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  1. View File Long story short, I found these animations during my Nexus browsing. I decided to add them to my Skyrim via SexLab Animation Loader. Therefore, what I posted here is not a complete SLAL package, but the necessary files required for HAnimations and TropicalIsland to work along with SexLab. I don't want to publish nazonootoko's assets without his permission, so you'll have to download his mods from the Nexus by yourself. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. So what do we have here? 8 animations total from HAnimations mod: - 4 dildo animations, six stages each - 2 soulgem dildo animations, three stages each - 2 tentacle animations, one with eight and one with five stages And yes, all of them are solo masturbation animations for females. 21 animations total from TropicalIsland mod: - 3 missionary animations, six stages each - 4 standing animations, three with six and one with seven stages - 2 kneeling animations and 1 laying, six stages each - 2 doggystyle animations, one with six and one with seven stages - 3 cowgirl animations, six stages each - 1 masturbation animation for female, four stages - 5 furniture animations, six stages each It seems like pretty much all of them were designed for straight M+F vaginal intercourse. Requirements: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ - SexLab Framework and all it's requirements http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ - Sexlab Animation Loader and all it's requirements http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80201/? - meshes and textures folders from HAnimations mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81267/? - meshes and textures folders from TropicalIsland mod Recommended: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? - HDT Physics Extensions (if you want collisions support) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended-xpmse/ - XPMSE http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-hdt-animated-pussy/ - AIO HDT Animated Pussy http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? - Bodyslide http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ - SexLab Match Maker Installation: I highly recommend you to use manual installation. You'll need to download and unpack "meshes" and "textures" folders from HAnimations and TropicalIsland mods into your Skyrim Data folder. You don't have to install the whole archives, only "meshes" and "textures" required, anything else (.esp files, scripts, SKSE plugins, FNIS .txt files and behaviors) aren't needed. After you done with the necessary assets, install this SLAL patch, run your FNIS, and activate nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp with your launcher. IMPORTANT! Install only 1.4.0beta version of HAnimations from Miscellaneous section, since 1.3.4 version from Main Files section is obsolete. For more info take a look at pic below: If you want the HDT collisions during dildo/soulgem animations, there is a special "HDT Collision Coin" you can create at any smith forge. Just equip it and all will be set. In fact, it works the same as HDT Havok Object, though it has custom .xml file. You can also try HDT SexToys by Bazinga. Get it here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4007-hdt-sextoys/ Credits: nazonootoko for his awesome animations shadow866 for .json fixing anubis for creating AnimObjects Bazinga for HDT SexToys mod Submitter Aequus Submitted 02/17/2017 Category Animation Requires Sexlab Animation Loader Special Edition Compatible
  2. View File This is a collection of hacks, expansions and modifications I did on other Mods. And some stuff I did create myself. I try to give credit to everyone whos work I used. Especially to the original authors of the mods. NEW: From now on newest version will ONLY be available from Mega (Go to DOWNLOAD and choose one of the Links at the Top) NEW lordescobar666 made a fomod installer for 8.5 So you might give that a try to make correctly installing this easier! !!! Remember to ALWAYS run FNIS after installing new version. "re-register all mod" in Creature Framework Menu. "Reset Animation Registry" in Sexlab Menu!!! If you are using Mod Organiser you might check this posting: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32953-more-nasty-critters/?p=1331101 NEW: Saeros gave me a sexualized version of True Wolves of Skyrim from KrittaKitty. This should work as a replacer for existing textures. They look great so take a look. I added it as an optional download Now an in detail of "what does this do" Sexlab: Added Benthic Lurker Added Werebear Added Rieklings and Riekling Threesome Added Female Werewolf Added Flame Atronach (1 Animation - 7 Stages!) Added Horse Animation (again) Added New Dog and Wolf animation Added Spriggan (1 Animation - 6 Stages) Added Spriggan #2 (1 Animation - 5 Stages) Added Spriggan Lotus Animation (1 Animation 6 Stages) Added Flame Atronach Animation (1 Animation 6 Stages) Added new Consensual Dog/Wolf animations (Panic) (1 Animation 4 Stages) Added new Dog/Wolf Animations (Dayelyte) (1 Animation 6 Stages) Added Dog/Wolf Spooning Animation (Dayelyte) (1 Animation 3 Stages) Added Tail Animations for Panics Sets Added new Spriggan Animation (Xandero) Added Atronach Missionary (Xandero) Added Redone Werewolf (Panic) Added Xanderos Spriggan Missionary (1 Animation 5 Stages) Added Xanderos Flame Atronach Spooning (1 Animation 4 Stages) Added Xanderos New Flame Atronach Animation (1 Animation 5 Stages) Added Panics New Werewolf Blowjob (1 Animation 4 Stages) Added Panics new Dogblowjob (1 Animation 4 Stages) Added Panics new Horse Blowjob (1 Animation 5 Stages) Added Troll Doggy (1 Animation 4 Stages) by an anonymous artist Added Troll Cowgirl (1 Animation 7 Stages) by an anonymous artist Added Troll Behind (1 Animation 4 Stages) by an anonymous artist Added Bear Animation from Dayelyte (Bear Behind) Added Bear Animation from Dayelyte (Bear on Bottom) Added SKEEVER Animation from Billyy (Skeever Oral (1 Animation 4 Stages)) Added SKEEVER Animation from Billyy (Skeever Missionary (1 Animation 4 Stages)) Added LOTS OF SKEEVER Animations from Billyy Added Troll on Ground (1 Animation 6 Stages) by an anonymous artist Added Troll Sextreme (1 Animation 6 Stages) by anonymous artist Added Troll Missionary alt (1 Animation 7 Stages) from anonymous artist Added 3 more stages to Troll Behind (+3 Stages) from anonymous artist Added Falmer Holding (1 Animation 4 Stages) from FunnyBiz Added New Dog/Wolf Animations from Leito Added Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter, Netch and Wispmother Animations from llabsky Added Horker animation (thanks llabsky) Added Cow animation (thanks to llabsky) Added Hagraven Doggy (thanks to FunnyBiz) Added Mammoth, Chicken, Hare, Hagraven, Steamcenturion (thanks llabsky) Added Draugr animations (thanks Leito) Added Sabercat (thanks llabsky) Added more Sabrecat (thanks Anubis) Added more Draugr (thanks Anubis) Nude Creatures: ***Changed to SLNudeCreatures 3.4.RC6 and Creature Feat RC12************ Check out http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22672-sexlab-nude-creatures-v31-150115/page-34 if there is a newer version of Nude Creatures (3.4.RC6 included) Also check http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41270-creature-framework-rc3-updated-2015-1-9/page-2 if there is a newer version of Creature Framework (RC12 included) And you might check http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49743/?if there is a newer version of JContainers (3.2.5 included) *************************************** Added Benthic Lurker Added Werebear Added Ashman Added Armored Troll Added Dragons (4 Models) Fixed Giants (now only ONE club out at any one time) Fixed all creatures remove equipment before starting animation (and hopefully reequip when done) All Dragons now use a Penismodel for all Dragonkind. Not a complete nude model for each of them. Thanks to DARKGRAY for showing me the errors of my ways! Added Judah Added Arch Demon Added Deathhound Brute Fixed Bears changing color during animation Fixed Armored Trolls texture bug and both Brown and Snow are supported now Supported Creatures are now Default ON in Menu Hentai Creatures: (They can be bought at the Trader in Riverwood. And now also can be added and removed by a toggle in the menu! For the cheats amongst you) Added Benthic Lurker Added Werebear