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  1. It's in the permission section that anyone can use the assets for NPCs/followers in a mod so long as the assets don't effect the player character, or make a patch that requires the "Khajiit Overhaul" mod.
  2. I'm not gonna be thinking on whether I would or wouldn't do an Argonian Overhaul anytime soon, so I'm not gonna bother to look into during that time. Like I said, if I do it would be "far down the road."
  3. Update For those that may not have known, an unofficial port of Khajiit Overhaul was uploaded for SSE in the link bellow. While I will post in the comments, I have nothing to do with any updates or patch files for the unofficial port. Mostly all assets will be replaces in the next official update, so no mesh or texture patches will likely carry over. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/48223?tab=description
  4. Honestly, like the design but personally wouldn't download it because it seem lore braking with the futuristic headgear, clothes, tattoo, story background and what not. I also prefer mods with multiple followers since it takes up plugin space. I mean, it could work for Fallout I guess, but don't own it. As a side note though, it would make a good newt/salamander race if you get rid of the head piece and replace the tail mesh with a smooth lizard one. maybe also lower the tip of the snout a bit more and get rid of the gills in the normal map. Eyes from the Argonia
  5. Update Been very busy lately setting up my 3D workspace for the sake of quality and productivity. So aside from triangulating the digi-feet and creating the plantigrade morph, no progress. I bought a number of plugins for Blender, so I won't be making the Khajiit head rig project a resource. What I can do is export all the original blend key shapes and set it up in a plugin-less version of Blender, but it won't contain the rig. As for the Plugins, here is some of what I got. Maya Config Pro because Blender's screen space object navigation is so c
  6. @ASlySpyDuo All very good! You should make a Selachii NPC mod with you characters.
  7. Nah, I have a different project in mind with multiple races, planned character customization, animation system, and button layout that greatly improves on the hotbar system for a seamless fast paste action experience on a controller. And no, it is very different from Elder Scrolls games, but there is some influence.
  8. Update Here is the update. It's late than what I said, but was delayed due to a number of reasons. Also ironically, literally right after the last update I posted about feet, I fell down a few steps of stairs and injured my ankle. It took three days until I could walk normally and is currently back to normal for the most part. The paw texture is good but not all that realistic. It's also mostly grey for tint masks or the such to match the nose. Now I just need to make the plantigrade morph and triangulate.
  9. hmm... Chase fluffy tail, huh? Well, I won't deny that. Lets just say I'm open minded, but furry stuff isn't my go to a large majority of the time. Think of it more as training for a build it and they will come fantasy world project with multiple races that I'm in over my head for.
  10. I probably can't say until I am half way done with the expression morphs after setting up a rig in Blender which I have no experience in. Since this update is a bigger overhaul than the overhaul it self, I'll likely call it v2.0. I'll probably release a v2.0 Beta without basic reshaping morph sliders for public testing though. I plan for the full release to have CBBE and 3BBB support. SSE support will likely be in v2.0 or v2.1. Version 2.1 will only be a morph slider update that let's you reshape the head into various different cat species. I guess it would be able to pass as a mod
  11. Update Re-worked on the new digi feet I made a while back. I tweaked the shape a bit, further optimized the topology, and added some color. I just need to add some sculpting detail to the paw pads make one more quick adjustment to the topology make the UVs and then bake the textures Lastly, after everything is set up I need make the plantigrade morph. I'll post the low-poly and UVs some time soon. likely tomorrow. For now, here are some pics of the high-poly model. (Note: the fur color was made just f
  12. Thanks! Still improving though and there are things I would have done differently in regards to professional topology for realistic animation. I am also limited to the Skyrim neck seams and I do also just consider this project practice. For example, this Lion King Dev video has good topology for realistic feline animation around the snout, where I focused too much on shape.
  13. Update Time Been busy experimenting with baking and needed to bake with the mouth open for best results, so that took a bit of time to set up. I then edited the baked textures in Photoshop a bit, as well as other stuff I will post pictures of bellow. Set up the new head to the Skyrim body. I fixed the ugly hunched neck and made it overall look more natural. Problem is that the dome doesn't align with the vanilla one, which means hair and headgear re-aligning unless I give it back it's hunched neck. Morphed the Vanilla head to match the s
  14. Don't worry, It was all fixed when I made my previous post.
  15. Apparently something became corrupted within the driver. It appeared in sound settings after removing the driver and also reinstalled it. What I installed before that I thought was the driver was actually a firmware update.
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