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  1. View File Before we start: Alpha Software - this mod may destroy your machine, ruin your life or bring about global nuclear Armageddon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Modders' Resource. No Normally playable content. This is a sex framework, meaning that it doesn't add content itself but rather makes it easier for other modders to add content. Limited Functionality. This is a quick and dirty adaptation of Crazy6987's sex gun into a format more easily used by modders. Compared to Sexout or SexLab, this is severely lacking in features. On the other hand, it has all sorts of advantages over nothing at all. Just, let's keep expectations realistic to start with. Upgrading from 0.0.1: Delete the old BSA2 archives! One of them has been renamed as four_play - Main.bsa2 as per the convention. The other one, the textures archive, has disappeared altogether since I'm not adding any textures. Delete the Data/Scripts/four_play folder as well. What It Is A sex animation framework based on Crazy6987's sex animations. Installation Use the mod manager of your choice. Or just copy the archive contents into Fallout 4\Data. There's no installers or wizards to worry about. Software Demo Open the console and type "coc 4test" to get to the test cell. The terminals there have some information and some test options that can double as demo scenes. How to use it The source is included in the archive, and that's probably your best documentation. Briefly however: The module name space is "four_play" and the main quest is four_play:Main There are two entry points for the module: four_play:Main.four_play and four_play:Main.four_play_main. Umm... I could have probably used a little more imagination in some of those names... Nevermind. four_play:Main.four_play(actor a0, actor a1=None, float duration=30.0) This takes two actors, picks a random two person animation and starts it going for 30 seconds. You can override the time with the duration flag. If a1 is None, a solo animation is chosen for a0. This function tries to make sure there's a male actor in the male role (all current animations are solo or m/f) and will swap a0 and a1 to make that happen. There are also a couple of parameters that probably shouldn't be there. "happy" is supposed to set a happy expression on the actors faces. I forgot about it until I came to write this. "start_mark" is a marker that can be used to position a0 before sex starts. This is implements but broken, so don't use it. function four_play_main(Actor a0, Idle i0, Actor a1=None, Idle i1=None, keyword arch0=none, keyword arch1=none, objectreference start_mark=none, float duration=30.0) This is a lower level function. Actors a0 and a1 are used in the male and female position respectively, So if you want your female PC to ream Kellogg with a strapon, this is the one to call. Both idles are specified separately, and in principle can take any animation supplied. The Arch parameters are facial animation archetypes intended to change the expression, duration is how long the animation lasts and start_mark is broken and should not be used. When either of these functions are called, the a1 actor is moved next to a0 and the idles are started. Actors are stripped and re-dressed - usually, anyway. Callback The mod sends a custom event called animation_over with the two actor as arguments. This should let you pick up control after an animation ends. There doesn't seem to be a way to raise a custom event on another form., so there's no way to register for events from an actor - you'll need to make sure the event you get is for the actors you expect. Known Issues No control of a running scene: You can't change the animation, restart, reposition or any of the cool sexlab features most of us are used to. Single Stage Only: Only one simple loop is animated. There's no syncing of animation, no multi-stage animations just one loop. Ground Pounder Weirdness: The "ground pounder" animation has the female floating about three foot off the ground for some reason. Seems to be an issue with the animation. Maybe. Survival Options, v1.62. This mod has an inventory item that saves the game in Survival Mode. It seems to conflict with the mod for some reason. And probably thousands more - I'll update the list as I remember them (or am reminded!) Custom Races Custom races need to be registered from a script. I've made this as easy as I can: race property my_race auto; ...four_play:Main.register_race(my_race) Troubleshooting Guide I can't get to the test cell! The test cell is just a cell like any other interior location in the game. You got there by typing coc 4test from the console. If you can't get there, it almost certainly means the mod isn't loaded. Check your mod manager and make sure the esp is selected. Stripping isn't working! As of 0.0.4 stripping uses F4SE 0.3.0 So make sure that's installed and up to date. No, really! Stripping isn't working! Turns out there's a known bug in F4SE 0.3.0 where the GetWornItem function doesn't work right unless Papyrus loads debug information. So do the following: Edit %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini. Add the following if absent: [Papyrus]bLoadDebugInformation=1 Those of you who found that stripping started working when you enabled logging - this is why. Which means you can disable the logging if you wish so long as you keep the two lines above. The GetWornItem bug is expected to be fixed in 0.3.1 which is currently under development. F4SE is installed and up to date, I'm loading debug information and there's still no stripping F4SE 0.3.0 also modifies some of the vanilla scripts. In particular Four-Play's stripping code needs the F4SE version of Actor.pex. The easiest way to ensure you're using this is to copy the data folder from the F4Se archive. It's easy to overlook this since the install instructions that come with F4SE 0.3.0 are out of date and don't mention this step at all. Stripping isn't working, I tell you! A lot of people have reported that enabling papyrus logging fixed their stripping issues. That probably means I need a wait or two somewhere in the code. Meanwhile, enabling logging seems to be a practical workaround. See "If All Else Fails" for how to do this. Animations Aren't Working Check you have the animations installed. Installing Crazy's Gun Mod will do the job, and you can check that the animations themselves work with Crazy's gun. If that works, go to the test cell (see above) and use the terminals to see if you can start animations that way. If the test cell works, then the problem is likely with a mod calling Four-Play. If it doesn't I'll need to look at it. If All Else Fails There's a lot that could go wrong and a lot of cases that I almost certainly haven't considered. If it's still not working the best way to proceed is to give me a log file to look at. To do that: Follow the instructions here start up a game session coc to the test cell. try and start an animation leave the game edit the log file in notepad post the contents to pastebin.com submit the pastebin page - this will give you a new web page with your pasted log file as its contents post the url of the new pastebin page here along with a description of the problem Dependencies: F4SE: Now needed for stripping. Crazy's Animation Gun: At the time of writing, Crazy hasn't signed in since before I started on this exercise. As such I've not been able to get his permission, so I don't feel comfortable bundling his animations. So you need the mod installed. You shouldn't need the esp loaded if you don't want it. NSFW Strap-on dildo for FO4: Optional. If loaded and if a female actor is in the aggressive role, Four-Play will try and soft-load the strapon. I haven't really had a chance to test that yet, so it may not work. Submitter DocClox Submitted 04/01/2017 Category Animation Requires F4SE, Crazy6987 - Sex Animation - Gun Version  