Added Rieklings Added Ashman Added Flame Atronach Added Familiar Added Husky Added Armored Husky Added Death Hound Added Female Werewolf (*) Added Spriggan Added Spriggan Earthmother Added Armored Troll Added Dragons (Swamp, Snow) Added Frost Troll Addded Judah Added Arch Demon Added Deathhound Brute Added Fox ADDED Skeever Added Ashhoper, Chaurushunter, Wispmother, Deer, Goat, Netch and mounted Riekling Added Horker, Cow and Hagraven Added Chicken, Hare, Mammoth and Steam Centurion Fixed some bugs Nude Models: Created nude Fox and nude Arctic Fox Created nude Werebear Added Benthic Lurker (created by Cyndi) created Ashman (now alternate model for less clipping) Created Dragonpenis for all the Dragons Added Judah (created by diarawr) Added Arch Demon (from SkymoMod), Stitched together Nudemodel myslef. Couldnt get the existing Patch to play with NC, but used the textures. Added Deathhound Brute (both nude and non nude model done by Shocky.) Added Skeever (2 versions selectable in SLNC) Added nude model of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling and Skeletton from Bad Dog Added nude model of Goat from Vioxsis Added Horker nude model (thanks Vioxsis) Added Hagraven nude model (thanks to Vioxsis) digustingly great work! Added Steam Centurion nude mesh (thanks Bad Dog) Added alternate Nude Boar - anatomically correct (thanks Vioxsis) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (*) Concerning female Werewolves: 1) You need to have Sexlab Werewolves installed. I use those models! If you want other Werewolf models replace the .nifs / textures but keep the mod! 2) You MUST NOT enable Werewolves in Nude Creatures! SL Werewolves takes care of itself! 3) You must load SexLabWerewolves.esp AFTER Nudecreatures.esp, NudecreaturesDB.esp and MoreNastyCritters.esp. So pretty much at the end of the loadorder! 4) Make sure you DESELCT "females use male model" in the SL Werewolf Menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install this Mod: ============== First: If you have Hentai Creatures or Nude Creatures installed, UNINSTALL them! 1) Install Sexlab 1.57+ 2) Copy contents of this .zip into your Skyrim\Data Directory overwriting everything 3) Run FNIS 5.1.1 for Users (Make Sure you have FNIS Creature Pack installed) 4) Enable Mods in your Loadorder 5) Reset Animation Reg in SL Loadorder: ======= CreatureFramework.esm Morenastycritters.espSexlabNudecreatures.esp SexlabNudecreaturesDG.esp SexlabNudecreaturesDB.esp Hentaicreatures.esp If you DONT install any other Werewolf mods dont forget to ENABLE Werewolves in SL Nude Creatures Menu. ALL OTHER SUPPORTED CREATURES ARE ENABLED BY DEFAULT! You do NOT need Hentai Creatures or Nude Creatures as they are included and expanded in this mod. Also since Version 4.0 you dont need Creature Features or Beastiality Extras as they are included, too. Also, if you have nude replacer models installed, remove them. Nude Creatures cant work correctly otherwise. Especially for Dragons there were some, including mine. Check if you have .nif files in meshes\actors\dragons\ and meshes\actors\dragons\character assets\ DISCLAIMER: =========== I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder. However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun. If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all. CREDITS: ======== to who actually made the Mods Ashal (Sexlab) LordEscobar (Nude Creatures) Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework) Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures) Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations) Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations! Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf) Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation) Billyy (Skeever Animations) llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother) Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat) FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation) Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations) Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included) Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton) Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker) diarawr (for JUDAH model) Shocky (for Deathhound Brute) SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon) Thanks go to: Cyndi for helping me along getting something useable out of 3DS Max gooser for helping me making this an API conforming Addon instead of a hack lapolla for pointing out that discrepancy between 1.54 and 1.57 WhiskeyS for adding Rieklings to SL DARKGRAY for putting me on the right track with the Dragons Alexkreuz for fixes on Hentai Creatures BeamerMiasma for finding/fixing some Bugs OPTIONAL DOWNLOADS: ===================== Lurkerpierced is an optional model. You can download and use to overwrite the model included in this Mod. It gives you a Lurker with piercings. It (might) have other issues, though. Your choice. FAQ ==== Q: Does this work without Dawnguard or Dragonborn A: Partially. Enable MoreNastyCritters.esp and SexlabNudeCreatures.esp if you only have the base game. Additionally enable SexlabNudeCreaturesDB.esp if you have Dragonborn. Enable SexlabNudeCreaturesDG.esp if you have Dawnguard. If you have both you can also enable HentaiCreatures.esp Q: Some dogs miss some equipment A: This Mod contains all the Models from Creature Features and Beatiality Extras in addition to some models I made. There are lots of other nude models out there. If you want them you have to install them yourself. Especially for dogs there is Horny Dogs of Skyrim for example. Q: When I use Mod Organizer I <insert problem here> A: I dont use MO. If you run into problems I can only say the Mod does work with it but MO has to be set up correctly. Aditional info from Kitsone: Consolidate your FNIS packages/folders in MO or otherwise remove and reinstall them if MO reports .hkx files overwriting within them. Additionally, at the bottom of the main installed mod list there is an "overwrite" listing that's supposed to store all the runtime files that are made/changed when you run things through MO. At some point in a version change with FNIS/MNC/MO the behavior files for the creatures are stored differently so you need to flush out the old ones by double-clicking the "overwrite" and deleting the meshes>actors folder. Rerun FNIS (from MO of course). Q: Dragons have no Stuff A: Activate Dragonpenis in the Nude Creatures Menu! Try starting a new game. Sometimes older saves dont work well with Dragons. Dragons are a bit problematic anyway. Q: Critters are doing nothing A: Activate Creature Animations in Sexlab Menu Q: What does this do? I see nothing! A: Go into the menu. Select "Hentai Creatures" and there select "Dump Spells" You will have all the Summoning Spells in your spellbook after that. Summon the critter you want and tell it to train. (Not that this is how this Mod is supposed to be used but the quickest way to "see something") Submitter dentarr Submitted 06/20/2014 Category WIP / Beta Requires SL 1.57, FNIS Creaturepack, Dawnguard, Dragonborn Special Edition Compatible
  3. View File File Name: Get Stripped! Again! File Submitter: bahow File Submitted: 14 Feb 2015 File Category: Sexual Content Requires: skse, fnis, skyui, fuz ro do-h Get Stripped! Again! Description Old Description Hi, new version of GetStripped is ready. It adds two new strippers to the Riften. They’re looking forward to strip you in various ways, or more if you’re unlucky (Only in daylight when the city is safe) Besides stripping events, there is also a new story going on. Again, you’ll get different outcomes and branches according to your choices in story mod. So, choose wisely, or you can find yourself in a more humiliation situation than getting stripped. I added a new “title” feature. So people can share their endings easiliy and without spoilers. More details are below. As the first version, I’ve added a lot of custom animations. All the animations are done by me. But don’t forget that I’m not an animation artist. Some animations ended up good, some ended up a bit lazy. But I bet my coin that you’ll find most of them original, since they’re all situation based and not reoccuring. I’m sure users played the previous versions are familiar with the concept. If you didn’t, you can check the old description. Currently all scenes in story mod are done. I also added a new steal/drop armor mechanic, but it’s locked