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  1. mrme

    Space Haven

    Space Haven is a starship management game where you can where can design and build your own starship, which your crew will use to boldly go and get shot apart by space pirates. Your crew has wants and needs, and they have their own personalities and form relationships - just like Rimworld or The Sims. And it's also got some pretty interesting mechanics, aside from the inter-crew relationships, that could make it interesting as a platform for future adult modding. Like you can board a pirate ship (or they can board yours), and after a small arms fire fight members of your crew or theirs will lose their nerve and surrender, and be captured and brought to their ship. There's also aliens, who will attempt to incapacitate your crew so they can cocoon them and drag them back their lair, for a tasty snack for their young So a lot of the base mechanics for an adult game are there (relationships, surrendering, capturing), just needs some enterprising individuals to mod some smut into it.
  2. Hi! This post is for those who would like to post possible fetish ideas for mods, whether it's on Skyrim or Fallout or any other game! In my case, I've always wished for an orc breeding mod in Skyrim (nothing new there actually), but with a development similar to those found in doujinshi manga, or comics (any way you might consider it). For example, orcs take over Skyrim once the player becomes the queen of the orcs (after breeding, let's say, 50 babies), or the king for that matter. Said idea has been contemplated, but never developed. Either way, I'd like to hear more ideas! I guess I might not be the only one with such a wish! In addition, if you wish to develop any idea further, you're more than welcome to make a new post concerning said idea within this same space, or within the Mod section of the club! I've always wanted to provide a mod for this community that has given me so much content, but unfortunately I do not possess the knowledge nor the time. At any rate, have fun!
  3. I've been enjoying the Nero body/ armor replacer but I've been wondering if it is possible someone could help me either make this type of mod on my own with the DMC5 model (Pic below) or if I could submit this as a request? Or give me a little help on how it works! Nero's full body model can be found for free for blender I'm guessing that's the starting point, and then converting it to an .obj file so it can be converted to a .nif and I'm totally lost in this process, maybe I'm totally wrong. I also have no idea how to make it work the same way as R0R0N0's mod, where it's just a piece of armor that changes your player model and can be taken off, and your player is back to normal. As far as I know the mod author is inactive since 2019 Here is the model I thought could be used: https://www.deviantart.com/rotten-eyed/art/devil-may-cry-5-nero-790558020 or maybe take the files from the DMC5 game files? (Not sure if that is actually legal so I'm sticking with the blender model!) This is where the mod I am speaking of can be found: If anyone can point me into the right direction on making a DMC5 model version, show me how it works, maybe even make this sort of mod from scratch that would be great!
  4. This would be a mod were you could build sexbots, like mr. fisto from new vagas, at the robot workbench. each robot would have different animations like the portectron would have male sex animations, assaultrons would have female sex animations, and centurybots would have sex animations were you are being held or are bound to its chest. the blue prints for the parts that turn the robot into a sexbot could be obtained through a quest. the quest could be give by the mechanist were she has you help her find parts for her "Special" project. after you find the parts in a abandoned location in the glowing sea you return to the mechanist who the asks you to be the first to test the project. After you convinced her or went along with it you would have the ability to build you own sexbots. with that being a base you could the add things like the ability for the player to become a slave of the one of their sexbots. or have a settlement in the glowing sea were sexbots are the masters and humans are the slaves. sexbots could also be customized to have a variety of genitals and body styles to choose from. The institute could be used to give the quest instead of the mechanist. though the institute could have a scientist working on a "special" project in secret. this project could be could be given to male or female scientist by the player if the have sided with the institute. the scientist would agree to take on this project on the condition that the player character becomes their personal slave and has to gather the parts and test the sexbots. the scientist would then force the player into testing sexbots with more devious features.
