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  1. Bug Report: The magicka recovery buff (e.g. on Tentacle Monster) is buffing the recovery rate by 50 (i.e. from default of 3 to 53) - not buffing recovery rate mult by 50% (as was no doubt intended). The magic effect in question is affecting the wrong actor value, and the result is seriously over-powered.
  2. Not sure that'd be an improvement. The enchant on the inventory device is working for me... but then, I made that hack after the tentacle monster was already equipped. So that doesn't really contradict your experience. Oh well. 🙂
  3. Minor cosmetic bug: enchantment effects showing up with "name missing". This is because the armor item (being a DD 'scriptInstance' device) is deliberately left with a blank name to mask it from the inventory screen. If you have the enchantment on the 'inventory' device (for e.g. the tentacle monster), the name will show up properly in the effects screen. In my experiment, it didn't seem to be necessary to remove the enchantment from the 'scriptInstance' device at the same time - the enchantment didn't get double-counted or anything like that. But it looks like some of the ordi
  4. There appears to be some provision for SLSO in the scripts, but no actual event registration for SexlabSeparateOrgasm. As a result, some events (like expulsion of Chaurus worms) won't ever happen with SLSO. There are workarounds: re-enabling the original SexLab event in the SLSO MCM, or using the SLP MCM to forcibly remove the parasite. But it seems like a one-line script change (the event registration) would probably solve the problem entirely.
  5. No, it relies on Nalim's spriggan 'armor' outfit for the visuals. The art assets can also be found in SDplus, which has a somewhat similar scenario (minus the quests).
  6. That's what I was afraid of. I don't see any of the log traces I'd expect if this was happening through the normal routines in Parasites (I've read the relevant code, and as far as i can see this is cleanly centralized). So one possibility that occurs to me is that somewhere in all the refactoring you've done, a piece of SLIF-related code got cut & pasted into one of the other mods... and kept the parameter that indicates the source mod pointing (erroneously) to Parasites. Just a wild theory, I haven't unpacked SLH (for example) to look for such.
  7. I'm seeing a small but cumulative belly inflation (which SLIF claims is from Parasites), about 0.15/day... even though this toon has not yet encountered any parasites. This is with the latest github version. SLHormones is also installed, but all body-altering effects are disabled in the MCM. SDPlus is also installed, but not doing anything yet. Is this effect intended, or is it a bug of some kind? It isn't visually apparent yet, but it will become obvious if it keeps happening.
  8. You don't need much scripting skill to find the '40' and change it to '100'. Just press recompile, and it should be good to go.
  9. @Lord Ariakas: Find magic effect AngrimRavageHealthFF, edit the script attached to that effect to change the base magnitude from 40 to whatever suits your needs, recompile the script.
  10. Any potential conflicts would be functional (e.g. scripts not finding aliases filled), not the sort of conflicting edits that Vortex might catch. But yeah, chances are the latest B&S would still work just fine. The integration is loose enough to be pretty forgiving.
  11. I think I've figured out what the problem was, after digging into the code and a log that traced the relevant scene - and I can see why it would be hard to reproduce. The steps I went through were as follows: start with character at max effect; IntensityAss, IntensityTits are both 1.0 sleep 8 hours; on waking, IntensityTits was 0.58, IntensityAss was still 1.0 do the scene with follower; looking at the code, this only applies spankings to the ass... which is already at full intensity. same is true in the end-of-scene Fixup call. end result: neither Intensit
  12. Will double check the pain updates, possible I just wasn't patient enough. I can confirm the masochism stat did update properly even after installing this latest alpha (though that was before the new scene played, since the stat wasn't originally high enough to trigger the scene).
  13. The scene worked fine, but it didn't seem to do this; the pain stat shifted very little, if at all. Far less than would be the case w/ a spank-happy NPC and STA. I did let the alpha release override the one STA script, so I'm not sure why this wouldn't be working.
  14. 9 out of 10 times, that means your script environment is borked. The quest is running, or Jun wouldn't have any dialogue - but the handing over of the note is done by a script. Common causes are missing DD (while having 2 or more mods with 'soft' dependencies on it), or broken F4SE install (missing script files).
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