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  1. What has LOOT to do with it? Why not try providing some useful information. 1. Confirm that you are running Skyrim LE. 2. Which mod manager do you use and does it show any problems (assuming you know what to look for). 3. Provide a load LO (post using spoiler tags). Ignore cleaning masters and all that unnecessary rubbish.
  2. But there is no hiding place. SE and now AE users just keep coming. ☹️
  3. It's 'clues' not 'cues' but this is tech support not the guessing game thread.
  4. My point was that if CF is not working correctly then you will not get the animations for the other creatures which you do want. I know what you wrote as I can read. It is you who cannot read. SexLab per se has little to do with this. Going from memory but I think the only thing directly involved in SexLab is ticking the 'allow creature animations' box. Then you do not have CF set up properly so therefore creature sex will not work properly. There are something like 30 pages in my CF MCM. See above about SexLab. Perhaps if you actually read and understood the descriptions of the mods you install then you would get the results you wanted earlier.
  5. Hey psychic, if that is the case then how come he wrote 'this' and not 'these' or 'those'? How do you know he didn't mean SOS?
  6. Then how do you expect to shag wolves, horses and the rest? If you have Creature Framework, mods to provide canine animations and the rest of it then you should have an entry or entries in CF for dogs.
  7. I know what AE is. What I said was that I didn't know what 'this' is. The 'this' being the 'this' in your sentence.
  8. You could try withholding their treats until they learn to behave. You can deselect dogs in the Creature Framework MCM.
  9. I have no idea what 'this' is and I don't care as I use LE.
  10. Which do you want to be using - BHUNP or CBBE? You should only be using one of them with the skin and armours to match that body.
  11. What have you narrowed down to JContainers? This is the LE section, SE has its own place.
  12. Doubtful. This is the LE section, SE has its own place. For SE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/ https://www.loverslab.com/topic/118460-skyrim-se-for-beginners-v-319-3bbb-hdt-smp-hph/
  13. Either that or read one of the zillion posts about the issue that have been on the net for several weeks.
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