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  1. Not anymore, really. This was the case 10 years or so ago but germany has been pretty lenient when it came to violent video games in recent time. Besides, even games banned can be legally imported and played in germany so nobody cares anyway. You're a few decades too late to paint germany as that authoritan police state you dream of, I'm afraid.
  2. You don't need mods for that, the base game usually has more than enough shit going on that would violate a plethora of rights. Fortunately, video game characters are pixels on a screen and not real.
  3. As FauxFurry has pointed out, there's a lot of hate mod makers get no matter the content or person behind the mod. There's anime-like mods for Rimworld on the workshop and you can't find a page of comments with something like 'fucking weebs kys'. Colourwheel, a female modder for Oblivion back in the day had a knack for skimpy content and she got harassed because people told her it's not appropiate for a girl to make such content. Modders in general get often attacked for making any sort of sexualized mods, getting called creepy basement-dwelling virgins and such all the time. I won't deny that there's probably more hate depending on who is creating the mod and to what tastes the mod caters to, but it's an internet problem rather than the problem of a specific demographic. LGBT people are a tiny minority in every society, despite many people virtue signaling their support, the niche is pretty small all things considered. Even social activists won't consume LGBT content if it doesn't cater to their tastes. And since the vast majority of people is straight, the payout - whether it be endorsements, general interest or actual financial support via pateron - is pretty low, which can be horribly demoralizing on its own. Considering that our brain emphasis negative experiences over positive ones, this can easily get to you. You can have dozens or hundreds of people thanking you for your work yet it only needs one dipshit being a dipshit to get you down sometimes. Not trying to downplay anyone's experiences, but our perception isn't perfect at best and can be severley warped at worst. For what it's worth, I think 'claiming' a problem that's enountered by many for your specific group alienates those that make the same or at least similar experiences but don't belong to the group you're 'claiming' that issue for. For example, someone in the tumblr-thread here on LL called the ban on adult content a LGBT-specific issue when it really wasn't.
  4. GrimReaper


    I don't consider adding items that cause death by removal a solid workaround for the issue tbh. It causes problems all around, always funny to see slavers kill people they want to enslave because they take all the stuff in one's inventory. I'm also aware that you can put folks into the skin peeler machine or some sort of mod that adds craftable furniture for the player that does basically exactly what the peeler does, but I don't find that very satisfying, either. What I'd like to see is a simple option to right click -> kill a downed enemy, which hasn't been achieved yet. The mods I've mentioned above repurpose the mechanics that are already in the game by simply adding them to more NPCs or furniture, you can kill fog princes by removing their head which they carry around in their own inventory, for example. I haven't seen a mod that adds something entirely *new* to the game, yet.
  5. GrimReaper

    Cheating. What are the Virtues You Live By?

    Well the negative connotation is in the word itself, 'cheating' isn't an exactly neutral term, you know. There are people who aren't interested in monogamous relationships, and that's fine IF you make that clear from the start. Cheating, by definition, is always a 'me first' mindset. Which is generally fine but not when others have to suffer for your well-being. Cheating doesn't only apply to relationships. You can cheat and be cheated on in many different ways. For example, someone could ask you to lend them a hundred dollars and promising you to pay it back when it's possible and then simply not do it. Nobody in their right mind would call that a personality trait that needs to accepted and tolerated. We're social animals, so our brains are inherently wired to a sense of fairness but to a much higher degree than other species. People tend to perceive it a negative thing when someone breaks an agreement, especially if it happens for selfish reasons. You need a good reason to not do what you've said you'd do otherwise people are going to call you a moron and move on. Hint, 'I felt like it', 'I was bored' or 'I wanted to' are generally considered not to be very good reasons.
  6. Nah gaming """journalists""" don't really play games. Installing mods would be too complicated for them and that's why there are few to no articles about modding. The only article I could imagine they write is how installing mods needs an easy mode.
  7. GrimReaper

    Open World- How Big can we make it?

    Mount&Blade is unironically the best example when it comes to an open world that isn't just a facade to hide collectibles in or just a backdrop for some sort of narrated story. It features independent, persistent actors that change the world even when you're doing absolutely nothing. You're another factor that's thrown into the equation, not the anchor that holds everything together. And that's despite the fact that a lot of time is spent travelling on a map rather than a seamless, detailed world.
  8. GrimReaper

    Tumblr Users! Beware!

    I don't think this has anything to do with LGBT, honestly. The ban on "female-presenting nipples' also probably has more to do with avoiding the 'problematic male gaze' than it has to do with misogyny. Corporations usually have no problem parading around how inclusive and diverse their human worker zoos are as long as it is family friendly. It's a ban on adult content, simple as that.
  9. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    If you've ever vomited yourself you should know that this is not a voluntary action. Sure, sometimes you can keep it in long enough to visit the nearest toilet, other times it can be rather... explosive.
  10. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    Eh, pawns should be smart enough to not jizz all over the place if they're by themselves, I think.
  11. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    replace the worktype from 'Warden' to 'BasicWorker' in the xml, at least that's what I do every time I download a new version of RJW.
  12. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    Rainbeau Flambe is a modder that voices his personal opinion. He's not a journalist using a media outlet as a soapbox to preach how much of a sexist pig Tynan is. Instead, he simply thinks that there are problems in the code and he made a mod that fixes them. I can respect that, even if I don't necessarily agree with Rainbeau Flambe. It's not exactly rocket science, you know. I think the problem is that RimWorld uses pretty simple numbers to simulate human behavior. No matter how much you tweak things, with the right setup you can negate most mood debuffs. I don't think that sleeping in a nice bed (+8), having a lavish meal (+12) and smoking ye good ol' blunt (+15) balances out the fact that you had to eat the corpse of your mother yesterday (-20 for cannibalism, -8 for the mother's death). There's no lasting consequence for anything, no mental scarring, nothing. RimWorld is very gamified when it comes to the simulation side of things.
  13. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    The psychic drone that gives the mood debuff always seems to affect the gender you have the most of in your colony. If you have 3 dudes and 10 women, it will affect women, if it's the other way around, it affects males. The positive one I don't know, but I do know that you'll never get a drone that affects no one in your colony, i.e. if you only have women, the positive one will never affect males. As far as the romance goes, I have no Idea. However, Rainbeau Flambe, the guy or gal who updated the Rational Romance mod says the following on the mod's page: Fixes Some Problems in the Game's Romance-Related Code. Female pawns will now be just as likely as male pawns to initiate romance attempts or to propose marriage, subject to the cultural variations mentioned above. Gay pawns will be no less likely than straight pawns to be parents. And male and female pawns will both now prefer partners near their own age but potentially accept either younger or older partners, unlike in vanilla, where men have a strong preference for younger women and women for older men. How exactly the numbers look like now, well. That's anyone's guess.
  14. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    Why don't you quote the next few paragraphs that heavily trivialize this section of the article? That's pretty dishonest and thus I don't feel particularly inclined to keep this conversation going. Have a good day.
  15. GrimReaper

    RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

    It was a hit-piece because it wasn't very accurate and painted the dev in a particular way. Obligatory dictionary definition of the word: an article, a documentary, etc. that deliberately tries to make somebody/something look bad by presenting information about them that appears to be true and accurate but actually is not I'd say the article definitely checks those boxes. Here's the response of the dev, if you're interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/5ax9a9/some_notes_on_recent_controversies/ Which imo makes it pretty clear the article was very biased and not entirely accurate.