  5. There are two parts in it, related, but separate: slavery and training. "Slavery" is about some Sims marked as a Slave that can be bought and sold. "Training" is about helping Sim not in your household reaching some objectives, such as gaining certain skills. Slavery What is a Slave. Slave is just a Sim that has a Slave skill or moodlet (or both). If it's implemented as a moodlet, it can be time-limited, making Sim an "indentured servant" Acquiring a slave. Any slave not in your household can be bought (added to your household) for a certain sum by simply talking to them about relevant topic. Cost depends on their skill, fame, career, traits, fame, relations with his/her current household ("owners"). How Sims become slaves. "Default" way is simply generating some new sims as slaves. There can be also Sims with "Slave Trader" trait/perk/skill/etc that keep adding and removing generated Slaves to their household, so you can buy/sell them there. There can be also some mod settings such as "Patriarchy" that makes ALL female slaves, or "Matriarchy" that makes all male slaves instead. Also, all Sims living in certain neighborhood may be slaves, etc. Also, there maybe some ways to enslave free Sims - either by some shady ways, or them willingly becoming slaves in certain conditions. How to sell a slave. Simply sell it to any free Sim via dialogue. Their willingness to buy and amount they can pay depends on buyer's richness, buyer's household fullness, slave's skills/career/age/gender/fame/trait etc, similar buyer's conditions, relations between slave and buyer and some added randomised preferences. Slave traders can be go-to buyers, because they clean up their household periodically and have money to pay. You can use PC/phone to get some suggestions on who is willing to sell slaves, or who can buy and which kind of slaves. There can be more mechanics to slavery. For example, being a slave can generate negative moodlet periodically, depending on relation with other household members. Training Training can be related to slavery or be a completely separate thing Training are optional randomly generated "quests" requiring improving certain non-household Sim skills and other properties (such as number of friends, career, fame, reputation etc) to certain amount. For that, trainees can be added to your household temporarily. Alternatively, you can try to train them without adding the Sim to your household. For example, you can have a club that's focused on raising the skill in question. You can get an offer for training quests by talking to prospective trainee, their parents or other relatives, their owners (if trainee is a Slave), searching for offers on PC etc.
  6. Make and scatter locks throughout skyrim that allow special locking conditions for devious devices. Sort of like what cursed loot does with it's High Security Restraints. Each lock combines two effects: Drawbacks:(Themed based on deity). Dibella: Have sex x number of times using available holes. Auto unlocks Gags if other holes locked.. Mara: Will only unlock in a player home or temple of Mara Stendarr: Timed unlock. Make x gold etc... Benefit: (for the one who locked it, which may or may not be you!) Golddigger- Quests/stores are more generous SafeKeyed- Teleports all gold to linked safe. Quest marker to safe. Start all dialogs with "I want you to fuck me"(Then have options to try to recover("Ignore that*", "Only 50 septims", etc...)). More attack, etc... Should have options to benefit both sub and dom playthoughs.
  7. Hey, so let me start by saying I am new to pc let alone modding so please, cut me some slack. That said I've noticed during my searching a distinct lack of glory hole mods! So my thoughts are that somewhere out there (or a standalone furniture for the workbench)(or both) have a toilet cubicle covered in graffiti and various fluids with holes cut out at waist height at 5 points (2 left, 2 right and one in the door). Like I said I have no idea how difficult something like that is to implement yet, let alone I assume there would need to be some custom animations to go along with it? Examples. Jack it. Blow and Jack left side, (mirrored to right.). Blow door and Jack either side. Back up on it. Back up on it and Jack another. Spitroast. Spitroast and Jack the door. Spitroast and Jack 2 more. There's options there for some flexible poses as well. Leg supported by the doorframe like the splits. One leg up on the toilet. Backed right up,legs spread and supporting themselves on the other side, back arched. Backed up against one side blowing the door and jacking someone on the other side. There's always self pleasure to think about as well, if the SS is sufficiently aroused they may have the itch to get themselves off as well (especially after a few drinks). Also had the idea of a mini quest regarding it. SS has to collect an item for an NPC from *destination* but when there no one will let them have it until they are drunk. They're then told it's in the toilets. SS collects the item from inside the cubicle and the door shuts and locks from the outside, there's only one way out and that's to satisfy the people lining up. By the time the door opens the SS has no idea who was outside but is told the entire thing was recorded and being drunk they didn't see the camera (hook into blackmail and reputation mods). Possibly told to return next night/week or material will be distributed. It's then a vicious cycle of more material made with each visit so if they don't show up there's even more to be distributed giving them a huge boost in rep but each visit lasts a little longer as there's more "customers". I may have gone into to much detail tbh but I am just spitballing, if anyone fancies taking on the idea you're welcome to it, I will likely look at learning to mod but at the moment I have zero experience so don't expect any miracles 😋.
