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  1. I am a programmer by trade and have always wanted to get into Skyrim modding. However, as I am a programmer, modding is a bit close to what I do all day, so it can be tough to get home and do the same thing. I have had many ideas from that I started playing the game, but never took the time to really learn modding. I have built some things in the CK, even tweaked a mod or two, but have never released anything. I have two mods sitting around that are good candidates for me to use to further my knowledge on Skyrim modding. One will take very little, as it is just a player home, the other a bit more complex, but should be fun. Soo... I decided to create this blog. This blog is a place for me to express some of the ideas I have had for Skyrim mods over the years. I cannot say whether or not these mod ideas will ever grow to become mods, but we can all hope. I do plan on learning more about modding. Perhaps doing that will spark some incentive to try out some of my ideas. I currently have at least two ideas that I have started taking notes on. I will get those to a presentable form and post them. Each idea will have its own post, and that post will be used to discuss the idea with the community (or just myself if no one cares to stop by). Over time the posts will be updated to reflect changes in each idea. Maybe eventually we will have working outlines for each idea. This first post can also serve as a place to suggest your own ideas. Maybe one will spark some inspiration in me, or someone else. Stay tuned!
  2. Hi all. This is a thread created to talk about race mods I am currently, will plan, and might work on. Anyone interested in being a part of the projects is welcome. -------------------------------- NO longer adding/taking request work. -------------------------------- Projects that will be discussed here. All heads will be morphed from the Citrus Heads. All males will be made with SOS and females with UUNP Special bodies in mind. Some of the projects may not be uploaded by me or managed by me, but by another. Or just incorporated into another mod for less plugins. New Body Models - Includes everything; body, head, eyes, an accurate inner mouth, and sex organs. The topology is intended to be clean, animation friendly, and have good muscle curves for accurate deformation and detail. The goal is a total polygon count of 12.5K quads (25K triangles), and a subdivision (x4) option of 50K quads (100K triangles) (Required as a base for future projects) Female: (in progress) Male: (Planned) Leviathan Race - from Yu Yu Hakusho: (Planned) Sergal Race - Was adopted/taken over from Here. (Planned) Renamon Race - Only the female head from the transition of making of making Sergal heads. (Planned) Fox Race - Fennec Race Alternative. (Planned) Gargoyle Race - Based on the show and likely a solo project if Skyrim is excluded. Planned for CGTrader, etc. Maybe for Skyrim too. (Maybe) Other Projects My Mods Khajiit Overhaul Projects I helped or am helping work on The Selachii - Shark Race by Blaze69 Cat race head morphs at Yiffy Age of Skyrim by Bad Dog Free Recourse Files ______________________________________________ Human and human type races are so over worked on in the Skyrim modding community that it's just not worth it for me and these types are so neglected. Making other types of races is actually quite fun, they look cool and interesting, and helps to build more unique skills as a 3d modeler. If you are interested in making new or existing races but concerned of being labeled, well that's too bad. You shouldn't let that discourage you. So most of you that look at this topic think I'm a furry right? Well, maybe or maybe not. I don't know where that line is drawn and not to my perspective. So with that and anyone wondering and or want to try and friend me on FurAffinity or anything similar because of what I make here, I don't have any such accounts and don't plan on making them. Am I and will I be working on human and human sub races as well? yes, but most of them are not for Skyrim and may post pics when they are done, or not. Some of them are good Ideas that I do not wish to share to the public. Project Members NightroModzz Blaze69 Bad Dog (partially)
  3. Hello fellow perverts! So I'm working on revamping FO3 Sexus but I need you guys to help me with ideas as my creativity is not the very best. I'm not really good with scripts if at all so please keep them reasonable. Anything else not big script demanding is cool, unless your willing to make the script yourself for me to implement. My intention with this revamp is to iron out bad deal-breaking bugs/issues, merge essential plugins, remove unfinished broken stuff, re-add cut content if possible, add some new content, separate features to new optional plugins, voice act the NPC (Hentai Kamen), make it a more seamless part (not out of place) of the vanilla game, give it a more serious tone and just make it overall less goofy. What I've done so far: # Merged the perk fix esp changes to the main file. # Made a brand new great vanilla game fitting icon for the sexus perk now renamed "Seeping Necro" with a new description. # Removed the get naked option when pickpocketing sleeping npc's as it served no other purpose that just being an additional cheat to the game allowing you to pickpocket everything with maxed out pickpocket skill. # Removed the resurrect dead npc option. # Made the "How to Sexus" item to a book called Kama Sutra (place holder) with a new unique icon, and cleaned up the menu options with new names and descriptions. #Changed the goofy VATS initiation animation with a animation that looks like you instead knock the victim down to the ground before getting on top of them. # Unfortunately removed the 2 male and 2 female first person VATS sexual assault animations as they caused deformed fingers after the act was over. Tried my best to solve the issue by checking the scripts, reset animations ect. but just wasn't able to. The only thing I can imagine being the root cause of it is the fact that the animations are working simultaneously with your ability to still punch and use your arms freely. Maybe its just those specific animations that weren't made properly..? But I highly doubt it. The good news is that the first person animations when performing the act on a sleeping preys still works fine without any deforming fingers but again its not activated trough VATS and doesn't allow for arms to punch ect. during animation which is why my theory of the root cause is what I just presented. What I further plan to do: # Make the sexual assaults you perform give bad karma the same way the cannibalism function in the game does. Most likely an optional plug-in maybe or vice versa..? # So if you've tried the original mod you might know its based of the goofy asf Japanese movie Hentai Kamen. Which the reason behind all the goofy Kun-Fu styled VATS animation, and the NPC giving/selling you the items being a naked man with underwear on his face named Hentai Kamen. Which means "masked pervert" or "perverted super hero". Anyway... I've solved the goofy animation issue as I mentioned above but I also plan to change his whole look. I'm working on making a Japanese devil (Oni) mask for him to wear to replace the underwear on face, as little tribute to our Japanese brothers overseas that originally made this mod. Not sure yet if ill keep him naked like he is at the moment or get him dressed though. # Give him voice lines! Check the mp3 file below (SexusOniDevil) for a rough little quick recording from my phone (will use a proper mic in the future) to give you a feeling of the new character change. # Remove the test vault. Maybe just maybe isolate it to a separate esp for testing. # Isolate the new additional creatures to a separate esp as an optional file, so the main file is human and non-feral ghoul focused. # Give the guest user Donkey's sexus additional files and changes a look to maybe incorporate some of them or improve on them. # Maybe make the startup items for sexus an item you need to purchase like a book of dark teachings..? # Make Sexus patches for other great fallout 3 mods. What I need ideas and suggestions for: # Lore. # New name for the Hentai Kamen NPC. # Dialog lines. # How to implement the NPC. I was thinking of maybe putting him in a metro tunnel with lots of traps and/or enemies on the way, so once you see him he'll say something along the lines of "So your the chosen one. The one to receive the knowledge of my dark moral teachings". Or maybe have him pop up as a rare encounter. Maybe have him walk the caravan route... idk # A better book idea than the generic Kama Sutra. Something darker preferably, rape is supposed to be morally bad remember? # Ideas for new interesting items for him to sell like erotic books with scrollable pages like this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/15235?tab=images # I believe the NPC rewards you with trophy-like books after certain amounts rapes performed called iron, silver and how to gold cock. Id like to change these rewards with something else more useful, interesting or interactive. Any ideas? Also i got to do some more testing to see if its actually the case that he rewards you these items but I've seen claims of it in forums discussions about the mod. Would be perfect really, he'd be like a evil devil rewarding you for bad acts. # Anything else that can help me build upon this mod further or improve it really. That's it really. FYI I'm using Labrat's shared Sexus version as the foundation for the mod. Does anyone know what the Start conversation option does and if it even works? Really need to know so I can work on it further or simply remove it. The description for it says "Select the type of NPC to start the conversation." "Immoral (only Raiders and Slavers}, All, or None" but what type of conversation is it talking about? Tried talking to raiders and slavers with no luck. Doesn't really seem to do anything... Gonna end it here before I end up writing a bible long text that's way too long for anyone to consider reading, which it probably is at this point... Hopefully you guys can help me out a little, it'll be a mod for YOU guys to enjoy in the end after all right? SexusOniDevil.mp3 Voice act style. Oni mask.