  2. View File Here’s my collection of animations for Skyrim. Creature Animations Contained animations Billyy_Creature: Bear: 4 Chaurus: 10 Chaurus Reaper: 4 Draugr: 13 Falmer: 20 Gargoyle: 7 Giant: 2 Goat: 2 Horker: 2 Horse: 6 Netch: 3 Sabrecat: 5 Skeever: 16 Werewolf: 14 Previews: Blog Link Contained animations Billyy_Creature2: Boar w/Rider: 8 Canine: 10 Chaurus: 1 Chaurus Hunter: 8 Deer: 1 Dragon Priest: 3 Dwarven Ballista: 2 Dwarven Centurion: 3 Dwarven Sphere: 5 Dwarven Spider: 3 Frost Atornach: 2 Gargoyle: 1 Horker: 1 Riekling: 3 Skeever: 2 Spider: 6 Spider Large: 3 Spider Giant: 3 Troll: 16 Previews: ***New in v1.4 *** ***Previous versions*** Blog Post Contained animations Billyy_CreatureFurniture: Chaurus: 3 Draugr: 3 Falmer: 7 Horse: 2 Sabrecat: 1 Previews: Blog Link Human Animations Contained animations Billyy_Human: Humans: 12 Previews: ***New in v1.1*** ***Previous versions*** Blog post Contained animations Billyy_HumanFurniture: Humans: 3 Previews: ***New in v1.0*** Installation: 1. Copy files into skyrim data, or use a mod manager. 2. Run FNIS 3. Register animations in SLALs MCM menu FAQ: Q: Do I need all 5 files if I want all the animations? A: Yes, all the files contain different animations as can be seen listed above. “Billyy_Creature” and “Billyy_Creature2” while confusingly similar in name are in fact 2 different packs. In the text above this you can see the animation previews separated by which pack they’re in. Humans also have their own pack. Q: I can’t start 3p+ animations with MatchMaker. A: You’re probably using MassMatchMaker, which doesn’t support 3p+ with most creatures. Use SexLab MatchMaker instead for on-demand sex. Q: Some creature’s size increases during sex causing animation to misalign. A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and also turning on scaling in sexlab mcm might help unless you aren’t using a recent version of MNCSLAL, then scaling will produce bad results. Q: X creature is missing dick during sex. A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and then re-register mods in creature framework mcm. Q: Can’t start animation with specific creature (usually newer creatures, Dragon Priest, Chaurus Hunter, specific Spiders). A: Make sure you have latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition installed, and then in the SLAL, disable all animations, then “rebuild sexlab animation registry”, and then enable all your animations again and click “register animations”. Q: Can you convert X creature animation to work with Y creature. A: No. Some creature skeletons may look similar, but often they are shaped differently, so it is by no means an effortless process. Requirements: Sexlab Framework Sexlab Animation Loader More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition Recommended: SexLab MatchMaker Credits: Ashal - Sexlab Framework Orxx - Sexlab Animation Loader Dentarr - More Nasty Critters MadMansGun - More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition Pornphile – Rigs Leito – Rigs and Creature assets AnubiSs2167 – Rigs, 3ds Max Guide SirNibbles – 3ds Max Guide Shocky – Bone Table Objects Xaz, Zaz – Furniture objects Changelog 2018-02-24: SLAL_Billyy_Creature v3.01 - Removed old wolf animations SLAL_Billyy_Creature2 v1.4 - 10 Canine SLAL_Billyy_CreatureFurniture v2.11 - Removed old wolf animations SLAL_Billyy_Human v1.1 - 3 Humans SLAL_Billyy_Furniture v1.0 - 3 Human XCross Submitter Billyy Submitted 04/18/2017 Category Animation Requires Sexlab Framework, Sexlab Animation Loader Special Edition Compatible No
  3. View File All The rugs must be placed always with the Yellow arrow oriented to the north (just for paired animations) (place the rugs 02 in front of 01 and so on.) ----------------------------------------------------------------- =================================== Paired Animations: 01 Female bending, Male standing 02 Lesbi 1 standing lesbi 2 fingering (Two Females) 03 Lesbi 2 (Two Females) (one doggy, one with a dildo) 04 Male,Female ridding (M in front of F) (Female with open mouth) 05 3some Carry (two males one female) 06 Oral Female, Male standing (Female with open mouth) ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped ||| 08 3some doggy (two Males one Female) 09 Male,Female oral cum position with fake tongue 10 Male couch 10 Female couch (edited anim.updated) 10 Female couch 2 (New anim.) 10 Female couch Oral ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped ||| (can be swapped with 10 Female couch from above) 11 3some Handjob (two Female one Male) 12 Pair Handjob ||| Requires A_SS Male Body2 to be equiped ||| 13 Male,Female Candle position 14 Lesbi69 A&B 15 Ass Job Female 15 Ass Job Male ||| Requires A_SS Male Body2 to be equiped ||| 16 Table Hook Female 16 Table Hook Female 2 16 Table Hook Male 17 Chair Bend Female 17 Chair Bend Female 2 17 Chair Bend Male 18 Couch Doggy Female 18 Couch Doggy Female 2 18 Couch Doggy Male 1 18 Couch Doggy Male 2 ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped ||| 19 Ins Couch Oral M ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped ||| 19 Ins Couch Oral F 20 Lesbi Licking Standing 1 20 Lesbi Licking Standing 2 22 Lesbi Ass Lick F1 22 Lesbi Ass Lick F2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solo animations: 07 Female lying down masturbate 07 Male handjob standing 21 Solo Cucumber =============================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Optional: added Edited and Equipable Male body (with smaller penis to fit the oral and/or handjob scenes.) = A_SS Male Body = A_SS Male Body2 = A_SS Condom (optional) -Craft at chemistry station under utility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -How to use it- =Open workshop menu, place the blue floor rug 02 in front of 01 and so on. =Assign Followers or Settlers done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Note - - The Rugs are in: Special menu - (the positions names are just random names) - I used a Curvy CBBE body for the animation, if the hands doesn't fit adjust your preset in game with console cmd. SLM (looks menu) - Sometimes when the Game is re-lunched the NPC position is slightly moved. = Solution : just reload the same save game, or re-assign the NPC to the rugs - In some occasions, or sometimes the NPC can't use the rugs. = Solution : command the NPC to move First near the rugs , Then Assign them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips: Change Positions of NPC using console commands: 1. Enter console commands 2. Left click an NPC 3. Type one of the following numbers: Ex: modpos y 10 or x 10 or z 10 {OR} y -10 or x -10 or z -10 modangle y 10 or x 10 or z 10 {OR} y -10 or x -10 or z -10 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Change Anim Face using console commands: 1. Enter console commands 2. Left click an NPC 3 Type one of the commands Below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ demo videos -------------------------------------------------------------------- Download and extract the archive to Fallout 4 directory or use your prefered download manager. Updating: extract and override ! Manually Installation is Recommended ! ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Credits: ----------------- ShadeAnimator - FO4 animation kit, and documentation. MaikCG - F4Biped animation rig caliente - CBBE Leito86 - EVB Vader666 - metadata Instruction (Thanks) davethedrunk - tutorials =================================== DO NOT Redistribute on Other Sites Forums Blogs etc. except here on http://loverslab.com/ -Follow and Respect This site Rules- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitter Gamoholik Submitted 10/08/2017 Category Animation Requires CBBE,EVB.
