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  1. there is a mag in the Dunwich Borers and Museum of Witchcraft and one is in virgils lab and the creature Perks will only last as long as the pregnancy (because the Monthly Perks are pretty nasty at the end 90-100 points off Carrying weight and action points (10 per month)
  2. the beta was in the Family Planning Enhance Thread there is still a few things to do such as the list above
  3. so it been a couple of days(give or take), is there any major issues with the changes I have made?
  4. so I released a beta of my version of FPE a couple of days ago. I am working on the more diverse work now, as in Perks so I would like to know what do you want Creature Perks to feature? I want them to be simple but does something (if you want something complex then you can make it and give it to me) for the following creatures Alien Bloatfly Bloodbug Brahmin Housecat Deathclaw Dogmeat / Raider dog / Vicious Dog / Wolf Ghoul / Feral Ghouls Mutant Hound Gorilla / Ghoulrilla Mirelurk Hunter / Mirelurk King / Mirelurk Queen / Mire
  5. most likely, I will have a look at it edit-> something else is happening because "Static's Script Tweaks" are mostly fusion girl changes (I still didn't fix them yet) and you are having CBBE issues which I didn't change at all did you have this issue before the beta I posted yesterday?
  6. which bodytype are you using? do you have lasting body shape enabled in FPE MCM? (whatever it is called)
  7. no there should not be a delay, do you have creature impregnation enabled in FPE? to tame a Hostile DC Egg, you need Creature Healthcare Perk and a stimpak, jet and the egg and it is the reviving menu of Vet Workbench
  8. There are help file in MCM, there is a text note in the game, and there is some located in this thread there are a few perks for these workbenches Vault 81's Cloning Technology Vault 81's In Vitro Fert Vault 81's Artificial Fert Vault 111's Cryo Tech Wasteland Knocked Up Technology Wasteland Sex Ed Human Infant Healthcare New Milk Products Cannibal Creature Infant Healthcare Human/Creature Interbreeding
  9. nope, two reasons 1. I am not skilled enough 2. I am not interested maybe in the future, someone else will do it but it won't be me
  10. so when the Player is Pregnant the Monthly Perk shows up but not the Impregnated Perk, right? (just like the pictures above) it is a weird one because it worked in the very first image The scripting is a bit hard with this mod because of the player (it uses two scripts which the player script is under the NPC script) edit-> put the script file into scripts in DATA FPFP_PlayerPregData.pex
  11. which perk menu? you get one of them when you get pregnant by a creature Player side Pregnancy (it went a bit weird here, with it working and not working, it is still a beta) Month 4 of a pregnancy Month 3 of a pregnancy (and it is meant to say "Impregnated(Clone)" but it didn't work for some reason) Grant was impregnated by Dogmeat I used a human semen syringe on this settler
  12. well, they do two things 1. tell you what impregnated you (due to how the script works, There are limits so for humans - there are three different perks - Player, Random(Everyone else) and Clone) 2. will give you abilities for the pregnancy length. such as increased strength, radiation resistance, intelligence, luck, hit points, action points, bah bah.
  13. could I get some feedback on the new beta (Requirement DO NOT HAVE ANY CURRENTLY PREGNANT NPC'S IN YOUR GAME) (NO NEW GAME NEEDED) but I would recommend that you have a backup save file contains the following... Monthly Perks(no Month One) - decreased stamina and carrying strength Father Perks(Exists but empty) - Doesn't Contain anything yet Harem Perks(Exists but empty) - Doesn't Contain anything yet two more Perks but no way to get them yet Visible Condoms from Baby Addons Cumflation (if it happens then afterwards a pregnancy may occur (depending on
  14. I should really streamline it 1. so it requires the mod INVB_Enslavement 2. craft a AutoCage in Dairy workbench (requires 10x steel, 1x stimpak and 1x Lock Joint Syringe) 3. fire it at a Named Female Raider 4. if you have Intimidation 03 then it should then regenerate when it hits a named raider (I may have made a mistake somewhere, I just checking Fo4Edit and it doesn't make sense at the moment) edit-> turns out I made a mistake somewhere down the line (the Syringes do not work at the moment) but the MCM command does work will be fixing for th
  15. I got it working for players and the reason is "why not" it will be controlled by MCM so if you want it then it is there otherwise you can turn it off. 3 stages (the power of it will be controlled by MCM) (I know I have the brown face bug, I don't care at the moment) fully Inflated half empty empty
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