  4. Got an idea for a new sexlab mod you'd like to pitch or are starting? Discuss it here and I'll keep this post updated with known mods in development and ideas people have. ---- Current known mods in development ------------------------------ SexLab Succubus by ashal A player addition mod that gives the player the ability to be turned into a succubus/seducer. Functions much like a vampire, only instead of needing blood you need to have sex. As you progress as a succubus you gain sexual related abilities and buffs and the further you get from your last "feeding" the weaker you get with those abilities and start to suffer penalties. ---- Current unused mod ideas -------------------------------------------- Pay for inns and bounties with sex Integrate sexual options for progressing various vanilla quests Sex related perk tree STD risk Pregnancy risk
  5. I like all the mods on Loverslab, but sometimes i have the feeling that something is missing. If there is a mod that is already like my idea/request then post a link to it so i can look what is different. When i come up with more ideas i will write them down. If you wanna make one of those mods then post a link of your thead. This way the others can see which mod is already in progress and maybe they will help you with it. Mods that are marked with an ! have an important note. You don't have to credit me, since different people can have the same idea (there is a word for it but i forgot it), BUT i would really appreciate it! 1. Hair Grow Mod ! 2. Chaurusworm 3. Experiments means Gold! 4. Amputee Is Dangerous ! 5. Bad Body Modification 6. Dead Fucked ! 7. The Key Is Inside You 8. Sustainable Food 9. Squeezed Nippel Armor 10. To Much Of That 11. Swollen Pussy 12. Deviously Stitched! 13. New Blind Effect 14. Better Daymoyl Animals 15. Big Boobie Shield 16. Thats ma Booty! 17. Show Me Your Pockets ! 18. It's Hatched Again! ! 19. Saggy Tits 20. Something Is Missing 21. Trapped As Werewolf 22. Devious Hardcore Devices 23. Pay With Your Body 24. Hunters Are Hunters 25. The Nordic Queen ! 26. That Smelly Smell 27. Impaled! 28. Vagina Dentata 29. The Sexrobot 30. Succubus Playthrough 31. Elemental Body 32. Animal Body 33. The Slave Arena 34. Give Birth To Yourself 35. Vaerminas Debauchery 36. Azuras Debauchery 37. Boethiahs Debauchery 38. Clavicus Viles Debauchery 39. Hermaeus Moras Debauchery 40. Hircines Debauchery 41. Malacaths Debauchery 42. Mehrunes Dagons Debauchery 43. Mephalas Debauchery 44. Meridias Debauchery 45. Molag Bals Debauchery 46. Namiras Debauchery 47. Nocturnals Debauchery 48. Peryites Debauchery 49. Sheogoraths Debauchery 50. Daymoyl Werewolf 51. Circumcision 52. The Sperm Bank 53. The Vore Life 54. The Forgotten Dwarven Cyborg 55. Advanced Birth: 56. The Zipper 57. The Marriage Is Sacred 58. The Bondage Coffin 59. The Amputated Cow 60. Advanced Slavery 61. The Animal Collar 62. Dragonborn Reborn 63. The LongDong 64. The Human Toilet 65. Deviously Senses 66. The Soulgem 67. A Warlocks Slave 68. Baby Breeder
  6. I have been playing with Devious Regulations and it's addon Harder Devious Regulations, and had a thought about having something similar for Dawnguard and the Collage of Winterhold. For the lore starting with Dawnguard, when the Dragonborn either joins the Dawnguard or Vampires each faction would require the Dragonborn to wear certain devices (such as plugs, belt, collar etc.) which can buff certain things like archery, one handed, magic etc. As well as serve as motivation and insurance the Dragonborn doesn't betray either faction. Now for the Dawnguard faction this will probably have to take place after finding Serana and returning to them. For the Volkhair it's upon joining them, sense Lord Harkon would be a fool to outright trust the Dragonborn who was a member of the Dawnguard and mortal, possible werewolf on top of it. So he may require you to wear certain items to help keep you in check and prevent you from betraying him. Could do a small side quest where Serana steals the keys from her father, just before you fight him, and even may have an option where Serana forces the player to wear devices as well in order to protect her self and her mother, to ensure you don't cross them like you did Harkon, could even add a player slavery questline or option for it as well, where you may earn her trust and be released of the devices. Or have it to where the player has to wear them while in the Castle or when they have Serana as a companion (you can transform into a VL or WW with devices on, done it several times, just after transforming back they are requiped, also for the werewolf if you want you can download Moonlight Tales, which as the ability to auto equip items you where wearing if that is a concern). For Dawnguard it would be similar. Now for the Collage, as a new female student you may be required to wear a chastity device, with added plugs to ensure the female students spend less time fucking around and more time studying (the devices can help boost magicka or certain magic schools, or defence against magick, optional to prevent this from interviewing with other quests requiring devices, can make it to where the player needs to at least have a belt on, regardless of where it's from) in addition to make sure the player actually uses magic the player will be required to wear locking mittens (there is a mod that allows you to use magic with mittens that can be used to help with this) so ensure the player can't use any other weapon but magic, when doing Collage based quests. They can be removed after the quests to prevent them from interfering with other quests.