  4. View File ✰✰✰ High Quality & Extreme Sex Animations for Skyrim ✰✰✰ These animations are designed more like SFM animations, using many variants in the same stages, using camera motion and all custom meshes, these are the longest, the most detailed and the most advanced animations you can find for Sexlab. Early Access, WIP, Videos & SFM animations available on ▹Patreon◃ You like this work!? Let me know your interest by putting upvotes bellow. Resume Public releases @ 100 upvotes You will take an aperitif? Not convinced by my skills and creativity? More Videos Under Spoiler: ▹MoviCam used in "KoMachine Enduro", "Pole Anal Sex" & "Lesbian Dildos" animations for now. ▹HDT currently in use in "KoMachinery Animation" & "Lebian Dildo Show", need " HDT Sextoys " from Bazinga. Hello everyone! Here are my animations 'pack' to use with 'SLAL'. These animations are made by giving priority to quality to look like little movies. Therefore they are long, contains many stages, transitions, varied smooth motions, and all custom built objects. Read the instructions below to get the best of this mod. Despite the "low amount" of animations and stages, This mod contains actually not far to 1 hour of extreme hot sex animations, Girls versus various objects, dildo, "pendulum", sexmachines, tentacles, creatures, Futanari, & M/F... Yeah that's my thing, girls and objects... If you like it too, I hope you enjoy. To see my progress check my topic or my Patreon, It's a daily work and I show my progress pratically daily. Animations List: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- /!\ Read Before launch Animations /!\ --------------------------------------------------- Required: Skyrim SKSE FNIS Sexlab SexLab Animation Loader MassMatchMaker HDT Sextoys (optionnal but Highly recommended) Mod using KomAnim: Shout Like a Virgin v1.50+ Sorlis Balarn's Treasure DEADLY PLEASURES Recommended HDT: Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and collisions Installation: - Install all the requirement. - Install KomAnim Animations Pack. - *Install KomAnim Update(s) - Put the mod after SLAL in your load order. - Do not forget to run FNIS. - Reset/reload Json data in Mcm SLAL menu. Credits: - Ashal for Sexlab and this fantastic forum. - orxx for Sexlab animation loader. - Pornphile for the skeleton controller rigs. - CEO 0S for his advice and guides. - CPU for many help and collaboration. - Bazinga for HDT Sextoys and help for collisions. - Big Thanks to all my Patrons who support my work! Permissions: Read Permissions on the Download Post VirginMarie has permission to edit KoMachine aravis7 has permission to edit some machines Delzaron has permission for many things, we work in direct collaboration Thanks for your consideration Submitter komotor Submitted 05/08/2016 Category Animation Requires SKSE, FNIS, Sexlab, SexLab Animation Loader, MassMatchMaker Special Edition Compatible No
  5. Both FNIS Sexlab Framework Idles and FNIS Sexlab Creature Idles in rebuild and clean have ? next to them I have reinstalled/updated and run FNIS as an administrator and not as one. I have reinstalled all sexlab mods and no matter what I do I can't seem to get those to go OK. Not even the readme zoom in/out 3rd person suggestion gets those to check. MY FNIS run has 0 errors and 0 results from consistency check. I even did the Clean System from rebuild and reran FNIS and it still wasn't checking as ok. Also if at all relevant FNIS recreates the 0 master hkx when run which gives the T stance. Here's my FNIS "log" Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? Also only creature animations will play, so characters will stand still and stack up but creatures will run animation properly. This is my main problem but I'm thinking the idles not registering as "ok" is the cause. I'm not getting any errors in console about animations missing or anything the console "log" looks identical to Oldrim "log" when using sexlab successfully. Posted this in original sexlab beta post for SE and here just in case someone not reading the beta post knows solution.
  6. View File Warning This mod contains animations depicting non consensual sex acts. Description I wanted to give you something different to the usual stuff you have available. a lot of my stuff involves, groping, coercion, passed out, that kind of thing. The animations are good quality, and involve a lot of ideas which you won't find in any other mods. Future Plans Click 'Follow' at the top of the page to be notified when I upload new animations Check out my upcoming SLAL packs here >>> https://rohzimaupcoming.tumblr.com/ Check out some animated Gif previews here >>> https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/913-rohzima-ero-anims-previews/ I will be adding at least one new SLAL pack per month, for as long as I can sustain it. It takes a significant amount of work to produce quality animations. My goal is to be able to keep creating animations which are well made, unique and help keep the Skyrim modding scene alive. Help with my goal and get early access to my animations here >>> https://www.patreon.com/rohzima Animations so far: Style I do not make Non Humanoid Creature animations and never will. Mostly I will be making paired with some solo & threesome stuff thrown in. I will be making at least one set for a 'Petite' body type. If you use ECE, I recommend the Youngmer race. No Futa or Shota. AnimObjects I plan to do extensively. Note I say 'AnimObjects, rather than Animated Objects, which I don't intend to do. You are more than welcome to make suggestions and if it interests me I will certainly give it a go. Installation Ensure you have Sexlab Animation Loader installed Copy contents of my zip file to your data folder, either manually or with the mod organiser of your choice Ensure that the JSON and source data copied over (\data\SLAnims\) because some MO's ignore them. You can drag the SLAnims folder from my mod into your \data\ folder, overwriting the 'RohZima.txt' & 'RohZima.json' files if your are updating to a new pack version Fire up Skyrim and in your MCM menu go down to 'SL Anim Loader' then on the 'General' tab, click to reload then re apply json settings, only necessary when updating Go to RohZima animations and click 'enable all' then 'register animations' & the message box will tell you how many registered To play them, go to Sexlab MCM, go down to 'Animation editor' click on the animation list in the top left of the screen and scroll down to pick an animation, then click 'Play Animation' Note that for paired animations you need to select a second actor by walking to them, get them in the cross hairs and click 'N' (default) For more than two actors you must use Sexlab Mass Match Maker or some other mod in order to trigger it I also strongly recommend you to go to the timers tab in sexlab and change the timers to like, 20 or 30 seconds for all stages, including the cumming stage. My stages tend to be longer than most peoples and you might miss something, especially on the final stage because the default is very short. All My animations are cyclical so don't worry, put them all to 30 seconds to see everything in detail with the free cam! Next, make sure no one is around, and you know what to do next Permissions I have been contacted by a number of modders who want to use my animations in their mods! This is exactly why I am doing it, so please, if you desire to use my animations for your sexy mod, go ahead, but please remember to give credit on your mod page, ideally linking to my relevant mod page. Now all you need is some quiet time, lol Thanks! -Roh Submitter RohZima Submitted 02/06/2018 Category Animation Requires SLAL, Sexlab, Your right hand Special Edition Compatible No