  8. I am looking for a strip-club esque mod. As in I'm looking for something that is basically Radiant Prostitution, but with the change that you get paid to work as a stripper. Like the job would be dancing for people in skimpy clothing, with gold being given to the PC at random times as if people are throwing you their tips. Every now and then people will ask for a private dance and pay you extra. Then during the private dance there's a small chance they'll either ask for sex or try to force sex and you can resist like in Sexlab Defeat. Then the other features of the mod would be everything else Radiant Prostitution has. Now that I think about it, It could probably just be an Add-on to Radiant Prostitution, or built in a way that it can be used alongide it. Baseline, I would like to be able to dance for tips In between jobs.
  9. Basically I have an idea for a mod and would like to know if its possible to create this mod as listed below, Its not so much as a request but a "How would I go about doing this and is it possible?" Basic Idea Spell is learned via auto learn or through a book (ex. Golem Creator) When casted toward the ground Options appear along the lines of [Gender] - Selects desired gender of golem [Race] - Self explanatory, possible custom race compatibility [Voice] - uses the desired voice settings, possible custom voice compatibility [Preset] - Selects the preset made by racemenu to create the golems appearance [Head import] - Optional head import via racemenus sculpt feature. [Mortality] - Set mortal/essential/immortal [Create] - Creates Golem with settings entered above, if none was entered uses default appearance (unedit nord when starting a new game) [Cancel] - Cancels summon The golem is summoned into the world and persists until death or recasting spell onto the golem. The golem works like any other follower and compatible with follower mods. I figure this mod could easily create custom followers in game without the need of outside fiddling and only allowing up to 4 possible golems at a time. Would this be possible and if so how would one go about creating this?
  10. Hi everyone. As you can see, I change the title so this blog is ready to tank the futur of what I wanted to do. I am doing some test, preparation. I try to learn things about modding, I write (I like to write a lot for a potential story) and create. In this process, there is 2 things I want to show you : 1 - Research for a new visual A thing I never share with anyone, its that I do erotic stories on the Sims 4 since 4 year. But I keep it for myself because I never found a place to share until here almost a year ago. The second reason I never share is that I don't like the visual in the Sims 4. Especially the lights. that's why I tested thing and I came up with the idea of putting a comic book visual to offset that. And it worked (and it ended up a comics, the visual led to the idea of a comic). But there is limits. One of these limits is the lack of detail, especially on the characters. So, I decide to look for a new visual, because I think an appyling visual help to get into a story. So here is a test I made with a little scene because its appealing. If you have any advice/critics on this, go on. I personnaly think it's too dark, it fit the tone of the scene, but maybe not an entire story. Bonus : 1 of the 2 main character for a story I write is in this scene. Guess who ? 2 - A tool for story : showing computer interaction In A God's Curse, I struggled a bit to show texting. I used a bubble with name and text. I was inspired by a comic book I read but I didn't like the way it looked. This is the same reason I never show what happen on pc, for mails. And I had an idea. I create a template (is that the good word ?) to show the computer screen. With this, I can show almost everything useful for a story that need a computer. I was inspired by a game called Cibele, it's an idie game about an online love of a 19yo girl. We have a game part where the character play with a friend she love, and there is the computer desk, where the player can explore files, pictures. It's a short game, but it was nice. Anyway, I don't know if it will be useful one day, but that's something I wanted to try for fun. Here is the result plus a screen a Cibel for comparison : Cibele (2015) In this, I can change almost everything. I try to customize some logo. This is not a realistic computer desktop, but the goal is to make everything clear and readable. I add the date too, because I think it can be a nice touch to give some information to a reader. People like to have space and time referencing. If you have any opinion about this, please. That's all, I hope you're fine everyone. Stay safe.