  7. So i've been thinking. There are many mods in which you can ask anyone to marry you or have multiple spouses, but wouldn't it be cool if someone would make a mod in which people ask you to marry them. I mean, doesn't it seem weird that the only one whose asking for marriage in Skyrim is you?
  8. Hey guys, I recently finished my "cumslut mage" playthrough, and now I come to ask advice for my next one. This time I want to make a "fuck her way out of every situation" kind of character, so she can't use magic destruction magic or weapons. I would like you guys to give me ideas and mods I could use. Also she really really likes horses... *Update 2* So after searching a little bit I made two lists.(ongoing) I am sure will be on my load order: -The Animal Mansion Redux (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2000-the-animal-mansion-redux/) -Bestial Essence 0.3(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2158-bestial-essence/) -SexLab: Murder, Theft and Seduction(https://www.loverslab.com/topic/17733-sexlab-murder-theft-and-seduction/) -SexLab Solutions 5.0.7 (01-December-2017) 5.0.7(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1635-sexlab-solutions-507-01-december-2017/) -Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 (29-Oct-2015) 3.2.2(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2159-radiant-prostitution-322-29-oct-2015/) I am not sure/still testing/thinking about it : -SexLab Enchantress 2.4 (2014-09-30)(https://www.loverslab.com/topic/22436-sexlab-enchantress-24-2014-09-30/) -Untamed 124(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1672-untamed/) -SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22) 2.0.8(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/416-sexlab-hormones-2017-12-22/) -SexLab Defeat(https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19941-sexlab-defeat/)
  9. Sorry for the lame thread title, what I'm thinking of is actually a BIT more complicated, but I'm a long-winded sort of fellow, and it will take me a bit of time to fully get my point across. Sorry folks, you've got some *gasp* READING ahead of you! Hope this doesn't scare you off, but if it does......well, thanks for clicking, bye! ^_^ For the REST of you, however, let me lay things out for you: I kinda hate the fact that no matter how I build a character, MANY perks will be unavailable to me, and many of SPECIAL levels will have to be set to ZERO to get what I want. If I want access to every type of crafting mod, for instance, I'll need to sink a lot of points into a lot of different areas, and too many points in others! Having a Tinkerer build requires you to have a pretty high SPECIAL level in many categories, especially if you want to get all your fun out of Automatron. You'll suck at both combat and roleplaying, as you'll have to sacrifice things like Luck or Charisma. In the meantime, a lot of the fun of progressing through the game and leveling up will be ruined, as your insanely high Intelligence means you'll be leveling faster than you can progress properly, meaning much harder enemies dog-piling you before you can hope to outfit yourself for handling them. Other builds actively cut you off from certain aspects of the game. Making you sacrifice lockpicking or hacking, keeping you from certain areas or loot. Maybe you lose out on some of the Settlement stuff by sacrificing Local Leader. There will be weapon mods out of your reach, robots you can never build, fancy gear you'll never be able to get for your favorite Power Armor. The lock and hacking stuff can be mitigated by having a companion who is good at those things, but that means you're pretty much stuck with Cait and Nick as your companions, constantly having to fast travel to change them out 'cause you HAVE to know what's in that just or behind that door, not to mention never really getting a chance to hang with the many other companion options. This system of give and take, sacrifice vs. reward, may be preferred by many of you. It encourages replay, making each playthrough of the game potentially quite different from the last. Still, I doubt I'm the only one who actually finds the system to be the opposite; more of a RESTRAINT than a useful mechanic. I'm a grinder and a crafter and a grinder at heart; I'm having the most fun when I'm maxing out every bit of gear and snatching up every last upgrade. This means I end up with pretty much the same SPECIAL stats each time I play, just so I have access to all my crafting perks, and the perks that help me get more loot FOR said crafting. For another example, lots of folks can be very OCD in their gameplay, feeling frustrated if they can't check every terminal, look behind every door, deck out every settlement, or see what's behind every speech check......they're similarly limited, needing a particular SPECIAL loadout just to enjoy the game in the way that makes them happiest. I think your SPECIAL level should NOT dictate what perks you can or cannot get. In Skyrim, you could pick any perk in any tree, provided you grind your skill in that area to the right level and grabbed a few lower level perks in that tree. That was fine though, cause if you WANTED that super duper enchanting perk, chances are you'd like the other enchanting perks bellow it too! This let you go nuts with variety. Sure, a FEW sacrifices would be made, certain perks in certain trees prioritized.......but that just meant they were priorities, not that others would be forever unavailable to you from the word GO. I could get my crafting fix by maxing out smithing and enchanting, and STILL be a kickass barbarian warrior, sneaky thief, or powerful wizard. I could have my unstoppable sorceress in maxed-out Deadric Armor, each piece enchanted twice to OP levels, a max level healing spell in one hand while spewing the most deadly of flames from the other. Those enchantments by the way, were 25% reduction for healing spells and 25% reduction for destruction cost.....both enchantments, on four pieces of armor, meaning ZERO magic drain no matter how hard I spammed those Master Level spells. Place the highest level healing spell that was continuous use in the left hand. Do the same for the highest level damage spell (again, one that didn't require charging) in the right. They usually drain your magic in seconds......but that really wasn't a problem now, was it? Get the perks to DOUBLE thier power, then hold down both buttons enjoy the carnage! I healed faster than I could be damaged, while at the same time blasting walls of OP flames that NEVER STOPPED TILL ALL WAS DEAD AND BURNED. I BROKE that game, on console, without ANY mods, and IT FELT GLORIOUS!!! BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! ..........Ahem. ^_^; My point being, my builds could have true variety, and the only real limiting factor to my freedom was just how long I was willing to WORK for it.......which in a world as big as Skyrim, wasn't really a chore. I'd like to feel similar freedom in this game. So, here are two ideas for helping this happen: the Tame one, and the Ambitious one. Let's go! First, the easy option; alter Perks and SPECIAL to be separate things. We use SPECIAL to let you choose your basic stats. Let strength do JUST that; mess with how hard you hit and how much you can carry. C alters your chances of winning a Charisma check. P your default VATS accuracy, etc etc. Perks will be separate, and their only requirement is your current character level. Keep the SPECIAL screen for keeping track of course, but don't make your actual sats a requirement for your choices. If you feel it necessary for balance and don't mind doing the extra work, have an option that makes the character level requirements for perks you don't have good stats in higher than default. Maybe make the required levels for perks in Stats you're better at EASIER to get to, but still make them ALL available. NOTE: I have found ONE mod that removes SPECIAL