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  1. personally i don't need milk and would just be happy if you could make a simple breastsucking mod which maybe works like a spell or something or to calm down female enemies and make them neutral or something by sucking their tits. that would be dope.

  2. yo how can i follow you? oO btw you are nearly exactly one year older than me lol x)

  3. How the frick do i change my profile pic and background >.<'

  4. I am new here and very inerested in your mods. especially in "Sexlab Horrible Harassment Expansion" is this mod still getting attention or is it done? There are two versions or is your version the upgraded second one? I love the idea (especially without the spell) i need this when i play Skyrim again. Hopefully i'll get it run and it works with all other great mods here. (still a bit overwhelmed and confused from what is possible and especially what mods are needed to run others) but i love the creativity and passion! don't stop! ^_^

    1. OnYourKnees


      oh and btw: which anime/hentai is the girl from your profile pic from? for research purposes only ofc ^^

    2. factoryclose


      It's Rindou's artworks. No doubt you get interested in it. ?


      Every mod I upload here is public release and tenchnically speaking they are not up-to-date mods.


      I wrote on the description but this is the latest one and expaned version of Guffel's orginal SLHH mod.


      So don't care about the original version. You do not need it.

  5. yo sir, your pheromone mod is genius! \o/  amazing idea! keep it up!!! 

  6. yo sir your riekling mod is an awesome idea! it seems - especially on the nexus - not many are into add those little bastards to Skyrim even i personally hope some1 would do it as a standalone and in a immersive way.


    you're really scared of them? oO poor Reepa7 ^^ hopefully you figure out how to add sound to them. maybe some1 can help you with that. i can't i am a bloody greenhorn, sry. i tried modding several years ago but this was easy modding. just adding npc's, change faces, add merchants and try to change towns and DB (but failed cause i forgot to navmesh... >.> and then my PC broke) long story short: i hope you still care about this mod and some other experienced modders will help you with this great idea!



    1. Reepa7


      Thanks! They do have sound once you discover Solstheim. Idk why its like that but certain things aren't really triggered until you "activate" (which is really just using) the DLC. It's even a problem on Fallout4 with Nuka world. And I will keep updating the mod. My next goal is to add a friendly Riekling area ? Thanks for using the mod. Stay tuned! :) 

  7. hey there sir. your mod SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing seems quite interesting a mix between sexy/hot and creepy. but can i choose everything in the mcm menue? cause i am personally absolutely now fan of these tentacles out of the ground and the armor (which could be great but not in its current state imo). 

    pls let it be optional that guys can choose what they want. (ofc some like those tentacles)


    the idea of adding quests, dialogue aka more depth to it sounds great! keep it up!

  8. hey there! your mod seems very interesting and even a youtuber called MxR reviewed your mod xD but it seems a bit buggy from what i saw.


    would you do something similar to the bandit camps on the roads around Skyrim? imo they should not attack you instant and first give you the chance to either give them many gold or your body aka sex. i couldn't find something similar just one very outdated mod. could you at least consider it? greetings from a random newbie

    1. Vita2016


      thank you for your idea. May be I will try to realize it in future but for now sadly I have no much free time for modding

    2. OnYourKnees


      Np ^^ thx for considering tho and take your time real life sucks sometimes I know xD 

  9. damn sir i love your idea with breastfeeding sucking! its my personal fetish too and i am sad not many share this it seems or want sex animations include breastfeeding/sucking. great job keep it up!

    1. chajapa


      Thanks! Glad you're enjoying!

      I wish I could get some animators to make more animations for this.

    2. OnYourKnees


      Sadly I have neither experience nor the equipment aka a good pc for it. I realised you need a good pc when I tried modding years ago by changing packages, faces from many npc‘s and by trying to upgrade thief guilds broken bottle and DB sanctuary - the funny and sad part is that all location changes where dogshit cause i forgot to Navmesh and then my old pc broke.. 


      fingers crossed you‘ll get some animators which I think can’t be too hard regarding how many awesome and talented modders here are. Did you already asked them? Or are they all busy with real life? :/ 


      Gl! And thx for the response! Breastfeeding is totally underrated glad you covered it!