  11. Well... I'm not an English speaker, so it may contain grammar errors... BUT PLEASE, HELP ME!!! Recently I installed a lot of mods and many of them add dialougues to have sex... And that isn't a problem, but it's weird to have, for example, a slave refuse to have sex with me when i use a SLEN (Sexlab Eager NPCs) dialogue. What i want is: A mod/framework that i can choose/create a dialogue priority, or a patch for all mods that i'm using (list below) to create this priority/hierarchy, OR AT LEAST i need help to patch it by myself (because i don't know how to make mods) Mods that i'm using to add dialogues (In bold = Why I won't uninstall): Sexlab Eager NPCs - It adds sex addiction, potions to cure it, aphrodisiacs, spells, charm (random chance to have sex), relationship increase and DIBELLA'S REFUGE (a place really hard to unlock if you are playing on legendary dificulty)... Why I wouldn't use it? Sexlab Approach (Normal version / 27-8-2014) - This mod have a really good mecanism to analyze characters, define their "attractiveness" and it also make the NPCs interact with the player, that's why i use it. Sexlab Solutions 5.0.7 - I use because it have an "use follower to avoid gay sex" option. Amorous Adventures (3.4) by FoxFingers - I'm human (In fact, I'm an Orismer), i am playing a game where the protagonist is FUCKING DRAGON SLAYER, what could me more impressive to girls? Why they wouldn't fall in love to me? (To put in a nutshell: I use it because I like lore/romance). Slaverun Reloaded (2.1.3) - Well... Having no slaves in Skyrim during A CIVIL WAR, makes no sense for me... And i chose this mod because there's also a questline/lore... Further's Lovers Comfort (2016.12.04) - I use it because it have a swing option, a "spouse-cheating mecanism" and also NPC-NPC sex based on their relationship. (I'M NOT SURE IF Further's Lovers Confort ADD DIALOGUES) In the patch i want: All the SLEN dialogues should appear to all NPCs but not to Amorous Adventures NPCs, and not to ENSLAVED NPCs. Sexlab Solutions add dialogues to followers (i think it only add to housecarls, but i'm not sure), I would like to use Amorous Adventures Dialogues (Because it have voice-acting) and SLEN dialogues to followers that don't have Amorous Adventures Dialogues... Also, when a NPC is enslaved just the Slaverun dialogues must appear. So this should be preference: Slaverun dialogues Sexlab Amorous Adventures dialogues Sexlab Approach/Further Lovers Confort dialogues Sexlab Eager NPCs dialogues Sexlab Solutions
  12. You get to do a quest to gain Mara's favor. But, what happens if someone else wants to gain the same favor? What if Lady Mara has decided the Dovakiin needs to find their one true love? I thought of a few ways to approach it, but m y favorite involves someone 'shadowing' you or a bit. Perhaps the sound of footsteps or a periodic shadow appearing that can't be explained. The you get in a fight with a larger than normal group of bandits that are overpowering and someone comes out of nowhere to help. You are the final quest for them to gain her favor, without telling them just who it was that they were supposed to connect you with. I thought of this for female PCs, but it could work either way if it's done right.
  13. I have problem with my custom job ONLY for Organic slaves, for some reason people don't work! I want to make event like, if you have slaves(for my custom job), then they work, if you don't have slaves, then this work not exist and normal people work on there normal job.