requirements for perks......but this also removed LEVEL requirements. This meant you could be crafting truly legendary level weapon mods WITHIN THE FIRST 3 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY, just pumping the few points you gained right into Weaponsmith. VERY game-breaking, and ruins a lot of the ACCOMPLISHMENT of leveling, making for a less fun experience all around. At the very least, a mod like this should keep your level requirements, even if your SPECIAL stats aren't a factor for them. Now, here's the FUN option......make things work a bit more like Skyrim. Maybe only give you a handful of SPECIAL points to start with, maybe none at all, leaving you defaulted to 1. Then, let you you IMPROVE your SPECIAL stats through actual gameplay. Inch your way from 1 to 10 via leveling specific stats, not through choice, but through DEEDS. Engaging in melee combat and use heavy weapons/armor will gradually level Strength, each level taking more time to earn. Land head shots and pick locks to improve Perception, travel a lot by foot and make frequent use of drugs/alcohol to improve Endurance (cause that's TOTALLY how it works, right? Build up your tolerance! Toughen up that kidney! :P), do a lot of trading and win speech checks to improve Charisma, use energy weapons and hack terminals for Intelligence, stealth kills and VATS use for Agility, and find valuable loot and land Critical Hits for Luck! Play a certain way to gain quicker access to those perks you REALLY want, but keep some diversity to your style so you won't be a one-trick pony. If you play long enough, NO perk will be forever out of reach. A whole new way of looking at SPECIAL, and one that rewards you for actually PLAYING, rather than just a few numbers chosen during the first five minutes of the game. For those completests out there, add a time-consuming way or two to gain perk points aside from leveling, as you'll need more of them to fill out your now much more versatile character! Any worries about game breaking can be worked around by just using a higher difficulty setting, making those extra perks on your side feel less like cheating and more like a valuable and useful reward for your hard efforts! So, just two ideas for folks out there! I like to think that the first one is at least DOABLE with a bit of the right coding, and I like to believe that it's already been done someplace, and I just haven't found it. You can already add ANY perk, regardless of level, with a single line of code in the Command Console. Just removing the SPECIAL requirement for unlocking perks without changing anything else can't be as difficult as, say, the mods for totally revamping various gameplay systems, or the massive quest mods I've seen popping up......right? The second idea I imagine would be a LOT more complicated, as it would involve many MASSIVE changes to how the game is coded, and how it tracks your actions. Maybe that's been done too, but if so, haven't seen it yet. Well, those are my two cents! Thanks for sticking with me this far! Thoughts? And if you've found ways or mods to accomplish similar results already, please share! Tootles for now. ^_^
  10. maybe I am able to learn, how to discuss all inside this club-forum... don't want to spam the general forum... if someone knews how to do it (and following threads here) I am glad to receive the hints... always have fun
  11. I have a few packs downloaded most of them MF animations. I notice there are a few objects with no animations or with very few. I will list them in case people are looking for animation ideas. Need more animations: 1. Trees: Very few trees have animations. I only found 3-4 2. Flag Pole: 3. Get Famous acting stages: 4. Chess/Gaming Table: 5. Arcade Machine: 6. Flag Pole: 7. Vending Machine: 8. Bookshelves: 9. Stairs: Very few animations on them 10. Lounge Chair 11. Kids Pool _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Objects for new animations: 1. Desk+Chair Object for animations: I notice in Buy Mode some tables include a chair. Maybe creating an object table +chair would allow creating animations that manipulate the chair position to avoid the sim appearing trough the chair. and allowing more variety on those. 2. Room Divider as Gloryhole
  12. Greetings, here are a few ideas and suggestions for possible mods or addons to mods, of course feel free to use these. As I know that some times people need help finding ideas for mods and these so far that I have seen either where barely touched on or not at all touched on, but would be fun and interesting to have made, or implemented. I am going to apologize now for any bad grammar, English may be my first language doesn't mean I am any good at it. Now for the suggestions and Ideas. (edited for ease of reading) - Pony & Pet Play: Some ideas for pony and pet play, such as adding a race track for races where the player and other NPCs who are plugged, belted and bound are required to race, the winner would receive a good amount of gold or awards (or their owner if enslaved). Or if that is too much work to make have them race from one town to the other having to stay on the main roads. Also if the player is in the Empire or the Rebels they may be tasked with delivering supplies or messages to different towns and camps, of course they are plugged, and suited in tackle to ensure they don't wonder off with said supplies or message. Further more if the player is found to be a werewolf or vampire thru player flags, they may be tasked with helping city guards or the Empire/Rebelion as guard dogs, tracking down wanted individuals or guarding areas, thru the use of special gear preventing the player from shifting, such as perhaps a puppy mask that prevents the player from speaking and only can make dog noises, and grants them the ability to use sense life or something similar, as well being required to wear the petsuit and a tail plug. Or if the player is enslaved and it is found they are a werewolf or vampire their master/mistress may make use of it for tracking down run away slaves, or force them to wear a collar preventing them from shifting and if a vampire a gag to prevent them from feeding with out permission. - Enslavement, Crime and Punishment For enslavement it can happen a few different ways, volunteering, being sold, or by debt. Such as the player is required to pay taxes to the various towns they are a citizen of, if they cannot they are enslaved until they can pay off that debt, doing various things such as working in the fields of the various farms, mining, or being put to work servicing the guards or citizens, such as being locked in a pillary or stockade and being available for use by the citizens or guards in the barracks for a small fee. Other things the enslave player can do depending on the owner is being forced to race in the pony races, deliver goods or messages to different areas so on. Also if the player is caught committing a crime they may be forced again to offer their body to the citizens, guards or do force labor until their debt to society is paid. As for being sold either if they are already enslaved their owner can sell them off, or if the player is defeated in combat or captured walking on the road. If enslaved by a Jarl the player may be tasked with entertaining them, being their pet/pony, be used for sexual service for important guests or them selves, be tasked with being a maid and cleaning up their hold, etc. Or the player can work for the Jarl doing various things mentioned before, being a guard dog, pony, and or maid, but the difference is the player can quit any time. The player can also either be enslaved by or work for the inn keepers as a dancer, maid, waiter, or prostitute, if the player is working for, they get paid and the inn owner gets a cut, if enslaved the owner gets it all of course. You may also be required to work in the inn as a prostitute to pay back a debt or for your debt to society as well.
