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  1. The image in the screen looks like the 'LeatherHobbleDressOpen' which as far as I can see does not have any other colours other than leather. There does appear to be something wrong with the 'open' part there. Mine looks like this: The 'LeatherElegantDress' does appear to have the colour variants. I'm using DDx 4.1. on LE.
  2. The limit is 255 - a couple the game needs. It's a hexadecimal limit is it not, in that if you go beyond 255 hex needs an extra digit? "As you might know, running the CreationKit from MO works like with any other executable and MO should discover the CK automatically if it's installed. But since the Papyrus Script Compiler is a 64bit executable and MO doesn't support those, you can't compile scripts from the CK." https://stepmodifications.org/forum/topic/6214-howto-use-creationkit-from-mo/
  3. Judging by the mess that is in all the screenshots and the questions and statements you have posted I would suggest that you are a long way off modding Skyrim with any success. I don't run SE so I don't know about the ENBs for it but you are using an LE ENB from 2014 which is designed to work with enb series .250. LE enb series is up to around .450 now. 😬 😬 😬
  4. Err, I meant that one needs the Gender boxed ticked because one is using Sexlab.
  5. Wow. For starters you are the first person I can recall posting in the SE section but using LE. That FNIS install is a complete mess. You need to watch a video or three to learn how to install it. Your animations will never work while your FNIS is jiggered. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimLE:2.10.0 https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/7521-conglomerate-01-installing-skyrim-stability-fixes-tools/ How do you know it should be when you have no idea of what animations he has? It only needs ticking if there are animations which req
  6. This is LE tech support, SE has its own section. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/ You need to do a lot of reading. If you have not mastered the basics of your mod manager then you are not going to get far modding Skyrim. The eye mismatch is because he is blind in the right eye.
  7. We don't need VAR for this one. Definitely interfering with the goalkeeper.
  8. It is not looking for the game folder, it is looking for the Skyfem ignores.txt file. Have you looked to see if there is a folder named 'Edit Scripts' with a that text file in there? There shouldn't be any such files in that folder.
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/
  10. Why not say how you fixed it, it may help some one in the future.
  11. I think you are getting hold of the wrong of the stick here. He doesn't want to change the road as in moving it or re-routing it. He just wants to retexture it. At least that is my reading of the situation.
  12. Well I've discovered where all the missing NPCs have got to. Some I can guess how they died. Some such as Vivienne, Taarie, Erdi, Mikael and Acolyte Jennsen never leave town. 🤔
  13. Messing with meshes might be an issue but swapping out textures shouldn't be. Many of the landscape/environment overhauls are just textures. A few months ago I used a lot of the ideas from this and I've not seen any problems. https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/p/retexture.html?zx=ad2c1249afc85cc8
  14. That's telling you that you have the LE version. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/ This is the LE tech support, SE has its own.
  15. That is the only plus for me. Not sure what you mean here. The reasoning for the staged/deployed thing is a complete mystery to me as I cannot see any benefit for it. Maybe it is just the way I 'play' Skyrim - I'm forever editing esps and chopping and changing mods and whatnot so I am forever having to manually 'deploy'. This is a royal pain in the proverbial.
  16. Coldcinder Cave? Coldcinder - wasn't that the name of a James Bond film? 🤔
  17. Mayhap just their response to criticism of things they have no answer to. Have you ever heard of SMIM's bsa causing CTDs? Or anyone having problems due to a bsa being from Oblivion? In the email notification I got there was a link to a Nexus wiki page. "Even among the variations of the same file type, they can cause unwanted side effects such as preventing the game from starting up." https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Bethesda_mod_archives If I weren't so lazy I'd go back to NMM tomorrow and bollocks to Nanny Tanin and Vortex.
  18. Which problem? What sorting problem? Vortex uses its own version of LOOT or you can use the standalone version of LOOT. It's just bad modding practice to me. Either use mods which don't need patches or merge the patch with the mod (by using Merge Plugins or dragging the changing across from the patch to the mod esp in T5Edit).
  19. Listen to LOOT and not someone who who doesn't know what they are talking about. You don't need a merged patch. What you are supposed to be merging is anyone's guess. CTD in the same location is generally a bad mesh. Have you tried an Alt Start in one of the cities, i.e. in an inn? Can you coc into the city?
  20. People like you drive me nuts. Why do you blame the mod manager when the problem was obviously you. Does it not occur to you that nobody else has the problem with Vortex and FNIS apart from those who do not know how to install FNIS. How do you think swapping to a different mod manager, which the OP has never tried before, is going to help? Installing the game in Program files can cause access problems but it does not as a rule cause graphical issues in game. Your load order is a complete fuck up. You have as many patches as you do mods. The place to
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