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  1. Went and fixed the missing cum textures this morning - turns out that it's tied to the orgasm effects flag, which I don't use. I simply moved the cum code outside of that if statement (this is in sslactoralias.psc): if Config.OrgasmEffects ; Shake camera for player if IsPlayer && Game.GetCameraState() >= 8 Game.ShakeCamera(none, 1.00, 2.0) endIf ; Play SFX/Voice if !IsSilent PlayLouder(Voice.GetSound(100, false), ActorRef, Config.VoiceVolume) endIf PlayLouder(OrgasmFX, MarkerRef, Config.SFXVolume) endIf ; Apply cum to female positions f
  2. Running into an issue with a mod I'm trying to set up. Basic flow is as follows: Story manager event set up to trap any kill events. Follower kills a wolf Quest is triggered by the story manager Pull killer from event data into ReferenceAlias The issue here is that the killer is being set to the player even though it is the follower that performed the kill. This seems to be a game mechanic to effectively make the player responsible for follower crimes. Is there any easy way to get the actual follower actor if they are the killer, and not the player
  3. Figured I'd post up a few more of my favorites. Just because I can, the previously mentioned Scarlet (drool)... Then there's Xevaria (minus the horns, which I took out). The same mod contains Dallas, who is also extremely hot. Haven't found her in my current game since I ran my code to move all my followers around. Xevaria is a bit of a bully and likes to pick on my other followers. Xevaria's Victim, Khinara Jade. Can't stand face tattoos, so I removed it. Finally, another hottie who is not availabl
  4. I keep toying with the idea of moving the SexLab animation selection engine to SKSE, among other things. It seems to be very restricted in terms of the animations that are selected, even if I have 400 or so loaded via SLAL.
  5. I have Grey Cloud beat very easily (there are only around 100 non-follower mods above these)... My favorite of my current group from here - She's probably in my top 20 of the 1000 or so followers that hang out in my game.
  6. And it turns out the catapult ammunition used in the civil war is a perfectly legitimate projectile for use with a bow (there's that carriage horse again...)
  7. I tracked down the schoolgirl skirt to here - it's number 63. The boots are a variant of the UNP boots mod, I used the non-high-heel version: link Needless to say I did a lot of retexturing. A little more follower combat testing. Can't get away without using tgm at the console. I have no idea why I find it fun to get chased around by a horde of angry ladies.
  8. So I have a mod or two that I use to test new followers. One of these mods has a spell that I use to test combat (the armor outfits in random colors are something that I included in the spell to make things more... visually appealing). The weird thing about this is that if there is a carriage horse in the area, all of the followers will start wailing on it to the complete exclusion of everything else. The few dead bodies in the area were caught in crossfire. I have a second spell to remove essential and invulnerability flags from a target, but it seems the carriage horses have so m
  9. It's hugely problematic when editing facegen meshes (yes, I use Outfit Studio to fix those stupid anime elf ears on some of the more attractive followers). The head and hair are in the correct position, the remainder of the face parts are somewhere below.
  10. A collection of weird stuff that I've seen over the last few months...
  11. Turns out I messed something up and SKSE wasn't recognizing my DLL as loadable (although it was hitting the SKSEPlugin_Load function). After messing around with things all afternoon I reverted back to an earlier build of the main file and reapplied my changes. Looks like everything is working as intended now.
  12. Like this... std::wstring_convert<std::codecvt_utf8<wchar_t>, wchar_t> converter; return converter.to_bytes(item->translation); That part I figured out some time ago. I plugged in your RegisterListener code, and while I don't get a CTD, it doesn't like the registration and spits out setListener=false: // Also tried with static void skseMessagingCallback(SKSEMessagingInterface::Message* msg) { // Stuff } __declspec(dllexport) bool SKSEPlugin_Load(const SKSEInterface* skse) { // Is there a reason why <static_cast> is better than below? Yes, I
  13. @Hawk9969, really appreciate the detailed explanation. While I did have the BSScaleFormTranslator code that you have above, it turns out that I am completely unaware of the events being sent in from SKSE. So that last code snippet above fills in the gap perfectly. Should be easy to implement in my codebase. Thanks again!
  14. Hoping there are some C++ experts here that can help. Some may know me as the "Random Sex" guy. Random Sex makes use of an SKSE plugin to figure out which animations can be used and where to place NPCs and creatures within the selected animation. I currently build SKSE as a static library (not a dll) and link my Random Sex dll against that library. I suspect this is not the correct way to do things. The reason I ask is this. The Random Sex dll has a secondary function where it handles the notifications that are put on the screen as to who is doing who. I hav
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