  13. I was thinking we already got a lot of cool mods that add on from where mme started, Being a cow, Literally turning you into a cow so to speak and adding a story that may eventually lead in enslavement?, Milk addict adding some interesting mechanics that really amplifies the milk mod experience, the more you drink milk or lactacid the more addicted you become causing you to trip, strip and other small features. But what about a milkmaid brothel? It'd be kinda like the Red Wave from sexlab stories, The girls would be milkmaids with a cow outfit to boost, and you can pay them money to milk themselves and give you milk in return or other things, And maybe you can rent a room like at any inn, Ask for a bed, And if you are a milkmaid you can milk yourself on a complementary milking pump which comes from the cost of the room. There could be strip poker? Maybe you can buy products there? milk other mme stuff. But these are just ideas of course of a what if mod. So i'd like to hear others thoughts on this? nay yay? Would you like a mod like this?
  14. With the recent addition of Derketo and all the references in her texts about beastiality, I figured it was only a matter of time until some one more talented then myself created a beastiality mod of some kind. I thought it would be cool if it could be done as part of some kind of ritual for derketo. Male and female on male and female animals, I am not one who just wants to see chicks with animals, I would want this to be a full on rp centered mod to go along with the lust fantasy of derketo lore.
  15. Sometimes I think of stuff too much. Like lots of different kinds of complex mods, followers, homes, that kind of thing. I've been working on a simple mod that's just a collection of books, but I find I'm way out of my league when it comes to things more complex. So I decided to ask here. Have these been done, or would these be something someone would do? The Mile High Club - The idea for this is similar to SL Eager NPCs, expect it's just with your follower. It's one quest where you and your follower travel to different locations across Skyrim and Solstheim just to have sex. From the top of the Throat of the World, to the centre of Blackreach. Maybe even doing the deed in a Jarl's chair or two. The goal you and your follower have is simple; find as many out of the way places just to have sex. Could be some stealth that needs to happen, like sneaking into a bandit camp to find that one lone tent to get into while bandits walk around oblivious to the goings on. You could even do a reputation thing as you and your follower tick off all of the boxes on your sex bucket list. Either the "fans" who just wanna watch and then there are those who wish to stop you and your follower from doing the deed. It could be any group, Dark Brotherhood, Thalmor, Foresworn and so on. Books of Erotica - The books are easy, I'm already working on a series of books which contain a short erotic story and (maybe) pictures. But the books could be something that connects to a quest, and with each book you collect you gain another clue as to the location of the author. The author could be male or female, but at the end of the quest, the author of the series charges you with creating a new series of books. Just a couple of ideas, I'm not sure if anyone has done these kinds of mods or if anyone would be interested in doing that. Like I said, I often come up with ideas, but no time or full knowledge about how to go about creating these things.
  16. Technically this thread should fall into the request sect but i feel it deserves a little creative sphere of its own. Similar to the alternate start for skyrim, player could choose to pick a starting point as a revered and worshiped broodmother of the Super Mutant (SM) Faction. This will work greatly consider how the super mutants already have numerous pre-established settlements scattered about the commonwealth which could be managed like human settlements in a lore-friendly way. Edit: TheCaptn pointed out in the post follows that this idea is incompatibility with the fallout lore for all super mutants are sterile. There are two ways i would suggest to work around this: the human (or canine for mutant hound) fetus could either be mutate within their mother's wombs or more humanely (in comparison) mutating the newborn infants mechanical in containments. Edit 2: Unkaar, on 24 May 2016 - 11:49 AM, said: A little quick research showed there was even a rubber (sex) doll in Marcus (a super mutant)'s house! Quest Objective: The super mutants, just like every other factions, knows what is best for the commonwealth - the destruction and subjection of the human species. Ideally, the political background of the mod should be situated in the setting of a unified minutemen and a victorious brotherhood of steel (BoS). (It would still work with the institute in the picture, but their presence would divide the BoS's resources to combat the SM threat) Player would lead her hordes of childern to take minutemen settlements and vice versa to defend their settlements against the minutemen and Bos onslaughts. The ultimate goal could be the diamond city, if not overrun, maybe a subjugation. Settlements/tribes: The current settlement mechanism is very dull for me, mainly because i felt no connection with neither the settlement nor the settlers whatsoever. The settlers are as generic as it gets and they serve no purpose in my flawed opinions. In contrast, settlements or tribes is everything for the SM, as they facilitates the production of our horde soldiers. (Im going to refer SM settlements as tribes from this point on) Players are given the option to grant particular tribes to a designated role, such as melee tanks, laser gunners, rocket launcher wielders or suicidal bombers (yes, we will have a training camp for suicide bombers, and it is not controversial at all, not controversial at all). Furthermore, I personally would love to see more armour mods and eventually power armours for the super mutants which could be integrated as an integral feature for tribal upgrades, but thats long shot. Multiple tribes can be called upon as followers for raiding. They can suffer casualties and it will penalize them with recovery periods till the next raid. Finally, to sanctify this hollow ground i present you Adult Contents: The limitation here is our imagination. The very crude idea is that human NPC's are now valuable resources, they could be captured and herd to procreate and perhaps for consumption to raise happiness. The player could also bless/reward tribes with their own body to raise happiness/moral/royalty and so on. Perhaps there could be internal rivalry between tribes for your favour or the possibility of rebellion? again this is a long shot. The limitation here is our imagination. Edit: I just realised that this idea lacks player character involvement, so to make up for it, player character can assume the role as the first successful experiment that gave birth to a (or a succession of) super mutant(s) whom has later established a fearsome tribe and revered the player's maternal role. The player character can still be involved in the procreation process but her main role is to aid the procreation of others.
  17. Ideas to draw, that would adult art for t-shirts, or literally something that would make point to people in big way, I never seen those type shirts have you, Penis shirts you know? Or hard to see one that would interesting to see sort art, I think Boob art is something easy to do, but that depends, right? what posture, yoga or in nature what is she going be doing pose. I had another idea which isn't Penis or Boob related, art I normally do is actually comic art without boxes. I think I should should box trial art see what people response picture within picture? two pictures within one? Penis and or boob art I might try it another time, takes some practice first.