  7. View File I got some request to host the hkx files I've made while practicing here. Feel free to use them(with credits of course) THIS IS NOT SLAL PACK. That is a plan for another day. If you want to view the animation in your own game, just replace with a default SL animation in: SexLab\meshes\actors\character\animations\SexLab Submitter KisakiChika Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Modders Resources Requires Special Edition Compatible No
  8. View File This is the SLAL pack for FunnyBizness's Animations updated to v25.1 (NOW WITH ANIMATED GIF) NOTE: I haven't updated Creature animations yet. Also Hang Animations are not uploaded by me as they are bugged. Installation Instructions Firstly you are going to require these Mods Requirement : SexLab Animation Loader SexLab FrameWork Recommended: SexLab Tools (A Must have Mod as it allows you to quickly switch to other animations) Install these mods first. Then use One of my files. --> I would prefer FOMOD Version because in that one you can use mod manager and choose the things you want to install. Remember it will be pain in ass if you use this version for manual installing. --> If you use AllinOne Version you can manually install my pack or use mod manager but it won't give you options like previous one. After installing make sure to run GenerateFNISforUsers. Do check if FNIS throws any error as number of animations that fnis can add are limited and this pack adds lot of animations. Normal Fnis can support upto 8000 animations. But, there is a updated version of FNIS named FNISXXL which can handle upto 12000 animations. Now when you run the game, MCM Menu by the name of SL Anim Loader will appear. Just click enable all animations in that menu and then click register all animations. After that, those animations can be played by SexLab. Link of Outfits From Screenshots Aradia Lace Dress http://mitakusaner.b... lace&x=14&y=12 Lady Ritual http://mitakusaner.b... Ritual&x=0&y=0 New Link for UNPB BBP Version of Lady Ritual https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72693067/LadyRitual_UNPBBBP.7z Lady Chaos http://mitakusaner.b...y Chaos&x=0&y=0 New Link for UNPB BBP Version of Lady Chaos https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72693067/Lady%20Chaos%20UNPBBBP.7z Credits Ashal for his amazing work that make everything on this site possible orxx for Sexlab Animation Loader FunnyBizness for his amazing Animations Submitter Guest Submitted 02/19/2016 Category Animation Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  9. I can't get the horse dildo to function as an interactive object. Lux's regular dildo works fine, but the horse version isn't selectable for any interactions. Did something break in a recent update? All I see for usage is "choose a sim, then click on the dildo" which doesn't work. I select a sim, then hover over the object like usual, and all that comes up is a red no-go icon.
  10. Is the process of converting animations to SSE always straightforward? The reason I'm asking is because I've batch converted the animations from https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ (in particular HCOS_SLALPack_V0_99S2.7z), using HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe. Some of these animations work flawlessly while others seem to only have one actor working or not at all. Unfortunately, I removed the regular version of Skyrim, so I don't even know if these SLAL packs ever actually worked correctly to begin with, I just assume they do. This pack includes some excellent creature-on-creature animations (which I didn't even know existed) so it'd be nice to get it ported. Everything in my SSE is up-to-date, the animation registry rebuilt and the animation loader does recognize these packs.
  11. View File Description This mod aims at providing animations, furniture, functionality and everything else that could be seen as or used for a torture device. Current Content in TD version 1.9 : General : - A workshop menu "TortureDevices" is accessible via workshops main menu - NoFighting MagicEffect ( Blocks the abilitys to fight (Player and NPC´s)) - RestraintMovement MagicEffect (Blocks Running,Sprinting,Jumping (Player Only)) Animations : Furniture : Updates / Uninstall - The Bugfix Patch has to be installed after TD 1.7 and has to overwrite the .esm - a clean save is not needed, already build furnitures ( only the new (1.7) ones ) have to be stored in the workshop and build again to apply the changes. - Before updating make sure to stop all running animations and removing all devices from this mod. - Uninstall the Workshop menu with the "TDHoloBand" uninstall function - Delete all files of the mod ( use a mod manager ! ). - Create a clean save - Install new version Future Plans - More of everything i guess... - Providing a complete movment set for Restraints/Bounds - Convert the AnimObject Poses to actual Funrniture - Make an actual Description and that stuff Functionality / For Modders Requierements TortureDevices itself requires nothing but Fallout 4 Credits and Special Thanks - ShadeAnimator for the F4 Animation Kit - Ag12 for helping me getting started with Scripts and AI Package handling - The guys who are writing the CK wiki pages - The ZaZ Animation Pack Guys - DexesTTP for HKXPack Full Changelog Submitter Vader666 Submitted 10/26/2016 Category Animation Requires
  12. After seeing a request for more stuck in wall/though wall content, I decided to pursue the proposed idea and have come up with this. So far it's only a collection of basic idle poses with crudely attached holes for limbs to go through. I'm hoping for suggestions on what I can do to better my work and suggestions for new poses, as I'm just about out of ideas for new ones. And anyone who has an idea of how I can better implement these poses other than running them through console commands or FNIS Spells would be greatly appreciated. It is my hope that soon I can start making them full-blown animations for sexlab or use them for slavery/trap mods. All ideas for what to do with it are welcome. Link to the original request where some of my early progress can be seen. And a big thanks to Staros for making the request in the first place, as I hadn't realized how much I actually wanted these in game. Also big shout out to pornphile for the excellent controller rigs and the tutorial that accompanies them (found here) and nosedregamon for the tutorial on integrating animobjects (found here)
  13. SexLab animation list for Skyrim I've tried to put together a list of all the available animations for SexLab, if you know of any more that need to be added or you just have a list that's better than this let me know! Thanks to MadMansGun, valcon767 and factoryclose for helping add to the list! and here is MadMansGun's list if you want something more concise. The links marked blue include the SLAL pack. Need help? Tutorial for installation of SexLab and it's requirements here And the animation loader is here With SLAL pack: Human/ Human + Human/ Creature: "More nasty critters" - Dantar - animations by multiple authors - (credited at the bottom of the mod page) - OR there's also a new alternative SLAL pack by MadMansGun - This one allows you to select which animations you want in game and includes updated meshes and it is a lighter pack. "Billy's SLAL Animations" - billyy "K4 animations" - Kurg4n "Anub's animation dump" - AnubisS2167 - SLAL pack by Katzumi is currently no longer needed but should be credited. "SLAL - Animations by Leito" Leito86 - There is also a separate SLAL pack by GulfWulf specifically for threesomes. Only install one or you're wasting space. "SLAL Animations by Sailing Rebel" - Sailing Rebel "Nibbles' Animations" - SirNibbles "[sLAL] Komotor's Animations" komotor "nazonootoko's Animations for SLAL" - Aequus - Animations by nazonootoko and gekkou1992 "Feet Lovers - SLAL anims + idles + cum textures + SAM feet replacer" - Mojito817 "SLMasterMike Testpack Animations" - mastermike8000 "Znaroks Animations with SLAL pack" - znoroks "Rydin's Animations Resource Pack" - rydin "Suke's Animations