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  1. Hey, does anyone here have experience creating custom weathers for Skyrim? I'm looking to create a custom weather that uses the Soul Cairn sky, but has the Dawngaurd eclipse effect from bloodcursed arrows as it's sun. The wiki is not particularly helpful, so if anyone has experience with the CK in that regard and knows how to edit that sun in, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Those are survivors, yeah? The guy has some of them up, too!
  3. So, I manged to find the playermodels for the killers from the terrifying game Dead by Daylight, legally ripped and uploaded to Steam, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to port them to Skyrim so we could do some fun serial-killing of our own? Now, if someone could port the models into Nifs and dds, I could easily set up the various versions in game, if that would save time, maybe throw together a mod with a short dungeon to put them in. Huntress Trapper Hillbilly Nurse
  4. S&D Crow. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9b4pwka8jxomo8x/S%26D+crow+v1.0+SET-5+(by+SandD).7z
  5. Stormcloaks for Good Guys allows you to convince Ulfric to be less racist. PC Head Tracking lets your character speak with any vanilla voice, and thus allows you to use one of several Dunmer voicesets (including Neloth's, if that's your cup of tea.) If you're willing to compromise on the sword-and-board fighting style, Kthonia's Weapons has an amazing, hi-rez chitin greatsword and bow.
  6. So, like the lengthy title says, I'm making a hagraven follower, with a custom model and texture, and eventually a small player home with custom witches cauldron, etc. I'm trying to set her up as a follower with custom dialogue, using the MakeAFollowerKit mod, but, uh... she won't goddamn show any conversation options and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for adding custom dialogue? I've got so many hilarious conversations in my head, and I can do a decent Hagraven imitation for voice acting, it's just the CK work that's a bugge
  7. ...most people here speak English. This is an English language website. Maybe ask on a Chinese site?
  8. I can set it up for you tommorrow, if you like, it'd be easy.
  9. Not realy sure how to do that. Besides, I'm looking for a proper mesh replacement, not bodyslide settings. Running bodyslide slows my game down to a crawl.
  10. Just envornment map them. You don't need the toes to have a seperate nitristrip, just set the whole thing to Environment Mapping, and use an environment Mask (an _m.dds) that has the whole shoe texture dark except for the metal bits.
  11. So, Newmillers ESO Daedric armor is popular due to being, technically speaking, bitching (especially the retextured version) but if you play a female character you're left with a teeny tiny womans head stuck on an absurdly barrel chested, wide shouldered body, and it just doesnt work. Does anyone have the mesh knowledge to rework the armor into a female version? Mind you, I'm not asking for bikini armor, or even titcups, just for a version with a narrower chest and shoulders to fit a female character. Thanks!
  12. He's the one who made a follower using ripped assets from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, right? And charged for it. What a reeking butnugget.
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