  18. Time to get rolling on the stellaris adult mods. I’ve been playing stellaris since 1.6, and I’ve had a ball with it. This game kicks so much butt it’s making chuck norris’s butt kicking record check over its shoulder. But you know what I don’t like about it? It’s all about politics, religion, population growth, societal interactions, caste systems, international relations, war, etc., and not ONCE does sex come up. We’re going to fix that. This post will have THREE parts. Part One is general avenues of adult modding that can be taken with a game that has a scope like Stellaris. This list will by no means be conclusive; I want you to spew your hot ideas all over this thread. Part Two is ideas listed by other users on these forums, with screen names attached to credit the people who came up with the idea. My goal here is to classify them into groups and see if I can come up with even more ideas based on these ideas in particular. Part Three is going to be my ideas in particular based on a combination of part one and two. I’m going to try to apply the classifications listed in part one to ideas generated in part two to try and make a realistically achievable mod. Let’s get cooking. PART ONE What kinds of mods can be done with a game like Stellaris? As snackton said here, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/78296-stellaris-darker-adult-mods/?p=1904919 stellaris is a game with a large scope that rises above the concerns of individuals and focuses on the needs and conflicts of societies as a whole. So what kinds of mechanics are there that address these needs and conflicts? For starters, there’s a wide range of physical currencies. If you don’t have enough energy, you can’t operate your buildings. If you can’t operate your buildings, you can’t build ships to defend yourself with. If you don’t have enough food, you won’t keep your people alive long enough to do anything with them. You can even trade planets, though i’ve yet to do a single successful trade on one of those. Then there’s the less physical currencies. You can trade research agreements, star maps, even sensor arrays for live updates. For any of these, there are a few common traits. They can be traded for each other with other nations, and internal policies can affect their production rates. Looking at this, it seems obvious to me that one direction that could be taken is to use sex itself as a form of currency. Being on those science ships for years of their lives probably leaves those scientists feeling a little pent up. It’s something a professional could help with, surely. For internal production, keeping a few brothels open might increase the happiness of other pops- especially if the brothel workers are domestic servants. Such buildings as ‘Brothels’ could also affect population growth rate, depending on your birth control policies. There is another type of currency I didn’t mention- strategic resources. Typically, strategic resources do something along the line of boosting your shields’ regeneration or your lasers’ potency. You trade them to other countries after the resource is revealed for credits and minerals. The more useful it is to them, the more they trade for it. We could create strategic resources that were related to sex, somehow. Beyond using sex as a currency, I mean. There is also the idea of using technologies themselves to create new technology trees that relate to sex. And of course, we can’t forget the idea of traditions. Domination, diplomacy, and commerce all have ideas that could be related to sex. And we can’t forget wars. What happens to populations when their country is defeated? Their religious leaders, admirals, and generals? What if we incentivized not killing them, or created a capture mechanic? Maybe capturing an enemy general will make a general increase troop morale, or capturing an enemy admiral will increase your own admiral’s fire rate. This is just an idea, though. Another idea is to make use of a new kind of orbital bombardment- chemical bliss dependent aphrodesiacs. There are also ethos specific ideas on sexuality and what it means to be different things. Materialists always have something to do with robots, and spiritualists are all about the mind-domination stuff. Maybe make a way for fanatic xenophobes to slowly turn all of a xeno race into a slave / near animal status race, and make them enjoy it. There’s all kinds of stuff you could do with Ethos. Something I keep forgetting is quest chains. I get the general idea behind them, but I don’t really know how I would use a quest chain to make the game more adult. I could see doing some generalized, repeatable quests, such as when you uplift a species, do you uplift them to be harem workers (seen negatively by other races, ESPECIALLY xenophobic ones), or stuff like that. I don’t really have a lot of ideas on quest chains. I could probably sit down and think of some, but I think the decisions you make and the strategies you employ are a more immersive avenue. Part Two: Some general ideas as listed by other users here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/78296-stellaris-darker-adult-mods/ RavenActual: a quest chain that lets you influence cultural norms among your people or event popups with a more adult flair to them, like a planetary event where mineral gathering is temporarily lessened in exchange for a big happiness boost because someone started an orgy that got so big it affected planetary production targets. --You could also make that affect population growth. Justaidea: something like a breeding stock slavery/genocide policies for tentacle aliens(can be other aliens) using the female slaves as breeding stock replacing the slave pops with main pop?(maybe for bio ascension perk only?) --Hmm. There IS the assimilation path, but tbh, it’s not really…. Useful, I think. I like the idea, and it provides a new idea for a completely new tradition set: Corruption. RavenActual: Hmm, that's an idea. Something appealing about the thought of screwing a species out of existence. --A little different than conversion, but yeah, should totally be a genocide option. Enormous boost to population growth, and theirs slowly dwindles as they age and die. Alternatively, make them slaves and just make their pop growth neutral for a moderate pop growth, or don’t restrict their population growth for a small increase to population growth. (Obviously need to make the pop growth bonus lower than their penalty to population growth, since they’d be benefitting from the bonus they produce.) justaidea: Continue on my tentacle alien idea their trait can be one sex species without any sex slave will have no growth. So starting the game you might have to waste a civic on the Syncretic Evolution or no growth. Maybe the chemical bliss living standard for the sex slaves due to the tentacles mating with the slaves.(fluids from the tentacle to stop slaves from escaping) --These sound like great additions you can make to the tech trees. http://sit.milaq.net/#tech-detail is a good place to start looking if you want to write out some ideas. Jayleia: Not so much the tentacle/freaky stuff, but some BDSM-style ideas... 1) The slave population gets chastity belts. Reduces growth dramatically. 