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  1. Best I can do for you. Not quite what Darwin had in mind I'll wager.
  2. Don't do it, never done it. Vanilla - just say 'No'. I've done a modded version (Book of Sex?) but the only thing I can remember about that was a bear turning up and breaking it.
  3. enbseries is from your ENB so you could just replace it by copying from there. Your ENB may also contain an enblocal.ini. If so you could copy that and then edit it to match your PC's memory. Bethini will get your Skrim and Skyrimprefs back to normal. It is unlikely to be the ini files if it only affects one city (unless there is something which is peculiar to Whiterun roofs). Lessons to learn: 1 Always make a backup of any file before you mess with it. 2 Don't mess with any file unless you know what you are doing.
  4. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    Wasn't having a pop at you, it was just a general comment (which I've made before and will probably make again).
  5. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    I can go months without a CTD which is why I bang on about getting a stable game before loading it with mods and then blaming 'mod conficts' and 'heavy scripts' and 'Skyrim being Skyrim' and other reasons for pointing the finger anywhere but at yourself. My game is currently half-broken but that is because I broke it. I tried a few things and they didn't work so I will take it on the chin and get around to fixing it.
  6. Grey Cloud

    [SOLVED] NPCs with darkened body textures

    Could you stick [SOLVED] in the title, please? It may help others in the future.
  7. What they are calling 'Oldrim' is Legendary Edition. You will not find mods labelled 'Oldrim'. The Special Edition mods usually have SE in the title or it is otherwise indicated that they are for SE or SE compatible.
  8. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    No. You could learn to use LOOTs metadata feature.
  9. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    You've been experiencing CTDs for weeks or months and all you have done is treat the symptoms and then load more mods. You are building on sand. Lots of mods have scripts. Probably all of your follower mods have a script. You might also want to remove your 'test scripts'. Whatever they are, I doubt they are 'scripts'.
  10. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    That's over 11,000 and may or may not be the problem.
  11. Grey Cloud

    No Sex Animation

    What MMG said, plus the Error 9 is too many animations is it not? Or is it you are using the wrong version vis LE and SE? Just hit the 'Print Screen' key to get screenshots. Open it in Paint, save as jpg and drag n drop into the post.
  12. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    Unless you are 100% certain that your hardware is sufficient and your game is configured correctly, you have way too many mods. Your mods are a combination of the old, the pointless and the heavy content adding. So, 1 Read and follow the S.T.E.P. guide to get a stable game to build upon. 2 Read and re-read the mod descriptions paying special attention to what other mods are required and when the mod was last updated, etc. 3 Exercise some self-restraint in the mods you install.
  13. Grey Cloud

    CTD´s everywhere!

    I think that is only if you run Crash Fixes (which you should). CF throws up a message if you have the X64 line set as True.
  14. Grey Cloud

    CTD randomly during sex and other bugs

    That list needs LOOT running on it. How many animations does FNIS say you have? There is no hard and fast number before you get problems; it depends on several factors. Disable your armour patch and the bashed patch while trouble-shooting. You have a lot of HDT in your game. You have a lot of mods adding content. You have lots of mods with scripts. What's this? I have run PSQ for years and have never heard of 'Succubusnanko'.
  15. Grey Cloud

    Guess This Location.

    It's Kwanon by HHayley. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85321 Only been using it for a couple of weeks but much impressed so far. Hangs head in shame would be more like it. Strange thing. I'd saved the game there immediately after taking the shot. When I went back into the game, the first thing that happened was the knife fell/jumped out of the body.