SLAL" - Suke "SLAL - Mike24 Animations - Classics" - Mike24 "FunnyBizness' ArmBinder Creatures SLAL PACK" - FunnyBizness - (CREDITS: Soaryne, Llabsky, Billyy and Bytion!) "Funny Bizness's Animations Resources" - Funnybizzness - SLAL pack by Shashankie "Animation by Evacuation!!!" - Evacuation!!! - SLAL pack by Forerunner414 "D_ManXX2_Animations" - D_ManXX2 - SLAL pack by Forerunner414 "Xandero vampire animation" - Xandero - SLAL pack by Kassane - a single animation I think. "Arrok animation pack" - Arrok - SLAL pack by CodeNinja "Guffel animation pack" - Guffel - SLAL pack by CodeNinja "Mitos' animation shop" - Mitos - SLAL pack by CodeNinja and SLAL pack by Tendaris which is updated with an extra animation. Only install one or you're wasting space. "S.A.P. SexLab Animation Pack" - 3jiou - SLAL pack by Aequus BakaFactorie's SLAL Animation 0.9V - BakaFactory /factoryclose New! RohZima Pervy Anims Slalpack - RohZima New! Creature + Creature: "Horny Creatures of Skyrim" - MadMansGun Without SLAL pack: "M2M Gay Animations" - Tweens - doesn't require SLAL to install. Without SLAL or installer: These animations don't currently have an installer (at least that I know of) although I believe some people have used the NSAP bellow to install some of them: "Zynich Animations" - Zynich "{REDUNDANT} Non SexLab Animations Pack" - rydin - This mod is apparently not much use at the moment animations by multiple authors including rydin - (credited at the bottom of the page) SLAL packs by Tendaris apparently includes most of the animations from this mod but I don't know if all of them are. Note that there might be issues with these particular packs. "Bestiality Animations Pack" - Gone - No longer needed as animations are included in SexLab - I'm unsure if all the animations are included in SexLab. "Dayelyte's Unnatural Animations" - Dayelyte - Included in more nasty critters so not needed however there's a SLAL pack by GulfWulf specifically for female werewolves - you may also need to install this and this to get it to work "Xandero's stuff" - Xandero - Included in more nasty critters so not needed Extra: "0SEX Skyrim Sex Sim" - CEO 0S - This brilliant mod is non-SexLab but you should try it, very good work currently WIP. "Animated prostitution" - JoshNZ - Nexus only, I'm not aware of a SLAL pack of these animations or if they're included somewhere else. "FNIS Ero Idle Spell" - Pandaman - Not technically any animations here but this is a very high quality pose mod for screenshots - Poses by multiple authors (credited at the bottom of the mod page) Remember, it's probably not possible to run all of these animations at the same time just because FNIS won't allow that many animations for stability but currently, the biggest FNIS I know of is XXL2. You can disable specific animations from packs or make your own SLAL packs if you need to. Thanks to the modders who made these mods for everybody to enjoy.
  14. welcome to the Horny Creatures of Skyrim animation development thread. the thread that started out as a request for help and turned into mating season. My SexLab animation loader pack, 3DS Max 2010 work files and 3D Printable Dildo can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dragons Dragon Self Service = (Solo) Dragons DoggyStyle = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Dragon on Horse = (A1:Dragon A2:Horse) Sexy Dragon Posing = (Solo) Dragon Bodyjob (Part1) = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) Dragon Bodyjob (Part2) = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) Dragon Games = (A1:Male A2:Male) Dragon's Dine and Wine = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) Docking with the Dragon = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) < note: not compatible with some dicks. Dragon Servicing = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) < its meant to be a female player/npc on dragon, but i did not have time to hunt down a female npc for the screenshot. Dragons Sex Toy / Dragons Endoscope = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) Dragoness Multi Toying / Dragoness Stuffing = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Player/NPC A3:Dragon) <Dragoness mesh found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4352-dragon-female/page-11?do=findComment&comment=670550 Werewolf Dock&Suck Dragon = (A1:Dragon A2:Werewolf) Small Dragoness Missionary = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) <you will need to use the console command "setscale 0.2" Small Dragon Anal = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) <you will need to use the console command "setscale 0.2" Small Dragoness CowGirl = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Dragon) <as you can see it works for male dragons as well "setscale 0.2" Dragons 69 = (A1:BottomMale A2:TopMale) Horse Docking Dragon = (A1:Horse A2:Dragon) Dragon on Mammoth = (A1:Dragon A2:Mammoth) <screenshot is out of date. Dragon Sexual Sacrifice = (A1:Male A2:Female A3:Dragon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Creatures (because i can) Horse on Horse = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Horse on Wolf = (A1:Horse A2:Wolf) Wolf on Wolf = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Bear on Bear = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Cat on Cat = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Rat on Rat (DoggyStyle) = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Elk on Elk = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) < yes i know its reindeer in the screenshot. Wolf on Bunny = (A1:Bunny A2:Wolf) Bear on Elk = (A1:Deer/Elk A2:Bear) Cat on Rat = (A1:Skeever A2:SaberCat) Wolf Fucker = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Wolf) Rat Job = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Skeever) Cat Lover = (A1:Player/NPC A2:SaberCat) Werewolffy Style = (A1:Female A2:Male unless SLWW patched) Werewolffy Style (Gay) = (A1:SubmissiveMale A2:DominantMale) Werewolf on Wolf = (A1;Wolf A2:Werewolf) Werewolf on Bunny = (A1:Bunny A2:Werewolf) Horse Fucker = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Horse) Wolf Job = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Wolf) Cat Job = (A1:Player/NPC A2:SaberCat) Giant on Mammoth = (A1:Giant A2:Mammoth) Mammoths Full Body Blowjob (Vore) = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Mammoth) Werewolves Blowjob = (A1:Female/Submissive A2:Male unless SLWW patched) Spit Roasted Cow = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Player/NPC A3:cow) Werewolves 69 = (A1:BottomMale A2:TopMale) Werewolves Cowgirl = (A1:Female/DominantReceiver A2:BottomMale unless SLWW patched) Troll on Troll = (A1:Female/Receiver A2:Male) Chaurus Feeding = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Chaurus) Chaurus Reaper Feeding = (A1:Player/NPC A2:ChaurusReaper) Horse Job = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Horse) Werewolf on SaberCat = (A1:SaberCat A2:Werewolf) Wolf Self Service Bear Fucker = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Bear) Bear Job = (A1:Player/NPC A2:Bear) sleeping with fish (A1:Player/NPC A2:Slaughterfish) Fire and Ice (A1:FlameAtronach A2:FrostAtronach) Wolf on Werewolf (A1:wolf A2:werewolf) (the site is not letting me upload anymore screenshots) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ mods needed/recommended to use the SLAL animation pack: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3524-sexlab-more-nasty-critters-install-guide/ (install in order shown) Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) http://skse.silverlock.org/ Fores New Idles (don't forget to download the "FNIS Creature Pack") http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/ SkyUI http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863/ UIExtensions http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046/ SexLab http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v161b-updated-jan-7th-2016/ SexLab Tools http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2018-sexlab-tools-v30/ Sexlab Aroused (you only need it's bsa file to prevent the "Creature Framework API reference not found" error) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux-10-august-2016/ More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition (MNCv11) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/ Creature Framework http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1622-creature-framework/ JContainers http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49743/? HornyDragonsofSkyrimV###.7z http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ SexLab Animation Loader http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ HCOS_SLALPack_V###.7z http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ MatchMaker http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ suggested load order: (Skyrim DLC and Patch mods here) SexLab.esm SexlabAroused.esm CreatureFramework.esm (Sexlab Addon\Plugin mod's .esm here) (All other .esm mods here) SkyUI.esp UIExtensions.esp FNIS.esp (All other .esp mods here) SexLabTools.esp MoreNastyCritters.esp SexLabNudeCreatures.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp HentaiCreatures.esp (optional) SexLabMatchMaker.esp SLAnimLoader.esp HornyDragons.esp HornyDragonesses.esp (Sexlab Addon\Plugin mod's .esp here) ---------------------------------------------------------- other recommended/suggested mods: Horny Werewolves of Skyrim http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3219-horny-werewolves-of-skyrim/ Scent of Sex http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3037-scent-of-sex/ Quite the Sperm Replacer http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2568-sexlab-quite-the-sperm-replacer/ ---------------------------------------------------------- Animation Troubleshooting: 1. in my opinion, Mod Managers should be avoided like the plague (i hate all of them). but if you insist on using one, make sure that it's installing the files to the right location. note: Mod Managers may require extra steps to get FNIS working: 2. run/rerun the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, if you don't the animations wont work/run. C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\GenerateFNISforUsers.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\GenerateFNISforUsers.exe WARNING: Windows (Vista/7/8/10) Security may interfere with updating/overwriting the FNIS behavior files. you may not even get a error message telling you that this has happened. make sure FNIS and your mod manager are running with administrator privileges. 3. when you start the game with the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) loader the list of installed mods wont get refreshed, so if you install a mod and just start the game with the loader any new mods you installed wont be fully activated. to fix this problem go to the skyrim launcher and click on "DATA FILES" and it will refresh the list of installed mods, you can now close the launcher and start the game with the skse loader. 4. in game you need to go inside SexLab's Mod Control Menu (MCM) and click on "install" first before you can use SexLab. 5. make sure you have "Allow Creature Animation" checked in SexLab's MCM settings. 6. turn off "Match Creature Gender" in sexlab's MCM settings, if this setting is enabled some animations won't play, its because most creatures don't have female counterparts in skyrim by default. 7. did you forget to install the FNIS Creature Pack? install it and rerun the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, then do steps 5 & 8 8. you may need to reload the animations, go to the Animation Loader's MCM and then: 8.1. click on the "Disable All" button. 8.2. click on "Rebuild Animation Registry", then Wait for the message to pop up*. 8.3. click on "Reload JSON". 8.4. click on "Enable All". 8.5. click on "Register Animations", then Wait for the message to pop up*. *if you like you can press "~" on your keyboard to open the console so you can watch it Register everything, just make sure you close it before you try to click on anything. 9. if all else fails, try loading a older save file from before sexlab was installed. 10. if you are having nonstop walking problems with the dragons try unchecking "Disable Starting Teleport" in SexLab's animation settings. 11. with some creature on creature animations you may need to use SexLab Tools for them to run correctly: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2018-sexlab-tools-v30/ http://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations/?p=1572326 11.1. use the MatchMaker spells to start animations: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ 11.2. walk up to them, then look at them and press "N" on your keyboard. 11.3. click on "Control Animation". 11.4. press "H" on your keyboard. 11.5. click on the correct animation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Creature Framework Troubleshooting: "Creature Framework API reference not found" error and/or the MCM for Creature Framework is missing: you need to install the .bsa file from Sexlab Aroused to fix this problem. Aroused mesh not getting applied during animations: go to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Re-register all mods", then unpause the game and Wait a Minute. note: if you have SexLab Aroused fully installed you may need to lower the "Arousal threshold" setting in the Creature Framework MCM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ FNIS Troubleshooting: "ERROR(9): Index was outside the bounds of the array" or "ERROR(2026): Too many animations": you have Too many animation mods and/or SLAL Packs installed, use the "XXL" version of FNIS or uninstall some animations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Papyrus Tweaks: the problem with installing script heavy mods is that the default Papyrus settings are not capable of handling the additional stress. This tweak should increase stability, and needs to be added to the Skyrim.ini file under the [Papyrus] section. Your Skyrim.ini can be found in "My Documents\My Games\Skyrim" [Papyrus] fUpdateBudgetMS=1.6 fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=1.6 fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=1000.0 bEnableLogging=0 bEnableTrace=0 bLoadDebugInformation=0 iMaxMemoryPageSize=8192 iMinMemoryPageSize=256 iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=153600 note1: there is some debate on the last 3, it has been suggested that they should be deleted from the Skyrim.ini https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56084-crash-fixes/ note2: you should only have logging turned on (bEnableLogging=1) if you are actively trying to find a problem, the rest of the time it's just a drain on system resources and it can cause extra stress for the papyrus system, therefor if you have it on all the time it can potentially become a part of the problem your trying to fix. it only logs the scripts anyways so if you have a problem like a deleted world object or a bad navmesh the log won't say anything helpfull, you should be doing this if you have such a problem: http://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=TES5Edit_Mod_Cleaning_Tutorial http://wiki.step-project.