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  1. Grey Cloud

    Soulgem Oven III

    I bet it doesn't. I bet it says that one possible cause is too many animations. Crashes at start up can be down to too many animations for your set up; missing masters or incorrectly configured memory. 99% of Skyrim CTDs are down to memory. Follow this https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0 If you have any questions post in the tech support thread.
  2. It is similar with clothes and armour too. You need to use UUNP armours for UUNP body and so on.
  3. Grey Cloud

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    Sorry for daring to contradict you. So you are old; so am I.
  4. Grey Cloud

    Lich Evilynn

    Where did you get this from?
  5. Grey Cloud

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    No you didn't, as I said all that has been common knowledge for years. It is common practise for all capitalist enterprises.
  6. Grey Cloud

    Soulgem Oven III

    10 or 12k animations is easily doable if your game is set up correctly. Plenty of people use more than that.
  7. Grey Cloud

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    So what's new? Microsoft has been accused of this since day 1 of dial-up Internet connections. And my point that this sort of activity is not restricted to Microsoft stands. If it bothers you that much then don't use Microsoft products.
  8. Grey Cloud

    Soulgem Oven III

    Why do you need to reduce the number of animations?
  9. It's a foot-warmer. (Or possibly an elk and safety issue)
  10. Grey Cloud

    Uunp nipples glitching

    I'm no expert but she looks naked to me.
  11. Wondering whether to think 'No way' or 'Oops-a-daisy'. Just fast travelled to Fallowstone Cave
  12. Grey Cloud

    Skyrim Keeps Crashing.

    You are not in the same boat at all. Your Papyrus log is useless trouble-shooting CTDs. Read this and get your game properly set up and configured. https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0 Once you get a stable Skyrim then you can think about installing lots of mods.
  13. Grey Cloud

    Game & save crashes within a specific area

    Ah yes. SCC is where I fought the 3 bandits who were guarding the outside. One came at me down the path, archer stayed by the door and one disappeared though his red dot was still on the radar. So after I killed the archer I hopped down the cliffside looking for him rather than returning to the main path. Didn't find him and carried on. Now this has just made me remember something I mentioned in a post in another thread about people getting stuck inside the mesh. Hmmn. EDIT: Just checked and I was trying Tamriel Reloaded when I was getting bandits stuck in meshes. EDIT 2: SCC is nowhere near where I fought the bandits and the reason I couldn't find the camp was because I was looking far too far south. I think it was Fallowstone Cave with the bandits.
  14. Grey Cloud

    NMM Please don't send me away!!!!

    Good idea. I'd try this one before trying any uninstalling. Open Task Manager and you will see if NMM is actually doing anything by looking at the NexusClient.exe cpu and memory usage under the Processes tab.
  15. Grey Cloud

    Game & save crashes within a specific area

    Part two. Left Cragwallow and ran* to and around the eastern side of the sulphur marsh without problems. Ran down the road towards Riften and called in a couple of places I'd missed when I was in the area previously. Can't for the life of me find the Imperial Camp and the uesp.wiki map isn't working for some reason. I've basically run down the eastern side of the map following the mountains and looped around behind Riften and am now at Snow-Shod Farm. * I generally run everywhere in my game. I encountered all sorts of SIC creatures from foxes to Ancient Glass Golems and saw off some OBIS bandits but never had any problems. Just had a look at your plug-in list and a couple of things which pop out. First you are using an old version of MNC, you should update to the latest SLAL version. And the one which I thought might be relevant until I realised I am using it myself: Vivid Landscapes. Doh! Only been using it for a few weeks but I've been all around the map in this game without problems. Not overly impressed with the visual but no problems as such. Had a look at my AMM MCM settings and it's mostly default with some things disabled.