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  1. hey,I am trying to install your mod,Plugs of the Commonwealth 112 (navi v2). I have some trouble.I install dcc-potc-duster-alt-tex.zip,dcc-bp-lol-navi-v2-slot56.zip,and dcc-potc-v112-slot56.zip by mod organizer 2.it say Missing Masters 

    The masters for some plugins (esp/esl/esm) are not enabled.
    The game will crash unless you install and enable the following plugins:


    Required By

    BNPA_NAVI Armor.esp


    i tried to install each and navi in potc. but i did not solve the problem. please help me.

  2. every 30 minutes a bottle of lemonade is stored and can be taken from the tap. [video from angles and with a less fucked up bodyslide preset lol] The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2020.08.04 - 0a.mp4
  3. Int Function ActorArousalGet(dse_dm_QuestController Main, Actor Who) Global {ask sla for an actor's arousal.} If(Main.Aroused == None) Return 0 EndIf Return (Main.Aroused as slaFrameworkScr).GetActorExposure(Who) EndFunction granted dse_dm_QuestController isn't vanilla, but its one that cant ever be missing if this code even exists. unless its *that* anal. i ended up just making a fomod installer that replaces the script with empty funcs if you disable sla.
  4. i'll probably be looking at subscribestar.adult at some point. im lazy tho, so like, when im forced.
  5. kinda funny since nsfw is what made patreon
  6. the loading pre-pass kills this method in sse too. seems like sse is just up shits creek. [07/31/2020 - 03:09:22PM] Error: Unable to link types associated with static function "ActorArousalExhib" on object "dse_dm_ExternSexlabAroused". [07/31/2020 - 03:09:22PM] Error: Unable to link types associated with static function "ActorArousalUpdate" on object "dse_dm_ExternSexlabAroused". [07/31/2020 - 03:09:22PM] Error: Unable to link types associated with static function "ActorArousalGet" on object "dse_dm_ExternSexlabAroused". [edit] i'll probably end up keeping this tho, that way the file can be overwritten with a patch to enable or disable.
  7. i've seen issues with special edition where, in oldrim, your undefined types would still work fine if you wrapped them with the proper checks, but in sse it seems to do an additional pass during loading to make sure all the referenced types exist and won't load a script if one is missing even if it was in an unreachable path because of checks. wasn't even mad since it is a compiled language i was sort of surprised it ever worked. like how in php you can do if(TRUE || FuncThatDoesNotExist()) and it is fine but not in c.
  8. they now have little pull chains near their heads that can be targeted and pulled to rotate through the various brightnesses, so they don't have to be taken off and reslotted into a different brightness. there is now an off state while someone is in the lamp. also now uses the mesh swapping stuff to switch to a version of the lampshade that glows when in an on state so that it looks more on when it is on. there is also a purple colour lamp now, but i did that a while ago just don't remember if i ever said. which really helps out a lot if you are not using enb.
  9. imagine skyrim's shitty ai followers trying to follow you, constantly getting teleported to your level and then falling down XD
  10. balgruuf could do it in an hour
  11. nfi what happened to my clock in the upper left lmao.
  12. has 10 different fill levels. future plans include soulgem oven adding display model furniture for a male milking station that will automatically fill the nearest tank. if the ice block flickers for you this likely will too. i'm beginning to think its a video driver setting or an amd thing, because i cannot make the ice block nor this flicker no matter where i put it. had to add new features to the framework itself that other devices needed as well. like now i can make the rocking horse rock again, add a button that can change brightness of lamps, as well as mesh swap so the lamp shade gets a glow shader when its on. haven't done any of these things yet... but i can lol. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2020.07.28 - 01.mp4
  13. rather than wreck the game with additional races, the compat patches, and all that, i just start with a female. then tone the curves down and flatten the chest via the racemenu morphs, and use one of the handful of female sos plugins. its a trade between a game that is working and the amount of effort required to make it work.
  14. Initial pass on bringing back the custom interaction system seems to work. Granted the only furniture that ever had interactions in the past was the The Chair, but the new system makes it [a lot] easier to invent new ones so maybe I'll finally get around to adding some for other devices. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2020.07.23 - 16.mp4
  15. i had to completely restructure what i wanted the animations to do because either sse or fnis for sse (probably both) are utter garbage, constantly skipping stages or just canceling themselves out for no reason if multistaged, and i poured all that research time into fixing the ones for soulgem oven first since they don't require me to animate both a person and an animal.
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