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Instructions ------------------------------------------------------------------------ now working on: Horny Creatures of Skyrim v1.0 (merging HCOS, HDOS & HWOS into one mod) animations that need to be edited/remade: Dragons DoggyStyle (it's lacking in "mass" and "momentum") Dragon Bodyjob (legs need more work) ideas that have test poses made: (note: they may or may not workout the way i intend) player/npc on skeever missionary werewolves missionary werewolves wheelbarrow dragon giving werewolf a blowjob skeever on skeever #2 missionary fox on chicken https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations-creature-on-creature/?do=findComment&comment=2153794 mammoth on mammoth https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations-creature-on-creature/?do=findComment&comment=2153794 chaurus on falmer https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations-creature-on-creature/?do=findComment&comment=2153794 ideas not started yet: (note: ideas are not 100% guaranteed to be made or workout the way i intended) more dragon & dragoness animations in general more small dragon & dragoness animations in general female player/npc on top of small dragon dragoness servicing (dragoness laying on her back as the player/npc "jumps into her") dragon 3 way (hard to do) dragon on deer/elk Durnehvir sex acts (eg1: unending vore loop / eg2: other dragons fucking his stomach hole) something involving chaurus bugs on chaurus bugs (don't know what to do for this) player/npc fucking a elk/deer elk/deer giving player/npc a blowjob player/npc fucking a troll troll giving player/npc a blowjob Mounted Riekling/boar animations bunny attacking werewolf dragon vore with some sort of extra tongue play added. dragon swallowing other creatures. mammoth anal vore, and...umm ( https://aryion.com/content/brothers-grimsby-elephant-unbirth-scene ) that. 2 dragons, one snack (some sort of regurgitation play). extra deep dragon stuffing (anal vore where another dragon comes along and pushes the player/npc in deeper with it's dick). goat on goat (and i would love to do something like this: http://www.followtheblackrabbit.com/gallery/a-rush-of-blood-to-the-head-2/ ) more slaughterfish as a sex toy (unless other animators beat me to it) all werewolf 3way (2 males, 1 female) 2 werewolves 1 wolf 2 wolves 1 werewolf (2 males, 1 female) small dragon on werewolf (2 failed test poses so far) werewolf on small dragon/dragoness werewolf on bear bear on werewolf werewolf 69ing with a bear sabercat on werewolf werewolf on deer deer on werewolf werewolf on (_____) (_____) on werewolf ideas with problems: full dragon service (7 actor super animation, a combination of: human dildo, vore, cock worshiping & docking): MatchMaker/SexLab can only support up to 5 actors (i don't think anyone has tried to make a 7 actor animation before) Alduin rapes then eats player/npc killmove: its fucking hard to make dragon killmoves line up in game, and the animation would probably be too long to be usable. stuff using animated objects: i don't know how to do any of that crap, but why add toys when i could just add more actors. Ice Wraiths: only one node will animate, so it's next to useless. Mudcrabs: it's idle animations override SexLab animations, maybe even FNIS itself for all i know. player/npc pole dancing on the dragon's "pole": dick angel too awkward to work with + i'm just not into dancing in general. in case you missed it the first time..... i repeat, My SexLab animation loader pack, 3DS Max 2010 work files and 3D Printable Dildo can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/
  15. Recently switched from MO to NMM during the window when FNIS didnt have the 32bit support for MO. Had to download a lot more mods than I used in the past, and any loads in skyrim everyone is tposed all the time. Tried to start a new game and no cigar -- just a flying cart spinning through space. Deactivated all the sexy-time mods, new game went (more or less) fine, got to the pub and saved my game. Reactivated what I believe are the core sexy-time mods but one of them is causing the Tposing I just dont know what. I have attached an image of my mod list, if someone can tell me what mod(s) arent necessary anymore, I would appreciate it. Exceptions: DD Integration needed 2 different versions because some other mod needed the ESP from 3.0 that 4.0 didnt have (or some such nonsense). I think this happened with a couple others as well. Thanks for your help!
  16. View File Long story short, I found these animations during my Nexus browsing. I decided to add them to my Skyrim via SexLab Animation Loader. Therefore, what I posted here is not a complete SLAL package, but the necessary files required for HAnimations and TropicalIsland to work along with SexLab. I don't want to publish nazonootoko's assets without his permission, so you'll have to download his mods from the Nexus by yourself. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. So what do we have here? 8 animations total from HAnimations mod: - 4 dildo animations, six stages each - 2 soulgem dildo animations, three stages each - 2 tentacle animations, one with eight and one with five stages And yes, all of them are solo masturbation animations for females. 21 animations total from TropicalIsland mod: - 3 missionary animations, six stages each - 4 standing animations, three with six and one with seven stages - 2 kneeling animations and 1 laying, six stages each - 2 doggystyle animations, one with six and one with seven stages - 3 cowgirl animations, six stages each - 1 masturbation animation for female, four stages - 5 furniture animations, six stages each It seems like pretty much all of them were designed for straight M+F vaginal intercourse. Requirements: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ - SexLab Framework and all it's requirements http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ - Sexlab Animation Loader and all it's requirements http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80201/? - meshes and textures folders from HAnimations mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81267/? - meshes and textures folders from TropicalIsland mod Recommended: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? - HDT Physics Extensions (if you want collisions support) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended-xpmse/ - XPMSE http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-hdt-animated-pussy/ - AIO HDT Animated Pussy http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? - Bodyslide http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ - SexLab Match Maker Installation: I highly recommend you to use manual installation. You'll need to download and unpack "meshes" and "textures" folders from HAnimations and TropicalIsland mods into your Skyrim Data folder. You don't have to install the whole archives, only "meshes" and "textures" required, anything else (.esp files, scripts, SKSE plugins, FNIS .txt files and behaviors) aren't needed. After you done with the necessary assets, install this SLAL patch, run your FNIS, and activate nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp with your launcher. IMPORTANT! Install only 1.4.0beta version of HAnimations from Miscellaneous section, since 1.3.4 version from Main Files section is obsolete. For more info take a look at pic below: If you want the HDT collisions during dildo/soulgem animations, there is a special "HDT Collision Coin" you can create at any smith forge. Just equip it and all will be set. In fact, it works the same as HDT Havok Object, though it has custom .xml file. You can also try HDT SexToys by Bazinga. Get it here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4007-hdt-sextoys/ Credits: nazonootoko for his awesome animations shadow866 for .json fixing anubis for creating AnimObjects Bazinga for HDT SexToys mod Submitter Aequus Submitted 02/17/2017 Category Animation Requires Sexlab Animation Loader Special Edition Compatible
  17. I have some screenshot that I can provide that the mod isn't working on my game. As you can you on my mod I have all the mods that required for SL Animation SexLab Animation, Loader SexLab Framework, SkyUI, JContainers, Fores New Idles in Skyrim, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended but so far no luck. Please help I'm sick instead of tired seeing only 6 types of humping animation in my skyrim. Thanks in advance!
