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  1. GrimReaper


    The first episode was a simple introduction into the world of Goblin Slayer. The whole purpose was to make the audience hate goblins as much as Goblin Slayer himself, or at least make it understandable why he hates them so much. It's not some sort of literary masterpiece, but simply reducing it to violence-/rapebait isn't that smart, either.
  2. I mean that there's mechanisms in place that fill in the gaps whenever there are conflicting feelings or inaccurate/defective informations to make it seem that there's no problem. One of these mechanisms can be temporarily disabled by pouring cold water into your left ear, I kid you not. For whatever reason, this procedure makes people much more rational than usual and even cures anosognosia - for a time.
  3. The left hemisphere is pretty nifty in coming up with convincing explanations. This is most obvious in split brain patients - when you tell the right hemisphere to pick up an object via a prompt on a screen, say a rubik's cube, and hand it over to the other hand (that is controlled by the left hemisphere) and ask the patient why they picked up that particular item they'll respond with something like 'oh I always wanted to solve one of these'. I'm not saying that the human brain operates randomly, I'm just saying it's a mess. A mess that has built-in safety measures against itself in case things get too messy.
  4. The brain regions responsible for love and hate share the same areas, at least in part. Which means that a person you love is very similar to a person you hate, from a neurological perspective. There's also the misconception that the human brain and mind is a monolothic entity when in reality it's a clusterfuck of different subroutines or -personalities vying for dominance. Which explains conflicting feelings, especially when said feelings share some brain regions with each other. Think of a short circuit, if you will, only that this is the modus operandi for our brains and not the exception
  5. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0003556
  6. GrimReaper


    I like this one better
  7. GrimReaper

    Sexual objectification

    Yes, we're all capable of 'crazy crap' and who you want to trust or not is up to you. No, we're not vicious animals. Animals don't have any agency, humans do. Yes, we're capable of anything. Again, being evil doesn't mean you commit random atrocities out of nowhere all the time nor does it mean you're insane. There's no physical barrier, no magical part in your brain that stops you from being cruel and sadistic. The only question that's left to ask is if you acknowledge that about yourself and others or deny it. Given how our soceity loves to pathologize criminals, I'd say the answer is pretty clear. But this is pretty off-topic anyway.
  8. GrimReaper

    Sexual objectification

    There's no purpose in evolution, just like there is no purpose in gravity. Evolution simply describes a selection process, one that's produced more dead species than living ones. So even if humans are the greatest evil to ever exist, there's no implication to be found in it. The other side of the coin however is this: Would you rather be incapable of being evil or would you rather choose not to be evil? I'd prefer the latter because the other option strips you of all agency. Nah, even the most unhinged serial killer is capable of reason and thought. Being a dangerous individual with murderous intent doesn't mean you randomly commit acts of violence.
  9. GrimReaper

    Sexual objectification

    People are monsters, though. The belief that there's some inherent difference between normal people and those that harm others out of satisfaction, personal gain or convenience is quite dangerous. I once heard someone say that we're basically all axe murderers who just haven't found their axe yet.
  10. GrimReaper

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Well you can't blame them really since most modding communities - if you still want to call them that, that is - have been waving their collective wallet around. Meaning there's cash to be made, it's just money that Bethesda isn't making. It's like throwing a big fat steak into a lion's face and expecting them not to eat it.
  11. GrimReaper

    you are prejudiced?

    Idk, seems a bit like the just world hypothesis. The question is, do poor life choices lead to poverty or does poverty lead to poor life choices? I think both of these interact with each other regularly. If you come from a rich background, you fucking up won't have much of a consequence but if you keep doing it, you'll eventually hit rock bottom, too. On the other hand, if you're from a poor background, there's much less opportunity for you to fuck things up until consequences start catching up to you. The same can imo be said about single parents. While it's true that statistically single parents (which happen to be mothers most of the time, meaning it's really hard to tell if single dads would perform better or worse overall) do a worse job in raising their children the question remains exactly why this happens. It might just be that the workload of raising a child and providing an income for the household is simply too much for a single person, could be that a father is important after all or any number of things, really. Socialization is an important aspect, too, and many parents nowadays are quite schizophrenic in that regard. However, one thing seems certain: Our current way of doing things isn't working well. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/talking-about-men/201706/is-there-really-boy-crisis Interesting article to read despite 'only' being about boys and young men. It's also quite alarming that most killing sprees are done by men and that the amount of killing sprees is rising. Which either means that men are inherently more violent and dangerous than women or that societal pressure has build up so much over the recent years that men simply start to crack more often today. Also this: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/02/16/female-teachers-give-male_n_1281236.html No matter how you look at it, things aren't looking well. And how much of this is down to life choices, I don't know. Personal responsibility is obviously important, but it's not the be all end all, it looks like.
  12. GrimReaper

    you are prejudiced?

    Depends on the context but since all you're doing is moving the goalposts I don't think this will lead anywhere.
  13. GrimReaper

    you are prejudiced?

    https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/05/the-57375-years-of-life-lost-to-police-violence/559835/ The article conveniently doesn't mention the US crime statistics, though. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/homicides-fall-to-lowest-rate-in-four-decades-133967273.html Nobody is arguing that corrupt and violent police officers shouldn't be punished for their wrongdoings. Which wasn't your point anyways, because everyone that works within the police force is obviously a spawn of the devil himself, so there's no need to differentiate because they're all evil. Doesn't matter if the person in question did actually something wrong, no. Group identity is all that matters here.
  14. GrimReaper

    Sexual objectification

    what I mean what even How do you think I was calling you a sociopath? I just said it takes one sociopath to abuse the rather simple solution 'be nice to each other' for it to fall apart.