right now because of bugs. I’ll unlock it later, when I solve the issues and release it as v2.1 with new mechanics. Also, I’m sure careful users will notice some downgrading from v1.1 in Whiterun content. The reason is, that I’ve lost some scripts from older version. I’ll add them again in future. So, for Whiterun content, v1.1 is the definitive one right now. In some of the public scenes, actor dialogue can be interrupted by vanilla NPC dialogue. What I mean is; subtitles getting overwritten by more current ones. Since there is no voice acting, this can be annoying and I cannot disable every non scene NPC. I recommend disabling in game subtitles during playing these scenes. Thanks to Fuz Ro Doh, this will disable the vanilla subtitles, but you will still see mod related subtitles. Do not use the mod on your main save and take a backup! (I don't like to call it a beta release, but that's what it is right now.) Installation I do not recommend manual installation. Other than that, just activate it by a Mod Manager. If you played any of the other versions you need a clean save! V 1.1 A few bug fixes. No new content. V 2.0 New Riften content. New Title Feature New Blush Vision Feature Some downgrades for Whiterun (see description) V 2.1 No new content. More stable mocking mechanic. New "General Cover" feature. New "Get Touchy!" feature. An experimental "Walkthrough". Additional scripts are added to some of the dialogues to catch your choices later on. Previous pathes are included. I don't think you need a clean save to install the new update, but making a clean save is always better. As always, make a backup of your save in case something goes wrong! Requirements SKSE (latest) FNIS (latest) Strongly Recommended: Fuz Ro D-oh (Without; dialogues will be too fast to read, also some scripts may not work) SkyUI (To modify the default options) XP32 Maximum Skeleton (For animations to line up correctly, I'm using XPMS-1-81) UNP (For best animation results, I'm using Base Main 1.2) Also your character should be female. Otherwise it would be awkward. Incompatibility Mods altering Whiterun and Riften Some movement mods are reported to prevent cover animations. I don't use many mods, so I'm not sure which mods can cause problems. In theory, this mods shouldn't be affected by other mods I can think of. Known Bugs Being a vampire may cause some issues. If you have any issues, please name them. In Riften, if both NPCs see at the same time, one of them can strip you even if you're stripped already. Strippers can fall to the water if you're close to the edges while they're stripping you. Sometimes stripping spells won't get recast, if strippers do nothing when they see you, just reload Riften/Whiterun by entering/exiting any building. Note: If you have the following issues: I'm not getting stripped or I'm not getting stripped more than one time, NPCs keep mocking me even after I'm dressed, can't trigger the guard; probably you have an unproper installation. To fix this you need a clean save. You also need a clean save if you have v1.0 installed and want to pass to v1.1. Same with v2.0. - While in Whiterun/Riften save your game and quit. - Deactivate the mod, wait a few ingame hours and create a new save. Quit the game again. - Activate the mod, load your latest save. - Test again. (Most of the time this happens when you install the mod manually, since you can miss some scripts or put a file in wrong directory. I recommend using a mod manager to install.) However, don't mistake the game mechanics of the mod with bugs or real issues. General Cover Feature Now your character plays cover animations whenever you unequip your body armor. For that to happen, you need to open your inventory and basically unequip whatever you're wearing in that slot mask. Cover animations won't occur if you're stripped by script and not by yourself to prevent possible conflicts with other mods. Feature is toggled off as default, so you need to enable it from MCM first. (This would conflict with other mods, that add a similar feature of course. Therefore, keep only one of them active per time.) Get Touchy! After you're mocked by an NPC, if you're close enough to them, they may not keep their hands off of you depending on your cover state. "Walkthrough" You can not see the walkthrough if you've started the story mod in the respective city to prevent possible conflicts within the mod. You need to use it while stripping events are still happening or you can get out of Whiterun/Riften. To be safe, only use it if you're not actively involved in a quest. I do not recommend using it, since it's better to find the titles yourself. Title Feature In the end of the mod, you'll get a title based on the ending you got. It'll update itself while you're playing. You can see it MCM. I'm really curious which scenes you'll get I'm sure someone will find them all eventually. But, please avoid giving major spoilers, or use a spoiler tag. On the other hand, you can share your titles freely, since that's the point of this feature. About Devious Devices If you are using Devious Devices (which I like a lot), and currently have some devices equipped, many animations will look ilogical with clipping issues. So, in this case, mod's events will not be triggered until you unequip them. You can ignore this option in MCM if you want though. If you're not using Devious Devices just toggle "Ignore Devices" option in the configuration menu. Mod Configuration Menu You can change some of the options here. I think they are self explanatory. Thanks for reading, I hope it works with minimal errors and you would enjoy (Again I don't recommend using it with your main save.) Special Credits HotGum: For the amazing artwork of version 2. Check his DeviantArt profile and blog ! Xluxlu: For sound effects and support! Credits Calyps for his Strapon assets. Fore for FNIS and detailed modder's documentation: Custom animations would be impossible to implement without this tool. I think it takes the biggest cake here. (Also for his additional support) xp32 for Skeleton, modders resources and tutorials: I used skeleton provided by xp32 and learned how to do animations by reading his tutorials. There was even an animation ready max file. Authors of SKSE for extended script functions: Nearly everybody uses skse today, I think no more explanation is needed. UNP body mesh: UNP is a great body mesh and it's best for my liking. Blends in with the animations (for me) better too. Nifskope: Basically I use nifskope everytime I export a custom mesh or add a modified vanilla mesh. Also for animated objects (especially in Riften scenes). SkyUI: For easy and user friendly mod configuring. (Also more practical and clean UI). Fuz Ro Do'h: It would be very hard to add many dialogue options without it. Recording an empty voice file and such. All LoversLab community for all of the support! Click here to download this file Submitter bahow Submitted 02/13/2015 Category Sexual Content Requires skse, fnis, skyui, fuz ro do-h Special Edition Compatible
  4. Ok so simple question with a, probably complex and difficult answer. I have been wondering how to get ALL female characters with schlongs from SOS to use male positions in animations. The major problem is more like getting the list of animations expanded be just the "Lesbian" tag. I use sexlab tools and can select vaginal as the tag through it, which then has them play a "Straight (male/female) anim. However, to do this every single time an event starts is a pain. I don't want it to get rid of the lesbian anims outright, but instead it be able to allow for the male/female animations as well. I've been thinking about trying to use the animation editor included in sexlab to adjust the tags, but to do this would be a very tedious task. So i got to thinking if there was a way to use the settings in the MCMs to make all futanari characters have a "male" tag as far as animation selection is concerned. I have been able to do it before but then when i need to do a fresh save, i always forget how I achieved it. The only thing i can think of at the moment is to rebuild sexlabs strap-on database in order to get the game to treat SOS schlongs for females as a strap-on without equipping it to all actors in the animations or without it equipping calypsys strap-ons in tandem with an already equipped schlong. If i figure it out, I will post my settings here for others and future reference. Any ideas?
