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  1. press HOME to bring up AAF Menu question, does it only happens with creatures? (because I can see how that may cause issues) what about with human's? same issue?
  2. so I am running into a slight problem. so I am working on the furniture extractors and they work great so I adding more customising with a few MCM Options 1. Clothing Choice - 4 Choices between having a milker(or no milker) and being naked(or clothed) (works now) 2. number of items per cycle - allows you to choose a number of products such as babies or milk (works) 3. how long each cycle is - allows you to select the time period between item drops such as... (doesn't work at all) 24 game hours per Milk, Semen and Blood 108 game hours per piece of meat (4.5 days) 216 game hour per baby (9 days) the problem is I cannot seem to make the changes in MCM affect the furniture quest (with saving and loading) does anyone know how to fix this (if it is possible to fix) btw I added the debug.Trace to find it in Papyrus (doesn't work) Scriptname INVB_QuestScript extends Quest CustomEvent TriggerCollection GlobalVariable property INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours Auto Const Mandatory Event onInit() StartTimerGameTime(INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue(), 1) debug.Trace("INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue()") debug.Trace(INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue()) EndEvent Event OnTimerGameTime(int aiTimerID) SendCustomEvent("TriggerCollection") ; debug.Notification("Quest - Timer Done and event sent") debug.Trace("INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue()") debug.Trace(INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue()) StartTimerGameTime(INVB_Global_Gift_GameHours.getvalue(), 1) if valTesting == 1 debug.notification("Quest - fired collection and looping") endIf EndEvent Int Property valTesting = 0 Auto Const {set 1 for debug messages.}
  3. a bit too ambitious but I will read this again after I fix the current issues
  4. maybe there is a problem with that mod and some sex mods so next time, the bug happens take a screenshot of the sex scene with the aaf menu up showing which sex scene is playing
  5. are you using one of the AAF gender change mods? such as this or
  6. I start again but with player vs NPC Interaction 1. Sterilise Empty "Bah" Bag - Player Only 2. Simple "Bah" Machine - Player and NPC 3. "Bah" Machine - Player and NPC 4. Workshop Furniture - Player and NPC (Still Testing) but I could make Sterilise(btw I am Australian) Empty "Bah" Syringe that gives the player(or NPC, I am not sure yet) "bah" when fired at a NPC
  7. basically it started with the following post so the best way to get a trade discount while carrying a baby is to use factions which then led to an idea about raiders and gunners and bah and bah. but like I said, I had forgotten about it (it was a fairly minor script) so most likely I will do the following (assuming I can) that whenever the baby holding script activates, the player is unable to draw their weapon and attach the faction script to the baby holding. so you can still have the baby on your back but it won't provide any benefits
  8. so there are three(+ more in the next update) different version of each "bah" is Blood, Milk and Semen 1. Sterilise Empty "Bah" Bag which is an ingestible when used it will give a bag of "bah" 2. Simple "Bah" Machine - Wear it and you get "Bah" based on your MCM Settings - May NOT Change body 3. "Bah" Machine - Wear it and you get "Bah" based on your MCM Settings - May Change body 4. Workshop Furniture - See Above in the thread for info
  9. there are five milkers(I should find a new name) 1. Blood Needle 2. Milk bah (Bottle) 3. Simple Milk bah (Bottle) 4. Semen bah (Bottle) 5. Simple Semen bah (Bottle) to make them go into crafting and down to Semen Production and they should be there
  10. currently a good idea, I might wait for DocClox's Raider Reform School because he is working on this type of thing and I can piggyback on his work as an addon but where is the top picture from?
  11. shit, I forgot to mention that, I completely forgot about it, I added it in the last update. (I did add a bit of stuff to that update) so it is a feature basically my mindset is that Raiders may be less incline to attack a person carrying a baby(should be) in their arms) (because I might add a feature in the future to deny drawing guns while holding the baby similar to CAP's Baby holding system) also I think I changed it so that if you are holding a supermutant baby then Supermutants won't attack you and if you are holding a ghoul baby then Feral Ghouls won't attack you but I haven't really tested it because other stuff got in the way edit-> btw do you want me to keep it or lose it? what do you think of it?
  12. there are two mods that do this my mod - you can craft objects when activated gives you the keyword to use male animations so if you wear the male ring, and until you take it off, you are seen as a male in AAF Nebuchadnezzer2 - I don't know that much about this mod apart from it uses MCM btw I don't really play sex mods anymore so I cannot tell you if my mod completely works
  13. so does anyone have any suggestions for vanilla or DLC furniture that would be good for Milking, Pregnancy(Alive and Meat), semen and Blood? currently the following are used Metal Frame Bed (Raider-ish) - lying on Side Memory Lounge Institute Medi Bed - Lying on Back Reclamation Chair Extraction Chair (might be suitable for blood only) DLC's Pillory I am aware of other mods that contains good furniture CrimsomRider's, TortureDevices, Bad Ends. addon mods might be made to cater for these mods (but not yet) and my scripts are easy enough for you to make some yourself edit-> images of Pillories in action
  14. I don't know the only thing I can suggest is to go to each settler (or ring the bell to summon all of them) go into console, click on them and make sure they are selected and note what mod they come from
  15. what I like is the implied nature of the memory lounger, that the NPC is completely zoned out however I will be making different versions of the same furniture. Pregnancy Lounger into a Medibed, Reclamation chair, Pillory, normal bed (and maybe cryopod, might be too big) also I might have a look at editing the textures edit-> btw with the pregnancy chairs, I am going to have an implied beginning and an implied ending which means that I only show the middle which is the pregnancy itself so when it reaches the current 96 hour mark, there will be a new baby in the workshop storage and it starts again in the middle. so for instance, with a pregnancy Pillory, you can imply a scene with the woman getting fucked while in it and then publicly giving birth (I just won't make that happen) also Bodymorphs are a bit weird with furniture with NPC's defaulting to a zeroed body Yes I did look at the Sucker chair from Torture Devices but it is not a solid piece of furniture, the mesh goes flying when reloading or shot. I will have a look at this one
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