boring. Retextures. I completely ignore t
  14. Doesn't look bad tbh. Can't wait to imprison my neighbours.
  15. I don't think it's real, I haven't seen any of them coronas.
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