  5. View File SLAL - Animations by Leito Update 9/12/16 -Added several new Riekling animations Cowgirl Femdom Gangbang (Beta-ish, I couldn't get it to work in-game, maybe you can) Powerbomb Scissors Threesome 1 Threesome 2 Threesome 3 Threesome 4 -Fixed camera bob (again) for blowjob 1 and 2 animations -Temporarily disabled strapons for all 3 FFM animations Description This mod contains sex animations made my me. It contains all the animations that are found in Non-Sexlab Animations Pack and Forerunner's Leito pack and shares the same tags and names. I don't recommend having either one of these mods installed along side this mod as it'll run up your FNIS animation count and you may see duplicates in game. If you need animations from NSAP, you can find specific SLAL versions here. Animation List Consensual Non-creature Aggressive Non-creature Furniture Creatures Requirements SexLab Framework and all it's requirements More Nasty Critters and all it's requirements only if you're using the creature pack SexLab Animation Loader and all it's requirements FNIS Recommended Mods FootIK OFF Spell - Allows the feet to animate they way they're meant to when playing an animation, otherwise they will clip. Installation Uninstall Non-Sexlab Animations Pack, Forerunner's Leito Animation Pack and older versions of my SLAL pack if you have them. Install my mod and pick whichever modules you want from the popup. Click 'yes' to overwrite everything. Run FNIS. Check and make sure SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp is loaded after SLAnimLoader.esp in your load order. In the MCM, go into Sexlab's menu and reset the animation registry. Afterwards, you can go into the SL Animation Loader menu and enable my animations via the appropriate tabs. If you're using the creature pack, you may need to refresh the Creature Framework mod (included in More Nasty Critters) in it's MCM menu. Known Issues Some animations have issues that I can't/haven't had time to resolve and includes the following: Lesbian Double Dildo 1 - Issues with dildo placement due to current limitations of SLAL Lesbian Double Dildo 2 - Issues with dildo placement due to current limitations of SLAL FFM 1 - Temporarily disabled strapon FFM 2 - Temporarily disabled strapon FFM 3 - Temporarily disabled strapon Riekling Gangbang - May or may not work (SLAL issue?) Resources Animations By Leito Credits Leito - mod maker, animator Ashal - Sexlab Framework orxx - Sexlab Animation Loader rydin - SL Animation Loader Tutorial and Non-Sexlab Animations Pack forerunner414 - Leito Animations Pack dentarr - More Nasty Critters fore - FNIS pornphile - character rig Zaz and Xaz - bondage furniture mod makers and the community in general Bethesda others that I can't think of right now Submitter Leito86 Submitted 01/23/2016 Category Framework & Resources Requires SexLab Framework, More Nasty Critters, Sexlab Animation Loader, FNIS Special Edition Compatible
  6. My sex animations will not play. They used to play before I got the newest Sexlab Framework but know they won't and when I convert back, they still won't.
  7. View File Before we start: Alpha Software - this mod may destroy your machine, ruin your life or bring about global nuclear Armageddon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Modders' Resource. No Normally playable content. This is a sex framework, meaning that it doesn't add content itself but rather makes it easier for other modders to add content. Limited Functionality. This is a quick and dirty adaptation of Crazy6987's sex gun into a format more easily used by modders. Compared to Sexout or SexLab, this is severely lacking in features. On the other hand, it has all sorts of advantages over nothing at all. Just, let's keep expectations realistic to start with. Upgrading from 0.0.1: Delete the old BSA2 archives! One of them has been renamed as four_play - Main.bsa2 as per the convention. The other one, the textures archive, has disappeared altogether since I'm not adding any textures. Delete the Data/Scripts/four_play folder as well. What It Is A sex animation framework based on Crazy6987's sex animations. Installation Use the mod manager of your choice. Or just copy the archive contents into Fallout 4\Data. There's no installers or wizards to worry about. Software Demo Open the console and type "coc 4test" to get to the test cell. The terminals there have some information and some test options that can double as demo scenes. How to use it The source is included in the archive, and that's probably your best documentation. Briefly however: The module name space is "four_play" and the main quest is four_play:Main There are two entry points for the module: four_play:Main.four_play and four_play:Main.four_play_main. Umm... I could have probably used a little more imagination in some of those names... Nevermind. four_play:Main.four_play(actor a0, actor a1=None, float duration=30.0) This takes two actors, picks a random two person animation and starts it going for 30 seconds. You can override the time with the duration flag. If a1 is None, a solo animation is chosen for a0. This function tries to make sure there's a male actor in the male role (all current animations are solo or m/f) and will swap a0 and a1 to make that happen. There are also a couple of parameters that probably shouldn't be there. "happy" is supposed to set a happy expression on the actors faces. I forgot about it until I came to write this. "start_mark" is a marker that can be used to position a0 before sex starts. This is implements but broken, so don't use it. function four_play_main(Actor a0, Idle i0, Actor a1=None, Idle i1=None, keyword arch0=none, keyword arch1=none, objectreference start_mark=none, float duration=30.0) This is a lower level function. Actors a0 and a1 are used in the male and female position respectively, So if you want your female PC to ream Kellogg with a strapon, this is the one to call. Both idles are specified separately, and in principle can take any animation supplied. The Arch parameters are facial animation archetypes intended to change the expression, duration is how long the animation lasts and start_mark is broken and should not be used. When either of these functions are called, the a1 actor is moved next to a0 and the idles are started. Actors are stripped and re-dressed - usually, anyway. Callback The mod sends a custom event called animation_over with the two actor as arguments. This should let you pick up control after an animation ends. There doesn't seem to be a way to raise a custom event on another form., so there's no way to register for events from an actor - you'll need to make sure the event you get is for the actors you expect. Known Issues No control of a running scene: You can't change the animation, restart, reposition or any of the cool sexlab features most of us are used to. Single Stage Only: Only one simple loop is animated. There's no syncing of animation, no multi-stage animations just one loop. Ground Pounder Weirdness: The "ground pounder" animation has the female floating about three foot off the ground for some reason. Seems to be an issue with the animation. Maybe. Survival Options, v1.62. This mod has an inventory item that saves the game in Survival Mode. It seems to conflict with the mod for some reason. And probably thousands more - I'll update the list as I remember them (or am reminded!) Custom Races Custom races need to be registered from a script. I've made this as easy as I can: race property my_race auto; ...four_play:Main.register_race(my_race) Troubleshooting Guide I can't get to the test cell! The test cell is just a cell like any other interior location in the game. You got there by typing coc 4test from the console. If you can't get there, it almost certainly means the mod isn't loaded. Check your mod manager and make sure the esp is selected. Stripping isn't working! As of 0.0.4 stripping uses F4SE 0.3.0 So make sure that's installed and up to date. No, really! Stripping isn't working! Turns out there's a known bug in F4SE 0.3.0 where the GetWornItem function doesn't work right unless Papyrus loads debug information. So do the following: Edit %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini. Add the following if absent: [Papyrus]bLoadDebugInformation=1 Those of you who found that stripping started working when you enabled logging - this is why. Which means you can disable the logging if you wish so long as you keep the two lines above. The GetWornItem bug is expected to be fixed in 0.3.1 which is currently under development. F4SE is installed and up to date, I'm loading debug information and there's still no stripping F4SE 0.3.0 also modifies some of the vanilla scripts. In particular Four-Play's stripping code needs the F4SE version of Actor.pex. The easiest way to ensure you're using this is to copy the data folder from the F4Se archive. It's easy to