  10. new here and saw your mod SL Kidnapped Redux 4.1.1  interesting and hot idea, but doesn't the game crash if you have so many animations going? and everything you need to run this mod seems damn complicated for a greenhorn like me. does everything work intentionally even the scripts with the NPC's rescuing you etc.? greetings ^^

  11. Dear sir i LOVE your mod! i love chokers on girls (looks so damn hot) and convert the divine amulets for that is GENIUS! and then add earrings which look immersive and fitting so the amulets don't look so out of space if you wear 'em. marvelous! keep it up!!! greetings from a random newbie

    1. Mdy


      Hi OYK, thanks for letting me know! To be honest I'm not the original author of that mod (he's at https://twitter.com/GomaPeroPero now). I've just added enchantments to those lovely chokers and earrings.
      Have a nice day

  12. Yo i love the outfits in this one: Wildlings - Lite female leather mash-ups. So is it possible to wear those with CBBE? And a replacer for either the forsworn or prisonerclothes would be dope. Especially pic wise number 2, 4 and 14. But i don't want to annoy you jsut cause i can't do it cause of many reasons... greetings

    1. nikoli grimm

      nikoli grimm

      It would have to be converted to CBBE which I don't use in Skyrim, but you're free to do anything you want except try to make a profit from them. You could probably use Bodyslide to convert them, there are several good tutorials out there. With Creation Kit it is pretty straight forward on changing the outfit, or if you want to replace lets say the prisoner clothes just renaming my outfit to the prisoner clothes name and putting it in the proper folder will work too.


      I'm a bit busy working on a Fallout 4 mod that is taking up most of my free time.

    2. OnYourKnees


      Thx for the response! Okay i totally understand you. But let’s say I rename the outfit the male one would stay untouched? No bugs? Would be my first time doing this I just touched faces and packages in Skyrim. 


      And np bro gl with your fallout mod 

    3. nikoli grimm

      nikoli grimm

      If you rename one of my outfits to the outfit that you want to replace and place it in the proper folder it would be a direct mesh replacement. I.E.: Data/Meshes/Clothes.Prisoner/PrisonerClothes_F_0.nif and PrisonerClothes_F_1.nif... You can also use the same meshes to replace the 1st person, without any issues.


      The folders have the most seniority when the game looks for information. Unless you also change the male clothing it would stay the same.


      If you use a CBBE body texture, you will have to either redirect the body to a UUNP texture through Nifskope, or change the body to CBBE in bodyslide.

  13. great amor (H2135's Fantasy Series2 CBBE HDT Bodyslide) just... maybe its too much to asked but is it possible to change the textures a bit and colours? atm it looks like satin and dressed for some christmas ball. i would like to see it more rougher and tougher appearance wise. keep it up!

  14. Hey there i am a naughty newbie and don't want to annoy you but... even your parasite armor mods are creepy they are somehow very hot too. so i have two simple (and maybe dumb) questions: 


    1. could you add to this one: C5Kev's Animated Tentacle Parasite Armor, a tentacle which sucks on just one of the nipples and one which goes into her clit? is this possible (if you have the time for it)


    2. is this CBBE compatible?


    thats all. keep it up!  

    1. C5Kev


      Hello OYK.  


      1)  If you read the description, the Parasite Armor is my re-texture of DixiePig's original mod. I don't do 3D Modeling, so you'd have to ask him and then figure out how to animate it.


      2) The mod is for UUNP. It could be converted to CBBE if you'd like to try, I have a guide here:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8115-how-to-uunp-or-uunp-to-cbbe/


  15. Your name is awesome! Would be a waste if you wouldn't do a breastfeed mod or poses which include breastsucking. Just sayin. ? Keep your damn good work up anyway! (and yeah, i am a newbie..^^) greetings

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