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  1. calranthe

    MCM VR Question

    I am trying to figure out why this menu system is such a big issue, I know it is the done deal when it comes to options but some mods (during the SSE time before we got SkyUI for SSE) mod makers started using a bit of ingenuity. By that I mean look at real needs or frostfall, look at camping or Better Vampires, all of them use an in game item to create a menu system and options. Yes I know it is not in any way elegant but is it a solution or is there a much more profound difference.
  2. calranthe

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    I have not personally noticed this problem, what kind of connection do you have, I'm on a 78/18mb and nested quotes with pictures load as fast as the text (unless there is a bandwidth issue with the picture provider).
  3. I have yet to tweak the SS so its running stock, SSE seems to be amazing for performance even on mid cards and because SkyrimVR is based on that we see a lot less problems than the old clunker lol.
  4. As of now these two are the highest resolution HMD out, not counting ones not officially out yet. My own setup is a Vive Pro paired with a i6700k 32gb ddr4 1080ti and all storage as m2 samsung 950's super fast. From my current experience in games like SkyrimVR the extra resolution is well worth the cash, now my skyrim game in HMD looks as good as my 1080p version if not a little better. Mods that affect visuals and especially long distance stuff like mountains look amazing, shooting either in F4vr or Using a bow at long distance is so much better when your target is not just 4 pixels across.
  5. calranthe

    How are you supposed to jerk off in VR?

    For me it was as simple as a couple of holsters for the vive wands for when I wanted to use my hands for other things.
  6. calranthe

    Has anyone tried to sex up SkyrimVR yet

    Sorry completely missed the VR section doh!
  7. calranthe

    Has anyone tried to sex up SkyrimVR yet

    No one? I can't be the only one exploring Skyrim in VR who has also wanted to take it in a naughty direction, I hope I am not the only one exploring Skyrim in VR no way I could go back to flatscreen gaming after this.
  8. I understand that SkyrimVR is based on the SSE version, most not skse or skyui mcm needing SSE mods work with the system, I was just wondering if anyone has got anything like Sexlab to work, I am currently playing through with 45 mods and my hardware is Vive Pro, 1080ti i7-6700k 32gb DDR4 Windows 10, M2 storage devices. It looks amazing, usually try to sit on top of a mountain and watch the sunrise and sunset, add to that something like Vivid weather and its like I am there in a fantasy world of so much beauty and amazingness that I forget to look out for danger.
  9. calranthe

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    A world of fun plan! A)Buy Skyrim VR (check) B)Modernise my pc via m2 storage and 1080ti (check) C)Clear out the spare 3m*3m (check) D)Buy Vive Pro (check) waiting on delivery.
  10. calranthe

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    Just pre-ordered it for myself and wife (she has the rift, I have the vive), I did try vorpx and even with tweaking F4 vorpx does not come close to F4VR (way too many hours in that one now) can not wait for this and then to see how many mods I can break it with over and over again. Although I do plan on doing a full vanilla play through before I mod anything. I am immune it seems to motion sickness, Minecraft in VR I can play for 6 hours at a time, F4VR I absolutely love.
  11. calranthe

    [Fallout 4 VR] Imagine the possibilities...

    We need to put together a list of mods that work. I am not seeing any blur in my game but I do have SS 1.5. This is my setup i7 6700k 16gb DDR4 1080ti m2 samsung 950 pro Storage. As for my thoughts I just spent my first hour in F4 VR and even though I am using an Oculus Rift and thus the control scheme is a bit wonky, its amazing, I spent almost an hour exploring the vault and up to Sanctuary, you know for the first time I think I could actually live in Sanctuary. Unless you have tried VR and actually tried this game in VR it is very hard to put it all into words, you all are playing Fallout 4 on a flat screen it doesn't matter if that flat screen is 4kUHD and a super snazzy graphics card, its still you a mouse and keyboard looking through a window, some one once described it as watching a documentary on a game as opposed to living the event. The immersion level is why I can't play flat games anymore as is proved with Skyrim VR on the ps4 the textures on that game are painfully low rez and the ps4 vr system is not as advanced as a Rift or Vive but people are spending 10-12 hour sessions in skyrm fighting dragon. Although I will say this Radfuckingroachesbastardsonofabitches! damn things jump at your face and its like get away from me!!! waaaaa! waving around that damn baton like it is a holy cross fending off evil! Gun play is fun as hell, aiming down the sights , looking at the gun the details, Vats is now like a semi bullet time, the enemies are slowed down and you get to aim precisely but they never stop completely, its like you are Neo from the Matrix for a few seconds. okay will try to answer any questions but I have to go meet cosworth (never realised how big he is when you stand next to him). Oh and I am using free movement with all the comfort settings turned off.
  12. calranthe

    GSB's BDSM files

  13. Just to let you know fundraising goal has dropped quite abit to £6000 because of a visit to a local boat yard that had a boat perfect for us at £3900 so now the goal is a lot closer
  14. The generosity of people all over the world amazes me, some one pointed out that what Bethesda sent us is like a Bible signed by Jesus and I guess for gamer's it is. Even if we do not make the full amount, I have looked at boats in the 2500-6000 range as well, yes they look as bad as an unmodded morrowind character model but as long as it has a hull that does not leak an engine that works and a place for Paola to rest things are good
  15. Thank you, we just got back from the hospital appointment counts are staying stable since the last results, they still want her to go through a biopsy but we are holding out to see what the results are at the end of the month.