2) Dropping proto-estrogen chemicals into the environment, reduces population growth, and military capability --Using chasity devices to limit population is an interesting idea, but what are some effects we could get that would be different from normal population restriction? Could we force them to wear orgasm denial devices that make their happiness go down, but other population happiness go way up (since they’re willing to go so much farther?) On estrogen bombs, that’s a very neat idea, but whether it affects the military depends on whether the enemy has gas masks or the like. You might be able to make it an army attachment, though- estrogen thrower brigades. That also gives me an idea- converting an alien race to all of one gender (player’s choice) for player exploitation. SilentKnight: Being able to make different races Mono-gendered (mono-female makes the most sense, but you could have mono-male who reproduce asexually, like tentacle monsters) which could lead to interesting traits. You could make rape legal, which could lead to pop growth but lower happiness or something like that. Mmmm playing as a tentacle hive mind, raping and spreading across the galaxy. --I remember someone made an asari mod that had like, -30 growth rate, but +2% growth rate per xeno population on planet. It wasn’t very good since it required a ton of aliens, but it was a neat idea. Dewguru: I suppose the hard thing is let's say you make one of your population options 'sex slaves.' Then what? With no events or anything tied to them, you don't even really know they're there unless you view the planet where they are and look at them sitting there with whatever kind of resource building they've got on the plot. --Hm…. This is something where repeatable quest chains, events and the like can really come in handy, I think. (heh.) Maybe a quest chain that occurs multiple times, and when it’s completed, you convert a foreign planet into a roaring orgy with enormous unrest. Maybe you could use quest chains and events to deal with the ‘keep enemy leaders as sex slaves’ idea. Maybe capture an enemy commander, get a quest log with limited time to completion that requires a military ship to complete, and convert them into a new admiral- or into a public display that impacts foreign relations. I dunno. That said, in terms of making people sex slaves in particular, the way you do it would probably be best done through species rights, living standards, what tiles you make them work on, and genetic modifications. Maybe make a mod so that your leader’s war-babies can be used to create pops, evidenced by the fact that the species has traits from both species. Or something. Structures: Brothel: Increase happiness! (May cause event: STD outbreak! ) (Shouldn’t require technology. I mean… come on. Oldest profession on earth.) Milk Factory: Produces 1 food and 1 happiness. (Milk is also used in ice cream. :9 Gotta love that fox alien titty ice cream. Unless you’re putting males on this tile, in which case hey, I ain’t judging.) (may require technology: genome mapping, and higher technologies for more intense milk farms.) Stables: Population growth too low? Assign breeders! (May require technology: Frontier Clinic. Maybe require frontier hospital for an improved version, a baby-making factory.) Extraction facility: A combination of all three above buildings, people are forced into stockades for breeding, given chemicals to make them produce milk, and all the other citizens are welcome to come inside to, well, cum inside! Great for those xenophilic authoritarian empires. (May require technology: Frontier clinic and genome mapping, since you’re combining the two.) ((The population working this would probably naturally be very unhappy, but we could make a trait that makes them enjoy such treatment and modify the species appropriately.)) Commodities: Sex Aphrodesiacs Milk Policies: Birth Control: On whether or not sex structures, policies, etc. are able to affect population growth. If not, the penalty to production caused by sex structures and policies are negated. Display Dominance (see under traditions) Kill or Capture: When fighting enemy forces with leaders, have the choice to inflict 10% less damage. If you would kill the enemy, you instead capture their leader, and their name is added as a modifer to your own general or admiral, increasing their fire rate per enemy officer in their harem. Aphrodesiac bombing: Requires tech, chemical bliss: Planet’s growth speed is greatly increased for the duration of bombing, but production is greatly lowered. Military has gas masks, and is unaffected. Or maybe their morale is damaged, I dunno. Will not destroy structures. Rights: Reproduction Controls: Can be raped: Increases growth speed. Decreases happiness of female tiles. Standard of living: Mandatory aphrodisiacs: Females produce less. Growth rate is greatly increased. Traits: submissive: Ignore unrest caused by Sex-structures, sex policies, etc. Gain +happiness when submitted to sex-structures, sex policies, etc. Slutty: These pops have a penalty to producing most goods, but always provides a happiness bonus to other pops on planet. Does not negatively impact sex structure goods. Cow: Individuals of this species make more milk when used at milk factories. Alienated Males: This species can’t produce males of its own kind anymore, though it can now be impregnated by your native species. Requires at least 1 population tile to be your home race for them to have a positive population growth. (requires some kind of gene tech.) Strategic Resources: Delicious Delicacies: Through studying of genes, addictions, and other bio-fields, you’ve discovered a way to synthesize a drug that the aliens will keep coming back for. Effects: Additional increase in trust and relationship. It’s synthesized from our own species’ reproductive fluids, and mixed with a rare element that allows us to create this addictive substance. (Add conditional dialogue: Ruler will compliment the flavor of that delicious drink and will request to learn the recipe one day.) (requires technology: Chemical Bliss) Traditions: Display Dominance (modification to dominance finisher: Makes it so you can enact the policy, ‘Display Dominance,’ which gains you influence but makes the subject empire less happy- unless their species has been modified with the submissive trait.) Expansion: Make baby making related to the final marker for the expansion traditions. Discovery: Make it so you can basically lend a scientist to a foreign government’s science ship. In return for their myriad services, your country gets a significant research boost. (Yes, you’re whoring out your scientist, but it’s all in the spirit of science! That scientist still counts against your leader pool, though.) New Tradition Tree: Corruption Basic idea: To influence other governments in such a way as to steal their desirables and make them enjoy being dominated and used by your empire. Ideas include selling them chemicals to make them turn submissive, cow, slutty, and really, really like your empire for no apparent reason other than the drugs. Final unlock ability involves some way to overthrow a government from within, making it cede its planets to you willingly, its leaders bound up and presented to you as a gift. Also, forgot to mention: War demands!