overlook this since the install instructions that come with F4SE 0.3.0 are out of date and don't mention this step at all. Stripping isn't working, I tell you! A lot of people have reported that enabling papyrus logging fixed their stripping issues. That probably means I need a wait or two somewhere in the code. Meanwhile, enabling logging seems to be a practical workaround. See "If All Else Fails" for how to do this. Animations Aren't Working Check you have the animations installed. Installing Crazy's Gun Mod will do the job, and you can check that the animations themselves work with Crazy's gun. If that works, go to the test cell (see above) and use the terminals to see if you can start animations that way. If the test cell works, then the problem is likely with a mod calling Four-Play. If it doesn't I'll need to look at it. If All Else Fails There's a lot that could go wrong and a lot of cases that I almost certainly haven't considered. If it's still not working the best way to proceed is to give me a log file to look at. To do that: Follow the instructions here start up a game session coc to the test cell. try and start an animation leave the game edit the log file in notepad post the contents to pastebin.com submit the pastebin page - this will give you a new web page with your pasted log file as its contents post the url of the new pastebin page here along with a description of the problem Dependencies: F4SE: Now needed for stripping. Crazy's Animation Gun: At the time of writing, Crazy hasn't signed in since before I started on this exercise. As such I've not been able to get his permission, so I don't feel comfortable bundling his animations. So you need the mod installed. You shouldn't need the esp loaded if you don't want it. NSFW Strap-on dildo for FO4: Optional. If loaded and if a female actor is in the aggressive role, Four-Play will try and soft-load the strapon. I haven't really had a chance to test that yet, so it may not work. Submitter DocClox Submitted 04/01/2017 Category Animation Requires F4SE, Crazy6987 - Sex Animation - Gun Version  
  8. idle Animation by red3113 New version for Skyrim Special Edition! Thanks to Chessman2005 for the adjustment to Skyrim Special Edition Sorry for my bad English. This mod replaces your mt_idle.hkx file. Download and rename the file into mt_idle.hkx mt_idle.hkx own search and replace the same file path should be generally Copy: \ Skyrim \ Data \ meshes \ actors \ character \ animations \ female \ mt_idle.hkx Note that the backup of the original file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now also available on Loverslab: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2144-sexy-idle-animation/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- update! For the boobs collision & HDT see this post: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25501-hdt-news-and-info-latest-v1428-stable-10-24/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW: Uploaded at Skyrim Nexus Animation 1: Download: Link Password: nkas Animation 2: Download: Link Password: j5pb update fingers fix by cretin. mt_idle.rar Animation 3: Download: Link Password: j9yw Animation 4: Download: Link Password: ukgf Animation 5: Download: Link Password: byjx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw5xX2qhqOQ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Dynamic pose sm1 Download: Link Password: hscz sm12 Download: Link Password: ov9r The links are the original creator --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional download All-in-one package Thanks to shabazzaskyrim --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to red3113 for his great work! For all those here have questions for me. My English is not so good and there are very many post. I can not read them all. ;-) Click here to download this file
  9. View File Description This file contains my animations made specifically for Four-Play. It contains nothing else, no .esp, scripts, or anything, just the animation files. Will update as I create more animations. Animation List Aggressive Jerking & Choking Standing Chokehold (Anal) Normal Wheelbarrow Laying Gorilla Handstand BJ Laying BJ Kneeling 69 Layed-Back Fuck 3-Way Double Penetration Spitroast Creatures/Animals Dogmeat Style DogmeatStyle (Faster) Dog Handjob Dogmeat Animations, Information for Modders Behavior Graph: Actors\Dogmeat\Behaviors\DogmeatDefault.hkx Anim Event: dynamicIdleLoop Looping Seconds: Loop Forever: Checkmarked (I believe this setting is only shown in the Creation Kit) Min: 255 (setting both of these to 255 should do the same as the Loop Forever setting) Max: 255 Replay Delay: 0 Credits DocClox - Four-Play vinfamy - All the stuff he does for Four-Play Submitter Crazy6987 Submitted 04/15/2017 Category Animation Requires  
  10. Animations Here READ FULL ENTRY FOR GIFS Cowgirl Cowgirl 2 Doggy Doggy 2 Foot Fetish 1 Foot Fetish 2 Foot Fetish 3 Lotus Missionary 1 Missionary 2 Missionary 3 Reverse Cowgirl Spooning Standing Standing 2 Throne Cowgirl Throne Doggy Throne Missionary Unicorn
  11. View File I need help to fix bugs in some animation. PM me if you are willing to help. Thank you. Brife Description Well I wonder if it's necessary to be such formal. When I first came to LL 1 or 2 years ago, I saw a guy asking if it's possible to cast a magic spell from breasts or schlong. And now I can give an answer: Yes. So this mod just move the magics equiped in hands to nipples and move the shouts equiped in mouth to... Ok I do think you know where it shall be! Samples And I think nothing can show you how it looks better than using GIFs.Enjoy! Attention:There are 15 GIFs and total size is large as 164MB! Please Be Patient. Content There are 6 .7z packages in the download page. Necessary 1.MagicNippleSkeleton.7z The Core of this mod, a female skeleton based on XPMSE X.93ar50. 3 new bones is added and 3 bones' position is changed. Optional 2.MagicNippleSpells.7z All the Magic and visual effect you see in the GIFs can be found in the esp: Rune Visual Effect - XX0012CA - It is an Ability, works like a buff. The Nipple Thunder Bolt - Left hand:XX001D95 Right hand:XX001D96 The Milk Spray - Left hand:XX001D9C Right hand:XX001D9D Cumshot Power - XX00332E - No animation Cumshot Shout - XX001DA2 - With animation 3.Schlong Shout.7z Replace the animation of shout. Use the masturbation animation in Sexlab. 4.MagicNippleAnimation_Float.7z Animation Set 1, see the GIFs. It replaces almost all animations of magic casting. The files come from 3DM and I cannot comfirm who is the author. 5.MagicNippleFloatReleaseAlt.7z Alternative animation of spell releasing in Set 1. 6.MagicNippleAnimation_Ground.7z Replace part of the animaitons of magic casting using the Idle 1 of Sexy idle Animation made by red3113. I recommend install New Animation for Magic Casting by xp32 first if you want to use this one. Maybe the animations will look wierd if you cast a spell when you are moving. Try it anyway. How to Use 0.All of this is designed for a female character. 1.FNIS is required. 2.Backup your Animation and Skeleton Folder for female if you don't use a Mod Manager like NMM or MO or something else. Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\female Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female 3.Install MagicNippleSkeleton.7z, overwrite if asked. 4.Run FNIS generator with the "gender specific animation" checked if you don't need the optional files. From now on, you can cast the magics from nipple and shouts from schlong. Optional 4.Install MagicNippleSpells.7z if you want the spells and visual effect. 5.Install Schlong Shout.7z if you want to change the animation of shouts. 6.Choose onle one set of animaton between MagicNippleAnimation_Ground.7z and MagicNippleAnimation_Float.7z, then install it, if you want to change the animations of magic casting. If you want to use MagicNippleAnimation_Ground.7z, installing New Animation for Magic Casting by xp32 first is recommand. 7.Install MagicNippleFloatReleaseAlt.7z if you want to use another floating releasing animation. 8.Run FNIS generator with the "gender specific animation" checked. 9.Check and enjoy in the game. Notes 1.May Groovtama add this feature in his work? (Comfirmed, a variant will be add to the 2.0, thanks) 2.The skeleton is modified for my character. Because the difference between the scale of breasts, sometimes it is not suitable for your character. I will write down how to adjust it on 2#. 3.Even with this mod, you still can't equip weapons in both hands and magic on both nipples at the same time. What I do is just move the nodes which attch the magic. 4.All females in the game will use the nipples and new animations to cast spells. If you don't like this, try PC Exclusive Animation Path 5.There are still bugs with the animations. In 3rd camera, aimed-concentration magic(those you must hold the key to keep them casting on where you aimed, such as flames) will be randomly “blocked”(nothing shoot out) if you are standing or moving, and seems to be completely blocked when you're sneaking. This has to be fix by someone who knows about animations well, and it is beyond my capability. So just don't use that kind of magics if you don't want to be blocked. Credits to the authors of the animations used in this mod. And you are welcome to share this mod. Submitter ElPsyCongroo Submitted 06/15/2014 Category Animation Requires FNIS Special Edition Compatible