  14. My request / idea is to make another framework for rape under the idea / context of Horrible Harassment being able to prevent rape because you are a badass and just destroyed an entire dungeon. The reason for the idea of a framework is due to the same reasoning for the Inflation framework creation is to have a base system that can provide a system in which all instances of that variable (rape/aggression) can be handled similarly. For instance, the misogyny setting in Deviously Cursed Loot why is there no escape from that? It frustrated me on occasion that I was completely helpless even though my character could handle them. On the other side of that why not be able to amp up the settings as well. Using the Misogyny from DCL as the example, instead of one guy trying to rape the PC other guys would try to help if there was resistance. Being able to set different parameters for each mod whether its Defeat, DCL, etc. would be nice or the option to exclude the option to escape ( i.e. the no death option in Defeat ) by using different values of HP or stamina. I'm not sure if this would be an issue to program. I actually wanted to try it out myself depending on how much time I had and how difficult it is to write these types of scripts because I have no experience modding skyrim and very little coding experience ( a college course, java ). If there's a way I can get started ( I looked through the modder's resource, but there was nothing about scripting / frameworks in there ) I would be happy to take a look or if someone that is more knowledgeable would like to take a crack at it that would be cool as well. Links to SLHH and SLIF from which my idea came from:
  15. It seems like the Thalmor are under utilized both in the vanilla game, and in modding. I had this idea for a quest or series of quests involving working for/being forced to work for the Thalmor, helping them root out Talos worshipers. So maybe you're willingly joining them, maybe you're blackmailed into it, or maybe you're enslaved and pressed into service. Either way, what they're having you do is go into the various holds of skyrim and seduce suspected Talos worshipers to get close and gain access to their homes/possessions to find evidence. The suspects you're investigating could take multiple seduction attempts to gain trust for you, and possibly become suspicious of you and trap or kidnap you and torture you to learn your true intentions. I don't know much about making mods like this, and I don't know if it's possible, but I imagine the suspects you go after could be radiantly selected in addition to set targets who are known talos supporters. I can see for many tie-ins to other mods such as SD+, Simple Slavery, Devious Devices, What do you fine people think?
  16. Hello! I'm trying to put together a "simple" combat mod that would add some physics based shenanigans to the Skyrim's combat just to make it less flaccid. After watching some Dark Messiah and remembering how nice the combat felt I decided to try adding some phsyics based fun to the combat: like knocking enemies over, knocking them back, maybe even picking them up. I decided to start with knocking enemies back on power attacks, while I was able to get some effect going the shoddy skyrim structure prevents me from doing the effect in any reasonable manner. I tried using the Apply On Combat Hit perk effect, but the spell has the hit enemy as both target and the caster, with results in enemy getting launched up instead of away from the player. I tried adding a reference to the player, but that broke the script and no effect was applied. I also read that the Apply On Combat Hit is also pretty crap as other perks may overwrite the hit effect and it does not work on unarmed attacks. EDIT: Ok, I was able to get the player reference into the push away perk-spell-script thingy. It pushes the hit enemies nicely, I'm still afraid of the on combat hit spells overriding each other. I also started reading up on the scripting solutions, but skyrim, being crap, does not have an event on character hitting something, only on being hit, with means you have to add the onHit event to every character in combat with the player. I know little to nothing about the scripting in skyrim, so if you know of any ways of applying scripts on hits in a non-stupid way let me know. I'm fine with using SKSE as well, just to get my mod going at all.
  17. It's a furniture to keep sims attached to for a prolonged time. It's not unlike a bed or shower or other need-fulfilling furniture. There can be several models of it and/or several upgrades depending on model. Possible functions of it are: 1. Select outfit that attached sim will be dressed in and/or their pose. 2. Choose the needs that will be filled. By default it's sleep, but there can be attached feeder, waste disposal unit, shower for respective needs. Head display/VR glasses can be added to fill fun and/or social needs. There also can be an option to drain certain needs instead. 3. With head display/glasses present, sims can be trained some skills. Also, functions like on a computer or on a phone can be available to occupant. 4. Device can give certain moodlets to the sim in it, and/or to nearby sims . 5. It can be assigned to certain sims and will order him/her to get into device immediately, periodically, or at certain time. Also, it can release them automatically at certain time or after a certain time. 6. With WW, if there are sex animations for this device, then entombed sim can be selected as a partner, and will automatically comply, and return to device after completing intercourse.