  18. View File Hi all, you know me by now. I make sex animations for Sexlab. You can downlaod em here. Explenation of my scammy buisness model: Follow my work in progress on TUMBLR: https://anubissanimation.tumblr.com/ Password: loverslab Taste of what my animations look in game: https://anubisswebm.tumblr.com/ Please support me via PATREON, every penny is welcome. https://www.patreon.com/anubiss2167 To install those animations you need Sexlab animation loader: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ Animation are devided into 3 packs: Human animations: Creature animations: Shota Pack: Submitter AnubiSs2167 Submitted 10/06/2015 Category Animation Requires Sexlab Framework, Sexlab animation framework, SLAL, MNC Slal Edition Special Edition Compatible No
  19. View File HDT-Wrist-Chain For The Zap 8.0 Plus-Pack Hello, this is an item, created for the ZAP 8.0+ -pack. By a careful installation it´s ready to work in some few steps! Last some days I answered to a request-thread about a zap-wrist-cuff, as an extension for the well known ankle-ragdoll-chain created by Zaz. And then after some hours I had my first success with the stuff and after a lot of "trimming" and many "trys and errors", I finally got a perfect suiting wrist-cuff to work. This item is using two different new offsets, because otherwise the chain will cut through the body of your actor. So I created a backside- and a frontside animation specially for this new item. If you use a furniture, the animation is at once interrupted and you can see the chain (for sure) clipping with the body. So that´s, why the offset-animations do make sense and prevent the chain against clipping with the skin. A few furniture-animations are suiting quite well to the wrist-chain, others do not. I will try to create some furnitures, that may take full advance for the ankle and wrist-cuffs, looking like the character is "really chained" around a post - this scenario will have it´s test soon. This item brings a lot of joyment together with the ankle-cuff, both are together very decorative and impressive. INSTALLATION: (PATCHINSTALLATION) 1. add the 7z-file as usually to your mod-manager or mod-organizer 2. let the data to overwrite ALL existing files of the last ZAP 8.0 PLUS.... 3. run FNIS and watch for the first 2 offset-animations inside of the zap+ -section inside of the FNIS window, if FNIS has registered them, you will get access to the animations ingame (this is automatically happening by chooing the item from the add-item-menu) 4. start the gameplay and open the MCM menu of the Zaz Animaton Pack.....click onto the "RESTART and CLEAN" - button of that window, close the MCM and go back into the game 5. choose the new item(s) from the add-item-menu 6. Enjoy! If the installation did not succeed, you should be able to deinstall the item with the mod manager as well. I did not test the installation but it should be working:-)) What I will do now???... I will go into the game and never be back...I´ll try to find out, what I can do with it, concerning some new furnitures;-))) p.s.: The items are added to their suiting zap-containers. p.s.: Within the next version of zap 8.0 plus, I´ll have added the dull - metal texture to the HDT wrist chain cuffs too !!! CREDITS: -CANDERES509 (youtube) -ZazChris with his ZaZ HDT Workshop on this page:-)) ...and a lot of hundreds more:-) Submitter t.ara Submitted 02/07/2018 Category Animation Requires skyrim & zap 8.0 plus Special Edition Compatible No
  20. We want Guts 2hw animation from last Berserker 's game!!!
  21. So with creating facial expressions, is there a way to copy the facial animation my character has currently to one of the custom options & then use it for when I'm in the victim role & while wearing devious devices? I see options to import & export like with SexLab's settings so I know how to use it on other saves later, but if I can't copy the facial expressions automatically, is there a way for SexLab or RaceMenu to track the numbers of each setting in it so I can make the expression from scratch? If this helps, the expression I'm going for is the one you get when you wear the specific rope bindings item from Maria Eden named "Bondage gear". It's the one you get when surrendering to an enemy using its combat surrender function.
  22. Hello Community, I have a problem at creating a animation for wickedwhims. I used the tutorials from this site: http://wickedwhims.tumblr.com/post/145448014836/tutorials I already made the Blender Animation (seperated files bec. of 2 actors (male)) and imported them to Sims 4 Studio and edited the frame times like they are in blender. Everything fine to this point. Now here is my problem . . . When I import the saved package to S4PE i only have the STBL and the CLIP files, but the CLHD files are missing/are UNKN files without anything in them. I am totally frustated now because this should be my first animation and now i am stuck on making them to a WW package After this I need some help with the XML then but the issue i described at first is my biggest one at the moment. I am completely new in the Animations for WW section. I am very sorry that I don't understand what to do now and I hope someone can help me Greetings from OceanRAZR
  23. I got this problem when I loaded up a game and tried to woohoo. The various selections for the type of woohoo were disabled with "no animation found" message. Then I started a new game, this time, however, the animations were working. I saved that games and the next time I loaded it, same problem. if anyone can help me with this problem... the only mods I have installed are: Framework AwesomeMod CMAR GECKo female nudes Amra72 animations for KW L666 animations for KW mike24 animations for KW KW masteranimations kinky world masteranimations ONIKI Kinky world
  24. View File Motion patch for Devious Devices 4.0 based on my version for v3.0 For abc0-abc1 (arminder and yoke) - fix hands scale. Add animation to skirt bones for all abc0-abc4. I think this will improve the display vanilla armors and cloth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfypQ8BpVwQ Setup Unpack into the \Data folder. If you use ModOrganizer, unpack into the folder Devious Devices Integration 4.0 mod. Submitter MaikCG Submitted 02/24/2018 Category Animation Requires Devious Devices Integration 4.0 Special Edition Compatible No  
  25. Milky Anims

    Version 1.0.0


    I got some request to host the hkx files I've made while practicing here. Feel free to use them(with credits of course) THIS IS NOT AN SLAL PACK. That is a plan for another day. If you want to view the animation in your own game, just replace with a default SL animation in: SexLab\meshes\actors\character\animations\SexLab