  19. Hello everyone , Bonjour tous le monde , Je présente cet discussion pour parler , échanger des informations , et créer ensemble des ... évènements , du maquillage ,des créations de Sims , ..ect , des Jeux - vidéos pornographiques et des DvDs pour nos sims et des rangements pour cacher des choses pas très populaire aux jeunes enfants sims . Maquillage [Make-up] : 0- Marque de sperme sur les joues . 0- Marque de sperme sous la bouche . 0- Marque de sperme sur la bouche , sur le front et les joues . 0- Marque de sperme et de sang sur la bouche et la joue droite . 0- Marque de sperme de et de sang sur la bouche et la joue gauche . 0- Maquillage d'Harley Quinn et Joker 0- Maquillage de Chucky ... si vous avez d'autre idées .. Jeux -Vidéo : The walking Dead : Michonne et les tentacules . (DLC) The walking Dead : Inceste Zombifiques . Tom Clancy's : The Dildos Divison . Gta : Porn City The Liars Witchs ( New ) Dragon Dogmiies !! ( New ) ...si vous avez d'autres idées ... DvD : Saison 1 : (Ceci est une parodie de Game of Throne ) - Game of Sex : La famille Petit-Bois . - Game of Sex : Fuyante à Porte-Orgasm . - Game of Sex : On visite Porte-Orgasm . - Game of Sex : Cirsei nous demande la cour . - Game of Sex : Le Roi Björn faite une faveur . - Game of Sex : Les Servante et la nouvelle dame . - Game of Sex : Lady Magery jouit devant le Roi . - Game of Sex : Les Neige-Blanches attaquent le Fort du Petit-Bois . Saison 2 : - Game of Sex : Ils polissent le Fer . - Game of Sex : La Garde Royale se fout en l'air . - Game of Sex : La Dynastie des Sperme . - Game of Sex : Des Lesbiennes à Porte-Orgasm . - Game of Sex : Lady Magery se marie en blanc . - Game of Sex : La Vengeance des Spermes Furtifs . - Game of Sex : On joue au échecs et mate . - Game of Sex : Lady Magery fonde l'orgie . - Game of Sex : Cersei est jalouse de l'orgie de Magery . - Game of Sex : La famille Petit-Bois ouvre au Grand . - Game of Sex : Le plan concubine . .....si vous avez d'autres idées laissez des commentaires ( Ceci seront pris en compte ) . Rangements : - Étagère de BD . - Étagère de BD pornograhiques . - Multiple étagère de DVD . - Simple étagère de magazines de sexe . - Simple Nid D'abeille pour les bouteilles . ( 40 nids) - Double Nid D'abeille pour les bouteilles . ( 80 nids ) - Grand Nid D'abeille pour les bouteilles . ( 150 nids) - Énorme Nid D'abeille pour les bouteilles . ( 360 nids ) Surfaces : - Cuve à alcool - Énorme Tonneaux à Vin , Champagne , Rosé , Rhum ... - Simple Tonneau à paris Objets : - Bouteilles vides - Petites Caisse en Bois - Grosse Caisse D'exportations / D'importations ou ( D'imports-exports) - Grande Toile D'araignée dans le coin en bas à droite / à gauche - Grande Toile D'araignée dans le coin haut à droite / à gauche - Petit Tas de Gravats / Terre / Sable - Grand Tas de Gravats / Terre / Sable Clôtures : - Clôture en Pain D'épices - Clôture Attirante - Clôture en Chocolat - Clôture de Vache - Clôture " I lov' my Dog" - Clôture " I lov' my Cat " - Clôture Vieillissante - Clôture " Pinky World " - Clôture " Magical Girls " - Clôture " I love my senpai " - Clôture de " GOS " - Clôture Teddy Bear - Clôture de Make-up - Clôture du " Bling" $$$ ;p Boissons Alcooliques : ( Tous ce qui est en bouteille peut être acheter sur l'ordi des Sims ou dans un bar pour un prix plus excessif ) - Bouteille de Vin Rouge - Bouteille de Vin Blanc - Bouteille de Porto - Bouteille de Champagne - Bouteille de Rosé - Bouteille de Vodka - Bouteille de Rhum - Bouteille de Pastis - Bouteille de Ricard - Bouteille de Get 27 et de Get 31 - Bouteille de Bière - Bouteille de Bière Blanche - Bouteille de Téquila ...si vous en avez d'autres à me dire , je suis preneur . Canettes d'alcool : - Cannette de Bière - Cannette de Bière Blanche - Cannette de Bière Ambrée - Cannette de Bière Noire - Canette de Panaché ..... Cocktails sans alcool : - Cocktail Fraisibulle - Le Green Smoothies - Le Milk-Shake - Le Mojito sans alcool - Le Chaï Bubble Tea Latte - Le Homenade Rapsberry Lemonade - Healthy Ice Tea - Le Coco comme à Bali - Le Pink Lemonade Margarita ( sans Téquila ) - Le Nojito ( cocktail sans alcool roche du Mojito ) - Le Fresh Soda - Cocktail Rio ........ect si vous avez d'autres cocktail à me proposer , mettez des commentaires Merci d'avoir vu ce post , et si cela vous à plu mettez de la réputation sur ce post ( ou sur moi xD )
  20. I have cooked cool idea, I think how to do it. I am tolerant, if it seems to you that I am intolerant, then this is a porno mod for space strategy (Game)! "Amazons" - only cool strong females, they don't need men, they too cool and strong! Only females portraits, pop can't grove like all other empires, they have building CumBank, Amazons have some men-slaves. They must build CumBank to grow. Amazons start with one CumBank and on there first planet they have enslaved pop(Stupid Males). Stupid Males cant work, cant be used as Livestock and Soldiers. Males can work only in CumBank, live only in CumBank. Males pop grow very slow, Amazons must enslave more aliens or other country with stupid males (portrait) and after enslave they must choose in species right of slaves(in slavery type) "CumBank worker". Stupid males do nothing, even happiness, unity... etc, they cannot create their own faction ... they only eat and the population(Stupid Males) grows. Player can upgrade CumBank 2 times, to make more Amazons. Amazons strong, + mining, + farming, + building speed, defense/attack army damage... But they have a very small level of research in all scientific mats. Science for the weak! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, PLEASE LEAVE IdeaS, PHOTOS OF Amazons(for portraits), CumBank photos and "maybe" after some time, I'll try to make this cool mod. But I think we need more ideas and talk about Stupid Males pop more(talk about right). cerdit - art by sabudenego! Follow him!!!
  21. Sooo, I've been digging the Sexbound mods lately, especially the latest Teratophilia mod by red3red and I wanna add a custom monster I made for it. Well technically the monster already exist.... I'm just reworking the sprite. (Emphasis on reworking, not that great of a spriter 😜) I have the sprite sheet of the mons already done for the over world and was gonna get to making the Sexbound Sprite sheet when I find the beast.... But I can get the monster to appear in world due to repeating monster file error... (Did I mention I'm not so good a coding ^_^') If there's a tutorial out there (Which I thought there was, but I can't find it...?) Can you link it to me so I can see what mistake I'm making? I really wanna add stuff to the community! Oh and here's the sprite sheet of the mons in mentions. I call them Milf Poptop and Mama Poptop! (Respectively ofcourse ) [Note to self, I need to proofread my text]
  22. Hi guys, I am thinking of starting a new Skyrim Special Edition play-through. I am currently away from home for a job and only have a laptop to play games on. Can someone recommend me a NSFW mod list for a new play-through. I don't need any graphical mods as my laptop won't be able to keep up with it. Sorry for asking an extensive question but I really don't have any idea about the Special Edition. I used to play the Original Skyrim a couple of years back and want to return to the game on the newer version. Thanks!
  23. First time posting here BTW I hope to make an female exotic dancer with a silk (possibly transparent) outfit, maybe a middle eastern style. I did some looking around and i can't really find anything (I am known for being "blind" when it comes to finding things). I want to ask you, the person(s) that happens to see this topic, what mods do you think can achieve that?
  24. I wanted to offer you my ideas for the mod, I hope it can be useful 1) add a reputation system (big cock, small cock, faithful, unfaithful with various consequences on the emotions of the sims 2) add stalking 3) add rape 4) add the school as kinky world for the sims 3 (sorry for my bad english
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