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  1. Do you have a follower? That (in addition to DD conflicts) would prevent the sleep event from triggering. (Answer based on looking at the code).
  2. Another minor bug: I'm getting the 'ConflictingDeviceMSG' at the end of each growth phase - even though there are NO devices present aside from this mod. It's almost as if the end-of-animation event is running twice: first pass equips the device (correctly) and then the 2nd complains about a conflict (because the check for generic devices will NOT pass for spriggan devices). I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's worth noting that these tests were run from a save made during the growth phase. Maybe we've registered the same event handler twice? I didn't think tha
  3. Minor Bug: The new Spriggan gag events can trigger (in stages 0-4) with ordinary DD gags. The message text looks a bit out of place, when that happens. I'd suggest making them conditioned on stage 5-6.
  4. Close, but not quite. The culprit is indeed the armor refresh, but it's not a case of the wrong device. The problem is the control logic for the partial mask; this is the only piece of the outfit that is replaced at a higher stage (not just added). So the way the logic is currently written, every armor refresh (at stage 6) will: detect that the partial mask is not worn equip the partial mask detect that the full mask is no longer worn (since we just removed it) equip the full mask And it'll keep on thrashing like that at every refresh. The solution is simple
  5. There is a utility in FO4Edit to convert localized -> nonlocalized and vice versa. If you want to make personal-use changes like that, convert the ESP to nonlocalized first. Then the CK should handle it just fine.
  6. You might be better off asking on the thread for Naaitsab's revamp of this mod, since that's under active development. But as far as I know, the answer is 'No'.
  7. That reads to me like a dialog string lookup fail, i.e. translation strings. I think I've seen one or two similar reports, but only with non-English versions... and as far as I know, not with v1_4 in any case. I'd expect that to happen (for example) in case of an incomplete translation table for some language. (The mod is packed with translation files for all the supported languages IIRC, though in most cases they're just clones of the original English version - translators being scarce. It's a localized ESP, so all user-visible strings involve table lookups. Even the English o
  8. What language is your FO4 installation? Could be you're missing the transtlation files (though I seem to recall all of them default to English if no native transtlation was available). I very much doubt Better Item Sorting could have any influence on this.
  9. That could be, it does tend to occur after changing locations (e.g. leaving a dungeon). I wonder what it could be trying to refresh, given already wearing a full set... No other DD items present (or even in inventory).
  10. At stage6, I'm hearing periodic equip/unequip sound effects every 30-60 sec. or so (timing seems variable, but I haven't really tried to pin it down). No idea what that's about, but it's a bit distracting.
  11. OK, can confirm: the player is never removed from Spriggan_IntroFaction ("Avenging Forsworn") after leaving BTR. The line in the Cleanup function that would do this is commented out - but since the quest itself keeps running, I'm not sure that's the cause. At the very least, a corresponding line needs to be added to the code that releases the restraints after leaving BTR. EDIT: note that Spriggan_IntroFaction is allies with hags and forsworn, so that fully explains the symptoms.
  12. I did (approaching the nearby Stormcloak camp, since that is the closest named location). I haven't spotted anything in the code that could cause this faction behavior (Harvest factions seem to be restricted to specific NPC instances), but something is going wrong. I think I may have a save just outside BTR that I could experiment with, to see if I can pin this down. I'll let you know if I find anything concrete.
  13. Bug report: stage 5-6 revert back to the unmodified stat buffs (as in stage 1). The problem is a condition on Spriggan_GrowthPerk, where it checks for SprigganStage == 4. With the addition of stages 5-6, that condition should probably read 'SprigganStage >= 4' (I don't think the stats need further buffs beyond stage 4, but that's up to you).
  14. FYI, I'm seeing hags and witches (maybe Forsworn too?) stay neutral towards the player, long after leaving Broken Tower Redoubt. Which makes the quest to retrieve Nettlebane something of a walk in the park.
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