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  1. Bummer. I never leave home without the Manipulator but the harem feature I have never used.
  2. Try 0000341A ? Unless SE is different, the code usually has 8 characters.
  3. Adding more followers to my game and using Are You There to whizz around to check on them. I'm getting this every time I land in the Sleeping Giant. The lunatics don't normally enter buildings. The strange part is the girls know he's coming and everyone draws their weapon and rushes to that end of the inn. Some of the girls are already in Delphine's room, this lot is the rearguard. Chummy spawns in from the right and moves left to where he is now and then dies due to an overdose of greatswords. Meanwhile, big Alf stands there trying to pretend it isn't happening.
  4. CCO is the one I'd go for. MCM to configure the various options. I use the LE version.
  5. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimLE:2.10.0 https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/7521-conglomerate-01-installing-skyrim-stability-fixes-tools/
  6. Use LOOT, avoid that guide. " "Installation The most important thing first: DO NOT CHANGE THE LOADORDER WITH LOOT!" Sage advice there. Don't use a tool specifically designed to sort load orders; has been around for years; and is used on a daily basis by thousands if not tens of thousands of users. Accept what I put in my guide without any explanation. LOOT may not be 100% perfect but then what is? Assume LOOT is correct unless you have good reason to believe it is not. If you want a guide follow this one: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/1365
  7. @Psalam didn't spot your post re Majestic Mountains. Same time stamp as my post so probably 'ships that crossed in the night'.
  8. Grammatically, the second sentence doesn't make any sense. I meant to make sure that MO was pointing at the correct location. It would be logical to anyone who was not in such a rush to try to score Brownie points off me. And is related to the comment about making sure MO is looking in the right place. And I explained in a previous post that I assumed it was an MO thing but you hadn't the wit to read it. Hopping three times on your left foot wont do any harm either. Anyone with any sense would assume that the OP
  9. Use LOOT. The warnings and error messages are there for a reason. Some errors aren't game-breaking but they are still errors. If the crash is always and only in a particular area then it could be a bad mesh. The mesh could be from anything - grass, creature, road, etc.
  10. Well . . . This is LE tech support. SE has its own. You appear to have over 300 esps on the go there. I hope over 50 or more of them are flagged as esls. That load order doesn't look like it has be sorted. That Papyrus log doesn't look to good. Are we supposed to guess whether this game has ever worked? Are we supposed to guess whether you have tried any other places and if they caused a CTD too?
  11. Just noticed the similar problems with the quoting and notifications in the Skyrim section. @Psalam The site was under renovation in January. It is now June. ☹️
  12. So...? I did "check his load order, buddy". Try and keep up. So...? Any suggestion? Yes. 1. Don't play around in the CK. 2. Assume you (the OP) have cocked up. 3. Check that your mod manager is looking in the correct place for the correct files. 4. Check that those files are actually where they are supposed to be. So...? Found anyone else who recommends restarting their computer as a first step in troubleshooting?
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