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  1. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    Yeah I'm sure that's all very convenient and you're benefitting from it. Personal gain and convenience in one deal, what's not to like. Patreon hasn't even been a topic in this thread for quite a while and yet you bring it up again. There are people here who are critical of what LL has been doing entirely out of principle. It may be hard to imagine but there isn't anything for me in it. I don't like it when posts are deleted or hidden because it gives the people who are able to do just that pretty much the biggest control possible because they can simply reshape entire threads to their liking. I don't think you'd like that either if it were happening to you but since it doesn't it's easy to dismiss everything as drama. Unless it starts affecting you, of course, then it's a different thing entirely. Which it isn't.
  2. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    The fundamental problem with the internet is that people tend to forget that they're on the internet. If you deduce someone's mental, emotional or whatever state from their posts alone you're in line for a much needed reality check. People also aren't made out of glass so they shouldn't need to be cuddled and handled with great care lest they might break because someone said something mean on the internet. How we chose to conduct ourselves here is the only thing most of us will probably know from each other but that doesn't mean that this is all there is to know. Even rats know when they don't know something so it shouldn't be that hard for us. All you know ≠ all there is to know.
  3. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    FYI you can write angry sounding posts without actually being angry. It's always funny to someone put so much emphasis on how they don't really care yet try to analyze what emotional state others are in over the internet.
  4. GrimReaper

    Do you believe in people changing?

    Yes Sometimes it seems we forget that people are physical objects and not something made out of magic and rainbows. Brain damage, brain tumors or neurological diseases have been known for altering the personality of those affected by them, to varying degrees of course depending on how severe the case is and what/where exactly the damage occurs. Less life threatening options also exist, and there's been a renewed interest in how certain psychedelics can potentially cure addictions. Medications like antidepressants also work on a physiological level. Experiences and memories affect our ever evolving brain as well but usually on a much smaller scale, though there exists a severe form of that as well which is usually called PTSD. It's also worth mentioning that the brains of children are much more malleable than those of adults and not only metaphorically speaking - children have been known to survive brain damage that would kill any adult instantly. The third aspect of this would be introspection which is usually used and encouraged by psychologists and psychiatrists all over the world. Sometimes all it needs for change is to gain a new perspective on what was learned and experienced.
  5. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    I think it was more about policing language and subsequently the thoughts that are allowed. It's a power game that can be played many ways. While I personally didn't have any bad experiences with the Nexus, for example, but their authoritan style, zero tolerance and their then monopoly on mods made for a dangerous mix. Which is all fine and dandy when you're on the end of the spectrum that benefits from it, but the tables can turn quickly which is why it's usually advisable to not install a system that can easily be abused by anyone that has the power to do so. This often leads to a filter bubble which tends to burst real fast and real ugly if you suddenly happen to stand on the wrong side. Is LoversLab really a friendly community when so many posts need to be deleted? On the flipside, since these posts are deleted or rather hidden technically speaking, the evidence is gone. It's really easy to play the victim card and claiming abuse and threats happened when there's no one else that can confirm or deny these claims. When convenience and personal gain converge it's often not coincidental.
  6. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    Please point out where I am being 'troublesome'. I went out of my way to be as nice as humanly possible and you still tell me over and over again that I should just go away or moderate my tone or whatever. You've said in the past that all these things were simple misunderstandings but you still keep doing it. Why?
  7. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    Ironically that was exactly what his post was about.
  8. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    I understand what you're saying, but I don't think redirecting the criticism to the faceless mob that is the community at large - we're speaking about 2.6+ million users, most of which don't seem to post at all considering that the forum is comparibly slow - is very helpful. Since this is an adult site, I also don't think that everyone needs to be a Care Bear, adults should be able to take a bit of coarse language and heated discussion every now and then. It's not a day nursery where users need to be supervised 24/7 or else they might pick up some sharp objects that they end up stabbing themselves and/or others with. It doesn't need to be another 4chan (though things work there better than one might think) but at this point you kinda need to watch very, very carefully what you say and when you say lest you risk being patronized, even if it's about something that was specifically asked for. If you want to keep the current status quo, that's your decision. But I feel like I'm getting mixed signals here, you acknowledge that things could be better but on the other hand it's more or less 'it can't be helped'. I think that stopping the deletion of posts, within reason of course, would be a step in the right direction. I'm pretty sure it's not hard to imagine how frustrating it is when someone else comes along and simply takes your posts away when you haven't broken any rules whatsoever. It's also frustrating when threads get locked, because you punish all participants for the supposed mistakes of a few individuals. If you want the community to grow up you have to stop treating them like children.
  9. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    The rule was the one about paywalls and such, not about underaged content. Which is my point. I don't like the direction the site has taken, embracing paid mods. That's number one and is just my personal opinion about the topic, feel free to disagree if you're so inclined. I'd like to point out that I'm not against it because I won't be getting stuff for free anymore (or less stuff for free), it's a matter of principle for me. Because I do think the whole thing will get ugly one way or the other sooner or later. The second complaint is about the silent deletion of posts. Those two are connected because many posts regarding the matter mentioned above have been deleted and only vague answers have been given such as that the rule is currently under review. Currently meaning at least over 3 months now, that's the point when I was made aware by the rule change that isn't yet a rule change for reasons. And that reviewing/deleting posts either takes priority over monitoring the mod's content or that some modders - which happen to have a patreon - are granted some leniency when it comes to other rules such as children being involved in sexual content. Or maybe even that no one's is actually aware of what's going on. €: But I do get that it's confusing which rule I meant. I did say the heat is melting my brain, though. Makes it hard to concentrate.
  10. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    The 'I don't know' part is essential here because you can't know with all the deleted posts. Untangling the mess that are online forums isn't an easy task but it gets nearly impossible if the staff is obfuscating what's going on. It was pretty obvious what the site was about years ago but now? That being said, the rule isn't handled in any tangible way. Otherwise posts pointing it out wouldn't get deleted, would they?
  11. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    The topic of the mod in question has been pruned at least two times. That much I know. So I'd assume that the part of the staff that did the pruning is aware of the content. Or maybe not, I don't know. No. I'd like this place more if it was more honest about the change in direction. Rule 13 has been under review for god knows how long and when I pointed this out my posts got deleted. Announce it loud and clear so everyone knows what's going on and let them decide if that's something they'd like to support or not. I'd also like it if posts weren't deleted anymore unless of course they contain illegal shit and you'd get in trouble for not hiding them from sight. But if other rules are supposedly broken? Warn the user, make it transparent. Display which moderator warned which user for what. That's pretty much all.
  12. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    -> >asks for feedback >feedback is offered >so why don't you just go away if you don't like it here I'd lie if I'd say I didn't expect that to come up sooner or later. To answer your question, because I've been here a very long time and there's some emotional investment involved. Obviously. Not only because I've been here since the start, but also because I really liked it here once upon a time.
  13. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    This will be a wall of text, I'm afraid. That and I feel like my brain is melting from the heat, but here goes: First off I want to make clear that I never ever explicitly talked about you or any other moderator personally. I don't know what you or other moderators do individually, I only see what the group does. If you're not active in the Skyrim section, for example, I can hardly blame YOU for not moderating it. I can, however, say that the group of moderators is doing a poor job if these things slip through - even if it's just because no moderator feels inclined to monitor the Skyrim section, for example. Even in this very post you shift from talking about 'us, the moderation team' to 'me, the individual person who happens to be a moderator'. That makes your points hard to follow because these are two very different things. Then, on the topic of why I don't report things, which directly feeds into the deleted posts: I tried reporting a stolen mod that was uploaded here years ago, I even went so far as to examine the meshes in nifskope to confirm my suspicion, forwarded my results to a moderator via the report function and was pretty much ignored because the moderator in question couldn't be bothered to check things for himself. At least that's what I got out of it, if I remember correctly. Then me and others recently pointed out that a modder was hiding stuff behind a paywall and the posts got simply deleted. At that time I didn't know that rule 13(?), the one about payments and such was basically considered redundant by the moderation team. I had to PM a moderator because you guys are awfully quiet about it and don't even announce publicly that this rule is effectively suspended until further notice - that was in April and there still hasn't been any sort of communication about this issue whatsoever. And that's just when I noticed it, I have no idea how long this particular rule has been considered that way internally by the moderation team. I could speculate about why there isn't at least a public announcement about it but I won't. So all things considered, I've lost faith in the moderation team. The team itself, not you specifically. Because I don't know what you do. I don't see who deletes what posts, I only know that some posts have simply been removed without any explanation at all or the generic claim that it was done to cull the supposed drama. I don't know if you can look up specific posts but I can assure you that the posts I made that got deleted (and many others) were posts that contained nothing of the sort you've mentioned. But I'm sure there's also many posts where what you've described happened. But I simply don't know. I'll have to take your word for it which is something I don't like as I rather want to check out things for myself, but that's just me.
  14. GrimReaper

