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  1. I am using a modpack I love via WBJ but it has all the naughty SL stuff, I love it but I would love to stream my Skyrim game I kind of like my Youtube and Twitch channel and don't want to loose them :), do you think it would be possible using the different menu's of Sexlab, aroused, Devious and others to create a situation where my character is locked away in chastity and the situation controlled to the point no one initiates anything naughty with her. This is more a hypothetical question now as I am looking into other mods and ideas but it appeals to me the idea of basically neute
  2. Only game I pre-ordered this year and it was because I had the money spare at the time and knew money would be tight after Christmas was Cyberpunk 2077.
  3. I have been a fan of Bethesda since the 90's, Elder scrolls was the first game I showed my wife and Daggerfall was the game that Turned my wife into a gamer, I bought every collectors edition, built new computers for each of us around every game release. Bethesda used to be the golden child of gaming we gave it so many get out of jail free cards. After these last few years, the lazy Fallout 4 VR port and then 0 support, Creation club, bethesda launcher, Fallout 76 (the last game my wife pre-ordered for me before her death). I have added Bethesda to the Activ
  4. immersive definition: seeming to surround the audience, player, etc. so that they feel completely involved in something. I see that as a valid point, Big breasted girls make me feel less involved in something/game, but that is just a personal thing, Over use of the save command because Skyrim could crash any moment, breaks my immersion, anything that takes me out of the game removes my feeling completely involved. stops me loosing myself. Thus breaks immersion. And yes CTD's and all of the crap dialogue or bugs break or take you out of immersion, you feel le
  5. Hi all, What I am talking about is the mod or part of a game like Skyrim or Fallout for where your mind goes NOPE, and it breaks any kind of immersion. For example I can handle flying dragons, fire from fingertips, even the simplicity of security on tombs, raised dead, werewolves, vampires, Dwemer, I can happily justify skimpy sexy female clothing in Skyrim because "magical enchantments" But my one big nope is large breasts on a female in combat (not talking normal large but over the top), my brain just goes NOPE, how the hell does she even walk without straining
  6. Skyrim modding is all about personal choice, if I would like "magical" sexy female armor that handles the cold because of "magic" which is no less real than a dragon flying and fireballs from fingers then that is personal choice and works.
  7. Hope this is the right place to put this. I am about to embark on a new reinstall of Skyrim (not SSE), steam is just installing (clean directory, reg and save files) hardware is as good as I can put together no limitation there, 8700k, 1080ti and game installed in a steam library only m2 Samsung 970 pro drive. What I am looking for, playable, a fun amount of adult mods, beautiful, lots of sexy clothing, Japanese style female looks, Frostfall, ineeds a few houses, all of the fixes and core content mods but doesn't need to be ENB or flashy. Am I right in thinking tha
  8. Hello, as per my message here My wife played both Skyrim and Oblivion a lot, I would like to create her character as a follower for me in SkyrimVR I have no technical ability on this so could please use some help.
  9. Thank you, this was and is always a good community. Bed time for me.
  10. I haven't been around for awhile, some of you knew my wife Paola was ill, had been ill for 20 years first it was Cancer (Acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia) incurable in adults (at 20) then the medication caused diabetes, the diabetes + medication caused Complete renal failure, we decided to do home dialysis and all was going well, as always she fought every day even through the constant pain. on the 8th of November she woke up (PD Dialysis happens over night) with nausea and heart burn, we thought she had a stomach bug. Day before we had been to hospital for 2 month appoin
  11. I am trying to figure out why this menu system is such a big issue, I know it is the done deal when it comes to options but some mods (during the SSE time before we got SkyUI for SSE) mod makers started using a bit of ingenuity. By that I mean look at real needs or frostfall, look at camping or Better Vampires, all of them use an in game item to create a menu system and options. Yes I know it is not in any way elegant but is it a solution or is there a much more profound difference.
  12. I have not personally noticed this problem, what kind of connection do you have, I'm on a 78/18mb and nested quotes with pictures load as fast as the text (unless there is a bandwidth issue with the picture provider).
  13. I have yet to tweak the SS so its running stock, SSE seems to be amazing for performance even on mid cards and because SkyrimVR is based on that we see a lot less problems than the old clunker lol.
  14. As of now these two are the highest resolution HMD out, not counting ones not officially out yet. My own setup is a Vive Pro paired with a i6700k 32gb ddr4 1080ti and all storage as m2 samsung 950's super fast. From my current experience in games like SkyrimVR the extra resolution is well worth the cash, now my skyrim game in HMD looks as good as my 1080p version if not a little better. Mods that affect visuals and especially long distance stuff like mountains look amazing, shooting either in F4vr or Using a bow at long distance is so much better when your t
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