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  1. you need to build brothel. the center of it is brothel safe. and ye u can enjoy with your girls fro free
  2. i'm very busy at work so i have no time for modding last months so i have no schedule. if i had time...
  3. what about them? i have no idea what is wrong with them, because i'm not wearing Power armor in my games.
  4. + after loading a save mod will check is any scenes is active and if any of them are stuck mod will force restart itself. It is fix for situation with loading save where main character already have no voice + more intelligent system to detect dialogue avoidance by player actions or by other mods interruptions (like other mods dialogue that has intruded to current one). It is fixes situations with missing voice for main character + new compatibility Tab in MCM menu has been added. It allows to turn ON/OFF Magnolia conversation's reactions flirt (because there might be logical issu
  5. V 0.38 + same fix as for my other mod "Vanilla Fudge": if player has escaped from dialogue or other mod interrupted it "Nights" start to restart itself to prevent NPCs stuck and other problems. It is affects rapers as well as companions. + if player would change location during active quests they will restart itself + summoned actors will go to parent cell upon scene ends only if they are no more locked or busy by AAF flags (they might have been taken by other mods) + companion's quest now will be correctly stopped when it is no more needed, that prevents it's "always active" state +
  6. it's ok. you companion is busy with something else. try to increase "Dialogue awaiting timer"
  7. i'm very busy on work right now. have no future plans yet.
  8. yes. "Scenes Preference" under "Companions" tab. there is threesome, separate and random settings
  9. V 0.37.3 + fix for detecting companion raper or lover chances
  10. i have done some quick tests with new Ivy 5.3 and seems this patch works well with it.
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