  18. I think it would be interesting to implement "hot situations" where for example a sim touches the butt of another sim that can lead to various buffs (depending on the relationship). It would make the game more fun and more complete, I also think that you could use some animations present in the Teasing
  19. I had an idea after looking over the files of a High Heel Sound mod (which makes that only high heeled shoes have the clicking sound), and noticed, how loud were the sound files for sneaking. I was like "It's so damn loud, I get that it's realistic, but people would be able to hear it.", and then the idea came, that maybe there was a way for this to affect sneaking detection. I went looking around for mods, but came up empty handed, so now I'm just throwing it out; that if it's possible to make a mod like this, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know anything about modding, so it might be an impossible task, but I had a few ideas on how it may be possible. Firstly Skyrim has a build-in "Sound" part to its detection, but as far as I know it only affected by the type of armour (light/heavy), so that's not too good. Secondly somehow this mod only affects shoes that are actually high heeled, which means it's possible, but maybe only for sound and nothing that affects sneaking. Last, but not least, I personally use HDT HighHeels System, which uses a "magical effect" to raise the character, so maybe it could be tweaked in a way that makes it harder to sneak. Maybe one of these work, maybe none, I don't know, just trying to throw out ideas. Anyway, if it's possible (and somebody would make something like this), I would be really happy. Dryptosaurus
  20. Wink3319

    Game Idea

    I have dreamed up a game concept but I have no idea how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know your thoughts about the feasibility and how to go about it. Thank you for your interest! Game Concept V2.pdf
  21. Request/Idea for the Game: Skyrim LE (also if it can be applied to Fallout, would be perfect) Idea or request is about a visual mod like VH (violated heroine) or any Female H-RPG game to show your character sex status/sex proficiency (assuming a Female PC) in an Explicit Visual Display Form (same as VH diary or cursed armor I & II status menu showing if virgin or not, and wear and tear degree along with pregnancy in a visual display form). Also SexLab framework shows all the values as NUMBERS, I am looking for a more visual touch to them. (Anyone know of a similar mode as the description below) In a technical description, Idea is: --- Idea #1 --- (See VH Picture) Having 5 Rectagular boxes (For a female heroine close up on her: Vagina, Anus, Breast (nipple), Belly (pregnancy/X-ray or Cross section), Oral) when you open the MCM (of this idea mod to show status menu) with 5 variable sets of images that (the user can use pre-made images - i.e- default set, or make his own preference (using his photoshop skills or whatever to fit his character physics). and those 5 images change based on the numbers in the sex lab diary. [if it is hard, you can make the 5 rectangular boxes in separate Menu Option not all in the same Page of the MCM opition of the mod] Also along this mod (or MCM menu) would be perfect to add a hotkey to display the character status. (not sure if possible) --- Idea #2 --- (See Magic "Active Effect" menu Picture) Alternativly another idea/aproach (not sure if it is possible in the first place) is to change the visual effect (display/graphic) of the "Active Effect" menu in your character magic menu and add 5 effect with Explicit 3D Graphics (model) or 2D images that change (or replace old effect) visually based on the number in SexLab Diary. --- Note: If a mod like this already exist, please post it here Thank you in advance ---
  22. here a idea on how it may work, when using a bed or a node/box, when the third player or npc joins a new menu show with new animation and you can pick if your in the middle or the other 2. this is just a idea. if you are the devs of sexbound api you can use this idea if you want. i want to see it in the game that is all. if you like this idea comment on it
  23. Well its may sounds quite weird,if you cant or feel disgusting about human-bug or the gestation stuff then pls turn off this page ASAP.CAUSE IM BASICLY ARE GOING TO TALK ALL ABOUT THESE STUFF. First actually im waiting someone to develop a mod witch like the upgrade version of Kyne's Blessing(this mod is for SKYRIM)in FO4,but I wait for about... Idk,maybe veryvery long time,and well,seems nobody going to make one,so I'm thinking if I can make a mod by myself,although I dont have any technology of mod developing or coding or modeling(thats why Im waitingXD,tribute to the developers!thank you!),im still eager to see a mod with all about creatures of commonwealth(mostly bugs).So im laying out my ideas here,if luckily a developer see this and be interested and start to create the mod,then....Well,my eng is not good enough to describe that feeling,anyway,I'll be really,really satisfy and happy and exited and thankful. And if nobody interesting in it then I might have to going to learn how to develop mod and get start anyway....but my real life is too busy so im not sure if I can successfully complete it at last ... (Well on the positive side if I didnt give up we can see the mod when FO7 comes outXD) Enough blablabla heres the main idea of the mod:(in this post i will only talk about bugs) 1:only for female player characters. 