  12. This is an advanced guide for bringing MoCap animations into Skyrim. If you're new to creating animations I suggest you check out the tutorial and resources by pornphile as you require the same tools for this method, plus atleast basic understanding of 3ds Max. Animation Tutorial by Pornphile Skeleton Controller Rigs by Pornphile This tutorial doesn't cover how to record MoCap animations. It only covers how you can integrate your mocap animations into the established 3ds max workflow. You have to decide & figure for yourself what method you want to use to record mocap. Personally, I'm using Ipi + Kinect, which is a relatively cheap way of getting decent motion capture data. I have only done tests with .bvh mocap files, but technically .bip and .csm files should work too. For this tutorial I am using the 2012 version of 3ds Max. This should work for 3ds Max 2010/11 aswell, no guarantee for any later versions. The scene is built upon the Controller Rigs that pornphile made and transfers motion capture data between the 3ds Max Biped and the Skyrim Skeleton Controller Rig. If you think you have everything that's needed, let's get started: 1. Open the MocapFINAL scene file. Once loaded, select Pelvis of 3ds Max Biped. [1] 2. Under Motion [2], navigate to the Motion Capture sub menu. Import your Mocap Animation onto the 3ds Max Biped (.bip, .bvh, .csm) [3] 3. During importing, check angle for knee/elbow. 4. You most likely will see the Biped changing size. You need to fix this by adjusting scales/size after importing. Recommended values: - Resize entire Biped in the Structure sub menu to 128; Activate Figure Mode for the menu to show up [spoiler1 & 2] - Select the calfs of the Biped. Then select Non-Uniform Scale and input 96 for the X axis (This lines up the legs and knees much more accurately) [spoiler3] - Most likely you will need to rotate the entire Biped by 180° (depends on your mocap file) and adjust the height position of it, so that the feet of the skyrim skeleton touch the ground (the feet controller should be positioned at 6,0 on the Z-axis) and the character faces the correct way [spoiler4] 5. Select all controllers (orange & red), then navigate the Menu Menu to Export -> Export Selected, export as .fbx and put a file name 6. In the fbx Exporter, Tick animation, in the sub menu tick the box for "Bake Animation" and adjust the length to that of your animation. Last untick "Deformations" (Not sure if unticking this is necessary) 7. Open Regular Scene File ("Import-Ready" file) and select Import from the Main Menu 8. After importing, select the skyrim skeleton bones. Then select 'Rename Objects' und Tools. Remove the First 5 digits. 9. Done. From here you can continue as you would with any other key framed animation. You can make adjustments or export as you normally do. If anyone has any questions, issues or suggestions feel free to ask. Hopefully this will be useful to some people out there. If done right, this can save a lot of time, while still producing decent to great animations. For example, I made a ~2000 frames long animation, comprised of greatsword swinging in about 2-3 hours, including some basic clean up. If people are interested in seeing what kind of results I got with this method, let me know and I might post a .gif or short video or whatever of it. Also a Big Thank you to Pornphile for helping me out with some problems and issues I had getting all of this to work and obviously for his Controller Rigs, which are invaluable to anyone who wants to create animations for Skyrim nowadays. Another Big Thank you to ShadeAnimator for helping me out aswell. He is also the one who managed to do something like this quite some time ago and made me want to do this kind of stuff myself. MotionCapturePackage1.0.zip
  13. Adult Contents. v0.1b UPDATED THE FILE TO ZIP FORMAT SINCE SOME USERS DON'T USE 7ZIP. EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THESE ANIMATIONS NOW. The mod contains 5 solo + 1 new F/F animations at the moment. But I'm working on more as we speak, so don't worry. This mod requires TURBODRIVER's WickedWoohoo. To install, please put the file WW_Shiro_Anims in your mod folder. Preview: - 3 bed female solo animations (single, double). - 2 couch, loveseat, park bench female solo animations. - 1 NEW sofa F/F Mutual Masturbation animation. (First of a 2-stage sequence) Sample here: Please check them out and if you like them, give me some feedback. I still have much to learn. If you have any suggestion, please tell me as well. To-do list: - Create more female solo animations. - Create lesbian animations. - Maybe some M-F animations too, but this isn't too high on the list atm. Big "Thank you" to TURBODRIVER and Redabyss for their wonderful tutorials. That's all for now. Enjoy! WW_Shiro_Anims.zip
  14. Alright, so I have managed to create some working rigs for various creatures and animals, the rigs can be used to animate or pose these creatures/animals. Some of the rigs are a bit rough (First time rigging something) so they could definitely use some tweaking to make the bone movements better. But I can say that after some quick tests those animals/creatures did perform the animations created with the rigs. I suppose it's a starting point, I've done most of the work someone more experienced with rigging could touch things up, just make sure to share it with the rest of us. The rigs were created with 3ds Max 2015, don't know what kind of compatibility they will have with other versions of 3ds Max. Rigs Done - Cat - Dogmeat - Gorilla - Mirelurk - Radstag - YaoGuai Semi-Working Rigs - Deathclaw (Extreme Lowerbody distortion for any animation created with the rig, see .txt document in the file for more details) - Alien (Finger Distortion) Not Working at all - Mirelurk Queen (MAXScript Rig Connector error, Rig is not connected to the Skeleton) Credit to ShadeAnimator for putting together all the animation tools (F4AK) Crazy_F4Animation_Rigs.7z
  15. Hello folks! So I've had this issue for a long time. I just never figured out how to fix it (on my own, that is). THE ISSUE The HDT Vagina of the female characters I'm having sex scenes with do not 'open', the vagina's lips do not (or barely) move during penetration scenes. And the schlong of my character will usually just 'clip' through the closed vagina lips. The issue occurs even if I perfectly align the schlong to the vagina, and the issue persist even when I try to change the schlong's size as well (as small or about as big as I can make it... it doesn't matter, the vagina doesn't "react" to penetration and thrusts). THE MODS INVOLVED Currently, I'm using the HDT Bounce & Jiggles mod from Skyrim Nexus. However, note that I clearly remember also experiencing this very issue a few months ago back when I was instead using another mod for HDT files, namely HDT All-In-One Animated Pussy. I'm of course using Schlongs of Skyrim, but I'm also using Schlongs for Female, since my character is Futanari. For the female schlong itself, I'm using SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon 0.9. The female characters I'm "testing" sex scenes with so far have been limited to Janessa (from the Bijin Warmaidens mod), along with Toccata, Moniko and Bonney, which are all standalone characters. However, keep in mind that regardless of which follower I'm trying this with, their HDT body was in fact built by me via the UUNP BodySlide presets, via the HDT Special variant. The reason why I build BodySlide HDT Special bodies for Bijin NPCs, Warmaidens, Wives, and for other standalone followers is because - most of the time - the "HDT Bodies" of those followers (even when the separate option to get one such body for them is present) do * not * support either Belly collision or even don't have an actual HDT vagina at all and are usually limited to just Breast HDT. So, ultimately, the issue of the vagina not opening happens to the vagina that comes from BodySlide HDT Special variant built bodies all the time. In other words, all the sex scenes I have all involve my own custom-built BodySlide bodies and essentially never involves the original mod author's own given body (for the reasons stated above). THE LOAD ORDER(S) First and foremost, I'm using Mod Organizer (and yes I made an actual profile for this mods setup I'm testing things with). So, the issue (I suppose) could of course be a