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  1. there is few mods that catch the same event. so if you have them installed it will conflicted each other. i don't know which mod you are using, so can't give other advice
  2. nope Just buisenes have it's own prostitution logic
  3. ring no need. use MCM to enter prostitution mode (or u can turn on options "Extended customer approach" and "Customer approach" - so clients will find you always not only when you are in prostitution mode. to start brothel you need to place brothel safe anywhere uin you settlement. then you need to switch to assign role mode (mcm menu or hotkey) and hire a prostitute. when you in this mode you can fire and hire prostitutes.
  4. you need to go to link to original mod and read.
  5. there is NO integration. there is only script fixes to avoid JB actor on scanning. if you have problems with JB menus - it's not AAF_P issue. i don't changed any JB files, menus etc
  6. hunter mode is JB function. not AAF Prostitution. ask how to turn it at JB topic. i can't help you with it. and latest patch doesn';t intergrated with JB. just allow to mimimize conflicts with avoiding JB actors in AAF_P logic
  7. you using non english/russian/french game language. just copy "Data\Interface\Translations\AAF_Prostitution_En.TXT" to AAF_Prostitution_Ger.TXT or AAF_Prostitution_It.TXT(for example) - you need to add your language file name ending
  8. you need to give +charisma dress to prostitutes to avoid it. or uncheck "Seduction success calculation"
  9. personaly i'm not interested with physic. i ported funny just because friend request. i don't use it on my own, and don't use animated vagina mods fro Skyrim/SE as well
  10. it's imposibble without using extended sceleton mod. but there is no other mods (CBBe and animations) that support it
  11. 0.86.3 No need to clean save or start new game if you are updated from 0.8+. Just update files and load your game + Added compatibility for Just Business. Slaves from JB can't be clients or prostitutes for AAF Prostitution logic for evading conflicts. If you'll try to talk with JB slave with "assign Role" enabled you'll just get "Nevermind" dialogu line
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