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  1. I haven't... I've thought about though, once or twice... Never for Bethesda games...
  2. Perhaps from Bethesda's point of view. You and I on the other hand will be "paying for mods" made by hired modders, nothing changes that fact. I'm not sure if you'll be able to convince Zenimax lawyers with these arguments.
  3. In a not so distant future we might even see Bethesda trademarking popular mods made by the clubbers and suing others for making *free* versions or using similar titles... You think that's far fetched? Think again... [Removed tantrum about moderators]
  4. Yes we have. [Edited] It's Paid Mods v2.0, as me and many other people have previously stated. They've never given up the idea of monetizing mods, why is it so hard to understand?
  5. What if someone makes a co-op MMORPG in which the people who want to play the game may join in only if there's a "free slot" in terms of an NPC, available in the game. The game world initially has a certain number of free slots (i.e. autonomous NPCs) and people pick one of them and play the game. While they are not actually playing the game their characters still do their thing (or stuff they were assigned to) as autonomous NPCs. When they die the number of free slots gets reduced and eventually everyone dies and the game world is reset and game restarts. If this happens before defeating the i
  6. A company releases a "Special Edition" of their game which contains the same bugs of its "Legendary Edition"... They sell *Legendary* and *Special* editions of the same damn game and none of them is bug free, despite the fact that all the bugs in the game listed on several fan sites, some people have even discovered and offered fixes for them, there's even been several big unofficial patches which fix countless bugs in their game. Not to mention that a significant amount of mods people use for the game are used to fix things in the game or are stuff that should have been in the game in the fir
  7. Gopher is trying to explain why the CK is not "paid mods" and he's basically saying that people will create *content* (ahem, we once called them mods) *for* Bethesda and will be paid by them and what they create will be owned and then will be marketed by Bethesda, instead of the modders themselves. In other words you will be *paying* Bethesda for the *content* the club people create and this is NOT "paid mods" because they are NOT *mods*, but *content* like DLCs. Well, basically mods turn into DLCs so you shouldn't call it *paid mods*! HAHAHAHA! *facepalm* Creation Club is litera
  8. XD LOL i love the Spoof Mods when ever Bethesda does something stupid This was funnier... http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65034/?
  9. Bethesda never really supplied proper tools or documentation for modders, as far as I know, for Skyrim at least. The only thing they've given to modders was the CK (which was shit and kept crashing) with the archive tool and the shitty documentation with it. We had to use 3rd party programs like TES5Edit to properly clean up and fix plugins, NifSkope to edit models, or BSAopt to unpack their archives and so on. What I'm saying is, as I always say, modding is a community effort. From ideas to tools, documentation, testing a lot of effort from many different people go into it. Now that modd
  10. Does anyone seriously think that Bethesda will allow people to freely distribute something similar or identical to what they demand money for? Especially if it's something popular. Hell no! We'll all witness how certain mods get their C&D letters from the lovely Beth lawyers. Naturally you won't be able to download them from Nexus either. Well, looks like you'll have to pirate mods in the future if you are a poor peasant. You might as well pirate the whole thing if you really wish to play the next shitty Beth game.
  11. Don't know that game, but starting out with a "paid mods" model on a brand new game and adopting it later on is a little different, if that's the case. Perhaps, but how will they learn to make them in the first place? Which suggests that the free modding scene will eventually be a graveyard of alphas, betas and all the horrible mistakes newbies made while learning how to mod and "the club" will be offering the latest and greatest of the seasoned modders. Then people will quite possibly think, "Meh, free mods are junk".
  12. If this holds, I believe it will be a lot more difficult to learn how to mod for the next major moddable Bethesda title, especially if they decide to change the engine and/or modding tools. The documentation for the CK was poor even with community contribution and I doubt the "community" will be willing to contribute to anything when there's two kinds of modders, the ones who want to make money out of mods and the ones who don't. The reasons should be quite obvious. But of course Bethesda might think of ways to monetize the situation.
  13. You are quite possibly looking into the future of Bethesda.
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