result of a bad load order. It's perhaps limited to the left (resources) pane, or is instead unique to the right (ESMs and ESPs) pane (or maybe it's both panes). For the essentials, on the left pane it looks like this (I'm skipping many mods in between, but the following is related directly or indirectly to the subject in this thread): SexLab Framework Full ( above SKSE since it contains an ESM file ) SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim ( above SKSE since it contains an ESM file ) HDT Bounce and Jiggles - HDT Havok Collisions Object ( above SKSE since it contains an ESM file ) SKSE SKSE - Register Custom Animation Events [ Follower Mods and their respective 'Customizers' below them whenever they're being used, custom textures or meshes, etc ] SkyUI RaceMenu BodySlide and Outfit Studio HDT Physics Extensions SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon Floppy SOS HDT Bounce and Jiggles Required XML Kit ( contains the hdtVagina.xml ) HDT Bounce and Jiggles BM2 Regular TBBP Belly ( contains the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml ) HDT Bounce and Jiggles - SOS Full Patch ( contains male meshes for SOS ) Realistic Force XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Note: the right pane ESMs and ESPs placement of each of those corresponding mods are also placed in the same order there. If you guys happen to notice something obviously wrong right away in my load order, please do let me know. However, please note that when it comes to load order for the left pane specifically, I'm following a specific load order " Template " that I happened to find a few weeks ago on Steam, and here it is (if you guys are curious, give it a look!): https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/523890681419356033/ Scrolling down to point #3 of that guide says that mods that contain an ESM file should be prioritized right after the usual DLCs and the Unofficial Patch, which is what I did in my own load order as mentioned above where I placed the mods with an ESM above the rest and then did the same in the right pane for their corresponding ESMs. THE PICTURES & GIFS To help better understand the issue then of course providing pictures - and possibly gifs later on from my own test scenes - will probably help the case even more. Perhaps someone out there will figure out what's going on immediately just by looking at it rather than trying to analyze things out for days to come. So, here's one example from two pictures I took just yesterday: In this picture, as you guys can see, the vagina isn't open, and the penis' size is nothing exaggerated either (at least not in terms of girth, but even if I change the length it doesn't do anything to help the issue fix itself). http://imgbox.com/XCRF9YQc And in this picture, coming from the same scene / animation, I wanted to show how aligned the schlong is. I adjusted the erection from low to high, still doesn't help. On a technical level it's almost as if the schlong wasn't "detected" by the HDT function of the vagina (if that makes any sense for those who actually know what's going on, because it's the only way I can put it myself). http://imgbox.com/LUZh4ApP Now, compared this to the vaginas of some of the people's setups I've seen around, especially as often shown in the screenshots thread, and it's basically a comparison between night and day. Take the " Post your sex screenshots " thread for instance: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56510-post-your-sex-screenshots-pt-2/ And check some of the pictures and especially some (although not all) of the Gifs in it (usually from the same members who have a fully working HDT setup obviously). For instance, take some of the Gifs from member Ertyrty (they're freaking awesome by the way), such as the following one: https://gfycat.com/NervousHonoredGreatargus Now, THAT is what I'm talking about with my issue (I.E. the vagina isn't opening and the lips aren't physically 'reacting' to the schlong much, if at all; and certainly not as much as it is shown in that Gif above). CONCLUSION Well... I'd like to know what's going on and how to fix it! Any recommendations and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  16. Yo! Just recently got Sims 4 and looking to mod it. I got the Wicked Whims and just wanting to know if there are some good mods that have some homoerotic animations? I went through the list the mod page had, but not sure if it covers all thats here, so just asking
  17. Have I missed the animations where there is FFF threesomes or do they just not exist? It is fairly annoying when you get a all women gangbang and someone have to be the one with a dick. Anyone know if there is any FFF animations?
  18. Four-Play is a sex framework for Fallout 4. The mod is currently under heavy development, but it is already functional and has a number of mods making use of it. The mod currently uses Crazy6987's animations by default, although there is a briding mod to use Leito86's animations. This thread is for discussion of development issues, missing features and coding techniques. Mods Using Four-Play By vinfamy Four-Play Autonomy Four-Play Vanilla Fudge Four-Play Kidnapped Four-Play Prostitution Four-Play Violate Four-Play Mindless Sex Four Lei (Compatibility Patch for Leito's Animations) By Chosen Clue Four-Play Sex 'Em Up Animations http://www.loverslab.com/topic/68016-crazy6987-sex-animation/ By Leito86 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/75915-fo4-animations-by-leito-041217/ By Crazy6987 Useful Threads by vinfamy: Four Play Beginner Friendly Installation Guide Comprehensive Tutorial To Sexualise your Fo4 Four Play Current State: Known Issues, Problem, Diagnosis, Common Installation Mistakes and Expectation Management
  19. If this post should be somewhere else, please feel free to move it! So, I constantly run into a problem *EVERY* time I start up any sexlab animation with my character included (tested on multiple chars, and the anims work fine with just NPCs) the NPC actor(s) start the animation as usual, and everything is aligned with my character, and everythings peachy. But after about a half second from the animation start (long enough to tell that everythings lined up good) my character stands up. Not the NPC. Just my character. After, it instantly goes back to the animation, but only now everything is moving in opposite directions (hands clipping through body instead of resting on/moving with it as before) and the physics extension (HDT) is even confused.... Those nice cheeks shouldn't be jiggling before any impact occurs. I personally think this might be the cause of a ton of peoples' "Tried every fix/Anims still not working" If someone can figure this out (it could be a lag timer) we might be able to make some kind of patch, or fix it for many people... I felt it was time to make a post about this, seeing as I looked through many online help pages, and many of the still unresolved animation alignment issues sounded very similar to whats going on here with my game, so it might not actually be an alignment issue at all, but as I already mentioned, some sort of timer issue. Lets figure this out people! .......... Because I'm confused... EDIT: FNIS is at v. 6.3 Normal v. 6.1 Creatures And every time i install a new mod (FNIS or not) i have a habit to update FNIS, then the DSR patch, then FNIS again SKSE is 1.7.3 LOOT is updated to newest Load order:
  20. Installed 2 animation mods, ran FNIS, creature on creature animations work fine, creature on human animations from those mods do not work (while creatures do their part of animation human is just standing). Again, only from those 2, MNC and FunnyBiz animations work fine. I could understand if animations didnt work at all, but they kind of work? Except human part? Of course it is something with installation since MNC and FunnyBiz work, i just dont know what exactly i missed :/ Installed mods, ran FNIS, loaded game, enabled and registred animations, rebuilt animation registers, then did it like 3 more times in case i forgot something. Pls help? Oh, and there are no errors in FNIS log. Mods: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations-2017-6-11/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/
  21. Hello people of the sexlabs mod community. I come from the site known as ekas portal. It is a vore fetish community. For a long time now there has been a mod called, Skyrim Devourment Mod, which is constantly being upgraded. I made a suggestion a while back about making human dildos. But the only replies I received was, "ask sexlabs". So I am here today to ask you modders for a request, not just for me, but the entire vore community, can you make human dildos? And more importantly will you? Now when i say Human Dildos, I mean Dildos with human limbs, Heads,Feet, Hands, upper halfs, lower halfs sticking out of a woman ass or vagina.