2:mutant Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches will try to climb or hold on player's body,and then the action will be trigger. *First,bugs will try to get stabilize on players,in this stage player can still move and get rid of them by press the specific button(or just by attack or jumping,undetermined),and as the bugs on your body increase(3 at most),you will get slower. *And then after about 10 sec(player can choose the time they like in MCM),bugs will complete stable their body and start assault,for example,mosquitoes will Send a fluid to paralyze your body,or sting the tits and start extracting milk or feeding aphrodisiac to player just to weaken the character,or they might go straight to the point:Try to put dick into the hole.This process will continue for about 20 seconds(players can also adjust the figure and all percentage of assault chance they like in MCM),the longer this stage continue,the harder player will get when next step coming up(But if bugs go right straight to fuck,then character will NOT be weakened,hmm,hope I made sence....).In this process player can still move(hardly,not only move slow but also will climax randomly,or be paralyzed,or wtever else you can think),and can still become free by harder repeatedly press the button(depends on you).If you success,you will still get the debuff you have taken.(debuff get stronger as the time pass.) *Then after weaken they will start to mating with player.At this point player cant move anymore(If character not weak enough it can still crawling to move,but will get climax for 3-5 steps.This function is considerable cause its really hard to achieve i know)and then play the animation,player can STILL try to get rid of the assault by press the button more rapidly and harder(actually its nearly impossible),but,if you get fully paralyzed at the previous round,then you cant do anything at this moment. After the mating finished the bugs will leave/die/start another round/lose conscious/keep normal attack(adjust in MCM),and characters will have high chance to be pregnant BUGS EGG.(and get some desease if you want) 3. *There are three stages of pregnancy,first,it will be only egg,player can meet doctor to eliminate it *Secondly,it will have movement,players will have rapidly pain when the egg move to this stage. *Finally,Larva comes out(i really want add this as a new creature),well,and I only made the example of mutant fly here:finally there will be maggots going out,and it will try to climb back into character's vagina or tits(sure there will be body expansion). *The hole process of the pregnancy will continue for default 1 week,but you can adjust it on MCM. *the "Home trip"of maggot also similar to the assault part,that means you can take of the little worm before its get back.When it trying to get in the breast,trigger the Titsfuck animation(s). *the parasitic of maggot will bring a lot debuff,for example,its frequently movement in the belly and breast will cause character climax(cant move for a sec,stamina down),or sharp pain(HP damage),also character's breast will secrete milk and get bigger and bigger day by day (cause the little guy(s) will grow) *the maggot will become adult in characters body for about 3 days,if its in wild it will take 2 weeks to grow. More functions are considering....And if you want to achieve this mod or have some cool idea please let me know!(cause for me its really too hard T_T)
  24. So I've had this idea for a while now. I have no idea how to make something like this so if anyone want to make it thats cool. Vault tech is known for running experiments on its residents. I think in the game you start as Nate and once you're in the vault and are frozen you are given option to change your gender. This could be played off by vault tech needed more women to keep the population levels up. As Nate is going through the vault he can find files on the change on a terminal that gives him a designated name allowing a name change to a female name. This could also create interesting dialogue with cogworth and father. There would be a questline about trying to change back but each thing you try fails causing you to become more and more feminine.
  25. Hi guys! it would be nice to have animations taking inspiration from here: https://it.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dc165d84c49a . Based on this I thought it would be interesting to have sexual interactions while a sim is sleeping. It would make the gameplay better. Thank you all for the job and sorry for my English
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