    What you think about site and staff

    I'm not very impressed with the direction the site has taken over the years. To me it looks more like the change in direction was like 'oh I guess were doing that now' instead of it being a conscious choice, rule 12 effectively being irrelevant now since god nows when. Also there seems to be a certain drive to protect modders that use patreon to receive support, there's a modder who creates sexual underage content for sexlab with instructions on how to remove sexlab's mechanic that normally makes it unable to be used with children. It's not directly hosted on this very site, but it's only the click of a link away. I don't know if folks here are aware of that or chose to ignore it, which leads me to the second part, the moderation here. I don't really like how things are done here, to be frank. While it's true that members rarely get banned, kicked or even warned, the silent deletion of posts and the locking of threads happen very frequently from my experience. But especially with the deleted posts it is hard to make an estimate because, you know, deleted posts are gone, it's kinda hard to count those. I wouldn't call it censorship, but the potential abuse is there. Delete any post that you don't like and most won't notice unless they were actively participating in the thread. And even then you can claim that the deleted posts were deleted because of trolling or whatever, no one can go back and see if these claims are actually true. So you may have wanted to avoid the authoritan policing the nexus does but you've ended up doing essentially the same. You're silencing people not by taking their accounts away, you're silencing people by taking their posts away. I've been on this site from the very start - technically even before then, back at wolflore until the change in leadership decided to ban anything involving non-consensual stuff and it was mostly translating mods from japanese to english but I digress - and it's sad for to see it go down a route which I think will not lead to a happy ending.
  15. GrimReaper


    But raw intelligence doesn't really have anything to do with being smart. You need to be extremely intelligent to develop something like the atomic bomb, but it's probably not a smart move to do so.