  22. I am new in this forum, this is my first topic. The problem that I'v got (that as I saw many ones have too) is that, when I installed Sexlab (Full) and I went to the game to test it, my male player character plays female animations, and my female target plays male animations. She just puts a dildo-belt and starts to f*** me when I am the man... it happens with all the animations I tried to fix it looking info and reading many topics with people having the same problem but nothing...
  23. View File WalkAnimSwitcher v1.0 Description: This mod is a lightweight and optimized plugin that allows you to switch between different bundled Forward Walking Animations ingame via a hotkey. The default hotkeys are Page Up and Page Down. Of course all hotkeys can be changed via an ini configuration file. Additionally there is another hotkey that allows you to add more or less bounce to the BBB enabled animation. This mod also bundles most of the Forward Walking Animations I could find. All Female Animations are BBB enabled. Additionally there is a spell that allows you to modify NPC walking animations on the fly. By default only female anims are applied to female NPCs and vice versa. This can be disabled in the ini. When the game is loaded the last picked walking anim is applied to the player, this however does not apply to NPC anims, you will have to use the spell on them again. To be compatible to your existing Animations only the Forward Walking Animation is replaced. (With tbsk Improved Walk as the only exception) Here are all the Walking Animations: ; WalkAnim17 - sinkpoint Manly Stride; WalkAnim16 - tbsk Improved Walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik normal speed real walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik 25% slower real walk; WalkAnim14 - Mur_Zik 50% slower real walk; WalkAnim13 - Mur_Zik 50% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim12 - Mur_Zik 25% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim11 - Mur_Zik original slow sexy walk; WalkAnim10 - Mur_Zik slow sexy walk BBB tweaked no expression; WalkAnim9 - Umpa sexy walk with hand on hip; WalkAnim8 - Womans Move more feminine; WalkAnim7 - Womans Move more feminine slower walk; WalkAnim6 - Womans Move; WalkAnim5 - Womans Move slower walk; WalkAnim4 - Pretty Woman Walk; WalkAnim3 - Pretty Woman Slower Walk; WalkAnim2 - Pretty Woman Slowest Walk; WalkAnim1 - Default Oblivion walk with BBB; WalkAnim - No animations (Useful to return to your pre-installed anims) Conflicts: None Known Issues: I feel obligated to tell you that this mod relies on the Update3d function used on the player, which creates a backgound thread that reloads facedata, hair, etc of the player. As Oblivion is horribly coded for multithreading this in some cases results in a game crash. There is no way around this atm. However this is usually only the case in heavily modded games, so I suggest to keep your mod count below 150. So in general to see if this mod works on your character you can try this: Load your game Open console and type showracemenu, press enter Game crash? Then this mod will crash your game with a high possibility on startup or when you switch anims. No game crash? Enjoy! Requirements: OBSE v0020 Installation: Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten. Mod Organizer: Install and activate Version History: 1.0 - Release Credits: Mur_Zik and Surazal for Real Walk and famous Sexy Walk beni and amsterdam2019 for Pretty Woman nao4288 for Womans Move Umpa for sexy walk with hand on hip tbsk for Improved Posture and Walk sinkpoint for Manly Stride Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal You for still playing my favorite game Licensing/Legal: You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file. Submitter FeebleFlies Submitted 12/31/2015 Category Animation Requires OBSE
  24. Please look at the mods and tell me what is crashing my game Dawnguard.esm Dragonborn.esm HearthFires.esm ApachiiHair.esm RaceCompatibility.esm SexLab.esm HentaiPregnancy.esm SexLab Romance.esp Skyrim Community College - v.14 Dark Illusion Armor.esp Feminine Females.esp Feminine Females Dawnguard.esp FlameAtronachArmor.esp FullBootForKKSA.esp XiNafay-Kitty Corset.esp Vampire Slavers Den.esp Insanity's Celtic Katana SkyUI.esp RBS.esp Assassin's Creed III Bow and Arrows Starter Cache
  25. View File Pose Converter Beta 0.73 This is the big update I've been promising. Pose Converter is a suite of Blender tools designed to simplify and automate many animation related tasks. The latest update simplifies and streamlines the process of converting animations from one game or armature to another. At things currently stand, if you can port an animation and its armature into Blender, you can port it to any other armature with a vaguely similar structure. Features: 1. Automated compensation for differences in bone bind orientation: This radically simplifies the process of porting animations from one armature to another. 1.a. Automatically convert animations between different creature types, or between creatures and humans. 1.b. Automatically convert animations between different games...if you can import it into Blender, you can convert it. 2. 1-Click button to freely convert Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion meshes between Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion bind positions 3. Automatic BB generation has been improved. The X, Y, and Z orientation are no longer relative to the bind position of the bones. This means that it is much easier to get consistent results from the settings. 4. Modify the magnitude of any movement, rotation, or scale animations, by bone and frame. 5. Set bone priorities to all bones in an animation 6. Automatically add B4 (BBB) Breast animation to Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion Animations 7. Automatically add B4 (BB) Buttock animation to Skyrim and Oblivion Animations 8. Automatically add B4 (BBB) style motion to any bone on any armature 9. Rotate Oblivion animations (movement and/or direction) - Fixes the 90 degree import bug and simplifies the creation of left, right, forwards, backwards animation groups. 10. Automatically update Anim text keys for Oblivion animations 11. Automatically add facial expressions to Oblivion animations 12. Automatically repair breast scaling distortion when using Growlf's controllable skeleton. 12.a. Improved repair of breast scaling distortion. Requires Lovers Animation Workshop Skeleton Mark II Using the Tool Converting Animations between Armatures (ie, from Oblivion to Fallout, from an NPC to a creature, etc) Adding Bouncing Breasts, Buttocks, or any other bone As you can see, the number of control settings for modifying BB Butts animations and BB Breasts animations has grown to absurd levels. But it does a damn fine job if you tweak the settings a bit. Explanation of Options Recommended tweaks: To generate a L/R swinging motion, set the Z frequency multiplier to double that of the X. In order to generate L/R symmetrical animations, the Left Y amplitude generally needs to be set to the negative of the value of the R Y amplitude. Using the Copy Animations tool I'm in the process of writing instructions now, so please feel free to post any questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. Submitter gerra6 Submitted 02/08/2013 Category Misc
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