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  1. i have done some quick tests with new Ivy 5.3 and seems this patch works well with it.
  2. V 0.37.2 + fix for companion who loses their voices if player had avoided companion lover / raper dialogue V 0.37.1 + added missed voice files
  3. no. it's not a normal. quests have no started.
  4. sorry, i don understand. what are you talked about? what is songbird mission (ggole do not know it)? and no, my mod do not disable anything. looks like you are using mod thar changed not only hotel but also alot of vanilla things in Goodneightor
  5. i do not understand. there is soft timer. if player character is not in furniture (you are do not using sleep anywhere and similar mods) scene will start immediately. if you are using furniture animations for sleeping mod will wait till you stand up. if 30 seconds timer ended and you are still not stand - mod will restart. so if you want to have scene - just stand up from bed. or disable sleep animation mod
  6. i have nothing to say. it's work ok for me and for few my friends. this might be only if you are have modified Hotel rexford and there is no more markers for Magnolia and player (by my opionion)
  7. no there is no such setttings. my mod waiting for 30 seconds after player character waked up and if something going wrong it will shutdown. i have no plans to make this setting modifiable, because it's too risky and change nothing in general.
  8. works ok for me. maybe u have hotel modified, so there is no objects to teleport.
  9. latest ivy update dating by 17th june. as i know the next update is calling 5.3. so i don't know what are you talked about, sorry
  10. i have renamed myself in the Ivy discrod chat as Jahem_kinkaid, but actual ID is different
  11. sure. you can PM me or write your thoughts here - it's ok for me. . i'm also logged in to Ivy discord
  12. Magnolia Romance View File This mod originally was made for AML russian community. It's a very small and simple mod, that allows you to have sex scenes with Magnolia, if you are persuade her. there is no sexs position choice - mod will use random animation. If the first scene was successful (you are persuaded her and have sex with her) you are can always ask her for another scene any time - i have unblocked this option for her default dialogue. there is also small MCM menu for hotel changed mods compatibility. Submitter Jahem_kinkaid Submitted 07/07/2020 Category Sexual Content Requires AAF 60+, animations  
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