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  1. IIRC, you're on the SSE version of the mod, right? I don't have the specifics in front of me to read off the quest stage numbers, but I'm pretty sure you could use 'setstage' to a later stage (there should only be a few end-stage possibilities after that scene anyway). The Sexlab MCM (in Oldrim at least) has some animation options which are likely to be pertinent. Having an animation crash, or translate the actors to some arbitrary location (other than the target marker in the center of the room) might be prevented by fiddling with those. Especially the one marked 'Potential CTD Startup Fix'.
  2. Getting out of an armbinder is entirely possible with just Devious Devices, there's no quest mechanic needed. It just takes time, and repeated struggle attempts (or another mod that lets NPCs or followers remove such).
  3. That sounds as though perhaps the SEQ (Start-Enabled Quest) file is missing from the package (or maybe Skyrim SE needs a new one?). Could you check the status of the quest (console command 'sqv AngrimApprenticeQuest')?
  4. stobor

    Rogue Sexbot

    It's not enough to unload weapons, they have to be given (in response to a dialogue prompt from this mod) to your follower (who you'll want to leave behind, since I expect they'd still be hostile to raiders).
  5. There should be a 'pruning' ability (lesser ability, not one of the once-per-day abilities). I don't recall if you have to have gotten to stage 4 (mask) before this becomes available, but it's possible.
  6. Shadow Dance wouldn't normally be available beyond that point. I'd suggest using the 'player.addspell' command from the console, if you skipped past it in Angrim's normal routine. Bloodlust would normally only be given after both these conditions are met: The character has completed the Dalliance quest (i.e. the encounter w/ the Dremora temptress). A certain number of aggressive encounters is exceeded (50, IIRC) and Sanguine's Emissary makes a return appearance. Several of the spells get more powerful with practice too (Bloodlust is one such). It can be primed by aggressive sex, or as a side-effect of the special Daedric dagger that the Temptress gives you.
  7. @Highborn: not in game. console commands would do it (e.g. 'player.removespell ID' where you can find the ID by 'help succubus' and looking for the right spell).
  8. stobor

    Devious Cidhna (May-5-2018)

    As I recall, there are two main ways it can proceed from there: talking to Gilfre (Mixwater mill), or talking to soldiers (e.g. any army camp). Either should have an option that leads to being transported to Lost Knife cavern. I've seen reports that the yoke causes problems (with DD v4+) preventing one of the escape methods, but I haven't tried that myself in a while. So be prepared for the possibility that you might need to get the yoke removed by other means (as various mods provide now).
  9. With big thanks to @Adviser69, there is a Skyrim SE version available on the download page now. This was made from the non-localized v2.11 ESP. If you use SSE, and have any issues with this version, please post them here. General SSE issues (or issues with the required dependencies) should be taken to some other appropriate forum topic. EDIT: there's a dedicated SSE support thread here:
  10. stobor

    Devious Lore 1.03

    Nope, that's almost certainly from Devious Cidhna (one of the starts for the Fair Game quest). And since that's a rather free-form quest, there's no journal entry pointing you at an objective.
  11. Look at the Devious Mindbreak mod as a possible tie-in for this (I think it can be done w/ mod events, doesn't need to be added as a hard dependency). That has states where the PC is too aroused (or too addled by frustration) to think straight.
  12. The new 4.2 versions still show as 4.0 in NMM (I can tell them apart from the earlier ones only by looking at the download date).
  13. Starting the Dollmaker side quests (either Rubber Arrears or the advertising one) after the Chloe quest, resulted in re-equipping the suit and shackles from the Chloe quest (instead of the intended gear for the new quest). Didn't have the same problem with Vekel's suit though, so maybe it's just the older side quests. I'd guess that it's selecting something from inventory? That doesn't happen if you go to the Dollmaker direct, and skip the Chloe quest. But then, you wouldn't have those items in inventory in that case. Chloe has a habit of silently gifting me with her gear, on a save/reload. Hard to get her to keep a weapon, and I've got 5 copies of her default ragged robes. None of the Dollmaker gear has the rubber sound effects from the base DDx gear. The MCM options relating to MME integration show up as variable names, not the intended substitutions. Fortunately, the variable names are quite descriptive, so it's not hard to figure out.
  14. stobor

    Devious Cidhna (May-5-2018)

    Very possibly. I have no idea why it would be incompatible, if all the dependencies are present in SE-compatible form, but nobody's ever reported such a problem with Oldrim. You'll likely have more success debugging Skyrim SE issues on a thread dedicated to that. In other words, not here.
  15. stobor

    Rogue Sexbot

    @xenic: The outfit in question is from the Rogue Prototype mod (optional). The chem sound (and chems are used, either Overclock or Psychobuff depending on what mods are present) is normal in that situation; dying horribly is not, unless you've got some other mod that makes you allergic to Psychobuff. I've made no attempt to put the player character under AI control, there's just so many ways for that to go horribly (and frustratingly) wrong. Even in rigidly controlled circumstances, that's flaky at best.